A Nip in the Christmas Air Ch. 04

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In that murky glow between sleeping and wakefulness, Brendan Albertson was blissfully enjoying a vividly spectacular, ball-wrenching dream.

In it, his cock was in a warm, wet vacuum tube, being sucked to the base. He couldn’t see the tube, or anything else in the fog of slumber, but he felt it. It was smooth, moist, consistent in its rhythm and feeling so real, so immediate, velvety and hot and milking his trembling shaft.

He heard himself moaning, and felt his hips thrusting into whatever was giving him such exquisite pleasure. Somewhere in that fog, he realized it was a dream and unlike other dreams far less pleasant when he’d will himself to wake up, he wanted this one to go on forever, it was that realistic and heavenly. As he lay still to enjoy the wet sucking feeling, the moist sounds gained volume and registered in his brain.

“Oh…oh…oh…” he heard himself croak, the intensity of his groans increasing until it snapped him sluggishly from sleep.

He blinked. He looked up at the ceiling, then around at the unfamiliar surroundings and knew it wasn’t his room. His blurry eyes focused on a framed mirror with a shelf, on which were photos. One was a little boy sitting on the lap of a smiling middle-aged woman with silky blonde hair. It was him in the photo, he realized, at age 9, and the woman was Katie, his beloved grandmother then age 57.

He looked down and smiled as he watched that woman in the photo, now 10 years older and even more beautiful, suck his dick. Her alluringly wrinkled mouth bulged with his hard, young cock, the tip pressing against her cheek and pushing it out in a clear outline beneath her sweet, puckered skin.

“Merry Christmas, stud,” she growled, popping his wet cock from her mouth and rubbing the slimy tip all over her face, lapping down to mouth his aching, 19-year-old balls. “‘Bout time you woke up to get your gift!”

Brendan smiled, running a hand through his granny’s silky silver hair, gently pulling strands from her beaming face to see it better.

“Oh, right, it’s the holiday,” he said as he watched her freckled bony hand jerk his twitching cock faster and harder. “Merry Christmas to you, too, Grandma…”

She smiled and slithered her naked body up his, her massive, creamy white tits with the biggest, pinkest nipples he’d ever seen coming into view. She pulled herself up to sit next to him as he lay back, her left hand masturbating him, her right hand holding up those succulent, beautifully sagging bags of meaty flesh and squeezing the wrinkled tips into a cone, aiming at his mouth.

“Suck Grandma, Brendan!” she hissed, tilting her head down to watch him do just that, her thick neck folding into an exquisite wattle of lovely wrinkles that drove him nearly as mad as her massive old boobs. “Nurse at Grandma’s boobies!”

“Oh fuck, Grandma, your tits, I LOVE your tits!” he gasped, obeying her horny edict and latching his lips to one hard nip.

“I know, I know,” she cooed. “They’re what got us here in the first place….”

She stroked him, his precum slicking up his dick along with the saliva she’d left there, the sounds of squishing filling the room, punctuated by the sucking sounds of the young man’s eager mouth around his 67-year-old grandmother’s boobs. And they both remembered what had happened the night before.

It was the Christmas Eve party at Katie’s house, a boring assemblage of friends and relatives that Katie made better for her horny grandson by hugging him as he sat in the crowded living room, pulling his face into the exposed cleavage of her rather sexy holiday dress.

He was fixated by her tits, as he had been for some time. But that was from afar. This time it was real and alive, the scent of her big boobs, their warmth and softness, the creased wrinkles of the flesh cascading down from that sexy old neck. After she realized the effect her breasts had him, she brought him to a spare room and used those amazing tits to get him off.

The night continued, grandmother stroking grandson out on her deck while guests milled about inside, Brendan’s doting mother Linnie, checking on them and slipping in her own son’s spent sperm, a comical moment in a rather unique, incestuous night.

The guests left, Brendan opting for a sleepover at his grandmother’s, much to his mother’s approval, thinking nothing out of the ordinary. But the night was far from ordinary, as grandson and grandmother made love, romantic love, exquisite love, and falling fast asleep, then waking now on Christmas morning.

“Mmmm, Brendan, you’re hard as a rock after all our activities on our rather memorable Christmas Eve, wow…” the sexy old lady marveled, stroking him harder, forearm flesh flowing with tendons and sinew, the freckles dancing on her silky skin. “God, what, you came four times last night?”

“Guess so…oh..don’t stop…oh GOD, Grandma, your hand jobs …” he babbled, watching her hand, the veins under the freckled skin throbbing, her meaty upper arm shaking in a jiggly wave as she worked his cock with that canlı bahis magical hand.

