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The room had a light smell of French vanilla that lingered from the candle on the bedside table. There was soft music playing in the background, while I lay in your arms, just cuddling with you. It was nice to lay there with you and just chat about whatever came to mind. Though it was hard to concentrate on the conversation because my mind kept returning to the plans that I had in store for us tonight.

Leaning up and gently sucking on your ear I whispered, “I have an exciting night planned for us, I thought we might try something a little different, especially since we don’t have to rush.” Grinning down at me you replied with one of your smart remarks. “Oh really, and does this night involve whips and chains?” Laughing, I got out of the bed to go and get my surprise for you. “You only have one more chance to guess what it may be and if you do not get it right I will have to think of a fitting punishment for you,” I said. Standing against the doorframe to the bedroom I watch as you try to contemplate what it is I am up to. Looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes of yours, you replied, “That’s a hard decision to make. Either way I get something good out of this.”

Sighing, I walk over to the bed so that I am standing in front of you. I take your face in my hands and I lean down and lightly trace your upper lip with my tongue. Feeling the excitement rise in you I run my tongue along your upper lip again. Groaning you pull me in closer to deepen the kiss, but I pull away and tell you that you’ll have to wait until later. I wanted to show you my surprise. I slipped away and headed for the bathroom and than towards the refrigerator. When I came back into the room I told you to pick a hand and that which ever hand you choose will be what we will try first. You chose the right hand and pulled me closer, so that you could see what I had. I was excited because that was the hand that had the scarf in it. Tonight I wanted a chance to experiencing one of my fantasies.

“Wow, honey are you sure this is what you want to try? I mean don’t get me wrong I am in heaven right now. Just the thought of having illegal bahis complete and total control over you makes me grow with desire.” Hearing you say this I realized that you had the wrong idea. You thought I was the one who was going to be tied up, but that will not be the case. At least not right now. In a low seductive voice I explain to you what is going to take place. “Seth, I just want you to know that I will be taking complete and total control. I will be tying your hands up and doing to your body whatever I may feel like doing and you will not be able to touch me in return. The only thing you are aloud to do is lay back and enjoy.” You hold your hands out in front of me to show that you are more than willing to comply. Positioning you in the middle of the bed I tie your hands above your head, leaving enough of the scarf to hang down, so that if you try to move your hands I will be able to tighten my hold on it. With you lying on the bed gazing up at me I begin to remove my cloths.

I slip my fingers under the hem of my shirt and slowly pull it over my head. You smiled when you noticed that I had on your favorite bra. “Do you have the panties on to?” you ask. “I am not telling you will just have to lie there and behave. If you can behave yourself I will show you soon enough, now hush up and enjoy the show.” I grabbed a hold of the canopy pole that is right next to your head and begin to dance for you. Running my hands over my breast I release the clasp and let my breast fall free right in front of your mouth. I can feel the warmth of your breath against my nipple as you try to take me into your mouth. “No, No, didn’t I tell you that you were not aloud to touch until I gave you permission? Just for that you will have to wait a little longer to find out what it is that I have on under my shorts.” I than leaned over and started to suck gently on your ear, whispering all the things that I plan to do to you while you are under my captive. Liking this game that I have begun, I slid my tongue down your neck and begin to give you butterfly kisses. At the sound of your groan I place my hands on your chest, running illegal bahis siteleri my fingers through your hair. Loving how my very touch leaves goose bumps all over you.

I scoot away from you, so that I am lying on the bed with my butt facing you. I want to make sure you can see everything I am doing, since you don’t have the capacity to touch me. Looking you straight in the eye I bring my hand to my mouth and begin to suck on my finger, using the same pace and rhythm that I use on you. From where I was laying I could see the excitement growing in your pants. Taking my wet fingers I begin to pinch and rub my nipples until it is very hard. Enjoying the sensations running through me, I caress the rest of my body until I get to the section on my stomach right where my shorts begin.

“Do you think that you have been good enough to see what I have on under here? I want you too guess what I am wearing. If you get it right I will make sure the reward is worth your wild.” You concentrated for a moment before you answered me. “I don’t think you are wearing anything underneath those shorts. I only say this because I know how much it excites you to go without panties.” I give a little pout because you know me so well and I start to slide my shorts down. I slid them down enough so that I have full access to touching myself. As I caress myself, I see you lean forward in order to get a better view. Not wanting you to miss out I take my shorts completely off. I move towards you, so that our legs are touching and I am fully open for your vision. By now I am completely excited from the torment that I am causing you, I can feel my clit throb. Needing to ease the pain I set a pace that excites me even more.

The feeling of having your eyes on me while I rub myself is overwhelming. I insert a finger inside my self to fill the void of needing you. I can hear the pace of your breath quickening as I slid my finger in and out of me, moving between fast and slow thrust. For me this was just not enough…I need something more, so I inserted two fingers. I criss-crossed my fingers and began a circular motion. The feeling canlı bahis siteleri of needing release began to building up inside of me and I bite down on my bottom lip. With one hand frantically rubbing my clit, and the other thrusting in and out of my special place, I build quickly to my orgasm.

The look on your face was incredible. You looked like you were in heaven. I knew that I needed to share this moment with you. I crawled over to your lap and unzipped your pants with my teeth. I was surprised to see that you too had nothing on underneath. Loosening your pants just enough, so that I could straddle you I ask, “Do you want this as much as I do?” You shook your head yes, and I moved above you. Taking you in my hand, I rubbed you back and forth against my wetness before taking you inside of me. My juices are running over your excitement as I start to take a little of bit of you inside of me at a time.

Not wanting the moment to end I pull you back out and take just a little bit more of you the next time. There was a look of pure pleasure on your face when you asked me to insert all of you. Lifting my butt up, you slide all the way out of me. I positioned you right underneath me and sank down on you until I could go no further. You were buried inside of me to the hilt. I have never felt so full and satisfied in my life. We began to move in a rhythm that was perfect for both of us. I could feel the tension begin to grow within me as you thrust in and out of me. Leaning your head towards me you take my nipple in your nice warm mouth and began to suck. I was going crazy from the rhythm of your hips and mouth. The sensation of you moving in and out proved to be unbearable for the both of us. As we neared our orgasms the rhythm picked up and your thrusts became faster and harder. “Baby, please don’t stop I am right there.” I begged.

“Trust me I won’t, I am at the same place you are.” At that moment both of our bodies tightened up and began to shake from our orgasm. We sat there for a while with you still inside of me. “Sweetie, you need to untie me, so that I can go clean up.” I moved off of you, and lowered myself down on the bed. “There’s no need. I would be more than happy to help you out of your current situation.” Using my tongue, I licked you clean of both of our juices. “This isn’t over yet missy, I still get my turn.”

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