A Plan For Daddy

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The sound of the car, the brush of the wind sweeping your back, the thought’s of guilt, the lust of pleasure, Dripping pussy. The engine switches off. The car door closing, the thud of his large feet drawing closer each second, the pert of my nipple.

The moment of panic, the words a muffle, A moment longed for, the time right, his touch on my hip. Thank god, he finishes early on Wednesday’s.

Touch with him, thought’s else where, re thinking the plan, My head hot.

Key turning, heart racing, creak of the hinge, my legs being parted.

One step, two step, three step, my twat being stretched, dick being inserted.

All Rhythm jolted, face of horror, last step reached, frozen in fear. the throb of my cunt.


“Oh Good God, get off her. get your clothes on. and get out my house!”

I feel him limp, pulling out of me so brash, I barely remember him being inside me. Still the throb of my cunt grows stronger. staring at his hands. my mind, blank. filled with thoughts, that aren’t in any order.

The slam of the front door.

I don’t move. flat on my back, one lousy cushion underneath my right shoulder blade. Pussy is clear view.

Will he, won’t he? plan/no plan?

His eyes still haven’t lodged.

he sits on the end of my bed.

His mouth opening..

“I don’t know what to say, i thought better of you.”

“No you didn’t, you knew i was a whore, you knew I opened my flower for anyone, your just jealous”

“JEALOUS? istanbul escort Grow up Kasey.”

“I’ve seen the way you look at me, my legs, my tit’s, you practically drool when I’m in my Pjs.”

His face sharp. His Eyes look Blank. No emotion. Where’s the emotion? I really thought i was right. God, how could I get

it all so wrong? Maybe if..

“Fuuck” I whimpered.

My hole felt like it was ripping. “Corr’ aren’t you tight, I’ll show you Jealous.. I shouldn’t put it off any longer”

Two fingers, quickly formed three fingers.. My fuckhole was surely being fucked. his large hands, pumping me.

I had wanted this for so long. But the guilt.

“We shouldn’t daddy, what about mum?”

“What about her? You didn’t think about her when you were flaunting around in next too nothing did you?”

“Dad, I have masturbated over you for longer then i can remember. my bed, your bed. did you know?”

“no, baby.. I didn’t but I have too. you have teased me for so long.”

He’s teasing me back, I feel him brush past my clit. He has repositioned himself. Fuck he’s so sexy. My dad. No one else’s.

Just mine. Forever.

God his breath Hovering over me. It’s so hot.

“You have too.. please. I can’t take it any longer. Taste what you made.”

The suspense is.. “mm” finally I feel his tongue licking, flicking my clit. Ravishing my pussy.

I was right, he avcılar escort wants me. He always has. Finally the man i want. Is here. Just for me.

‘Tell me when this started, tell me when you started wanting your daddy’s cock’ He grumbled..

Oh god. He tongue fucks me so perfect.

‘I used too lie in bed and hear you and mum. I used too hear you fucking her. The floor boards creaking in rhythm, the bed squeaking, you panting, mum moaning. ‘mm, yeah do that again. that felt so nice’ I used too get a funny feeling in my pussy, I Didn’t know how too handle it, it made me feel crazy, i used too get up off my pillow daddy, so I could hear better.

But I was always too scared to move in case the bed made noise and you knew i was listening.’

‘I want too know everything Kasey, don’t leave out any details. tell daddy everything’.

‘OK daddy, I started to touch myself, and I liked it. My cunt was so wet, and it wanted too be touched, that was what the crazy feeling was, I would put one finger in, then two then three.. “Yessss daddy, just like that” i used too stretch my hole till it hurt. I then fucked myself in and out in the same rhythm of your banging. I couldn’t help but moan, and I used too moan the way i heard you and mum… pretend it was me. I had too bite my lip, so no one would hear.’

He had two finger’s fucking me.. as he was sucking my clit, sucking it hard, I couldn’t take much more, I hadn’t ever felt like this, şirinevler escort I knew I was going too cum soon..

‘I used too lie there and hear “ooh Raymond, Ooh Lucy, ooh Raymond, ooh Lucy.. it would get quicker as you fucked her harder, the panting would grow and..”Oh fuccck, dad, I’m going to cum.”‘

‘Your not beautiful, not yet.’ He stopped. He put his hands on his own stiff cock. How could he tease me like this?

My cunt was throbbing/aching/gagging for some more attention. Fuck it, if he isn’t going to touch me, I’ll touch myself and he can watch. ‘I don’t think so baby girl’ wanker. he moved my hands back up under the pillows.

Was that the front door? ‘Hello, Kase, I’m home.. have you heard from your dad?’

I’m frozen with fear. I can’t move.. ‘dad! dad!! what do we do, mum’ ‘aaaaah’

His cock is in me.. pounding deeper with every thrust, he’s biting on my tits, nibbling my nipples, ‘uh uhhhh uh yeah, baby girl’

‘Daddy no, mum.’ ‘Tell me you want me to fuck you harder, tell me your daddy’s little whore, do you want me kase?’

‘I’m daddy’s little whore, ooh daaaadddy, fuck me, fuck me like you fuck mum.’

Wave after wave rushing through my body, rippling through my pussy. My whole body twitching. I’ve never came so hard.

His balls ramming against me, the vein in his forehead popping out too be apart of the action. god, he fucks so good.

‘I’m cumming.. aaaaah fuccck yeah I’m cumming my baby..’

I can feel his cum deep inside me, dribbling out of my pussy. Thank god I’m on the pill.

‘Kase?’ ‘Yes mum.. I’m here, I’m just getting changed’ ‘OK sweetie, I’m just nipping too the shop, where’s your dad?’

‘He’s gone too borrow the lawnmower from next door.’

The front door bangs.

Dad leaves my room.

Already I’m planning next Wednesday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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