A Punishment

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“Get your little ass in here right now,” he says, calmly but with such aggression that tears immediately spring into my eyes.

“I said now, pet.”

Deciding not to disobey any further, I practically sprint into the bathroom where Daddy is. I had been standing in our bedroom, nose pushed into my timeout corner waiting for his instruction. Now as I enter the adjoining bathroom, I see what Daddy’s plans are.

He has filled an enema bag and attached it to the shower rod, the nozzle dangling freely just waiting to be shoved into my little hole. On the counter I see a large plastic ball gag, a set of electric clippers, and my egg vibrator. Tears stream harder down my face, and a sob escapes my lips. I only get shaved when I’m very bad, and it looks like Daddy really intends to get his point across this time.

Flashing that wicked grin at me, Daddy holds out his hand to me, gesturing me to step into the shower. I move towards him, and he helps me step over the ledge and into the tub.

“Now babygirl, you’ve been very bad,” Daddy says. He hooks a finger under my chin and forces me to look at him. “Bad girls get punished. And you’ve been very out of line. I told you that you are not allowed on those adult sites without permission. Only big girls can see porn without permission.” He leans closer to me, rubbing his nose on mine and then trailing it up my cheek towards my ear. He whispers, “You are not a big girl. You are my little baby slut, and it’s time that I remind you of your place.”

I gulp, waiting for him to continue.

He steps towards the sink and grabs the ball gag, then steps back towards me. As always, he explains the punishment before it is administered, giving me time to process and also use my safe word if I really can’t handle the situation.

“You, my darling little princess, are going to be cleaned up tonight. In that enema bag there is warm soapy water. That nozzle will be lubed up, and put up your tight asshole, and then the stream of water will flow. After the bag is emptied into your bowels, you will hold the solution for 10 minutes.”

He pauses, waiting to see if I have an adverse reaction. Being used to having my ass cleaned out, I do not protest.

He continues, “During that ten minutes, I will insert your favorite toy into you and proceed to edge you as I please.”

At this I whined and opened my mouth to object, but was cut off by Daddy’s hand wrapping around my throat.

Squeezing slightly and looking down at me menacingly, I knew just to shut up and take what was coming my way. I may not like what was going to happen, but I could handle the punishment and Daddy knew it.

“Watch yourself, pet.” He waits a few moments to continue.

“I will edge you as I please and you will retain the enema, as I said. Then you will expel in the toilet as I watch.”

‘Daddy is going to make me go in front of him?? That’s new…’ I think.

Daddy must have seen my face change as I thought about this new part of punishment, and his smirk grows wider.

“After that, you will take a cold shower and then I will shave you. Just like always, you will sit on the edge of the counter and watch as I take all the hair off of that sweet, sweet cunt. Do you understand?”

I gulp again, and use all of my strength to nod in understanding.

“Say it, Princess. Say you understand what is about to happen to you.”

I hesitate, but then make complete eye contact with Daddy. And in one small moment I see all the trust and love he has for me radiate from his soft hazel green eyes.

“Yes Daddy, I understand my punishment.”

A soft smile appears on his face and he lifts his hands up to attach the gag to my face. He shoves the ball between my lips and locks the straps behind my head, careful not to catch my honey locks.

He reaches over and grabs the bottle of lube, and begins preparing the nozzle. He motions for me to face the shower wall and lean over slightly. I am already naked from when he had found me before, sneaking on to a porn website on my phone, slowly stroking my sex as I watched a couple fucking in every room of their new house.

Just thinking about the video I had seen makes me wet. Daddy notices as he touches me, holding my cheeks aside and lubing up my hole.

He illegal bahis leans close and whispers, “Is my little slut enjoying herself?”

Before I can even nod, he inserts the nozzle into my tight hole and gives it a little tug to make sure it is in tight.

I moan at the sudden impact, and begin getting more and more turned on as the violation begins. Daddy turns the valve of the nozzle, and after a few moments I feel the warm solution enter me. It feels foreign and uncomfortable, causing me to shift in place.

SMACK, Daddy’s hand goes across my ass startling me and causes a cramp to begin in my stomach.

“Don’t move, this is supposed to be uncomfortable to teach you a lesson, bitch,” Daddy says firmly. “Next time you think about being naughty and watching porn without Daddy, you’ll remember this punishment and then reconsider.”

In just a few minutes the bag fully empties into me. My body is wracked with cramps and I can barely stand. The soap burns the inside of my bowels, stripping all the filth inside of me off and making me all clean for Daddy.

“Don’t move honey, I’ll be right back,” Daddy says as he leaves the room. I hear him rummaging around in the toy drawer, probably looking for more torture devices. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to stop thinking of the pain in my stomach.

Daddy emerges, holding a silver butt plug in his hand. Grinning, he says, “I figured I would give you a break and help you keep the enema inside while I tease you.”

I nod my head, and mumble a “thank you Daddy” around the slobbery gag.

