A Rosa in Bloom Ch. 03

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Rosa rested on the soft bed, the air around her felt warm, and her body was sticky. She kept her eyes closed and lingered on the last two days of her life. The whole part where she jumped from already a little sex goddess to now something beyond. Not wanting to struggle with labels, she let her mind drift back to Vicky and Evelin. Since her adventure started, she could feel her body changing. Her balls were constantly buzzing and she could have sworn she could not only feel the buzz but also hear it. Her cock was also definitely bigger, she wasn’t sure how much bigger but it didn’t matter too much to her to actually measure it. Once you go past 14 inches there’s really very little competition, and Rosa did that years ago.

Rosa opened her eyes, finally feeling it was time to move on with her morning. She quickly understood how bad of an idea it was as her eyes burned with a familiar sensation. Without a doubt, cum had just got into them. She rubbed her eyes and shed a few tears from the sudden sting. She got cum in her eyes many times in the past, but usually, she knew it was coming… Now after wiping her face as clean as she could, she opened her eyes and looked around. Her erect cock greeted her good morning, it burped out a glob of clear whitish liquid that cascaded down the enormous length and spilled all over her soaked tummy and between her legs.

The whole bed was flooded by her nightly endeavors, only this time she didn’t fuck any girl, all she had done was go to bed and sleep the night off. Rosa carefully planted both her feet on the ground, she had no wish to slip on the messy floor. She had no idea how much cum she made during the night, but from the way her bedroom looked she made more than both Vicky and Evelin coaxed out of her, combined.

Carefully stepping on the sticky floor, Rosa made her way to the bathroom. She felt her bladder screaming for release, cleaning cum from her apartment was one thing, but piss was something Rosa wasn’t willing to try cleaning. The bathroom was clean, but Rosa didn’t care for that, she turned to the tub, held her dripping cock down and opened the valve, letting her poor body empty.

In her head, her mind was already planning ahead. She needed to call her doctor, from the looks of it, something in Rosa was changing and she needed to understand it before she raped the entire block. Rosa felt her body relaxing as the stream dwindled, soon the drops turned from yellow to white as her production resumed at full force. The buzz in her balls was unrelenting.

Rosa showered quickly. She didn’t really mind the cum, but wanted to at least look half decent on her way to the doctor. She washed her hair and, like the wonder it was, it retained its shape. Once finished cleaning, Rosa dried herself and opened the bathroom door. “No way I’m taking care of my room right now,” She said as she saw the mess that awaited her. Instead, she made her way to the living room and opened her phone. It had low battery but Rosa didn’t care, she made the call.

“Good morning doctor Bates,” Rosa said to the phone.

“Good morning Rosa,” the voice came back, “how are you doing?”

“I’m… I’m not sure…” Rosa was always honest with doctor Bates, but she really wasn’t sure how to feel about the last few days, “I guess I’m okay.”

“Happy to hear Rosa, how can I help you today?”

“I… My… We… My cock, I think it grew…” Rosa stumbled in her speech, “Can you come see me?”

“I’m really sorry Rosa, I can’t, crazy day in the clinic.” The doctor changed a few words with the people around her, “Want to come here? I’ll pay the cab for you, get here and we’ll talk…”

“But, I… How…” Rosa found it hard to think.

“I have to go, sorry Rosa…” The call ended.

Just as it did, Rosa’s cock flexed and forced a moan of pleasure out of her. A huge stream of cum launched out of her tip and blasted against the far wall of the living room. The wall was painted white, “How am I going to take a cab like this?” Rosa felt like crying for a moment, “You’re fucking amazing most of the time, but you can be a real pain when you want to, ha?” she let out some steam at her rod.

Rosa tried to think of a solution to her predicament. There was no way she was going to drive in this state. Even if she got over her dislike for driving, one misplaced move and she could orgasm herself into a car crash. And no cab driver is ever going to drive her in this state.

“Maybe I can wait until night time and ask Bates to come over when her shift was done. Just as the thought entered her head she felt the buzzing in her sack intensifying, Rosa barely had the time to realize she just spontaneously orgasmed. Her cock exploded against the wall, adding to the thick layer of cum she just left there a moment ago. Her cock pulsed violently with each shot as Rosa moaned and tears formed in her eyes from the intensity of the orgasm. Her mind was too fogged with bliss to notice much about the explosion that wracked her gorgeous body.

When Rosa came back she felt a combination of exhaustion and an underlying deeper urge to go again. “No way bursa escort I can wait until nightfall,” She said between breaths, “I have to get to doctor Bates.” Rosa tried to think of a way out, and one girl came to mind, perhaps she could save her. She opened the phone and made the call.