“You want to cum, baby? You want to cum for Grandma’s hand…or mouth…or pussy..for Christmas, baby?” she teased, forcing more tit into his madly sucking mouth.

“God, YES!” he groaned in a raspy voice.

“Want some help sucking those big titties?” she said with a wink, laughing at his frantic nodding of approval.

“Oh…oh hell yes!”

She tucked her head down further, her tongue flashing out alongside his and across her pink left nipple. She pulled that fleshy bag up and now attached her puckered mouth to it, sucking, eyes wide and locked on Brendan’s.

“Dammit, Grandma, I LOVE watching you suck your own titty!” he cried out, thrusting up to meet her stroking, insistent hand, leaning to suckle the other one, grandmother and grandson nursing on one fat tit each.

“I know you do, baby,” she groaned, popping her mouth off her own tit to stab her tongue onto the other nipple and into Brendan’s accepting mouth. “And I love sucking my tits with you!”

She continued suckling her own boob next to her grunting grandson, and teased him mercilessly as she did.

“Can you imagine me and you sucking MOM’S big tits together like this, hmmm?” she growled, returning to what she’d told him the night before, confessing to incest with his mother, Linnie, her daughter when Linnie was a teen, along with Cassie, her younger daughter. “And Aunt Cassie? Feasting on all those big…sexy..meaty TITS together, can you???”

“Oh…oh… FUCK!” he screamed, popping his mouth off his granny’s wet titties as she put her stroking into overdrive, the bottom of her hand pounding down into his balls, the pain acute and sexy and pleasurable. “GONNA CUM!!!!”

“Cum on my titties, baby…and think of MOM AND AUNT CASSIE!!” she roared.

He came like he’d never cum before, thick ropes of hot white spunk jetting out of his cock and splashing over both their faces, Katie laughing in loving surprise, Brendan open mouthed in his moaning orgasm, cum streaming inside. The pumping strands continued, striping onto Katie’s heaving tits and neck, Brendan madly sucking both, slurping his cum from her pink nipples and meaty wattle, as his granny continued to stroke him to completion.

She finally slowed her hand and stopped, bringing her cum-coated hand to her mouth, watching wide-eyed as Brendan buried his face into her neck and tits, sucking off his sperm, then lifting his lips to hers to kiss and share the copious load, swapping the steamy wad between them.

“Wow, baby, you came good for a kid who came so much last night!” his granny giggled, pulling his face from hers and gobbling up a strand of sperm bridging between their mouths. “Here, ya missed some!”

She wiped her fingers into his mouth, and then cupped the back of his head and directed his face into her warm tits, where between them lay clumps of Brendan’s cooling cream. He hungrily lapped it up, tongue stroking up her thick neck for more. He ended at her face, kissing her, letting the slimy goo slough into her appreciative mouth.

“Thanks for breakfast in bed, baby,” she cooed, holding his smiling face in her hands to lick up the cummy residue. “Now here’s yours!”

She pushed him flat on his back and fairly leaped onto his face, bouncing hard on it as he laughed at her insistent, playful dominance. She parted her sexy old thighs, Brendan eagerly inhaling the musky, sweaty, cum-scented vapors of his granny’s massive wet bush. He watched the oily lips visible behind the gray fur pop open as her crotch descended on him.

“Like YOUR breakfast in bed, boy?” Katie growled, pulling his face to her thatch and slowly folding her lusty thighs around his ears to hold him into place. “Hope you’re hungry and like what Granny made for you!”

Brendan gazed up lovingly at his grandmother gyrating on his face, hands gripping the headboard of the bed, pumping slowly against his face, watching her giant saggy tits swaying as she did. His tongue burrowed through the matted thatch of her beautiful pussy, lapping up and down the folds of slick flesh, penetrating her amazingly tight hole. He plunged it in and out as she groaned loudly, pressing down harder, her clit grinding his nose. Brendan’s hands cupped around his grandmother’s powerful old thighs, feeling the muscles ripple and tense as she rode his face.

“God, that’s good, sooooo good, Brendan!” she squealed, now tucking her big tits up to her mouth to suck the nipples, driving her grandson wild, his tongue snaking deeper into her gripping snatch. “You eat your granny sooooo good, baby!”

She felt her cum building, her pussy fluid and sliding over his face, snapping her hips up and down, back and forth, pounding into his mouth and nose, soaking him, using him.

“God…damn, Brendan…can you imagine…doing this to your MOM, licking your MOM’s hot pussy…and Aunt Cassie’s!” she screamed in a near howl, squeezing her thighs around her grandson’s face, smothering him in them and her bahis siteleri gushing pussy.

