A Neighbor by Moonlight

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Some say having an apartment with a balcony overlooking the pool area is bad luck. All the noise from people playing. Not me. There is some perks to being able to sit back and watch the after dark parties.

You know the ones, some friends come over. A little booze, maybe some wilder party favors. Before long someone mentions the pool and off you go. After all even on cool nights there is the Jacuzzi. All hot and ready.

So here I am, sitting back, sipping on my tequila sunrise. Watching tonight’s revels. But they aren’t who I want to watch. I like the sights I see when the party moves back indoors.

Once the pool quiets down, he comes out! Almost every night he comes down from his apartment and goes for a moonlight swim.

We have crossed each other’s path, both here and at work. His name is Jorge and he stands about 5’10” and is very well built. He works in law enforcement and what they say about a man in uniform is true. But Jorge out of his is more spectacular.

He is Spanish and his brown eyes are the color of coffee. He has jet black hair that is cut in a military cut.

He had told me that after a long night in a patrol car, he liked to come and relax by doing laps. I knew how he felt and wasn’t complaining about it because I had the perfect vantage point.

The latest party had finally meandered back to their apartment and I was sitting out sipping my drink, listening to the music playing on my stereo. I didn’t know if would see Jorge tonight but it was just the right kind of night to sit out and chill.

I had laid my head back, enjoying the fuzzy sensation of total relaxation aided by a good drink. One of my favorite songs was playing and I was deep into it, when I heard a splash. Sitting up I was surprised I hadn’t heard the gate.

Jorge was doing a strong breast stroke; the only sounds were his arms breaking water. He had on a red pair of trunks. And I leaned forward to enjoy the view of the water cascading over his tan muscular body.

I was so busy checking out his body, I hadn’t noticed he had slowed his swimming and when he rolled to his back and just floated, I got an unobstructed view of his front side. I was totally checking him out and feeling really dry mouthed. My glass was suddenly empty and I reached for the pitcher to pour my self another drink. The glass made a tinkling sound, in the quiet of night it echoed.

Jorge’s head came up and he looked up at me. Smiling he asked me if I was enjoying the night. I laughed and told him yes and I was really enjoying the view.

He told me I could get a better look if I

was closer. He told me I looked like I needed a cooling down and asked what was in the pitcher. I told him and he said to bring some down.

I went inside to get my suit on and make another pitcher of drinks. I twisted my strawberry blonde hair up into a clip. My emerald green one piece swimsuit hugged my 36-24-38 figure. I wasn’t a Barbie doll but I had a nice figure thanks to swimming daily and lots of walking.

I grabbed a towel and headed down to check out my neighbor a lot closer. If I got my wish, he would be my lover by morning.

When I got down to the pool, I noticed Jorge had moved to the Jacuzzi. He looked up and smiled when I sat the tray of drinks down. He teased me about taking my time, I teased back that perfection took time.

I poured each of us a drink, and then slid into the bubbling warmth. Up close Jorge’s muscles were even more impressive and I felt an itch to run my hands over them.

His chest muscles flexed as he took a drink. He had a well defined six pack and I watched the rivulets of water drip down his gorgeous chest. I wanted to lick those drops from his skin.

Jorge told me he had noticed me watching before canlı bahis and he finally got the courage to invite me down. He took a drink and then moving closer, he said that he liked my swimsuit that the color matched my eyes, but he thought he would prefer me out of it.

I told him I often dreamed he would say those words and he bent forward and kissed me. It started a bit on the shy side, kinda like he was afraid I would reject his kiss, but once he realized that I was returning it, he became bolder.

I opened my mouth to accept his tongue as he drew me nearer. As our tongues swirled together, our hands began to trail up and down each others body. The temperature of the Jacuzzi was nothing compared to the heat we were generating between us.

His hand came up to rest on my breast and he gently squeezed it. Testing its weight in his palm. Suddenly my swimsuit seemed like to much clothes to be wearing.

My nipples were thrusting out against his palm. My hands were busy exploring all the indentations and bulges of his muscular body. I wanted to spend hours exploring every ripple. I could imagine his body covered with chocolate syrup and whipped cream and just taking my time licking it all off.

He broke the kiss and leaned back. His gaze swept over my body and even though I didn’t think my nipples could get harder, they surprised me. He smiled and told me he was glad I liked his kiss. I smiled back and looking down at the tent in his trunks told him I was glad he liked mine.

Feeling frisky I stood up and climbed out of the Jacuzzi. He looked up at me in confusion. But I just reached up and began to peel my suit from my body slowly. I never broke eye contact. As my breast came into view I watched his inhaled breath, as I continued and my pussy came into view I watched him squirm. Smiling I kicked my suit at him turned to give him a view of my ass then dived into the pool.

I resurfaced at the other end of the pool. The weight of my hair had loosened the clip so I took it out and my hair fell down my back. The ends trailing in the water. I looked to the other end of the pool and Jorge was standing watching me without his trunks on.

