A Parting Gift

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The day grew hot as Felix sat down at his desk to take a break from packing for his summer trip to Greece. He had gotten a job as a research assistant over the summer, and his flight was leaving in two days. He should have had it done earlier, but procrastination was always his strong suit, along with gaming and looking up random historical facts on the internet. Although now, as he opened up his laptop, history was the furthest thing from his mind.

Instead, he clicked the folder titled ‘Frontline Tactics 2’, and then opened the ‘Sound Files’ folder. Though instead of sound files, he found his stash of torrented porn. A few years earlier, his younger sister had accidentally found his downloaded porn, which he hadn’t taken any precautions to hide, and got him grounded for six months. After that he had decided to keep it well hidden, and made sure to keep it behind fake folders. Even though he was 19, he still would prefer to not get in trouble over it.

As Felix browsed through his collection, he began to debate which one to watch. He narrowed it down to a few videos of some favorite porn stars of his, and an amateur milf video that he had recently downloaded. Since he hadn’t seen it yet, Felix opened it, unzipping his shorts and pulling them and his underwear down, releasing his semi-hard penis.

It was one of those interview videos, where the woman was supposedly shooting her first sex scene, and as such the first few minutes were mostly just her discussing her sexual history with the camera guy. Felix didn’t mind, though, as the woman in question was rather hot. Not too skinny, with a body like Valerie Bertinelli before she lost a bunch of weight. Her breasts looked like C-cups, which she confirmed when the camera guy asked her to take off her top. Felix softly stroked himself as she began to take off her pants, revealing thick, rounded thighs and a nice bubble butt. It was slightly saggy, but then again he’d always liked women with more meat to them.

As the video played on, she went through the typical three minute blowjob, then laid down on her back and spread her legs, letting the male performer enter her. Felix studied it closely, while still lightly gripping his penis and stroking it. He wasn’t a virgin, but he had only had sex three times with his first girl, who had been his first, and that last time had had been over a year ago.

While he watched the guy in the video speed up his thrusts, Felix did so in turn, imagining himself in the video instead of whoever this guy was. He also noticed that the man’s penis was about the same size as his own. A solid seven inches, his ex had proclaimed to him once that it was the perfect size for her. Not small by any means, but not too big to where she would have refused to let him into her. Felix thought for a second that he should get into porn, but then dismissed the notion as a hopeless dream. He had neither the stamina nor the body for it. Instead of a toned, muscular body, he was slim, with a slight pudge to his stomach as opposed to six-pack abs. Felix figured instead that it would be better for all involved to stick to what he knew, and continued to stroke himself, feeling his orgasm beginning to come on.

*ding dong*

The doorbell rang from downstairs. Annoyed at the brief disturbance, Felix went back to his business, speeding up and slightly tightening the grip on his stiff member.

*ding dong*

The bell rang again, followed by seven short, rapid knocks. Felix let out an exasperated sigh, then stood up and pulled up his clothes, hiding his still hard penis back within his briefs and zipping up his shorts. “Coming,” he shouted as he smoothed out his shorts. “I’ll be right down, gimme a sec.” Felix glanced back at his laptop screen as the woman in the video rapidly rubbed her clit while riding the man backwards, moaning so loud she might as well have been screaming. “Damn it,” he whispered, closing the video and the laptop before heading downstairs.

As he got to the door, the person on the other side knocked again, seven brief, rapid knocks. Typically, Felix would have looked through the peephole to check who it was, but as he was in a hurry to get back and finish his session, he unthinkingly unlocked the door and opened it. Standing outside was his next-door neighbor, the stupidly attractive Miss Amanda Dorson.

He gave her a quick up and down glance, as he always did when he saw her. She stood tall, at least five-foot ten, but still just shy of Felix’s six-foot stature. Her dark blond hair was up in a ponytail, but was so long that it ran down to at least the small of her back, just above her round backside, the fantasized image of which Felix had masturbated to plenty of times in the seven years she’d lived next-door to his family. Speaking of which, the black tights she wore lived up to their name, tightly wrapping around the curves of her thighs and rear. Her white t-shirt fell loosely around her breasts, giving away no hints to their true size.

“Miss casino siteleri Dorson,” Felix exclaimed, with a barely restrained smile, his porn immediately forgotten. “What are you doing here?”

