A Seduction Pt. 02

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From the dark hallway, he takes me through to the bedroom. If it’s cold, I’m not feeling it. I’m following slightly in a trance, dizzy from the kiss we’ve shared.

My hand brushes softly against his hard smooth buttocks, then he twists round suddenly and his tongue is in my mouth again. I don’t think I ever knew exactly what weak at the knees meant until that moment, and like a soft supple paralysis I flake down on the bed with him on top of me, the two of us kissing and moaning as our legs and bodies intertwine.

I love the feel of his smooth hard body against my hairy chest. We turn on our sides as his tongue still explores mine, and I reach down to feel his cock, which has that lovely hard-soft feel a cock has as it reaches tumescence. His cock is long and averagely thick, and I stroke it gently as his hands reach round my ass cheeks. I’ve never kissed a man and there’s this intense floating sensation – he’s by any standards a great sensual kisser. He looks up at me with an intent look, then his gorgeous mouth plants itself my left nipple as I groan with pleasure.

He intends to take his full share of pleasure of my body, I can tell.

He sits up slightly, and I can see his gorgeous juicy hardening prick inviting me. My shoulders droop and my tongue comes to rest on his inner thigh, and working up my tongue plays along the ridge of his penis, before sliding over his head and taking him in my mouth.

He smells beautifully of male must. It’s not the biggest cock I’ve had in my mouth but it’s easily the most delicious. He’s stroking my hair, gently encouraging, as I work around the head and feeling that soft hard sensation.

He moans, “that’s good, that’s it” as my wet tongue varies up its strokes and licks as my hands reach up to caress his smooth chest and belly as my mouth goes deeper and deeper over his casino şirketleri length, and for a couple of minutes I’m eating him up until he puts his hand on the back of my head and says, “sit up.”

I’m floating like a leaf of grass in the breeze as his tongue slides into my mouth again, and there’s no resistance as he pushes me onto my back. He pulls legs out and puts his between mine and starts to kiss down deep into me as my hands reach around his back. He’s forceful, in charge, without being rough or arrogant and he knows exactly what he’s doing as his knees spread my legs even wider as his hard juicy beautiful prick brushes against my ass.

I’ve never been fucked by a guy before, and I’m a little uncomfortable. There’s amazing pressure on my prostate, and it feels scary and terrifying, and he’s not wearing a condom.

He senses my apprehension, and whispers in my ear, “I’m not trying to fuck you, I’m just teasing your ass.”

And then, to my amazement, I find myself, almost out of my own body, whispering back in his ear: “You can fuck me if you like.”

He runs the flat of his middle finger teasingly over my hole, before opening the bedside drawer and taking out some condoms and some lube. Breathing slowly and deeply I feel him over me as he puts on a condom and puts the tiniest amount of lube on his finger which quickly starts running over my hole and finally slips in while I give a very audible gasp of pleasure.

I’m clearly zoned, as, while his finger stays inside me, he pushes my chest back with his hand and says “just relax.”

I don’t have to be told twice. My hole starts to ease round his finger, my head flung back on the pillow. He’s being gentle, and in retrospect he’s checking me out, seeing how far he thinks I’ll stretch. It seems like a beautiful forever as his finger works deeper casino firmalari into my hole.

Sure, I’d fingered myself before and even experimented with some toys a while back, but this feels different because it’s being done to me by a guy who’s somehow manoeuvred me into this position, and at this point there’s not a part of me that doesn’t want his hot hard prick inside me.

His finger withdraws slowly and he then gets more lube which he rubs along my ass, with his knees pushing mine wider and his hands raising them higher as he pushes the tip of his cock against my anus. The pressure is intense but I can feel that he’s not just going to ram it in me, he’s going to feel his way in in case it hurts to much.

I give a groan as he starts to push inside me. I feel him pause a moment then plunge in to my hot virgin hole, and yes, it’s sore, unbelievably intense and maybe the most pleasurable experience of my life.

I remember thinking, “a man’s cock is inside me,” and I can’t deny that the idea is both freaking me out and turning me on.

As his lubed cock goes in and out of my ass, I find that there’s a strange rhythm to the pleasure – moments of intense white hot bliss accompanied by painful dead spots where it just feels like hard work, but my ass is pushing back against him in both these moments, and as his head comes round my shoulder I feel my mouth nibbling round his ear, which only intensifies his hungry taking of me.

The laws of gravity no longer seem to apply to my legs when he withdraws briefly and places my legs on his shoulders before squeezing his cock back into my hole. And I must admit, I’m loving being supine for him, on my back, his cock in my ass and my legs actually on his shoulders as he thrusts in and out and my intense pleasure mounts and fades, I go through transports güvenilir casino of cool white bliss which is never entirely comfortable but feels amazing.

And this is when it gets a little too intense.

There’s no doubt at this point I’m absolutely spaced out and over-adrenalized – in other words, I’m in a intoxicated trance and I’m really not sure what I’m doing. And at this point, the experience takes a final direction.

He whispers in my ear “I want you to ride my cock. I’m going to lie on my back, and I’m going to stay inside you.”

I follow him over (at this point it feels like I’d do anything he says), and I find myself on top of him with my anus filled with his hot hard dick and I’m actually riding him, my ass pushing back on his cock and I’m screaming with delight.

In fact, he’s getting more than he bargained for – he clearly was looking for a long, slow sensuous fuck, but I’m bouncing on that dick so hard and so intensely that I don’t even realize that I’m repeatedly banging my head against the wooden end of his bed (later, I vaguely remember him saying “you’re hurting your head”), as my anus groans with the most intense pleasure I’ve ever experienced in my life, like the best shit I’ve ever had happening over and over and over again, before I come just by riding his long cock in a wave of pleasure that feels like I’m shitting out gold coins.

Then I flop into his arms.

Later, when I got home somehow, he messaged to ask if I was OK – apparently I was there for 10 minutes saying absolutely nothing and not responding to his questions.

All said, though, it was a bit too intense for him – he told me that he didn’t want a repeat as he really didn’t enjoy it. And that sounds fair enough – it probably wasn’t the most reciprocal of experiences, in the end.

But for three days after, I’m walking about with this a sore head, and when people ask me about it I say I just bumped into a kitchen cupboard. But what they can’t sense is that amazing feeling in my anus and between my legs. The soreness lasts for days – and for me at least, it’s blissful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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