A Nice Pair Vol. 02

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1) Becky – September 11th 2001

It had been my 25th birthday at the weekend, and after a heavy weekend of partying I was really looking forward to going to Rome with Becky for a five day break. We flew out on Monday 10th September, around lunchtime, and got to the apartment we’d rented in late afternoon. The apartment was pretty dingy, in the middle of a block, it had dirty windows and very little in the way of natural light. But it was very centrally placed, and having braved the buses and traffic we were quite grateful that you couldn’t hear much external noise. We went out for a drink and some food, deciding that the next day would be the time to start sightseeing.

Rome was sparkling on that Tuesday morning, bright sunlight, clear blue skies, pleasantly warm. We were thrilled by the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Parthenon, and although it was really busy, that only added to the atmosphere. It was a great city to wander around in. We had a long lunch and were strolling back towards the apartment for a siesta when I saw a crowd gathered outside what looked like a music and hi-fi store. Thinking that there might be gig tickets on sale, or a public appearance by some famous Italian pop star, I wandered over, leaving Becky to look in another shoe shop.

The shop window was filled with televisions, all showing that shocking image of the plane crashing into the World Trade Centre. There were, I guess, about twenty people there, watching, mesmerised by the scene unfolding before them. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screens, even when they cut to a TV studio and I couldn’t understand the discussion. Becky came to join me, and I whispered to her, explaining what little I knew – at that stage it could have been an accident as far as I was aware, although that instinctively seemed unlikely. We decided to continue back to our apartment, and see if we could find an English language programme on the television.

We managed to find CNN, on a very fuzzy signal, and with Italian commentary over it, although it wasn’t difficult to understand what had happened by now. We sat, almost in silence, in our dark, quiet room for maybe an hour, before Becky said she wanted to go and lie down. I left her to it, and kept watching. It was perhaps another half an hour before I walked quietly into the bedroom, slipped my jeans off and slid into bed next to her. She was drowsy, but wriggled her body against mine as I made myself comfortable. The terrible events of the day were playing over in my head as I reached round to cuddle her, wanting to feel the warmth of her body. Becky moaned gently as my hand slid under her t-shirt and ran over her stomach, and I was suddenly aware of my erection, which was pushing into her arse through my boxer shorts. I pulled her closer.

Becky turned to me, and our lips met. A kiss, soft at first, then our lips parting, tongues touching. My hand slid up her side and covered her breast, the nipple hard to touch. Her hand slid canlı bahis down, brushing across my cock. I pushed her t-shirt up as she struggled to push my boxers down, and as I bent to devour her nipple with my mouth I helped her by easing them over my stiff cock, and pushing them down and off. As her hand grasped around my thick rod, I pushed mine into her knickers, palm over her pubic hair, finger on her clitoris, feeling her desire, hearing her growl with pleasure. I pushed her knickers down, and she lifted her hip so that I could pull them off.

Quickly now, I rolled away so that she could roll onto her back. She opened her legs, and I moved between them, kissing her hard on the lips again. I reached down and grasped my cock, rubbing the tip against her wet pussy lips, and pushed the tip into her cunt. She reached around, pulling me into her. We fucked, hard, fast, gloriously. It can only have been seconds before we were both coming at once, gasping for breath, my cock twitching and filling her as her cunt muscles contracted around it, our movements slowly decreasing until we were still.

Lying there like that, a little sweaty, my cock shrinking but still inside her, seeing her eyes shining in the gloomy light, was a feeling I’d never felt before. The room was silent and dark. The days shocking events were in the forefront of my mind – how, why, who? – and for all I knew the world could have ended outside. I guess it was because we were in a strange city, when really all you want when stuff like this is happening is to be at home with the people you love, that the intensity of our lovemaking was that much higher than normal. It could have been the last time. At least that’s what it felt like then.


2) Becky – Glastonbury 1999

Becky and I hadn’t known each other long before Glastonbury, but I invited her to come along with me and my friends Andy and Lisa anyway. She loved her music almost as much as I did, and I was confident she’d cope even if it was as muddy as it had been the previous two years. As it turned out, the weather was as good as we could have hoped for, and the four of us sat around our tent on the Thursday night well pleased that we’d finally arrived, and looking forward to the start of the festival proper the next day.

Now I have to be honest, I don’t remember much about the Friday. As I recall, Andy and I spent most of the day listening to indie rock bands in the New Bands tent, being occasionally joined by the girls, who were more into their dance music and wandering the markets. We drunk far too much cider for our own good, but I’m sure we enjoyed it. For Becky, certainly, Saturday was the big day – she’d got hold of some e’s and was intending to dance her head off to Underworld and Orbital. Having seen Underworld the year before, and Orbital being the band who’d turned me on to dance music way back in about 1995, I was more than happy to accompany her! We sat down outside our tent at about six to plan bahis siteleri the evening.

