A Replacement for Susan Ch. 07

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After a couple of days I was really looking forward to another session with Mary. At the front of my mind was the possibility I’d also be seeing my mother nude, which I’ve got to admit excited me more than doing what ever I pleased with Mary. Over breakfast I asked mom if she could get back here like the other day before two, she smiled and said she would so I text Mary and told her to come to my place at two. Her text came back almost straight away saying she would be there.

‘Have you thought what you’re going to do with her today?’ Mom asked.

‘Actually I have. After she’s blindfolded and you’ve come in, I’ll tell her to strip like last time then I’m going to tie her hands behind her back. You can play with her while I get undressed if you’d like, then I’ll ‘do it’ from behind probably using her arse again.’

‘You were joking, the other day went you?’

‘About what?’ I asked

‘When you said you wanted to see me nude?’

Wow, what a question. ‘No.’ was the only reply I gave.

Mom looked at me, as she finished her coffee, but didn’t elaborate on her question or my rely. As she got up to leave for work she said she’d see me later and left.

Oh man! This afternoon looked like being a memorable one! Even before she’d backed off the drive I’d text Diane with the latest info.

I made myself work on college stuff till after one. Fixed myself a snack and made up a sandwich for mom, then had a shower. My mother came in just after half one kissed me on the forehead, for thinking of her she said and went up to her room. At two on the dot Mary arrived.

I led her into the lounge. Like last time there were no hellos or any form of greeting between us. I told her to kneel and I put the blind fold over her eyes. I had my hand inside her bra fondling her boob when my mother came in wearing her thin bathrobe. It was a mark of my maturity, I didn’t actually say, ‘fuck me!’ out loud. But you can take it as read, I thought it.

I told Mary to stand and strip. I let her take everything off this time. Once she was naked I pulled her hands behind her back and tied them together with some rough parcel string. Mom came forward and with out any warning slapped Mary on the face. Mary jumped in surprise but recovered before mom slapped her again and then several times on her tits and bum. She kept up her slapping until I had stripped off my things. Mary had occasionally let out a short yelp of pain but otherwise was silent.

As mom stepped back she looked at me with undisguised lust in her eyes, untied her robe and let it hang open, more than enough for me to see her tits and bush!

Her body actually took my breath away. I knew she looked after herself but I had no idea she was quite so fit, in every sense of the word. Gathering my wits I guided Mary to a couch, told her to kneel and leaned her forward so her head was resting on the couch. Her tits hung down and looking vaguely like grapefruits inside socks. I gave her behind a few slaps myself for good measure and fingered her casino siteleri pussy which was laterally dripping. With no warm up I pushed my dick into her arse dry. Mary’s face was tight against the cousin of the couch which muffled her moans of pain or pleasure.

As I slid my dick in and out of her tight arse I never took my eyes off my mother’s incredible body. My mother in turn never once looked away from the obscene display playing out in front of her on her living room carpet. I came with a very satisfied grunt watching my mother gently fondling a boob with one hand and stroking her pubes with the other. As I came I’d had an image in my mind of Mary eating mom’s pussy.

Once I’d got my breath back, I untied Mary’s wrists slumped back on a couch and told her to dress and leave. Mom had slipped out of the room as I’d sat down. As soon as Mary had gone she came into the room and sat across from me. I asked her to open her gown again which she did with out a thought. I felt the blood return to my dick as I looked at her.

‘You looked like you enjoyed slapping Mary.’ I said.

‘More than I imagined I would. I don’t think I cramped your style so much today…seeing me like this didn’t gross you out then?’

‘Ha Ha, I’ve a feeling you know how hot you look.’

‘Are you serious?’ She asked genuinely supprised.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You think I look hot?’

‘Mom, it’s not something I’d joke about.’ Which made her smile. ‘I get the impression you don’t find looking at me to difficult either. How about we do this more often?’

‘Me slapping Mary while you bugger here?’

I had to smile at her reply. ‘Well yes, but I meant being nude around each other.’

‘That my boy is a seriously depraved suggestion, I’m shocked!’ she said as she opened her legs enough to flash me a glimpse of her pussy! ‘But right now I need to get back to work and you I imagine have at least one young lady waiting for you to make an appearance.’

‘Diane will be waiting for a report on today’s assignation but I’m not seeing her till after her lesson this evening.’

‘Don’t you dare mention me being naked!’

‘Too later I already told her I’d asked you to return the favour. You can’t want me to lie to her surely?’

‘Don’t call me surely.’ She said as she got up and went upstairs to dress.

I sent the report to Diane who loved it, she said she wished I’d filmed it. She told me she was looking forward to seeing me as she had a serious itch for me to scratch.

As mom went though the lounge on her way out she lent down and kissed me lightly on the lips. Something she has never done before, a bit like letting me see her almost nude in a way.

I spent the rest of the afternoon studying and swapping messages with the gang. Mary sent one too. ‘Like you said, I should be careful what I wished for.’

