A Shared Wet Fetish Ch. 05 – Grandma

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This is another true story as relayed to me by my friend Jeff.


Grandma had asked me to stop overnight.

Whenever she asked me to stay, I knew she felt more sexual than usual.

I’ve never forgotten any of my experiences with her; they were all so special, but this account is just one of many more that we had.

She’d always been highly sexed and enjoyed having me about over the years to satisfy, not only her, but me as well.

She kept a plastic sheet on the mattress all the time because of her weak bladder, which she’d had for years.

When she used to mention it, as she sometimes did, I knew she had more than just a fuck in mind.

I knew that she wanted to play around, which usually meant getting


We spent the early evening sitting on the sofa, listening to the radio, kissing and engaging in some light petting.

We both enjoyed wet kissing, so we’d take it in turns to dribble in each others mouth’s and exchange large quantities of saliva.

As we kissed, I had my hand up her skirt, feeling for her cunt. I pulled the elastic to one side as she was still wearing the same panties she’d worn earlier and were still damp and sticky, from my fingering her. She’d didn’t have a chance to wash herself so she had a pleasant aroma coming up from between her thighs.

Pleasant to me…as I’ve always had a hard-on for that female escort aroma of pee and vaginal secretions.

We had two or three drinks, when she whimpered, “Take me to bed.”

We went upstairs to her bedroom, where I undressed. Grandma removed her bra and her damp panties and stood with just her stockings and garter belt on.

She stood with her hands on her hips, her legs slightly apart, displaying her pouting pubic mound, covered in grey hairs. Below, her ample labial lips were clearly visible, hanging from her pussy.

She’d once had ample breasts, which were still a nice size, but gravity was taking its toll. They hung down to her rounded belly. Her long nipples still pointed out despite their 1&1/2″ drooping a little.

I could never resist them and bowed my head down to suck them, spending some time on each one.

They became quite erect and grandma sighed as she held the back of my head, while I sucked on them.

We eventually fell onto the bed, cuddling, arm and legs wrapped around each other.

“You drive me wild.” She said. “I bet there aren’t many lads who fuck their granny.”

Grandma had always been a lady, but during sexual activity, it excited her to talk dirty and she knew all the words.

I spread her legs and went down to lick her pussy.

“Are you going to lick my cunt?” She said.

“I am.” I replied.

She knew that I liked escort bayan the taste of her pussy but she always said she didn’t wash, out of habit I suppose or maybe she liked hearing me say it was alright, which I did.

“It’s sticky and pissy.” She said.

“I don’t mind. You know I like the taste of your dirty, smelly cunt, you fucking old whore.” I said.

That did it, she grabbed my head and thrust my face into her crotch. “Lick me…lick me!” She cried out.

She was having an orgasm almost before my mouth touched her.

I parted her long lips and sucked on her ample clitoris, then ran my tongue along her valley, around her pee hole opening and into her pulsating cunt.

She tasted m’mmm, so good.

Her legs were quivering and her bottom was lifting off the bed as she orgasmed, almost continuously.

Her pee hole opening was distended, and as her whole crutch pushed outwards, several small dribbles of urine seeped out, just adding to the taste of her already tasty pussy.

I sucked on the large throbbing mound and suddenly it spurted, filling my mouth with pee.

“Oh! My…oh!!…oh!, I’m pissing. I’m ready, fuck me, fuck me, fuck your old grandma.” She cried “And save some piss for me.”

Like me, she enjoyed the taste of her own pee, so I climbed on top of her, pressed my lips against her open mouth and dribbled her pee into her mouth.

My bayan escort cock had found its own way into her gaping cunt and as we kissed, I rammed it into her, thrusting as hard as I could.

“You’re a dirty bitch is what are you.” I said.

“Oh! Oh! I’m a dirty fucking bitch.” She whimpered.

Her bottom lifted off the bed in one final orgasm and I came myself, pouring semen into her throbbing cunt.

She totally lost control and peed everywhere as I thrust into her one last time, urine gushed between us in all directions, soaking the bed.

Thank goodness for the waterproof cover on the mattress. We collapsed in a pool of pee.

Several minutes passed and my cock went soft.

I lay next to her on my side. She lay on her back, while I reached over and gently caressed her long nipples as our lips enjoyed a wet kiss.

She held my now soft cock, spent of it’s ammunition. It rested on her belly, getting that familiar feeling after coming of needing a pee.

A few minutes later, the pressure built up enough and I let loose; my pee gushed out over her belly.

“Oh! Your piss is hot…nice.” She said.

Suddenly she moved down and took my cock in her mouth, while I was still going and drank my pee.

It still had semen and vaginal juices around it and under the foreskin. It must have tasted nice for her, when she returned the favour and came up the bed with a mouthful of my pee, and spat it into my mouth.

We enjoyed three or four hours of absolute pleasure.

We had many times like this over the next few years, which I am ready to tell another time…

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