It’s all he could think of in the darkness of his grandmother’s leggy embrace as he swallowed her jetting woman cream, the image of his mother’s and Aunt Cassie’s pussies doing to him what his Grandma was doing now. He was nearly suffocating in her cunt smother, but he felt his renewed cock bobbing hard and wet from his loins, pumping up as she pumped down into his gulping mouth.

She screamed a high-pitched wail as she came, pushing down relentlessly into her grandson’s lapping face. She felt her pussy soak him, thighs quivering as they pressed together over his face to seal his mouth to her sex as she ground out her orgasm. She finally stopped her pumping, panting from the exertion, finally sighing and relaxing. Parting her smother thighs, she saw her fluids bridging in silvery strands between them, looking down as her grandson licked them up eagerly.

“Sorry, Brendan, was that too much for ya?” she laughed, reaching between her thighs to stroke his gasping face, glistening with her creamy gel and scooping some into his mouth to be sucked from a bony finger.

“Never…never…” he panted, catching his breath. “Never…too..much…of you, Grandma…”

They kissed for a long moment more before she climbed off her grandson.

“Why don’t you take a nice hot shower up here in my bathroom, baby,” she said. “Relax, and clean yourself of…me!”

“Sure could use one,” he said, getting up, his boner bouncing off his young thighs. “What are you gonna do?”

“Going downstairs to work out a little, the way I usually do,” she said as he trundled off to the bathroom. “I’ll make us some coffee. You come down and watch…”

He went into the bathroom as Kate slipped into her workout clothes, skimping on her usual attire. She pulled on a tiny white thong that disappeared in her furry pussy and between her resplendent, fleshy ass cheeks, along with a pair of short white socks and sneakers – and nothing else.

She went downstairs, made coffee, and queued up one of her exercise videos, bending, stretching, flexing, working herself up to a sweat in the warmth of her living room. A half hour into it, Brendan came out of the bathroom, dressing in some big sweatpants of his granny’s and an old t-shirt, walking out to the loft area overlooking the huge living space below – and stopped in his tracks.

She was bent over at the waist, amazingly nimble for a woman her age, hugging her shins with her arms, that incredible ass pulled taut as she did, along with the thick spread of her hamstrings, furrowed with creases of muscles and sinew, and below, her freckled calves tight and rising out of her little socks.

“Oh…my…God…” he groaned.

“Hey, honey, come down and get some coffee!” she called out, standing to run in place and turn to him, those giant milky white globes bouncing on her chest, nipples thick and pink.

“It’s not coffee I need, Grandma,” he groaned, cock fully erect in his sweats as he raced downstairs to grab a quick cup. “Damn, I wish those things gave milk, love some in my coffee!”

“Mmm, me too, love to breast feed you, sunshine, can you imagine nursing at your old granny’s tits!” she laughed. “But gotta get my workout in to keep this old body in shape! You just watch for now….”

She continued her routine, bending side to side, hands above her head, Brendan sitting in a chair behind her and watching her tits sway into view on one side, then the other. He palmed his cock, relishing the soreness of it from their own workout this morning.

She picked up some light hand-held weights, curling them rapidly, Brendan’s eyes fixed on her thick biceps. Covered in saggy, crepe-like skin, the muscles beneath them were rock hard, pressing against the flesh as she worked the weights. She turned to face him and smile, curling her hands up and pushing her massive boobs up as she did, her grandson’s eyes glued to them.

“Leave that alone!” she scolded, nodding at his hand playing at his crotch, which he dutifully moved away. “That’s mine…well, mine, Mom’s and Aunt Cassie’s, if the day works out!”

“Shit,” he moaned, gulping, watching her turn and continue her workout, adding hopefully. “Do ya think?”

“Ya never know, kid,” she sighed. “Ya just never know.”

She finished up doing toe raises, Brendan gasping as he watched those creamy, freckle-covered calve ripple and roll under the soft skin, fisting into shapely columns of muscle.

“Great gams for an old woman, huh?” she teased over her shoulder.

“For a woman ANY age, Grandma,” he said in a whisper.

She grabbed a towel and wiped her face, backing up to where her grandson sat, that glorious old ass, dimpled and sweaty and jiggling, tormenting him with it. She backed up more, the flesh inches from his face. Brendan licked his lips.

“Oh, I’m sorry, is my old ass smelly, honey?” she said with mock concern, shifting purposely from one foot to the other, the boy gasping as each cheek bahis şirketleri flexed and shook as she did.

“No…not…not at all….” he croaked, watching the dimpled meat bounce before him.

