A New Life for Debbie Ch. 12

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Chapter 12

Home Run

For the next monsoon, Dee obtained from the management a leave to go to visit her own family with her daughters. Ying had become the center of attraction of the Chinese community in Singapore. Even with the monsoon, she was working overtime, servicing some days up to fifty men, working more than fifteen hours a day. Dee was sad not to be allowed to leave with her but Ying tried to comfort her mistress : Abbie was to stay in Singapore, too, as the flu had gotten a large part of the security staff. At least, he would have a nice girl to entertain him. He had knocked her up three months before, following the Organization rules and the baby had already found an adoptive family. Ying had received the visit of the future father. He had booked her for a full night and he had been very gentle, leaving her with a very good impression.

Dee’s family had always been dear to her heart. She had two brothers, Peter and John, a twin sister, Jacki. Dee had always loved to stay with her father Eli. He was the image of the patriarch with wood logger chest and powerful arms. He was able to carry her in the air above his head, a feat only Abbie could match!

As an exception, they traveled in First class on a gigantic Airbus A 380 from Singapore Airlines to USA. Dee’s father had rented a big house in Nevada to gather all the family. After the first family meeting where Debbie and her daughters had been fucked, bred and tortured by her father, her two brothers and uncle Archie among other ones, Dee had not been enthused by the idea of a second meeting, especially as Abbie wouldn’t be there. Eli had personally traveled to Singapore. He had apologized to Dee and her daughters, telling them he had been under the spell of uncle Archie and Tony. The other members of the family had been in the same situation. Even Mark, the former husband of Janet wanted to tell her he was sorry of what he had done…

Dee was ready to forgive them but traveling abroad far from Abbie’s protection was difficult. Eli finally proposed that two black men, close friends of Abbie would come along. They were Derek and Samuel. They were professional wrestlers. Eli and Dee’s two brothers would be no match for them… Eli seemed not at ease when he asked to Dee :

– I… I would just know whether you’ll agree… Arumphhhh… to, Humm!…

– …Fuck us?

– Aaargh! Yes! We really enjoyed fucking you and it would be a nice way to terminate hostilities!

– A cease fire with a final orgy?

– That was the idea, Debbie! Wouldn’t you accept it?

– On the contrary, but there’s just a small problem : You’ll be just three men and we are four girls.

– If you ask your body guards and your twin sister to join the fun, we’ll be perfectly balanced : five men and five girls!

– You’ll let my sister fuck black men : I don’t recognize you! You were always so prejudiced!

– After the earthquake of the disappearance of Archie and Tony, I’m ready for anything to reunite the family.

– Sold : We’ll come to Nevada in July! Find us a nice house, a big one but far from the neighbors! I’m planning to sun bathe in the nude and fuck you on the sun deck.

– I don’t know whether Mark will be able to attend also. He’ll be on a business trip in July. Would it be a problem?

– Not at all : any of us could easily handle the five men and my sister, too!

All her family waited for Dee at the exit of the airport. Eli spread his arms when Debbie approached him. He had tears in his eyes. Debbie was very moved by his apparent contrition. She jumped in his embrace and kissed him first on the cheek like a dutiful daughter but, reminding her discussion with him, she gave him a torrid love French kiss in public before turning to Mark and her brothers. Even Jacki was given a fast kiss on her mouth. Dee’s daughters exchanged similar love kisses with their uncles and aunt.

Eli had rent a mini bus for them all. Peter drove it to a location at a distance from Vegas. There was a dirt road, three miles long and two fences to ward off unwanted people. The house was built in hilly but bare country. They would see trespassers for miles. The house was real big with twelve bedrooms, a big lobby, a swimming pool with shade trees. Dee was pretty sure that only five bedrooms would have been sufficient but Eli wanted some privacy. The first time, Dee and her daughters had been treated like slaves, eating on the floor like animals. They never had had such luxury!

