A New Years Indecent Proposition

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It was a new pair of shoes that got me into all this, well not just any pair of shoes; but a stunning black pair of Italian high heels which cost three times as much as any shoes I’d previously purchased. Oh how I tried to resist, how over two weeks I tried to avoid that shop, but it drew me back like a magnet. I even tried them on convincing myself that they wouldn’t fit and that I was wasting my time. But they fitted like old gloves and made my slim ankles and calves look like a movie star’s. After retrieving my now heavily burdened credit card from the shop assistant, I headed across the road for an ice cream to camouflage my guilt. After all, it was nearly Christmas and every girl deserves a treat, or two. While walking back towards my office with my shoe bag in one hand and a half eaten ice cream in the other, I heard my name called from a small café.

It had been a while since I’d caught up Christina, and I was pleased to see her smiling face beckoning me from a small sidewalk table. We used to work and socialise together a few years back but had drifted apart when she found a new job in finance and then a man who was most pleasing between the sheets. Christina was sitting with a woman whom I didn’t know, but I was invited to join them. I was introduced to Annie who politely listened as Christina and I caught up with all the gossip. We eventually settled down and encouraged Annie into our conversation.

My first impressions of Annie were, older but very attractive, beautifully attired in a grey business suit, and both confident and sophisticated. She was tall and lean with fair hair cut stylishly in a bob. During the conversation I learnt that she managed investments for a major bank. Bitch, brains and good looks I thought to myself, but she kind of grew on me when she admired my new shoes which I just had to show off. After ten minutes, I left then to return to work, but only after arranging to meet Christina for a drink later in the week.

I met Christina at one of our old watering holes as arranged and after a few drinks left to find something to eat. We had lots of laughs and eventually Annie came up in conversation.

“Wanna watch out for her.” Christina muttered between mouthfuls of a delicious prawn fried rice.

“Why’s that?” I offered between mouthfuls of my own.

“Cause she’s a carpet muncher, and I reckon she had the hots for you the other day. Kept on asking about you.”

“What are you talking about, what the fucks a carpet muncher?”

“Jesus, are you thick or something?” she replied with great sarcasm. “She bats for the other side, a dyke, a bloody lesbian for Christ’s sake.”

“Oh really?” I replied casually while trying to hide my surprise. “I didn’t know you moved in those circles.”

“I don’t, but I have to work with her. Anyway, I reckon she fancies you, give her half a chance and she’ll have her tongue in your knickers before you can blink.”

I nearly choked, “Don’t be so disgusting while I’m eating. You want me to be sick?”

Christina grinned mischievously over the table at me, “Told her you swing both ways.”

“Bitch.” I replied. “Suppose she’s already had her tongue in your knickers. Always reckoned you were a little strange that way.”

She looked around the busy restaurant to see who might be within earshot of our conversation “Nope, me I’m an all cock girl, love licking and sucking them.” she commented trying to shock me. “Aint nothing better than a pussy full of warm cum at the end of it. Did I tell you that my man wants to fuck me in the butt. Might let him too.”

I cringed, “I’m not surprised he wants to stick it up there, your pussy must be slack as an old potato bag by now with all the cocks you’ve had up there. Be a change for him to have something nice and tight to screw. ” I replied trying to match her sarcasm. “Even your mouth would be too big with all the exercise it gets.”

Christina giggled as she threatened me with her fork, “You just wait, I’ll get you for that.”

The rest of the evening carried on in the same vein, lots of laughs mingled with more than a few too many drinks. It was a great night, but oh how I suffered the next day. I received a text from Christina a few days later suggesting intimating that she’d told Annie that I quite fancied her. I didn’t give her the satisfaction by replying.

So, the question is whether I was completely repulsed by the thought of being with another woman. Outwardly, I would take the line that I would be. But I should share a little situation with you that I got into a few years back when in my early twenties. I ended up in bed with a couple of friends Simon and Jackie when on a ski trip, the weather turned bad on the mountain and we were stranded with limited overnight accommodation. It just seemed natural that I would bunk in with the two of them who at the time were in a steady relationship. At first it was quite embarrassing when they started to get amorous between the sheets, but a little too much alcohol lowered all of our inhibitions. Soon the sheets were thrown back and for the first time in my life I watched two people make love. It was an amazing experience and canlı bahis I unashamedly fingered my sopping pussy as I watched them make passionate love. It was a pleasant surprise when Jackie offered Simon’s services. It was something I’ll never forget when Jackie guided her man’s rigid cock between my widespread thighs and into my waiting pussy. And through our love making I was vaguely aware of Jackie’s hands and lips moving over my body. Later I watched in fascination as Simon rode Jackie to his orgasm as I held her hand and caressed both their bodies with my free hand.