“Rosa, are you okay?” The calm voice made Rosa’s heart slow down a little.

“Yes, I guess, can I ask for your help, Sara?” She asked.

“Sure thing Rosa, what do you need?” Sara answered with what Rosa felt was a smile.

“I… I need you to drive me to my doctor.” Rosa didn’t like asking for help, but she had no other choice, “I wouldn’t ask for it if I had any other option.”

“It’s okay Rosa, the shop just opened, but I think Jena will manage for a little while without me.” Sara’s agreement felt to Rosa like a massive boulder was lifted off her back.

“Thank you, Sara, I promise I’ll explain everything when you get here.” Rosa thanked her boss and ended the call. She spent the next 15 minutes getting dressed and finding a solution for her massive, leaking appendage.

Sara’s pink car waited right in front of Rosa’s door. Rosa rushed the street and entered the car, slamming the door behind her. The minute Sara laid eyes on Rosa her jaw dropped to the floor.

“What the fuck, Rosa?” Sara tried to make sense of the bombshell before her. Rosa’s cock looked immense, clearly bigger than the last time she saw her. It was wrapped in some strange combination of plastic bags and colorful fabrics. Her sack rested on the seat and spilled over the front end, it looked massive. The whole thing pulsated at a steady pace as if threatening to explode without warning.

“You’re staring Sara. I have to do this unless you want me to flood your tiny car,” Rosa explained herself, “Now drive, quickly, I don’t have much time…”

Sara didn’t argue, though she still couldn’t help but sneak a look every now and then, she drove off to the clinic. As the car rushed along the road, Sara noticed Rosa’s package getting wetter and wetter. By the time they came close to the clinic, Rosa was clearly struggling to hold it in, the buzz in her balls almost audible at this stage.

“Almost there Rosa, hang in there…” Sara tried encouraging her passenger.

“It’s no use, Sara,” Rosa whimpered as she started to moan, “The minute you park the car I want you to get out with me…”

“I’ll do as you say. Here we are Rosa,” Sara said as she parked.

Rosa stormed out of the car, screaming her lungs out. She removed the soaked mess of colors that hugged her tip. “I am so sorry Sara, I can’t hold it any longer,” Rosa said as Sara closed her door. She pointed her rod at the car and pressed the tip hard against the window. The movement started in her sack, it shrunk slightly. Rosa grabbed her cock with both hands and choked it as hard as she could. At the very base of her cock, the cum-tube expanded just as Sara managed to walk over to Rosa’s side of the car.

“What are you doin-” Sara tried to make sense of what she was seeing, but stopped talking the minute Rosa’s full body came into view. As if she waited for her queue, Rosa lightened her death grip. Her cock reacted like a cartoon, taking a minute to understand it was no longer restrained. The massively inflated cum tube started to pulse violently, moving the huge bulge that formed along the shaft. “I’m sorry Sara, I can’t help it…” Rosa screamed as the flood reached her tip.

The girls could hear a loud whooshing sound accompanied by the cracking of glass as cum fired against the window with so much force it shattered. Rosa started to fill the car up, she covered the dashboard and the front seats with a heavy serving of jizz that seemed to never end. her cock seemed to spray in all directions, and soon the windows were covered too.

Sara could only guess what was going on inside her car as the massive dick flexed and wobbled, letting more and more out. Rosa seemed to float on the blissful waves that washed her body. To Sara’s surprise, even after letting out so much into her poor car, Rosa’s balls not only didn’t shrink but seemed to grow in size.

After what felt like forever, Rosa quieted down and the flood of cum ended. She pulled her cock out of what was once the window, and Sara got to see the damage. Inside, the car was filled up, anything below the window-line was submerged in steaming hot cum.

“I’m sorry Sara, I just had to go.” Rosa apologized.

Sara didn’t answer, her eyes fixated on the white lake that formed inside her car, “How did you just do that Rosa? I… I…” she mumbled, not really expecting an answer.

“We have to get to Dr. Bates, I can feel my balls buzzing again,” Rosa said and grabbed Sara’s arm, dragging her along. The clinic lobby was a pure white, small room, on the wall opposite the door was a metal sign with cursive black letters, “Dr. Bates, Ph.D Sexologist.”

A big wooden desk was manned by a young redheaded lady, “Welcome, Rosa, how are you feeling?” she asked.

“I’ll be okay, is Dr. Bates in?” Rosa hoped for a yes.