This time, everything seemed to have changed : Eli led them to the lobby and have the girls seated on the best armchairs. He asked Peter and John to prepare drinks for the girls and their guests. Dee had noticed her two brothers ogled her big melons with lewd eyes. It seemed she had still a tremendous effect on their libido. She was wearing a black bustier that fitted quite closely on her breasts that were free underneath. Even Abbie had had a fit when he had seen his mate canlı bahis wearing such a wanton outfit. A red miniskirt and pretty sandals with slutty high heels completed her outfit. Her daughters had chosen other sexy garments. Janet was wearing a black see through shirt with just a narrow band of thicker fabric covering her nipples. The orbs of her breasts were plainly visible. A tiny skin tight short was a permanent tease for men. It delineated more than covered her pussy and the crack of her buttocks. She had put on gold stilettos with very high heels that showed off her shapely legs.

Joan was wearing a loose dress : it was so low cut that her navel was in plain view and a small chain between her breasts held it closed. The bare skin from her neck to her navel advertised she wasn’t wearing any bra. She had taken off her shoes in the bus. Her outfit was typically of the “fuck me” type. Samantha wore a more conventional dress with crew neck front but with an impressive décolletage in the back : the crack between her ass cheeks appeared on two good inches and she was surely not wearing any undies : that was certain! She was pushing out her bottom and her pert ass cheeks were a constant appeal for any man’s hand. Dee had not discussed about dress code with her daughters but each of them had chosen rather slutty outfits, more adequate for whores at a party than for family meetings!

Dee and her daughters wiggled seductively their bottoms whenever they moved and the men had their eyes focused on the lewd display of their rich assets! Dee would stay there just for a week but Eli, her sister and her brothers would stay two weeks more. Eli had discussed with Dee about the possibility of having them service their father, grand father and uncles but Dee and her daughters were actively fanning the fire. It was already raging in all the men’s minds. Dee noted that Derek and his colleague seemed quite cool. She discovered soon these two guys were gay. They weren’t interested in Dee… The balance she had tried to maintain was broken. She explained the problem to Eli. He took it quite calmly :

– Don’t you ever have female customers at the whore house?

– Yes, of course!

– Then the two girls that will be idle will just play together. You were always inseparable from your twin sister : it may be the opportunity to give another dimension to your mutual attraction!

Eli didn’t allow Dee to get back to her armchair. He grabbed her by the waist and drew her to him. It was a gentle pressure, not the brutality of their previous encounter but Dee would never have been able to escape his grip if she had wanted to do so. He used both his hands on her hips to steer her toward him. Her legs touched his knee and her only solution was to sit on his lap. She turned toward him to comment on his juvenile eagerness. She opened her mouth to speak but he silenced her with his own mouth, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He had surprised her but she never tried to push him back. His excitation must have been communicative as she placed her arms around his neck and kissed him back. She didn’t keep anything back, abandoning herself completely in his embrace and letting his tongue explore the deepest recesses of her mouth.

At the first opportunity, she threw a side glance toward her daughters. Peter had taken the armchair she had vacated and he had drawn Janet on his lap, imitating his father. He was kissing her earlobe and caressing her nape. Janet had closed her eyes, lifting her head up. She was apparently enjoying very much the caress of her uncle. He had unbuttoned her transparent shirt and his hand had cupped her right breast, rummaging around her nipple. Janet moaned plaintively but she certainly didn’t request any help for the moment!

Samantha had been secured by John. Her sexy very low cut in the back dress had given him a huge hard on. He had bent his niece on her belly on the dining table, he had bunched her dress to her waist and he was actively trying to push the whole length of his long cock into her arse. She was moaning from the exertion, just taking the time to encourage him to impale her deeper and faster. They were oblivious to the rest of the world.

Joan and Jacki were still quietly seated in their armchairs, sipping on their drinks and watching the action around them. Jacki seemed quite amazed but joan watched it with a professional eye. Eli chose that instant to remind Dee they weren’t at the movies. He made her stand up with a tug on her hand, lifted the hem of her red mini skirt and drew her to him, making her straddle him. She was very wet with her love juices abundantly lubricating her love tunnel. Eli’s cock was really big but he had no difficulty to enter his daughter’s cunt to the hilt in a single shove. The shock made her open her mouth and blubber incoherently. When she felt his balls banging against her ass cheeks, she knew he had gone as deep as he could… He immediately started to fuck her. She tried bahis siteleri to open and tighten her cunt in rhythm with his penetrations. Eli started to groan and pant…

– Slow, father, I would like you to make it as long as you can. You can fuck me so delightfully for ever if you can : I’ll love it!