Daddy approaches me, and caresses my body, paying special attention to my now bloated stomach. He kisses the back of my neck, and tells me to be still as he does the next part.

Very carefully he eases the nozzle out of my hole, careful not to go too fast and shock me into spurting everywhere. I clench all my muscles, trying not to spill even a drop of the sludge, knowing that Daddy might make me take another enema otherwise. He then quickly greases up the plug, and unceremoniously shoves it up my ass and into my rectum, nestling the jeweled base between my supple cheeks.

“My pretty plugged princess, all ready for Daddy to tease her,” Daddy smiles as he turns me to face him. Grabbing my egg vibe from the counter, he begins to set a timer on his phone. Propping it up, I can see the red 10:00:00 waiting to count down.

“You’re glistening with desire, babygirl. I shouldn’t have any trouble putting this little toy in your sweet sex,” Daddy jokes. He fingers my slit, gliding his thumb across my clit and making me shiver. He gently guides the egg past my pussy lips and into the crevice of my sex. I can feel my muscles latch onto the smooth little toy, feeling the snugness from the pressure of my full belly.

Daddy pulls out the vibrator remote out of his pocket, and reaches with his other hand toward the phone.

With expert precision, he presses the start button on both the remote and the timer simultaneously. The vibrations begin suddenly, and surprise me a little, but are easy to get used to.

Daddy leans up against the wall, taking his usual sexy pose with his arm up against the wall and his head slightly tilted, watching me begin to get comfortable with the pace he has set. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, thinking of all the wonderful things this man has done for me. I feel a warm sparkle begin to grow in my pussy, causing me to gyrate my hips a little. I know better than to touch myself during a punishment, but I desire it so badly.

I open my eyes a little to see Daddy stroking the bulge in his pants. He catches me staring and turns the vibrator on a little higher. Instead of a constant buzz, it turns into a rhythm. One long, two short, one long, one long, two short, and again. This begins to drive me crazy, and I pull my hand away from my side to motion towards my sex. Daddy notices, and nods his head.

“You may touch yourself only if you immediately stop whenever I tell you to do so. Otherwise your ass will be black and blue, do you understand Princess?”

I nod my head enthusiastically, and begin to finger my clit. I scoop some of my wetness onto my fingers, and use it to rub my finger in circles around my sensitive spot, pushing lightly illegal bahis siteleri and switching between fast and slow movements. The warm sparkles grow, and I can feel myself on the verge of an amazing orgasm.

Daddy notices, and changes the vibrator to a lower setting. “Remove your fingers now, pet.”

I whine, but see the seriousness in his eyes. I pull my hand away from my pussy and place my palms flat against the shower wall behind me. I sneak a quick look at the phone timer. Two minutes left. I don’t even know if I can handle one more second of this torture Daddy is putting me through.

I start to feel higher and higher, approaching my climax as Daddy changes the settings again.

Before I can even comprehend what is happening, the vibrations stop and Daddy approaches me.

“What a good little girl, not cumming and being an obedient baby slut for Daddy,” Daddy coos as he wipes spit from my lips.

The fog clears from my mind, and I realize that the phone timer is flashing all zeroes, indicating that I held the enema for 10 whole minutes, all while being sexually teased as a punishment.

Without the vibrations as a distraction, I feel the cramps and rumblings of my stomach. I’m ready to expel, and Daddy can tell.

“One more moment, Princess. Lets get you out of the tub and closer to the toilet, we wouldn’t want to make a big mess,” Daddy says as he helps me over the ledge of the tub again.

Closer to the toilet, Daddy bends me over slightly again. He first slides his fingers down my slit, and then fishes for the egg. He takes his time, gently stroking my g-spot and then brushing up against my clit as he exits. He then gingerly tugs on the plug, careful to not startle me. A cramp strikes tears into my eyes, and I cry out around the gag.

Petting my back, Daddy calms me and helps me relax my muscles to release their hold on the plug. Finally it comes out of my ass with a PLOP, and Daddy quickly shoves me down to the toilet bowl.

As much as it hurts, I cannot release my bowels with Daddy watching. He waits patiently for me to get more comfortable with the situation, and I can tell that he really wants to leave the room for my sake. But when Daddy says something will be done, he follows through, especially when it comes to my punishments.

Stroking my hair Daddy calmly says, “Honey, we are not moving from this spot until you go. Be a good girl and go for Daddy.”

A sob escapes me, and Daddy picks up my hand, holding my head to his thigh. Giving up all control, I release my bowels and the torrent of shit flows out of me. I cry, tears streaming down my face as I come to terms with the fact that Daddy completely and fully owns me.

“I am Daddy’s slut, and I must do as he pleases,” I think, “He knows what is best for me, I can be a good girl for him.”

Finally the torrent stops, but my tears still drip down my face. I can barely breathe, snot running out my nose and spit spilling between my lips and the gag.

Daddy tips my face up, and he gazes at me with such love in his eyes that fresh tears well up in my eyes and the crying starts all over.