“Yes, she’ll be right with bursa escort bayan yo-“

Before the secretary finished the door behind her slammed open and Dr. Bates entered the room. She was a little shorter than Rosa, her most prominent features were her black, flowing hair and her massive rack, clearly bigger than Rosa’s, threatening to rip through her blouse. The woman walked out of her office and past the desk, each step was broadcasting self-confidence.

“Rosa, welcome.” She said, clearly ignoring her patient’s monster cock, “Glad you managed to make it.” She hugged Rosa, pressing the cock between her massive orbs in the most nonchalant way. Rosa moaned hard as her rod protested and her balls threatened another orgasm. If Rose didn’t destroy Sara’s car a few moments ago the doctor’s hug would surely have ended with a titanic orgasm.

The doctor released the embrace and walked over to the desk, “Listen, Amy, dear…” her voice turned sweet as she talked with her secretary, “Please cancel all my appointments for today.” The woman nodded, “Once you’re finished with, that you can have a day off on me, and if you want you can join us. Rosa is quite a medical wonder, I think it would really advance your professional knowledge to learn about her case.”

“Yes miss Bates,” Amy confirmed and delve into the computer, letting people know of her employer’s future plans for the day.

“Come into my office Rosa, please,” The black-haired doctor invited as she walked in, “Your friend is also welcomed.”

Rosa grabbed Sara’s arm again and the two walked into the clinic, “I hope you don’t mind, I feel better when I have someone with me…”

“Not at all,” Sara said, her eyes still transfixed on the huge rod towering from Rosa’s loins. The office itself looked very spacious, but other than that, it was mostly a regular gynecologist’s office, On the large mahogany desk were a few random items and trophies, all telling the doctor how greatly she helped her patients. On the wall next to the desk was a cavity containing a display of 12 pink dildos, ordered by size and labeled from 1-inch all the way to twelve inches. Sara couldn’t help but notice all of them paled in comparison with Rosa’s assets. On the opposite wall was a series of medical illustrations, explaining the male and female body and naming all the parts in Latin.

The doctor took a seat in her leather chair and opened her computer. Amy sat next to her, her gaze joined the doctors and the two clicked away, looking for Rosa’s profile. Rosa and Sara sat on the opposite side of the table.

“Okay, Rosa, found you,” Dr. Bates said, “been a while since you came here. Tell me, how are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling great,” Rosa said.

The doctor giggled, “Well, people rarely visit their doctor when they feel great, Rosa…”

“I think what Rosa’s trying to say is, she’s feeling a little too great, doctor.” Sara tried to gently explain the situation she witnessed. The doctor seemed a little baffled by the statement, “When we got here, Rosa filled my car with cum.” Sara tried to explain.

“Oh, I see,” the doctor said, “she came in your car, that’s natural dear, futanaris have a tendency to get their cum everywhere, I can understand how it might be a little overwhelming at first.”

“Dr. Bates,” Rosa stepped in, “Sara isn’t exaggerating, I filled her car up to the windows in one orgasm…”

“Firstly, Rosa, you’ve known me for years, you can drop the Dr. Bates.” The doctor said with a smile, Rosa smiled back, “Second, It is not uncommon for futanaris to get to those amounts after abstaining for a prolonged period.”

“I know Diana,” Rosa addressed the doctor, “I abstained in the past to put on a show, but I have been extremely sexually active in the past two days.”

The doctor’s eyes lid up when the words left Rosa’s lips, “Please, tell me more, the more I know the better I can understand the situation.”

“Over the past two days I fucked two women,” Rosa started.

“Watch your language, Rosa!” Sara berated her, “This is a doctor you’re talking to.”

“It is perfectly okay, Sara, I am a sexologist, you can talk as dirty as you want around me, I don’t mind,” Diana explained her position and motioned to the wall with the dildos.

“As I was saying, I fucked two women, thoroughly…” Rosa paused for a minute to think about the last two days, “I also came more than my record.”

“Well, let’s see,” Diana looked at the computer and clicked her mouse, “You see here, Amy, the computer says that Rosa can go up to four times before she needs a rest.”

Amy chuckled lightly and said, “But right now, she is describing a much higher limit…” The doctor nodded in confirmation, “Also, look here, it says her length is 16 inches, but It looks like she is bigger than that.”

“Right Amy,” Diana agreed, “You can see we last measured her over 4 years ago so I would say those are a little outdated. We should have another measurement taken to create a new baseline.” The doctor turned to Rosa, “Is it okay if we measure you? I think it’s important to document what happens.”

“Sure escort bursa thing doctor,” Rosa agreed.

“Come stand over here,” Diana gestured to an open space in the room, Rosa went and stood there. Diana and Amy got up and brought a metal ruler with them. “We need to hold you parallel to the floor, if it’s too much please let us know.”