– Don’t dare tell your father how to fuck a girl, gal! I fucked once your mother in the toilets for men in a cinema and you are the result of our unprotected coupling!

– Oh great! Mom never told it to me!

– Sure : she was so conservative! She would have told you that girls emerge from roses and guys from cabbage if I hadn’t been there!

Dee turned toward Joan and Jacki.

– Are you done watching us with such ogled eyes? Joan, you really know how to please a girl after your exercises with Ying. It should be time to make them into practice : your aunt is getting bored. Try to cheer her up! Act like the good whore you are!

Joan slipped her arms around Jacki’s back and pulled her against her. Her aunt was already panting, letting her niece drive her. Their boobs squirmed against each other. Jacki was wearing a dress buttoned up from hem to neck. She started to unbutton swiftly it. When a large expanse of skin was uncovered, she slid her tongue over Jacki’s flat belly. She planted a big kiss on her belly button, caressing it with her tongue. Jacki squirmed helplessly and let out a loud moan. Her pussy was dripping with love juices. Joan wanted to eat Jacki’s cunt as much as her aunt wanted to taste hers. Joan pulled down Jacki’s panties, revealing a very hairy pussy. She was surprised as all girls in the Chinese brothel were shaven or definitively depilated. She bent down and started to lick Jacki’s crack very hard. Jacki groaned loudly as her hungry pussy seemed transfixed by hot lava streams.

– Aaarrghhh,… aaaahhh,… aaaahmmm… Oh, it’s so good, Joan! Please continue!

Feverishly Jacki’s fingers were grasping and caressing Joan’s body. She would have loved fucking her niece badly, but she was a simple amateur facing a seasoned professionnal. Her body shuddered and rippled with desire but Joan’s tongue continued to explore the most sensitive points of her aunt’s body, licking the dripping wet puffy lips of Jacki’s hairy cunt. Jacki was reduced to a weak and trembling mass in her niece’s embrace. Jacki whimpered desperately and moaned, surrendering herself delightfully to Joan.

– I love that, Joan! Please continue eating my pussy until I cum!

Jacki was the pupil, watching her teacher showing her the miraculous pleasures she could derive from her own body! Jacki watched earnestly Joan’s concentrated and passionate face. Joan plunged her thirsty tongue into her aunt’s fuck hole that was full of her love juices. She dabbed on her erect clit. Jacki caressed Joan’s bobbing head and combed her hair with her fingers in an absent minded way. She pressed Joan’s hungry mouth to her cunt and clasped her thighs behind her neck. Joan’s tongue continued to stimulate Jacki’s clit and pussy. Jacki was aware she was about to come, and that it would be the first time with a girl for her.

– Joan, make it long, darling! Keep licking my clit!

Joan’s face was covered with Jacki’s cum. Her aunt was now licking her face, swallowing her own juice. They French kissed one another with passion. Jacki moved to suck on Joan’s hairy cunt. Dee’s hand suddenly appeared from nowhere. She was offering a big dildo to Joan’s hand. She shoved it immediately into Jacki’s love tunnel. Jacki screamed and climaxed hard. When she had recovered her wits, she licked Joan’s swollen cunt lips. She parted the wet cunt with her fingers and shoved her middle finger into the gaping fuck hole. It was Joan’s turn to reach a screaming climax.

They all lay wherever they had fallen, with limbs entwined, a finger shoved up an ass of a pussy for a long time. Dee was the first to recover sufficiently to stand up. The room was reeking with sex odors. Peter was clinging to the furniture, trying to reach the bathroom to take a good shower. She followed him. They shared a long shower, first hot to relax their bodies then cold to revive them. They soaped one another, Dee insisting on her brother’s long cock and still full balls but Peter massaged with a lewd grin her glorious melons, her pert buttocks, the velvety folds of her pussy and he even pushed a finger into her back passage. Dee let him enjoy her body as completely as he wanted, holding her tits for his ministrations, offering her pussy and her ass cheeks wide open for his finger. She even sucked his finger as he pushed it into her mouth, just like a small cock.

Peter emerged from it, apparently invigorated with a majestic hard cock. He hadn’t to tell her anything. She kneeled at the feet of her brother and took him into her mouth. She gave him the best blow job of his life so far. He spewed his jizzm well past her tonsils. Like a good whore, she opened her mouth to show bahis şirketleri him the white goo covering the back of her mouth before swallowing it noisily and presenting again her perfectly clean mouth for his inspection. He gave her a big hug and kissed her straight on the lips.

