A Shy Kid Ch. 11

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When grandma left, my mom and I were left sitting together on the couch, mom was still gently stroking my hard cock and I had slipped my hand down between her legs and began massaging her pussy; I was mostly playing with her pussy lips, squeezing them together, then slipping a finger between them and rubbing her clit, then rubbing my fingers back and forth across her pussy lips. She turned her face toward me and gave me a big kiss. She broke off the kiss saying, “Uhhhh Peter, I like how we are with each other, it is so nice to just sit here all naked and fondling each other, your fingers feel so good when your play with my cunt like you’re doing. And I so love stroking your big cock, it feels so good in the palm of my hand; you know that you are so lucky for having such a big cock, not many guys do. I love just running my finger up and down your shaft and to feel the big mushroom head of your dick knowing how wonderful it feels when you slide your cock into my pussy. Ummmm, so nice, so very very nice. You are so good to your mother.”

“Thanks mom, I too enjoy you running your finger up and down my cock like you are doing, your touch is like magic to me. I also love feeling the palm of your hand on my cock when you jerk me off and when you put my cock head in your mouth as I start to cum. I really love cumming in your mouth mom, your lips on my cock feel so good when you suck me off. You’re the best.”

“Does Gloria or her mother suck your cock very often?”

“A few times, but mostly I cum in their cunts.”

“But I bet they really enjoy that. Have you ever butt fucked either one of them?”

“Yea, but just once with Victoria. She says that she likes being fucked in the ass so I’ll probably be doing it more often.”

“Oh Peter, this is nice just you and me here in the couch, me stroking your hard cock and you fingering my pussy, it feels so good. Ummmm, yea I too like having your cock in my mouth, I love the feel of my lips wrapped around your mushroom cock head; I also of course, love having your big cock in my pussy. Oh I so love it when you fuck me, your big cock is absolutely the best cock I have ever fucked. And I love having your hands all over me, squeezing my tits, rubbing and fingering my pussy like you are doing right now. The other thing I like so much is having your mouth all over me, kissing my neck, kissing me on the lips, sucking on my tits and nipples and especially eating my pussy. I even like it when you lick my asshole, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be telling my son how I like him licking and playing with my asshole. I get so horny when you do that.” She started to moan as I started working over her enlarged clit. “Oh baby, I love that, oh yes play with your mother’s clit, do it easy. Oh god I love it.” She passionately kissed me as I continued working over her clit while she continued to stroke my hard cock. Suddenly she grabbed my hand that was in her crotch saying, “Oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ohhhhh yes baby don’t stop, please don’t stop, pleaseeee.” I continued rubbing her clit as her climax washed over her body. I love having my mother climax like this; she seems to get so much pleasure from it. She had stopped stroking my dick and was just squeezing it, which was fine. She opened her eyes and said, “You can stop now, but please keep your fingers in me.”

I quickly pulled my hand away and started to slide down to get my mouth on her twat saying, “I would much rather have my tongue in you.” She smiled as she slumped down on the couch spreading her legs as I got on my knees between her legs and put my face in her twat; I first licked and then tongued her cunt hole paying special attention to her clit. She immediately placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face tightly into her pussy saying, “Oh god yes, you are so good to me and know what I like, yes I love this. Yes eat me Peter!” I just kept eating her and actually got rather aggressive sucking her cunt lips into my mouth and sucking really hard. She kept pushing my face into her twat and said, “Oh god Peter, if you keep this up, I think I’m going to cum again. Oh yes … yes Peter eat meeee.” I continued eating her for maybe 10 minutes as she was squirming while holding my face tight into her pussy. Then suddenly she said, “Oh fuck yes! Eat your mother’s cunt, yes, yes, suck on my pussy, suck on my cunt, suck on your mommy’s fuck hole, oh god Peter, I’m cumming again! Ohhhh fuck!” As she was moaning, she wrapped her legs around my body squeezing me until she finished cumming for the second time.

Finally she relaxed and released me and I got back up on the couch and sat next to her holding her in my arms. She looked at me and stroked my hard cock saying, “I need to take care of this for you sweetie, but first let’s sit here awhile before we go to bed and fuck.”

We just sat there quietly for a few minutes with my mother still stroking my cock while I began fondling her pussy again, she said, “You know, I feel bad for grandma, she has been so phenomenally sexually active all her life and now she’s not. I would kadıköy escort like to help her but at the same time I don’t want to give you up every night; I will go batty having you and grandma having sex every night just down the hall.”