Amanda’s face tightened up into an embarrassed smile, her deep blue eyes meeting his with innocence behind them. “I’m sooooo sorry to bother you, Felix,” she said, tellingly moving her body in a constrained way, “but I sorta locked myself out of the house while I was in the backyard, and I reeeeeally need to pee, and Miranda’s at her boyfriend’s all day so she won’t be home until late tonight. Would it be okay if-“
“Yeah, of course,” Felix replied. “You know where it is, up the stairs to the right.”

“Oh my god, thank you!” she exclaimed, giving him a brief, light hug, then shuffled off to the stairs. Felix took a second to recover from the soft feel of her body on him, and once he recovered he shut the door, heading back upstairs to his room.

As he returned to packing his luggage, Felix found himself unable to focus, his mind instead locked on what he saw on his way up the stairs. Miss Dorson had taken her time heading up, and while he was a ways behind her, as he looked up he saw the tights being stretched thin enough for him to be able to see her green and pink striped panties underneath. Felix folded up a shirt and put it into his main bag, then sat on his bed, absent-mindedly rubbing at the crotch of his shorts, wishing he were again alone in the house so he could openly masturbate at the fantasy.

Suddenly, he heard a flush from down the hall, and rapidly jolted up, returning to folding his clothes. After putting another shirt in the bag, he heard Miss Dorson exit the bathroom. “Felix, you there?”

“Yeah, I’m in my room,” he called back through his half-open door, immediately hoping he wouldn’t say something stupid and make her feel uncomfortable.

Miss Dorson suddenly appeared in his doorway, leaning against the frame. “Oh man, again, thank you soooo much for letting me use your restroom,” she sighed with a smile. “I had been holding it in for forever, I was worried my bladder would explode!”

Felix chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, Miss Dorson,” he replied, turning to face her. “That’s the neighborly thing to do, right?”

“Please, Felix, you can call me Amanda,” she answered, meeting his gaze with soft eyes. “But yeah, I guess so.” She glanced over to the laptop on the desk. “Hey, do you mind if I use your laptop really quick? I need to message Miranda and see if she can have Alan bring her by the house so she can let me in, my phone and everything is in there.”

“Sure, no problem,” he replied. After a second, however, he remembered the porn he had been watching immediately before, but as he turned around, she had already opened the laptop. Felix let out a relieved sigh, however, when he saw that he had indeed closed the video. “So how’s Miranda been?” he asked. “I haven’t seen her around in awhile.”

“She’s doing good,” Amanda called back. “She’s always out with her boyfriend, though. Its kinda funny, actually, she thinks I don’t know what they’re doing all the time, but I know. Moms always know.”

“What do you mean?” Felix questioned, absent-mindedly.

“They’re fucking like rabbits,” she answered, tiredly. When she realized how blunt she’d been, she turned in the chair to face him. “Oops, sorry, I probably shouldn’t be so vulgar like that.”

Felix laughed. “Don’t worry about it Miss- I mean, Amanda. I’ve heard and said worse.”

She chuckled and turned back around. “I guess I should’ve expected that, I was the same way when I was younger. But anyways, they’re doin’ it all the time.”

“How do you know?”

“I found the condoms in the bathroom trash.”

“You looked through the trash?” Felix asked, intrigued.

“Well,” she said, somewhat defensively, “I wasn’t looking through it, exactly. I was dumping it out in the bin out back and I saw them fall out. Its only me and her in that house, and I haven’t had sex since I had her, so that pretty much narrows down whose it was.” Amanda sighed, sadly. “I wish they were mine, though. Seeing that made me feel so… I don’t know… old, I guess.”

Felix had already stopped looking through the pile of clothes and sat down, completely shocked that this woman was opening up to him in such a blunt way. Amanda had been over to the house frequently, having befriended his mom almost immediately once her and her daughter had moved in next door, but they had never really talked in that time aside from small talk and whatnot. “Umm,” he answered, “that’s… I-“

“Oh, I’m sorry sweetie,” she quietly said, turning to face him. “This isn’t an appropriate conversation to be having with you, I should really just-“

“Oh no, its fine!” Felix rushed. “Really, I don’t mind. I mean… I was just gonna say, you’re not that old at all. You’re only what, twenty-nine?”