Her brother John was next in line. He went to Dee and helped her up. His eyes moved up and down her gorgeous frame. She knew she was no more a young chick and may not be too attractive for her younger brother and potential next stud. She smiled when she saw he was suddenly in a quite interesting state of sexual arousal as she looked down at his cock. The hard shaft left little to the imagination and little doubt that he was hot for her. He seemed to be really excited, he would never accept No for an answer. She was very tired and needed some rest but he would not be denied even if I tried to do so

– I think that is the only answer to what you need!

Dee blinked my eyes and gave him a coy smile as she moved toward him, lifting her lips to meet his mouth. Without an additional word, he took possession of her mouth as if he was her master and she was his slave. They kissed passionately, not parting until they were out of breath. They then wrapped their arms around each other, embracing one another like teen agers. John, I must tell you that at high school, I often fantasized being your girl friend and nothing would please me more to fulfill that old fantasy.

Dee was very aware of his big and rapidly swelling cock now as it was standing at attention, rubbing against her slit. She was back in high class and this was the man she had dreamed she would offer her virginity. She wanted to be totally his. He had won her by winning the school football trophy. She grabbed his cock in her hand and squeezed it in a rhythmical tempo. She was again a young girl wanting to explore all the mysteries of sex. She felt a deep sorrow when she realized she would never be able to let him pop her cherry. She held with a death grip onto his pole.

God! Dee remembered she had read that surgeons could reconstruct a hymen. She would just have to inquire whether it could be done several times ; she could offer that pleasure to her father, then to Peter and finally to Abbie. She almost had an orgasm when she felt his stiff rod throb in her palm. He was now mauling her big breasts and she enjoyed the mild pain.

– You may really play with your big toys! I’m here to fulfill all your desires!

Peter started kissing her neck and kissed her nipples, taking them into his mouth one by one. She moved her hands all over his hairy chest gently rubbing his nipples with her boobs, and massaging his back with her impatient hands. Her hands slid down his mouth watering buttocks and she felt his still sexy hard butt that she had watched with a lustful eye twist and squirm all through her college years, wishing she could do just that. Now her sexy brother was hers for the moment! She caressed his beautiful joy stick. She fell on her knees and watched with lusty eyes this beautiful hard pole that was obviously responding to her contact.

Dee gently kissed her brother’s cock and licked the precum that was seeping from its tip. She knew it was about to fill her womb with his sperm and the idea of having soon her most handsome brother’s cum in her belly really excited her. Peter had clearly other ideas : he wanted to continue playing with Dee’s body. She had been his wet dream and she had still the same effect on him. He walked up behind her, his hands grabbing her hips. He pulled hard back to him. As he pressed his hips into her buttocks, she could feel his cock rising and getting harder. His right hand moved down and across my stomach, slowing inching its way to her pussy. As his fingers pulled her slit open slowly, She arched back and leaned her head back on his shoulder. As he pushed his fingers into her slit, she closed my eyes and bit her lower lip.

– Dee, you’re a slut. Your pussy is wide open and so wet!

He was whispering against her ear as his fingers dipped deeper inside her pussy. As his fingers moved up and down, his thumb pressed lightly against her clit. The ring in the hood made it permanently stimulated but now it was bigger than usual, a tiny cock jutting outward. His fingers pushed deeper inside her love lips, his thumb applied more pressure to her clit. He caressed her clit in a circular motion. Dee moaned helplessly and arched her back, pressing her bottom fiercer against his groin. His hand wrapped itself around her waist, pulling her to him. His fingers were now moving faster circles. She started panting, whispering to Peter that she was about to cum. He stopped immediately all movement. He couldn’t leave her at that moment : that was too cruel! She moaned plaintively, begging him to resume the dance of his fingers.

Slowly, Peter started to move his fingers again. He kissed her neck and bit it in a teasing way. He continued playing with her, withdrawing his fingers in her twat before inserting them again, alternating between fast shoves and slow penetrations. Knowing Dee was a seasoned whore, he had pushed two fingers inside her but now he added a third one.

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