I interjected, “Maybe it’s time to get your fuck buddy?”

“Oh that’s a great idea, but first of all, I don’t know how to get a hold of him, and secondly it’s been less than 12 hours since he was here fucking me so I’m not sure if he’s up to it again.”

“I have his phone number, why don’t you text him to find out?” By this time my mom had let go of my cock and I had removed my hand and finger from her pussy. I stuck my finger in my mouth to taste my mother’s juices like I usually do when I finger fuck her. She glanced at me and winked saying, “How do I taste big boy?”

“Yummy as usual.”

Mom then said, “Oh shit, not sure what to do Peter. What do you think?”

“You won’t know until you try.”

“Okay, get me my phone, please.” My mom copied Randy’s phone number into her phone and hit the message button. She texted, ‘Randy, I want to thank you again for the nice night we had, it was beautiful and just what I needed. Just wanted you to know that if you’re so inclined, I would love to share my bed again with you tonight.’

“Oh god Peter, what have I done? I have openly invited one of your friends, one of your high school buddies over for a night of sex. Hope this does not get me in trouble. He is 18 isn’t he?”

“Yea, he’s actually 19, he was out of school a year with some kind of illness as a kid.”

“That’s good. Not that he was ill, but that he is of age and it’s not illegal for me to be fucking him.”

Bingo, she received a return text from Randy in just minutes, it read, ‘Nice to hear from you and I too enjoyed last night. I AM so inclined, what time should I come over?’

My mom yelled, “Shit Peter, look here, Randy is hot to trout. Oh my god my pussy is already tingling.” She immediately reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy. She text back, ‘Now would not be too early to cum over.’ She showed me her text and I said, “Clever mom, clever.”

Randy immediately responded, ‘Will cum as soon as I can, like maybe 20 minutes.’

Mom jumped up saying, “I got to freshen up and maybe do a little ass cleaning incase he wants some backdoor sex. Honey, why don’t you go up and crawl into grandma’s bed and make her really happy.”

I said, “Not before I get to taste your sweet pussy some more, it must be full of your sweet delicious juices.”

My mom leaned back on the couch spreading her legs and said, “You are probably right after making me cum twice, you sexy guy. But make it quick.” I lowered my face into her crotch and feasted upon her juicy pussy getting every last drop of cum I could, and there was quite a bit. After about five minutes of me eating my mother’s pussy, she pushed me off saying, “Go, go now and make your granny happy.”

I didn’t need a second invitation and so first I hit the shower and then dashed into granny’s room. She was lying in bed reading a magazine when I opened the door. When she saw me naked with a hard on, she immediately sat up in bed and said, “Oh my god Peter, so glad to see you and what a nice surprise. Doesn’t your mother want you and that big dick of yours tonight?”

“Oh yea, but she has her fuck buddy coming over so I’m here to take care of your needs granny. And that is any need you have as long as it has something to do with the space between your legs.”

She threw back the covers revealing that she was naked; spread her legs wide as she reached down rubbing her pussy saying, “You mean this space?”

“Yea granny, that space.”

“Oh yes, this space needs lots of attention as does this space.” She lifted and pulled her knees up as she slid her hand down her exposed crack and rubbed her asshole.

“Oh yea granny, I can take care of both spaces. Which one do you want to take care of first?”

“Oh fuck just get up here and shove that big cock of yours into my cunt and give your granny another hot fuck. You know how much I love feeling your big cock slide deep inside me.” Well, that started the night off for me; granny and I fucked and sucked each other all night long. I never heard Randy and mom so not sure what went on there, I’ll let mom tell her story.

Genie’s story …

I had text Randy to just come in the house and that I would be in the bedroom waiting for him. I had just finished flushing out my ass and was standing next to my bed after slipping on a shorty night gown when Randy stuck his head in my room. He said, “Uhhhh, nice body lady, would you like some company, you look hot!”

“Oh Hi Randy, good to see you again. And thanks, do I look hot enough to fuck?”


“Good, come on in and close the door.”

As Randy walked toward me he said, “Where is Peter tonight.”

“He’s just down the hall. Is that a problem for you?”

“Ahhh. üsküdar escort I thought that you would be alone.”

