A Night of Passion

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Sammy sat in her bedroom on night. The rain came down and pattered on the window pane. Sadly Sammy wanted nothing more than to be back in the arms of her lover Jill. They had recently parted ways after a long fight over Sammy’s desires.

She went down to the living room where she picked up the phone. A few rings later and she was talking to Kim. Kim was her best friend and from time to time wanted nothing more than to show Sammy how good of a friend she was. Sammy talked to Kim and convinced Kim to come over to help ease the pain of her breakup with her lover Jill.

Kim showed up in a little black dress that accented her little figure and ample breasts. Her blonde hair was hanging loosely on her shoulders, soft and shiny in the soft light of the room. She carried a large bag with her. Smiling Kim looked at Sammy and said, “I’m here to make you feel better” Sammy smiled and was glad to see her.

Followed by Kim there was a knock on the door. It was Lyndsay knocking. Sammy’s friend from work. “I hope you don’t mind me coming over too” Lyndsay said. “Kim told me you were all down in the dumps”. Sammy smiled and replied ” No it’s nice to have friends like you two.” Lyndsay was a blonde as well with soft long bahis firmaları hair pulled back from her face loosely in a barrette. Sammy noticed she had on a pretty sundress that shown her body so nicely.

Sammy invited the girls in and went to get glasses for the champagne Kim brought over. From the kitchen she could hear the girls giggling and settling in for the visit. Lyndsay popped the champagne open and poured each of them a glass.

After a while, and a few drinks later Kim suggested they watch a video to lighten the mood. She popped in a Lesbian video. The three girls watched and became very aroused by the screen. Sammy sat with her panties beginning to become soaked with her hot juices.

Feeling kind of lonely Sammy sighed wishing that Jill were there. Kim noticed Sammy getting depressed and walked over to her. She sat down and said “Sammy hunny I’m going to make you forget about Jill tonight, now, and forever.”

Kim sensing Sammy’s needs leaned in to kiss her on the lips. Sammy’s lips parted and tasted the blonde’s sweet tongue on hers. The taste of sweet champagne lingered on her lips even after the kiss. Sammy was in awe and leaned in for more. Lyndsay sat down next to Sammy and joined in kaçak iddaa on the kiss. The three women kissed passionately and lustfully. It made each of them want more than they knew.

Kim leaned out of the kiss to reach for the champagne bottle. She then lead the two girls to Sammy’s room where the fun began. Kim poured two glasses of champagne out and set them down. Lyndsay took Sammy to the bed and sat her down. Kim grabbed one of the glasses and handed it to Lyndsay. She took a sip and kissed Sammy. Sammy shuttered with passion and desires making her even hotter and wanting even more.

Kim took off her clothes and Sammy’s as well. Lyndsay was lying next to Sammy naked with her blonde hair flowing to her breasts. Sammy’s ample breasts longed for touch as well as her pussy. She ached and whined for pleasure. Kim poured champagne on Sammy’s naked body and began to make Lyndsay lick her breasts and kiss her.

Kim leaned in to pour some more on her pussy. The cool drink made Sammy’s pussy scream with desire. Kim licked her way down to her pussy. She teased her clit with a finger and spread her legs gently. Kim leaned down and poured champagne onto Sammy’s hot pussy already mixing with her juices she ran her kaçak bahis tongue on her clit and began to finger Sammy.

Sammy moaned out with great pleasure and Kim continued to lick her pussy frantically. As she did Lyndsay brought out a Dildo from Kim’s bag. She went around Kim and inserted a finger in her hot cunt and licked it a little. She then took the Dildo and began to insert it into Kim’s hot cunt.

Kim began to lick faster and frantically move her fingers on Sammy’s Clit as Lyndsay fucked her with the Dildo. Sammy began to moan and cry out she was coming. As Kim road the dildo they came together in a hot passionate kiss. Sammy then leaned over and looked into the bag to find a strap on and asked Lyndsay if she has ever been fucked by a man?

She leaned over like a dog crying “No but I want to be.” Sammy strapped on the dick and Kim lubed it up. Kim played with Lyndsay’s cunt to get her ready. moaning in pleasure Sammy entered Lyndsay and began to fuck her wildly and hard. Ramming the Huge cock into Lyndsay she screamed with pleasure and bucked wildly.

Kim got under Lyndsay demanding she lick her cunt while she was fucked like a dog. Lyndsay leaned in eating every inch of Kim’s hot blonde pussy. She licked as Kim in turn reached for the other dildo and began to fuck Sammy with it. All three girls moaned and cried frantically cumming over and over until they could take no more. Tired they all fell asleep on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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