Looking back, I think there was a little interest and temptation on both Jackie’s and my part to explore each other’s bodies. In some ways, I was a little disappointed that it didn’t happen, and another opportunity had never presented itself. Sometimes I fantasised about it, but then felt a little guilty about it. So, was I completely repulsed about Annie being a carpet munching lesbian? Not really, but I wasn’t going initiate anything. Anyway, I had a boyfriend, although not a very good one. What I didn’t count on amongst all this was Annie’s predatory instincts.

I was quite pleased to receive Christina’s invitation to an impromptu New Years Eve party as I was at loose end. I should explain that my present boyfriend is one of those hunter gatherer men who think that women should be at their beckon call. Well, not this woman. He’s kind of good looking with a nice body and not bad between the sheets, but the novelty was wearing a bit thin. I wasn’t exactly disappointed when he decided to spend Christmas with his family who lived out of town. From my point of view, it was a good a time as any for us to part company, although he didn’t know it.

I dressed well for Christina’s party, my attire designed around my new shoes. A tight low cut top above a way too short mini skirt displayed my ample cleavage and shapely legs. I confess I was open to getting laid if there was a spare man at the party, but little did I know what was waiting for me.

I arrived at Christina’s place stylishly late and armed with a few gin and tonics which was my favourite tipple. The place was packed with people and the party in full swing, the music was good and loud. The only people missing were noise control, and they would no doubt arrive eventually. There were a few familiar faces and I was soon at home socialising and dancing. So packed was the lounge that no one was dancing with anyone in particular, it was just a mass of swaying bodies. Eventually, the heat drove me outside to the balcony where I could sip my chilled gin and tonic in safety.

“Nice shoes.” purred a voice behind me.

I turned and found Annie walking up the stairs from the lawn towards me. I almost didn’t recognise her, gone was the business suit to be replaced with a black top and tight blue jeans showing off her lean physique. My heart gave a little lurch at her appearance, for I knew full well what her intentions might be. “So, no boyfriend tonight?” she inquired.

No doubt my good friend Christina had filled her in on my social life and probably my sex life too.

I grinned, “Nope, he decided that family was more important than little old me. If he wants to play that game, I’ll just play the single I’m available girl. “

Annie chuckled, “Dressed like that, you should have no trouble getting laid. Hope you got a bag full of condoms for all the frisky guys in there.”

“Yep, plenty.” I lied. “You want some just in case you get lucky?”

Annie grinned mischievously, “Don’t need them for the games I play, but you know that already.”

I could play this game I thought to myself.

“Really? I asked innocently. “What games are those?”

She leaned close enough for me to smell her lovely perfume, “The lots of orgasm games, you know, where you cum over and over again. When you have the best sex you’ve ever had.”

“Mmmm, I’ve had a few guys like that.” I lied again.

Annie grinned and leaned closer so her face was just inches from mine, her big eyes holding mine, “But have you ever been loved by another woman.”

“No.” I whispered as my confident facade began to wane.

“Well, I’m intending to take you home tonight and show you a few things.” she whispered. “But only if you want to. You just have a quiet think about it and we’ll have a little chat later.”

With that telling comment, Annie cruised back into the throng of the party leaving me to contemplate her indecent proposal. For the next couple of hours until midnight and the beginning of a new year, I danced and danced, but moderated my alcohol intake. I caught sight of Annie a few times who seemed to completely ignore me which was a little off putting as her proposition to take me home was never too far from my mind. I confess to feeling a more than a little horny, especially when a cute looking guy slipped his hand up my skirt and caressed my buttocks while we were dancing. I was tempted to let him go further but it was Annie who was really holding my interest. It was just after two in the morning and the crowd was beginning to thin when Annie approached me.

“My taxi is outside, bahis siteleri I’ll wait for you.” she purred. “We can celebrate the new year in a way you’ve never done before.”