“Well no, but Peter will not even know you are here. He never comes in my room unless he knows that it is okay. He has something to do early in the morning and so he’ll be gone before we’re up.” Randy put a smile back on his face and so I greeted him with a big hug and a passionate kiss with lots of tongue. He returned the kiss while pressing his body against mine, I could feel the lump in his pants and I knew he could feel my erect nipples against his chest. We kissed and caressed for a few minutes and when I reached down to rub his cock I said, “You know it was only about 12 hours ago that you had this monster up inside me, shooting me full of your delicious sperm.”

“I know, I thought about that all day long wondering when I would get chance to do that again. You are so beautiful and sexy, I can’t believe I’m here with you again so soon.”

“Well believe it, cause I want you here … with ME .. and especially IN me.”

“Oh fuck that’s music to my ears.” With that, Randy slid his hands down my body and lifted my night gown up over my head leaving me completely naked standing in front of him. I stood there in a pose as he eyeballed me from top to bottom. When he reached down to his belt, I said, “Let me do that.” and began undressing him and once he was naked, we crawled into bed. He said that he wanted to first eat me before he fucked me, so we got in the 69 position and sucked each other for about ten or fifteen minutes, I was able to get about three fourths of his dick down my throat while he was sucking and licking my cunt. He then got on top of me and we fucked mission style. That seemed to relax him and when he finished pumping another fresh load of sperm inside me, he totally relaxed and laid on me without removing his dick from my cum drenched pussy, he was giving me some great sensations. I told him how I liked what he was doing with his dick inside me; he then rolled off me and I slid down to clean off his cum coated cock. Once I had him clean, I sat back up and we necked for a while. He was really working over my tits, sucking, licking, and squeezing them, I loved it.

I said, “I am so glad you came over tonight. I was very nervous asking you.”

“Oh I’m the one that’s most glad and thankful. After last night, I have been in a fog all day, just thinking about last night and this morning. I don’t think my cock has relaxed all day, I’ve had a constant hard on visualizing your beautiful face and sexy body.”

“Was I wearing any clothes in your visualizations?”

“No, you were absolutely naked like you are right now.”

“Good, I always want you to see or visualize me as being naked or at least naked under my clothes knowing that my tits and pussy are available for you. I’ll take your remarks as a complement. Did you jack off at all today?”

“No but I sure wanted to many times; god I loved fucking you last night. You should take my remarks as a complement cause I meant them as a complement. You are a beautiful and sexual woman. You most turn every man’s head when they see you. I think you are stunning.”

“Oh my god Randy, you’re going to give me the big head.”

“Good, I want to give you a big head, my big dick head.”

“Uhhh that sounds wonderful.”

“You have such a beautiful face, these tits that I am holding right now are magnificent, your nipples become so erect and suckable, your legs are outstanding, your ass is perfect and you have a sexy walk. And to top that all off, it turns out that your pussy is absolutely delicious plus it feels so wonderful when my cock is deep inside it. What else could a man want?”

“Well thank you so much Randy, but you must also know that you are a very handsome young man that I’m sure many gals and women would kill just to be with you.” Randy just smiled back at me. I then asked him if he wanted anything and that I was going to get a glass of wine. He wanted a beer. We spent the next half hour or so just chatting in bed, I occasionally would reach down and rub his cock to make sure he stayed semi-hard, which was not a problem. He constantly fondled and occasionally sucked on my tits and erect nipples which had my pussy constantly dripping . We eventually got into more passionate activity including cock sucking and pussy eating until I suggested that he fuck me doggy style. We took our time and both experienced a great climax. Two rounds of sex taxed our energy and we both snoozed off.

I woke up when I felt Randy snuggle up against my back, he slid his arm around me and began to fondle my tits while I felt his hard cock begin to slide between my butt cheeks. I reached down between my legs and was able to stroke his hard cock which was now poking out between my legs and rubbing against my pussy. I pulled his cock tight against my pussy lips and rubbed my cunt back and forth along his shaft. I looked down to see his hand rubbing and squeezing my tits, I loved it.

Suddenly I tuzla escort heard my mom, “Well you love birds, want your coffee now or after your morning fuck?”

Randy jumped but I grabbed him and rolled over saying, “Morning mother.” There she was only wearing one of Peter’s long sleeved shirts; I knew that is all she had on.

“Morning sweetie. Hey, this reminds me of the times when you were a teenager after one of your Saturday night dates. You always had your date in bed with you in the morning.”

“Mom, this is Randy. He goes to school with Peter.”