Amanda laughed, covering her mouth again. As she lowered canlı casino her hand, Felix caught a glimpse of a perfectly white smile, the one he’d liked ever since the first time he’d seen it. “Thirty-six, honey, if I were twenty-nine I would have to have had Miranda when I was thirteen. But thank you, I needed that.”

Felix smiled back at her, and the two sat there in a matched gaze for what seemed like an eternity. After awhile, however, Felix began to worry that it was getting to be too much of an awkward silence. “So, umm, did you get ahold of her?”

Amanda’s face jolted out of the smile, the silence broken. “Ahh, yeah, she said they can be here in about forty-five minutes.” She stood up. “I… umm, I guess I should be going now.”

“Oh, I… I guess, yeah,” Felix said, his face drooping in the slightest frown. “I guess I should see you out, then.”

The two of them stood and walked towards the door at the same time, awkwardly bumping into each other and stumbling the tiniest bit. Felix smiled at her, noticing that her neck had begun to redden. Before he could say anything, however, his back was against the doorframe and Amanda’s lips were on his. He felt a burst of heat across his face as he met the kiss, her hands dropping to his waist as she pressed herself against him. She pulled away for a second, staring into his eyes, waiting to see what he would do. Felix responded by gripping her hips and pulling her tighter against himself, kissing her again.

Amanda’s hands wandered up his shirt, across the hair of his stomach and up to his chest, her nails lightly dragging across his brown skin. She pulled away again. “How long do you have the house to yourself?”

“Mom and dad are out of town until tomorrow night, and Taylor is spending the night at my grandma’s.”

“Good,” she smiled, pulling his shirt up over his head. Amanda kissed him again on the lips, then the neck, the collar, down his chest and his stomach until she was kneeling, her mouth just above the line of his shorts. “I wouldn’t want any interruptions.” She undid the button, and slowly pulled the zipper down. As Felix’s shorts fell down to his ankles, Amanda gently nuzzled her face against the fabric of his briefs, stirring the now solid chunk of flesh underneath. “It’s been too fucking long since I’ve had a good cock,” she said, pulling down his underwear and unleashing his member for the second time that day. “It’s been too long, but this one is just perfect.”

Felix quietly moaned as she took him into her mouth. The warmth of it stirred him to flex his member, and it lightly poked the roof of her mouth, eliciting a surprised chuckle from Amanda. She took all but the base back into her throat, slowly pulling back up, her tongue wrapped around the bottom like a soft, silky blanket. As she reached his tip, Amanda tightened her lips, licking around the head and across his opening. Felix reached down and gently gripped a handful of her hair, caressing the back of her head.

Amanda went back down, rising again in a slow, controlled pattern as she slid a hand into her tights. Felix could feel his body heating up, and knew it wouldn’t be long until he would climax. When Amanda pulled up again, he moved his hips backwards, pulling his penis out of her mouth. She looked up at him with that soft, almost innocent gaze, as if she had done something wrong. He smiled down at her. “Lets move this to the bed.”

Felix slowly backed away, grabbing Amanda by her free hand and pulling her to her feet as he led her to the bed. He quickly brushed the pile of clothes aside, but before he could completely clean it off he felt a push from behind, and suddenly he was sprawled across the bed on his stomach. He turned over as Amanda climbed onto it with him, kneeling upright and lifting the white shirt from her body, then removing the light pink bra underneath, revealing to him her small, shapely breasts. Her stomach was somewhat rounded, similar to his, with the faintest stretch marks on the sides. When she noticed Felix eying them, she moved to put the shirt back on, but he stopped her, pulling her down onto him into a passionate tongue kiss, which caused her to let out a quiet squeal of approval.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he whispered when they broke off the kiss.

“So are you,” she said with a smile, reaching down to stroke his stiff member, which had begun to slightly soften. Felix was relieved he would have slightly more time before he would have to stop.

As Amanda turned her body to suck on him again, Felix reached around to grab her thighs, pulling her closer. He caressed her rear, then her thighs, with both hands. As she began to lick his testicles and sped up the way she moved her hands on his penis, he grabbed the top of her tights and pulled them down her thighs, to her knees, exposing the pink and green striped panties he had glimpsed earlier. He traced a finger down from the middle of her cheeks until he reached a squishy, dark wet spot at the center, kaçak casino between her silky thighs. Felix pulled them down as well, and finally he could see it. Amanda’s lips protruded out in the slightest way, pink petals surrounded by tiny light brown hairs. At her mount was a thin patch of matching color, with a small black tribal tattoo underneath.