“Does it smell?” she asked, looking over her shoulder as he sat staring at his grandmother’s fleshy rump. “Wanna SMELL it, baby?”

“More than ANYTHING!” he cried out, putting his coffee down and hitting his knees.

She roared with laughter as Brendan quickly buried his adoring face in the twitching, sweaty hams of her tremendous ass, twisting his head to get in as deeply as possible. He pulled on her hips as he pushed forward, her slick mounds slipping over his face and holding him deep inside. His nose was at her pucker and he inhaled giant lungs full of air through it, devouring her funky, raw and ripe aroma.

She dropped the towel backwards, cupping it around the back of his head and pulling him in to completely engulf the boy’s moaning face into her butt. He couldn’t breathe, or see as his entire face was lost in her quivering rump. She laughed and twisted her hips, gyrating them, making her giant, white ass quake and shake and thunder around his face. He screamed in pleasure as he worked his tongue into her crack and madly lapped at the furry strands of asshole hair sticking out from the sides of her thong.

“Guess it can’t smell THAT bad!” she laughed, continuing to twerk her gyrating granny butt until every inch of flesh quaked around his face, the meat of it clapping loudly. “Like Grandma’s booty dance, baby?”

He eagerly ate her deliciously pungent asshole, tonguing the thong out of the way and snuggling up to her legs as close as he could. She felt his hard cock through his sweat pants as he desperately tried to push it between her lush, muscled calves. She opened them just enough to let him stick the tip in and then closed the chiseled flesh around it, squeezing until he yelped in pain up her wet ass.

“Now, now, now,” she growled, dropping the towel and jiggling his face out of her quivery butt. “Save some of that for later…and the rest of the family!”

She looked back and giggled as he leaned against the chair, panting for air, smiling. He licked his lips as she bent to kiss him, sucking his ass-flavored tongue into her mouth.

“Wow, my butt tastes pretty ripe!” she said, smacking her lips to enjoy her flavor. “Guess I need a shower, too!”

“Wanna save water and shower together?” he asked with a wide grin.

“Just relax, baby,” she laughed, watching him watch her walk away. “Gotta get dressed for family dinner!”

Brendan grabbed some clothes in the spare bedroom that he’d left in previous visits and waited for his grandmother to finish dressing. He sat in the living room watching TV, and turning to the stairs when he heard clacking sounds on the steps.

“Oh..my…GOD, Grandma!” he gushed. “You look great!”

Katie’s red high heels sounded on the floor as she walked down, smiling, looking stunning in a very snug red party dress, cut high on each side to reveal her long, strong legs encased in matching red nylons. The front was plunging, her huge boobs pushing up and out, a thick dark vee of succulently wrinkled cleavage driving him nuts.

“Wow,” he moaned as she walked toward him.

“Whaddya think of this touch?” she asked, pulling aside the slits in her dress.

“Holy SHIT!” he gasped.

She wore a matching garter belt that held up her sexy, sheer red nylons, the tops of her powerful thighs exposed and in between, the tiniest red thong he’d ever seen. He lunged for her but she slapped his hands away, laughing.

“Time to go, lad, time to go,” she sighed.

Her cell rang. She looked at it and frowned.

“Mom,” she sighed. “Impatient as always.”

She answered the call.

“Hey, Linnie, we’re on our way, relax,” she said. “How’d the night go? Went great, really great, you know Brendan and I get along so well, we had a wonderful time.”

She turned to him as he sat in his chair, slowly pulling up her dress with one hand and pointing to her pussy, a tremendous curl of pubes sticking out of each side of her dampening thong. He knelt, burying his face in his grandmother’s sweet smelling pussy and licked the tiny thong, making her shudder.

“Yes, we had breakfast….the dear boy was kind enough to give me mine in bed! Yes, that was sweet, wasn’t it? What did he make? Oh, some deliciously creamy thing, we actually shared it….but you know his appetite, he’s still hungry and is enjoying a little snack right now!”

She looked down at her madly licking grandson’s face buried between the thighs he was massaging as he lapped and winked at him, giving him a thumbs up, making him laugh in her moist crotch.

“No, don’t worry, he’ll be plenty hungry for what you’re gonna feed him,” Katie continued. “Isn’t that right, Brendan? You gonna eat everything your Mommy has for you today?”

She winked down at him again but his face was totally lost in her crotch, his hands mauling her thick ass and massaging the tremendous cheeks, head twisting to get into his granny’s pussy as deeply as he could. Playfully, she turned around, wiggling it in his face. He groaned and dove in, madly lapping at his grandmother’s ass crack.

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