“Holly shit! I could tell he was young, but I didn’t think he was Peter’s age. Well, so it is just like it was when you were a teenager.” And she laughed.

“Yes I agree, but Randy is a very mature young man.”

“Well regardless, I will make the same offer to Randy as I made to your dates when you were a teenager.” As mom was talking she reached down like I’ve seen her do so many times and began to lift the shirt or blouse she was wearing to expose her bare pussy. She continued, “Young man I want you to know that this house comes with two pussies, one is young and fresh, well it use to be and the other is well used and very experienced.” Mom also raised her leg placing her knee on the bed thus spreading her thighs and giving us a better view of her naked shaved cunt. I know Randy was interested as he raised his head to get a better view of my mother’s pussy. She then flexed her vagina muscles making her pussy lips pulse. I took Randy’s hand and moved it toward my mom’s pussy. Randy turned his head toward me and I just nodded and he proceeded to reach over with my help and touched my mom’s pussy. I said, “She wants you to touch her and to finger her pussy.”

He did and mom responded, “Oh yeeeea! That feels real good Randy! Yes finger my pussy; I want you to know what my well used pussy feels like and how warm and wet it is. Ummm, yes your finger feels so good but wouldn’t you rather slip your hard cock into my warm and wet fuck hole?” She is unbelievable at times. She then took Randy’s hand and held it tight in her crotch forcing Randy’s finger deep inside her pussy as she humped his hand. After a few thrusts of my mother’s pussy, I grabbed Randy’s hand pulling it free saying, “I want a taste.” I pulled Randy’s hand toward my face and sucked his finger. “Ummm good, you taste good mom. You want to have a taste Randy?” I moved his hand back in the direction of my mother’s exposed cunt, Randy did not hesitate and stuck his finger back into my mother’s cunt. My mom had reached down with both hands and parted her pussy lips as an invite. Randy buried his finger really deep into my mom’s cunt causing her to moan a little, she then took a hold of his hand moving it around until she said, “Yea, right there, oh yea that’s my clit, oh fuck rub it a little. Ohhhh yes.” Randy gave her a few more in and out motions then withdrew his finger and stuck it in his mouth.

My mom said, “Do I taste good?”

He nodded YES and then I said to mom, “Open your shirt mom and show Randy your magnificent tits that you are so proud of.” She obliged and unbuttoned the two buttons that held the shirt together, and out flopped her huge tits. I said, “Look at those Randy, have you ever seen such big tits and nipples in your life?”

He just shook his head while he was pushing his fingers back into her cunt for the third time. I continued, “Those nipples can get so big that they can almost fill a man’s mouth. Mom, lean over and give Randy a chance to suck on one of your big tits.” She leaned forward as Randy extended his neck and opened his mouth, he took in a mouthful of tit and nipple.

My mom then placed her hand on the back of his head and pushed more of her tit into his mouth saying, “Oh yea Randy, suck on my tits, make my nipples erect, I know you’ll like um. I like having my tits sucked while my cunt is fingered. Oh yea Randy, rub my clit some more. Oh fuck you’ve got me really horny. I like this guy, Genie.”

“Mom, you are always horny and yes Randy is a good fuck buddy.” Wow, my mom has not been in the room for no more than five minutes and here she was getting her tits sucked on and her cunt fingered. I had been stroking Randy’s cock the whole time giving him a raging hard on. I had to go to the bathroom so I said, “Okay mom, I need to use the bathroom and when I’m gone, it’s okay to stroke Randy’s cock with your hand or put your mouth on his cock, but I don’t want you putting or letting him stick his cock in your pussy. My pussy is going to be the first pussy he fucks this morning. You got it?” She nodded OK.

When I got back, there was my mom stretched out totally nude on top of Randy with most of Randy’s cock in her mouth and Randy’s face buried in her crotch eating her pussy. When I announced my return, my mom pulled her head up off Randy’s cock and said, “There, I got him ready for you, look how hard he is. He has a beautiful cock and it is so big. I know how good it is going to feel when he slides it inside your pussy Genie, you’re going to love it.” She stroked his big shinny cock several more times before continuing, “Okay Randy, I think your cock is ready for your morning fuck, I wish it was with me rather than Genie; it should slide very easily into her hot juicy pussy. I know because I’ve seen and helped get hundreds of cocks into her cunt. And if Genie doesn’t mind, you can continue eating my cunt while you fuck her cunt. ”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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