And there it was, and I had to make a quick decision. I knew perfectly well what was going to happen to me if I got into that taxi. Was I interested in Annie? Sort of, but it was more the girl on girl thing that was exciting me. I thought back to the time with Jackie and her smoothness of her body, did I need to explore that hidden part of me that wanted to experience what it would be like with another woman. And something told me that Annie would be very good at what she does. I took a deep breath as I looked for my handbag and snuck hopefully unnoticed from the party. A minute later I was sitting in the back of the taxi laughing nervously with Annie to fool the driver that we were just two normal heterosexual girls on our way home after a good night out.

Annie’s top floor apartment was amazing with stunning views over the city still celebrating the New Year. Annie pulled the curtains, put on a CD and dimmed the lights a little before extracting a bottle of wine and two glasses from the kitchen. I settled onto a comfortable couch as she poured me one and handed it to me. Pouring one for herself, she sat down opposite me and took a sip of her wine.

She smiled as my shaking hand gave away my nervousness, “Relax, you aren’t going to be doing anything you don’t want to. I’m a very good lover and you’re not the first girl I’ve shown how nice another woman can be. Men make love with their dicks, women make love with their minds, it’s different but better.”

“Have you always been that way inclined, or have you had men too.”

Annie smiled, “Good question. I’ve fucked a few men, I was married once a long time ago. Actually, it was my husband who introduced me being with another woman. He thought a threesome with another girl would be exciting, it was too but more for me than him. So, what about you, have you ever been in bed with another girl?”

I recounted my time with Simon and Jackie and Annie just listened intently without interruption.

“Mmmm, missed a golden opportunity there.” she commented when I finished. “The boyfriend might have been excited at first, but if you and the other girl really began getting it on together, he might’ve had second thoughts. Two’s a good number when experimenting for the first time. So, are you comfortable going to bed with me?”

“I think so.” I commented after a few seconds of deliberation.

Annie smiled, “Good, I’ll be gentle with you. I’ve been really looking forward to this; you’ve got a killer body.”


“How about slipping your skirt up a bit, I want to see more leg.” she asked.

I eased my skirt up slowly so that my panties would just be visible, but kept my legs closed to maintain just a little of my modesty. I watched as Annie’s eyes dropped to my legs, her tongue flicking briefly across her bottom lip.

“How about a bit more boobs” she asked after a few seconds.

My hands trembled as I eased my top down over my shoulders allowing by breasts to almost fall from my bra. Annie’s eye’s locked onto them.

“So are you a boob girl or a bum and legs girl?” I asked cheekily.

Annie’s eyes rose and locked onto mine; she finished her glass of wine and placed the empty glass carefully on the floor. Effortlessly she rose to her feet and took the two steps to where I was sitting, then guided me down lengthwise on the couch. Instinctively, I opened my legs to accommodate her long body as she settled down on top of me. Her lips found mine and her tongue slipped into my mouth.

Right from that first kiss, I knew that I was going to enjoy this. Annie’s exploring kisses were delicate and I liked the taste of her lipstick. I liked the way she nuzzled my neck and nibbled my sensitive ears, how she ran her tongue over my cleavage but avoided my nipples in a teasing way. I felt myself push my pussy against her and it seemed strange that there was no male hardness to rub against. Annie kissed her way downwards until her face was nestled between my thighs. She began teasing me with little kisses and licks gradually working her way upwards. I was now very hot and horny and I could hardly wait for her to find my pussy. But she continued to torment me by avoiding my panties, and in the end I pulled her face to my desired place which I guess was what she was waiting for. She nuzzled my pussy through my thin panties which was also frustrating, and I reached down and eased them aside.

“Mmmm, what a nice thick bush.” she mumbled before dissecting my pussy lips with her tongue. “And a nice big clit to go with it.”

I’ve had my pussy licked more times than I can count, but nothing compared to this. Her soft feminine mouth then settled nicely between my pussy lips. Her technique was exquisite, little kisses and tongue flicking, then taking each pussy lip in her mouth in turn and gently suckling on them. I could feel my body squirming in appreciation as my juices ran freely over her face. Her hands found my breasts which had by this time fallen free bahis şirketleri from my bra and top, and my enjoyment soared as my sensitive nipples were tweaked.