Diane met me in the usual café and almost dragged me out to my car. I drove us to our usual spot, slid my seat back and let her do all the work. I had after all had a long canlı casino day. After her itch had been well and truly scratched we made out in the time honoured fashion and talked about our mothers! When I got in around ten, mom was in the kitchen ready for bed. She asked how Diane was and I told she was as happy as a song bird. Mom then asked if I’d really told her what she’d done. I couldn’t help but smile. She asked what Diane had said and I told her she loved it and wished I’d filmed it all. We were sat side by side at the counter on stools. I reached across and gently opened her robe to uncover her right breast.

‘You really do have a fabulous body you know.’ I told her quietly.

She reached over and carefully lowered my fly, I fished out my waking dick for her to see. ‘And you my boy have one great looking cock.’ As she stood up she slipped her gown off and didn’t put it back on until was leaving the kitchen, after she had fussed around the sink and cleared a few things from the table. What a day!

The next morning I got a text from Anne asking if I wanted to meet up later in the morning. She had suggested ten and that’s when I arrived. I got quite a shock when her mother opened the door and asked me to come though to the lounge. When I asked if Anne was ok, she apologised for the subterfuge but had wanted to have a chat with me in private. Anne apparently had gone out in a hurry and left her phone behind.

Her mom of course had gone though Anne’s texts. Which as you can imagine had some very damming evidence. Not knowing what she was going to do or say I could only sweat it out.

‘You seem to be having quite an active sex life at the moment.’

There was no denying it but so far she didn’t seem to be overly upset. ‘In fairness you did know I was sexually active when you and my mother introduced me to Anne.’

‘But I didn’t know you’d also been introduced to Diane.’

‘Anne knew she didn’t have time for a steady boyfriend. It was her idea to be friends with benefits if you like.’

‘That’s fine if Anne is happy with it, but where does Diane’s mother fit into it all?’

Ah, I thought and gave her to edited highlights of Mary offering herself to me if I stopped seeing Susan and not do anything… unpleasant with Diane like she thought I had been doing with Susan.

‘Who is Susan?’

‘Susan is the girl I was seeing when my mother got it into her head to find me a more suitable girlfriend.’

‘What was wrong with Susan? Are you still seeing her?’

I told her we’d split up before I met Anne and enough about Susan for her to see where my mother was at.

‘So why did Mary make the deal she made?’

‘The deal was bunkum, she just wanted me to have sex with her, rough sex.’

‘And Diane doesn’t mind?’

‘She set up the first assignation.’

‘Oh… And the other day when your mother watched you having sex with Mary. Would you like to expand on that incident?’

‘That I have to say was a… well fucked up experience. My mom knew kaçak casino Mary from her college days. It was she who’d assured me Mary’s self sacrifice wasn’t as altruistic as it appeared. But on a plus it made my mother aware of a certain lack of excitement in her own life.’

‘To be honest your activities could make anyone feel they were missing out on some excitement.’ Did I detect wistfulness a note in that comment!

Anne’s mother looked at me, obviously making up her mind about something.

‘Right young man you’re off the hook. Regardless of what I feel about your behaviour I have never seen Anne so full of life as she is at the moment. Studying to become a doctor is a difficult business, possibly as stressful as actually being a doctor. It seems to be doing her the world of good, having a…. bona fide stress eliminator like you, in your life.’

‘You may continue to see my daughter but please try to be careful. Already more people know about your involvement with Mary than you realise. That your mother has become involved could lead you all into very hot water.’

She looked me in the eye and paused before asking in a softer voice if I could please be careful with her baby. I assured her I would be very careful but felt I needed to point out, Anne’s sexual desires easily matched my own.

With that she told me she needed to get back to her surgery, shook my hand and walked me out of the house.

My life was becoming one surreal experience after the next. It was getting to the point where I was starting to wait for the next one to come around the corner. Around the corner on that day was a text from my mother asking if I was going to be home for lunch. I told her I was but couldn’t figure out why she’d ask.

I couldn’t settle into my college work so played on my computer until half one when I made a couple of sandwiches up for us. My mother showed up not long after they were ready. We ate sat at the breakfast bar, mom I could see had something she wanted to say. For someone usually quite forthright it was odd to see her so hesitant.

In the end I asked her to spit out what ever she had on her mind.

After a deep breath she told me she believed my father was cheating on her. The news predictably stunned me. I asked who with and how she knew. She told me she hadn’t figured out the who but she had seen weals on his bum as he came out of the shower this morning, obviously she believed, caused by something like a cane.

I asked if she had any other ‘evidence’ to which she said she would find it once she began looking.

The funny thing was, my mother didn’t act the outraged, wronged wife. She was more like someone who was in danger of losing a business deal to a rival.

Mom asked if I could help her find out who he was seeing. I was reluctant to agree but did my best not to let my reluctance show. She asked if I knew a way to check where my father goes. I knew of several off the top of my head and said if she could get his phone I could put an app onto it which would show us his location through Google map.

Mom looked at me almost in awe, she couldn’t believe it’d be that simple. How could anyone cheat any more? She asked. It was I had to admit an intriguing question.

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