“Oh baby girl, you did so good,” Daddy hushes as he unclasps the gag belt from behind my head. He grabs a towel to wipe my face, and hands me a roll of paper towel. Together we get me cleaned up, and then I step into the shower tub once more.

Daddy pulls the glass door across, leaving enough space open that he will be able to see my every action as I clean up.

“Be quick baby, just clean up enough. No spa shower or anything,” Daddy says as he reaches in and turns the showerhead on.

Cold water hits my skin, and I almost shriek with surprise. Instantly, my nipples respond to the new environment, and I see Daddy’s eyes gleam as he watches them grow hard and pronounced. He unzips his fly, and reaches in to stroke his cock. Remembering what he said about being quick, I grab my loofa and soap ready to scrub my skin. I pay extra attention to his favorite parts, making sure that he sees the soap foam run down my back and between my round cheeks. I turn around again and close my eyes as I lean my chest into the spray of water, knowing how the curve of my neck into my breasts drives Daddy crazy.

I peek open my eye canlı bahis siteleri to confirm that Daddy is in fact enamoured by the sight. I sneak my hand towards the faucet and quickly shut off the water.

Stunned, Daddy stops mid-stroke, and watches open mouthed as I grab my robe off the towel rack and wrap myself in the fluffy material.

I cheekily step past him out of the shower, and plop my rump on the edge of the counter. The robe rides up past my ass, leaving my bare cheeks to touch the cool marble, which in turn intensifies the peak of my nipples.

Regaining his composure, Daddy zips up his fly and begins to grab supplies out of the medicine cabinet.

He places a straight razor, shaving foam, and bottle of aftershave next to the clippers. My eyes grow as I realize what he is going to do.

Smirking, Daddy says, “Don’t worry babygirl, I’ve been practicing. That’s why my face has been so smooth these past few weeks.”

He begins to fill a bowl with hot water, and pushes my knees apart to reveal my sex. Gripping my thighs, he pulls me out farther to the edge of the counter so my cheeks are just barely touching the surface.

“You know the rules, my slut. You must watch the entire process. I will be removing the hair from your pussy, my pussy, to remind you of your place.”

I look up to catch Daddy’s eye.

“Only big girls can have hair, and you are not a big girl. You are my baby girl, and you cannot have hair on your pussy. Do you understand?”

I nod, and whisper, “Yes Daddy, I understand why I am being shaved.”

Daddy leans in to peck my cheek. “That’s my girl. Now lets begin.”

He settles into the chair in front of my legs, and grabs the clippers. I flinch as he turns them on, and places the buzzing motor near my sex. I watch as he denudes me, revealing my precious folds and the wetness pooling between the sensitive skin. Soon my vulva is bare save the brown stubble that was just created.

“Sit still, I don’t want you to be hurt,” Daddy states sternly.

I gulp as he spreads foam on my sex, and prepares to run the blade over my skin. With expert skill, he pulls my skin taught with his fingers and pulls the blade down. There is no hair left in the blade’s path, and I am one step closer to being fully bare as Daddy intends.

I intently watch, being more and more turned on with every stroke and manipulation of the blade. Too soon, I am fully shaved. My clit pokes out of the newly pink skin folds, and wetness makes my sex glisten.

Happy with the results, Daddy takes a warm wet rag and cleans up the remaining foam. Looking up at me he says, “I am going to put aftershave on you, not to hurt you. It will sting a bit, but it will help close up your pores.”

I nod, bracing myself for the new feeling. Very gently, Daddy cups his hand on my sex and rubs the fluid on my naked skin. I cringe and breathe in sharply as the cool sting hits. Shushing me, Daddy rubs my back and kisses my head.

“Okay, all done. Stand up so I can see.”

I hop off the counter, and shed the fluffy robe. I spin in a slow circle infront of Daddy, waiting for his approval. He gives it by beckoning to me, and guiding me to sit on his lap.

“You understand why you were punished, correct?” Daddy questions.

I sigh, and lean in to his loving embrace. He beings to absentmindedly play with my soft thighs, waiting for my answer.

“Yes, I knowingly and purposefully disobeyed you. We agreed that you would have control of our sexual relationship, and I went against that by watching porn without you knowing,” I respond.

Daddy hums his approval. “That’s right. You need to remember that I am your Daddy, and you have willingly given up control to me.”

I nod again and cuddle closer in, kissing the sweet spot on his neck. Daddy nudges me with his jaw, prompting me to continue as he speaks again.

“You were very good tonight. I know you are very stubborn and have trouble relinquishing control, but you did very well.” He pauses, drawing in a long breath as I slide my hand down to his crotch and begin to rub his growing erection. “You really deserve a reward, my pet.”

I look up at him, my mouth opening in surprise. Daddy leans in and kisses me deeply, exploring my mouth with his tongue, making me wetter by the second.

“Go turn the shower on, and hop in. I’ll be in soon.”

I hop off Daddy’s lap and turn the shower on hot. The bathroom quickly fogs up with steam, and I step in, letting the water run over my naked skin.

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