Felix gently brushed his fingertips against her soaked petals, causing her to react with a barely restrained moan. He continued for a short while, before sliding in two fingers. As he did, he could feel her body shake above him. “Oh… fuck!” she whispered, shocked. Felix pulled his fingers out, but she reached back and gripped his wrist. “Don’t you dare stop. Keep going, don’t let me stop you.”

As Amanda let go of him and returned to orally pleasuring him, he sucked her sweet juices off of his fingers, and slid them into her again. Felix fingered her continually, slowly at first but the longer he went the faster Amanda stroked him with her mouth, making him speed up. As he did so, she pulled her mouth off of him and began to jerk him faster and faster, moaning as he worked his fingers inside of her. “God… fuck!” she cried as she released his penis and gripped a shirt, burying her face in it as she started to cry out Felix’s name. He moved his body and kneeled over her, reaching his free hand around her thigh to rub her clit. As Amanda let out a long, singular moan, he leaned in and licked down her rear, coming to a stop as he tongued her anus, flicking up and down. This was enough for her, and Amanda pulled the shirt from her mouth, screaming out to everyone and no-one at the same time. Felix slowed as he felt her tight hold pulse around his fingers, her body shaking while she dripped all over the shirts beneath her naked body, finally removing his fingers from her.

Amanda laid there for a minute, breathing heavily as Felix licked her cum off of his fingers. Finally, she rolled over onto her back. “Get… get these pants off me…” she panted out. “Get them off… and fuck me. Right now.”

“Yes ma’am,” Felix answered, hastily pulling her tights and panties the rest of the way off of her body and tossing them to the floor. He knelt upright, spreading his legs to bring his hips to level with hers, but he hesitated. “Umm… shouldn’t I… I mean do you want me to…”

“No condoms…” she said, finally catching her breath.

“But what if I get you pregnant?” Felix asked, worriedly.

Amanda smiled, easing herself up onto her elbows and scooting her hips closer to his. “Sweetie, I can’t get pregnant. I had my tubes tied years ago.” She pointed to a very faint scar above her light tangle of pubic hair, one that Felix could barely even see even when she pointed it out. “You don’t need a condom, and I reeeeeally need you inside me right now.”

Felix had all he needed, and he lifted his hips upward, rubbing his tip against her soft wet lips, before sliding inside. As every inch went by, Amanda tightened her grip on the clothes that lay underneath her body, her mouth tightened up into a grimace. “Fuck, that feels good,” she whispered. As Felix began to thrust slowly, she put her hand on his chest and stopped him.

“Am I doing something wrong?” he curiously inquired.

“Honey, its been sixteen years since I’ve had a cock inside me. I don’t want you do make love to me. I want you to fuck me.” She moved a hand to his shoulder and pulled him close, briefly kissing him. “Fuck me, Felix.”

Felix obliged, starting off slowly but quickly speeding up, eliciting moans from Amanda’s beautiful pink mouth. He reached down and wrapped both arms around the undersides of her knees, pushing them forwards as he lifted up and began to thrust harshly into her, his balls slapping against her soaked cheeks with a loud smacking sound, barely audible over her increasingly noisy vocalizations.

“Oh, god damn it!” she cried, moving a free hand between her thighs to rub herself. “God damn it, don’t stop! Please, don’t!”

But Felix had to. It was too hot, and too wet inside of her, and the sounds coming from her mouth were too much for him to bear, and he knew that it was time. “I… I’m gonna…”

Amanda wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him to her in a tight embrace as she ground her body against his. She stared into his eyes, whimpering, and as she dug her nails into his back, Felix burst, unloading his seed inside of her with an exasperated groan. He gave a couple more half-strength thrusts, but it was too much for him, and he collapsed, falling to her side in exhausted bliss.

They laid there for what seemed like an hour, panting heavily, struggling to breathe, until finally Amanda got up, grabbing for her clothes.

“Where are you going?” Felix asked.

“I have to get home, my daughter will be there soon to let me in,” she replied, pulling her shirt over her head. Felix could see his cum running down her legs, which were still so shaky she could barely stand. She noticed it too, and reached down to scoop it up with a finger, which she slid into her mouth, smiling as she swallowed.

“Oh,” he responded. “So, then… I mean… I guess I’ll see you when I get back?”

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