Rosa nodded and looked at her massive cock, standing horizontally. Diana grabbed it with both hands and, very slowly, started to push it down. Rosa’s cock was not too happy with being manipulated and it flexed hard, almost making the doctor lose her grip.

“I need your help, Amy, just grab her and try bending the thing,” The doctor urged Amy to join the fight against the rock-hard pole. It took them a few moments, but four hands were just too much for Rosa’s cock. It flexed in protest but remained in position at last. Diana pressed the metal ruler along the shaft and noted, “22 inches…”

The two released Rosa and her staff jumped up and audibly crashed against her left breast, making her moan. Amy went over to the computer and started updating the profile, While the doctor pulled a measuring tape from her pocket and circled Rosa’s cock.

“10 inches around,” She proclaimed. She moved on to Rosa’s smooth sack, measuring it too, “40 inches around, very solid.” Lastly, she examined the tip closely before grabbing a small test tube from her desk and filling it with Rosa’s clear precum. The test tube went in a machine that hummed and buzzed for a few moments, “Pre with seed, 20%…” After reading a bunch of numbers, Diana and Rosa both sat down.

“Well Rosa, it is as I thought,” Diana began explaining, “Have you ever heard of hyperizem?”

“I have,” Rosa admitted, “I know I’m hyper, that’s not something new…”

“Rosa, please understand that there are levels to being hyper,” Diana explained, “There are hypers who simply grow very big, but they stop when reaching adulthood. But some special individuals are gifted, Rosa…”

Amy’s eyes went wide upon hearing her mentor talking, “Dr. Bates, you think she is a true hyper?” The doctor nodded in response.

“Can you please explain what the fuck is going on?” Sara protested, she didn’t understand what the three were talking about.

“I’ll put it in layman’s terms,” Diana calmed her down, “Rosa is having a second puberty, she is growing, it isn’t common, but a few cases were recorded in the past…”

“Wow,” Sara said at the realization her friend was going to get bigger, “How big are we talking?”

“We honestly don’t know, this could be it, or she could get bigger… The biggest one recorded was a little over 2 feet long over a decade ago in France…”

“But right now, Rosa is almost 2 feet long…” Sara seemed alarmed by the thought.

“This is going to do wonders to my web-show.” Rosa said with a smile, “So I am not at risk?”

“No dear,” Diana said, “You are super healthy, a wonder…”

“But doctor,” Amy said, “We didn’t take the full measurements, we’re still missing cum output and orgasmic limit…”

“If Rosa is going to be a true hyper we don’t need those…” Diana explained. Amy looked at her with eyes wide open, shocked at how quick her mentor was to give up on getting full documentation. “A true hyper has no limits on those, it is pointless to check…”

“What do you mean by no limit?” Sara wondered.

“Think about it, Sara,” The doctor said as she got up and walked over to a bed she used to examine her patients, “You saw what Rosa can do… Do you think she has a limit?”

“I… I don’t know,” Sara admitted, she thought back on Vicky, Evelin and her poor car.

Meanwhile, sitting on the table, Diana undid the buttons on her shirt and exposed her massive rack, the huge twin orbs were so perfect the doctor didn’t even need a bra, they showed no sign of sagging.

“What are you doing Dr. Bates?” Sara wondered as she saw her undress.

“I have a hyper futa with a two feet cock in my office,” Diana explained as she undid her pants and stood naked before the three, “no way I’m missing this chance… Rosa is probably the only person to reach this size in the country…”

“But you didn’t ask Rosa,” Sara protested naively, “you should ask her first…”

“You’re right…” Diana said as she collected her long, black hair in a ponytail, “Rosa, do you want to do to me what you did to the two girls you mentioned?”

Rosa immediately got up, her cock leaking heavily. She walked over to where the doctor stood, with each pace, her clothes littered the floor and in moments, she was standing naked next to the huge bosomed doctor.

“I am yours, Rosa,” Diana said as she got on her back and lifted her legs, exposing her pink slit, “use me all you need…”

Diana’s pale skin was in great contrast with her lower lips, the pink hole was soaked with her excitement. It was clear to Amy and Sara that Diana was turned on from measuring Rosa, in honest, they were turned on by the futa as well. Rosa went straight to business, she didn’t court the doctor or offered any foreplay. Instead, she grabbed her gigantic head and placed it against Diana’s slit, shadowing the tiny hole completely. Diana moaned as the burning rod pressed against her. It was a continuous moan that raised in pitch as Rosa applied more pressure.

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