The first part of the plan involved cider and whizz. At the time these were my two favourite drugs, and a visit to the cider bus was a regular part of my Glastonbury itinery. We ambled down to join the throng, and washed down the wraps with a couple of pints. We had a bite to eat before the amphetamines took hold, and before we knew it, it was time to head to the main stage. Underworld were just stunning. The album was good, but live they were fantastic. We made it quite close to the front, the atmosphere was electric, the whizz was kicking in, the girl dancing next to me looked great – I wondered if it could get any better than this. It was about to.

We extracted ourselves from the crush, avoiding the Manic Street Preachers fans on their way to see the headliners, and headed towards the second stage for Orbital’s set, stopping to wash down an e with another pint of cider. I was really looking forward to these – one of my favourite live acts, and a Glastonbury essential. I wasn’t disappointed either – I’m sure the ecstasy had something to do with the hairs sticking up on the back of my neck, but I’m sure the band had something to do with it as well. Halfway through the set, Becky led me by the hand to where the crowd was slightly thinner, and we kissed, deeply, passionately, wonderfully.

Her eyes were shining brightly, her long blonde hair felt electric as I held her head to mine, and I remember feeling slightly giddy as we kissed, swaying slightly with the effects of the cider and the music. Our lips parted, and we broke, smiling, panting slightly. “Wanna come back to mine?” she grinned wickedly, beckoning me further out of the crowd. I followed, ecstasy lust overcoming my desire to see the end of Orbital’s set. Hell, we could hear them from our tent anyway!

Becky slalomed her way through the crowd with me close behind, as always admiring her rear, clad in a short denim skirt and black tights to ward off the chill of the evening. Heavy walking boots, a red t-shirt and black fleece completed her outfit – not your conventional evening wear for a good looking woman, but appropriate for where we were, and still, to me, extraordinarily sexy. It wasn’t too far to the tent, but I guess it would have taken at least twenty minutes because of the crowd. Becky bent to undo the tent zip, and we both pretty much fell inside onto a pile of sleeping bags. “Right, a beer, I think!” she ordered, undoing her boot laces and kicking them off. I found our stack of cans of lager, cracked one open and handed it to her as I took off my own boots. “Dance music in a field!” Becky shook her head in wonder. “Takes me back to 1990 again!”

She handed me the can, and lay down on her back. Pulling her skirt up, she wriggled her tights down and pulled them off before sitting up again and taking the drink off me. “Enjoy the view?” she asked, smiling. To answer, I leant over bahis şirketleri and kissed her, my hand tracing up her calf and along her inner thigh. She threw her head back, and groaned lightly. “God, I always get so hot on e!”

She wasn’t the only one. I took the can out of her hand and put it outside the tent, and leant in for another kiss. This time she fell back with me so that we were both lying down, her on her back and me on my side. Her legs felt smooth and soft to my touch, her lips melting into mine. My hand travelled upwards, her legs parting to allow it to rest on her knickers, feeling her warmth. I could feel my hard cock straining to be let loose from my jeans, and eased my leg over hers so she could feel it on her thigh too. “Come on,” she said. “Quick, before the others get back.”

I knelt up between her legs, and undid my jeans. In the meantime, she was reaching up to pull her knickers down, and off. I slid my jeans and boxer shorts off too, and pulled my t-shirt over my head. Becky was only seconds behind me in getting completely naked. We resumed our positions, and I slid my hand over her mound of soft pubic hair, quickly locating her clitoris and giving it a gentle rub. She was wet, really wet. I wasted no time in rolling between her legs and easing my cock up to the entrance of her pussy, and then gently slid inside her.

Whether it was the buzz from the e’s, or whether it was the surreal sounds from outside the tent (a combination of fireworks, various sound systems, a constant tramping of feet as people walked past, the crackle of bonfires, laughter and voices) or whether it was because subconsciously we realised that the tent flaps were wide open, but once I’d slid into her, we just stayed still, almost totally still. We kissed, gently, and I stroked her hair. She ran her fingertips down my back. I squeezed my buttock muscles, causing my cock to twitch inside her, and felt her pussy contract around me in return. But basically, we stayed still, just enjoying the feeling of closeness, togetherness, in amongst this huge crowd. I don’t know how long we stayed like that – it could have been ten minutes, it could have been half an hour, but it was a truly beautiful time, and I was hardly aware of it passing.

Becky broke the silence. “I’m so close to cumming, so close.” I was almost unaware that I was too, and her voice brought me back into focus. “Yeah,” I answered, and seemingly instantly my cock was erupting, twitching, my spunk bursting out and filling her warm pussy. She was biting her lip, concentrating on her own orgasm, and I felt her shaking underneath me as it finally hit her. The look in her eyes was something I don’t think I could ever forget, a mixture of love, lust, excitement and tiredness caught up in the dim light. I could feel my cock shrinking in her, the moment had passed, and I realised that we needed to sort the tent out – Andy and Lisa could be back at any minute. I slipped out from between her legs, kissed her lips gently once more, and we reclaimed our clothes. It was one of the slowest, quietest fucks I’ve ever had, and it happened in the middle of one of the maddest, noisiest environments. That’s Glastonbury for you….

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