A New Start Ch. 2

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Several weeks have passed since the first time, my wife is now head of the advertising dept and the money is rolling in, so much so that she told me I would have to give up work and stay home in the future. Sue had decided that it would be my role now to look after the house, clean and generally wait on her, she would become the bread winner. Her new job meant that she worked long hours and some nights didn’t even come home at all, although I knew what she was up to. This week she’d said that the company would be launching a brand new item to their range but instead of going away to promote it she would be bringing her work home. Last night she did just that.

Sue no longer drives to work but is picked up each morning by Dominic her driver. Every morning she greets him with a kiss, her tongue winding round his as his hands explore up under her skirt and over her pussy; she never wears knickers these days. Sometimes he even stays over if they came home late the night previously, on these occasions I wake up to the sounds of him fucking her and then wait on them as they have breakfast together; naked! Today was one of those days. Last night Dominic had bought her home around 7pm, he kissed her deeply and said that he would be back soon. Sue told me to prepare the dinner as she had explained the day before, we where going to entertain prospective clients; she would be presenting the new collection and wanted to seal the deal.

After she had had a shower she called me up to the bedroom to help her dress, tonight she’d shaved her pussy bare to expose the ring she had put through her clit several days ago. I knelt and held up her knickers for her as she stepped slowly into them, her musky smell already beginning to seep from her moist pussy. Next came a short grey pinstriped skirt, hold up black stockings and 5″ high-heeled shoes; finally she slipped on her jacket and buttoned it to encase her naked breasts. I asked what the new items of clothing were, she would normally model them herself but I recognised everything she was wearing. Sue laughed, tonight they were launching their first male item, and it would be me who was the model!

She took illegal bahis out a small bag from her wardrobe and passed it to me, “Well don’t just stand there, put them on,” she said. Inside my hand felt the material, it was cold and stiff with something metal as well, I pulled it out. The leather g-string was cut high on the sides and very narrow at the rear, sewn into the front was a metal ring about 11/2″ in diameter. “Its for your cock, hopefully it will help to keep it hard all night or at least longer than your usual 10 minutes” she smiled. “The only problem is that you have to be soft when you dress. Umm how can we get rid of that little stiffy of yours?” she said looking down at my groin. “I know, wank it off, but make sure you don’t get any on the carpet” she said. As she sat at the dressing table and began to apply her make-up, deep blue eyes, bright red lipstick and perfume sprayed on her breasts and thighs I began to stoke myself.

She spun round and asked if I’d finished yet and wasn’t happy when I said no, “Perhaps you need encouragement” she said opening her knees and pulling up her skirt “kneel and lick me you wanker” she sneered pulling the leg of her panties open for me. Seconds later before I had time to even touch her I came into my hand, she grinned and said that was why she needed a proper cock to service her. “Now lick your hand clean and put the underwear on, don’t forget to make sure the ring goes tight to the base of your thing” she said walking out of the door. I’d just finished getting ready when the door bell rang, she had told me not to wear anything else and be a good servant, or else. “Get the door I’m just setting out the room” she called.

Naked apart from the g-string I ran down stairs, with each step the back bit cut higher up between my cheeks as my cock grew hard in its pouch. Opening the door I was first greeted by Dominic, he just smiled and then stepped back. Behind him was our guest, 5’6″, dressed in a business suit and carrying a leather briefcase she just stood there and smiled. Sue called out for them to come in. As she walked past me her hand slid over my crotch and up to my nipple, pinching it she said illegal bahis siteleri “Ummm Nice”. My cock grew another ½” the blood pumping into it but unable to flow back out again, the ring cutting of its circulation; pain rushed through my groin. Sue and our guest kissed, not the normal business peck on the cheek but full blown with tongues and hands running inside each other’s jacket over breasts. Sue told me to show Jill and Dominic to the dining room. For the next hour I served the meal, both women touched my arse repeatedly and my cock stayed hard.

Afterwards we moved into the lounge and Sue showed Jill another of the g-strings, she explained how it worked and what it was supposed to do to me. Jill called me over and ran her fingernails over my aching bulge saying that it was doing a fine job. The only problem was that she had nothing to compare it to, and wasn’t sure if it worked during sex or indeed afterwards. Sue smiled and said she’d thought of that, that was why Dominic was there, he too would wear one and they could see who lasted the longest. She told Jill how I was her husband but over the 3 years of our marriage had not realty satisfied her, that now she was fucking other men and had soon realised that a 10 minute fuck was by far from the average. Jill laughed and she hoped so too. In fact she found that a woman, who could go on for so much longer, made a far better bed mate than the average man; although she still liked a sound fucking from time to time.

Dominic moved towards the two girls, dropping his trousers his limp dick hung in front of Jill’s face, “Umm Nice” she said again. Sue handed her the g-string and told her to put it on him quickly before he began to harden, once stiff it wouldn’t even fit over the head of his huge cock. Quickly she slipped it over him and down his shaft, leaving the tip of his cock poking out of the top of the pouch. She then began slowly scratching the underside of his balls, the same way she had done to me at the door, only this time her mouth lowered over the protruding cock and began to suck as well. A low moan of pleasure and pain escaped his mouth as his member started to stiffen, canlı bahis siteleri already it was thicker and longer than mine, the ring must have been biting in real fierce. Jill began bobbing her head up and down, slurping noises being emitted as her saliva ran down his shaft and the suction around the end was temporarily broken. Soon he was too big for her mouth, the huge head of his cock more like a purple plum than my swollen cherry; she slipped down the pouch and continued with her fist. Sue explained her plan, tonight they would see how many times Dominic could cum and still stay hard enough to fuck, while I would not be allowed to cum but teased and teased until the pain made my cock deflate.

So that was the scene for the next 4 hours, time after time Sue and Jill took it in turns to fuck Dominic. Sometimes they would go on top and do the fucking, others he would mount them from behind. Once he was fucking Sue from behind as Jill licked his balls, I was made to kneel and lick her pussy while wanking; never once was I allowed cum. Finally after I had cleaned both women’s pussy’s of all the spunk they stopped and looked across at us, both cocks where still hard and purple, veins throbbing down each side converging at the strangulating ring around the base. Dominic said that he couldn’t go on, his cock was raw and too painful even if hard and willing, mine was still stiff; the longest time ever! Both women looked at each other and began to laugh, Jill said that they would talk numbers in the morning, it was a sure fire winner and would be sold in all of their shops. However to seal the deal there was one other thing she wanted! Sue said name it. “Now I want you,” said Jill looking into her eyes, “I thought you would never ask” replied Sue taking her by the hand and leading her off up to the bedroom. “O Dominic” she called back, “I think my husband had better help you out of your ring before your cock explodes” she laughed “Have fun, see you boys in the morning”.

There is only one way out of these things and that is to try and deflate the cock by making it cum time after time, Dominic looked at me and smiled, then looked down at his cock ring and pointed. I crawled towards him with my mouth open as upstairs the giggling was replaced by Sue moaning. Life was never going to be the same again.

Make sure you check out my profile, a new picture with each story! Yes it is me….love Sue

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