By now my inhibitions had disappeared into the wilderness. I raised my buttocks from the couch as my panties were removed, I hooked one leg over the back of the couch and the other on the floor leaving my pussy exposed for Annie’s fine work. Annie then changed her attack. Placing one finger inside my pussy, she settled down to work on my clitoris with her mouth. She sucked my engorged aroused clitoris into her mouth and began flicking her tongue over it causing me to squirm. By this time, her intrusive finger had found my most sensitive G spot and I was quickly out of control. I loved the subtlety of her technique, her soft warm lips suckling my wet pussy, and her teeth periodically but gently raking across my clit as her finger aroused me from the inside.

Annie brought me to an earth shattering orgasm which climbed on me like no other orgasm I’d ever had. I heard my shrill voice cry out in ecstasy as I twisted on the couch, only Annie’s firm grip holding me down. It was intense and arrived in waves that disappointingly began to wane. Annie prolonged it by slipping additional fingers inside me stretching me wide as she continued suckling on my clit. And then as my orgasm slipped away, she released my now too sensitive clitoris and kissed and suckled all around it as I began to return to reality. I eventually opened my eyes and looked down at Annie’s grinning face between my wide spread thighs.

“How was that?” she purred as she slid up my body wiping her sopping face on my skirt on the way.

I signed, “Fucking fantastic.”

Her lips found mine and I ignored the taste of my pussy as her tongue played with mine.

“And the nights still young.” she whispered between kisses.

After a few minutes of kissing and caressing, Annie prised herself from my body and got to her feet, she held her hand out to me, “Come, let’s go to bed.”

I caught my reflection in the bedside mirror as I entered the bedroom. I looked a wreck, my hair all over the place, my breasts hanging out of my top and my skirt creased to buggery. On the other hand, Annie still looked a million dollars. I stood still as Annie removed my top and bra, she leaned forwards and kissed me as her hands found the zip on the back of my skirt. In seconds I was nude as the day I was born. Annie then explored my body with her hands and mouth, and although I was post orgasmic, it was still all very erotic and new to me.

She then kissed me, “Take my clothes off.”

My fingers trembled as I stripped another woman for the first time in my life. I removed her top first revealing a lovely pink bra, her breasts seemed small but pert, her nipples erect and trying to escape. I struggled at first with the top button of her jeans but eventually succeeded it releasing and lowering the zip. Annie wriggled her buttocks as I tried to slide her skin tight jeans downwards, but held her G string in place. She stepped out of her jeans and then took me in her arms. Annie was slightly taller than I, but we kissed passionately as I unclipped her bra and let it fall between us. She bent her knees slightly so our nipples could touch which sent little shivers through me. She took my hand in hers and guided it down to her G string reminding me that I hadn’t quite finished my job. I knelt down and admired the matching pink triangle. Annie opened her thighs slightly as I eased the G string downwards. A thin line of short pubic hair ran down her navel just meeting the V of her pussy lips held my attention for a few seconds before I stood and took in the rest of her lean body. Her breasts were pert with large nipples and her waist narrow but flared outwards to curved hips and buttocks. Her thighs were nicely rounded and toned as the rest of her legs.

“Bitch.” I commented humorously.

Annie laughed and slid one hand between my thighs and the other on my left breast, “Hours at the gym and eating like a sparrow just look like this. And having you like this makes it all worthwhile. Anyway, as I said before, you’ve got a killer body. “

She then turned away from me and pulled the bed covers back, from a cupboard she took a large silk sheet and spread it over the bed. From a drawer she picked up a bottle and placed it on the bedside table.

“Lie down and I’ll give you a massage.”

I lay face down on the bed and Annie straddled my thighs. I jumped as the cool massage oil was dribbled over my back and shoulders, but then Annie’s skilled hands began to work it in to my skin. I felt my body relax as she worked her way slowly down my neck and arms, then shoulders and back. Little kisses occasionally accompanied her firm hands. Oh how exquisite it all was as my eyes slowly closed. Annie moved down my body and spread my thighs so she could kneel between them, my buttocks and thighs then were given attention, the occasional fingers sliding over my pussy reminding me what I was really there for. After finishing at my feet, Annie got me to roll over and again straddled me. I watched as she dribbled oil over my breasts and stomach, she grinned as she began to massage my neck and work down to my breasts. My deep sigh as her fingers found my nipples was obvious and she leaned forwards and kissed me passionately for a few seconds.

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