He let me get a good view of what I had been dreaming about, and then he dove in, swimming toward me. He resurfaced right in front of me bursting out of the water spraying water up over me.

We laughed and he pulled me close for another kiss. We kissed until my knees grew weak and I was becoming a pool of lava. It was amazing that the water wasn’t steaming from the heat I felt.

His hard on was thrusting against my lower stomach and I decided I needed to get a more up close look at it. We were standing in shallow end of the pool, so I slowly slid down his body, stopping at his pecs to softly kiss and lick his rock hard nipples. He moaned as I teased him with my tongue using short flicking motions. I then proceeded down his body until I was on my knees with his glorious cock in front of my face.

I ran my hand over his rigid member. I loved the feel of a man’s cock. All soft skinned but so hard. The head was full and the indentation of his piss hole beckoned my tongue. I licked it with just the tip of my tongue. Then I ran my tongue all around the head, taking my time finding all those most sensitive spots that cause a guy to tremble.

I found the underneath edge along his circumcision scar very sensitive and flicked my tongue over it very quickly then took the head into my mouth and gently sucked on it. His breathing was becoming a little ragged. And I smiled around his cock. I loved the effect of good tonguing on a man.

I slowly drew more and more of his cock into my mouth, my tongue never slowing. Teasing and swirling as I sucked him deeply then releasing just bahis siteleri to begin again. Before long I was deep throating him, the only sound the bubbling Jacuzzi, the crickets and my sucking noises. Oh, and his occasional moan.

My hands had not been idle; I was stroking the taut muscles in his legs and squeezing his tight ass. Then I reached up to fondle his balls, working them in my fingers as my mouth worked his cock.

His hands were threaded through my wet hair, every so often pulling me away to give him a break. He was trying hard not to cum. I knew that my pussy would be wet with my own juices because it turned me on to give a guy a head job. I don’t call them blow jobs because I very rarely blow on a guy. I’m too busy sucking.

His breathing was very rapid and he pulled my head away. I looked up at him and he helped me to stand. He led me over to the side of the pool and lifted me up on to the edge.

He spread my legs and I leaned back, but he pulled me forward and took one of my nipples in his mouth. His tongue began teasing me like I had done him. And then he began sucking softly, my hand found the back of his head and pulled him closer. He sucked harder.

He kissed that nipple then licking between my tits he found the other nipple and teased it to that point where pleasure and pain were the same feeling. My breasts were so swollen and sensitive that each flick of his tongue caused a like response in my pussy.

I was so turned on that my pussy actually ached. He released my nipple and I lay back on my elbows as he began nibbling my ribs and working his way down my stomach. He stopped at my belly button and he licked the water that had pooled there. I drew in my breath imagining his tongue delving deep in my pussy.

His mouth moved downward and he reached up and spread my pussy lips. He looked at me and told me I had a beautiful pussy. He then bent his head and lightly began licking around my clit, sucking on the lips.

I lay all the way back against the wet concrete as he took my clit in his mouth and sucked on it. While he was sucking, his tongue kept moving. And I felt my orgasm begin to build. Every flick of his tongue seemed to spark the electric feeling. All my nerves were centered at the one spot.

I felt him enter me with one finger, drawing it out then pushing back in. Tickling me from inside, then it was two fingers fucking my pussy as his mouth continued to treat my clit.

It felt so good. I was bucking up against his mouth; I didn’t know where I wanted my hands. I would pinch and squeeze my nipples then reach down to hold his head. The pressure inside me was growing; I knew I was going to cum. I was moaning, telling him how good it felt and that he was going to make me cum. He just kept giving me his tongue and fingers and the pleasure exploded in me and felt myself gush as I came all over his face.

He never missed the beat, he slipped his fingers out and positioning my hole he began to lick my juices as my orgasm shook me.

As I crested I looked down and he raised his face and smiled at me. He told me he wanted to feel me cum like that on his cock, I smiled back and told him I would cum harder on his cock.

He pulled me into the pool and I wrapped my legs around his waist. The tip of his cock teased at my entrance then he thrust into me.

I grabbed onto him tighter as our mouths met and we kissed. Tasting my juices on his lips and tongue really turned me on and I begun sucking on his tongue.

He let the water help as he lifted me up and down. His cock filled me, stretching me. It had been awhile and I knew I was gripping his cock tightly with my pussy.

I asked him if it felt good and he moaned yes as he continued to pump into me. I told him we needed bahis şirketleri a new system because I wanted it faster. He walked over to the ladder and I lay back and he began to pump into me harder and faster. I was using the ladder to push against him, my legs spread wide.

He had grabbed my hips and was guiding his cock into me. The water splashing up and over us as our bodies came together. We continued to fuck like this but then as we were getting more turned on we both knew we needed more stable surroundings. I told him I wanted to ride him, so we climbed out of the pool and found a pool chaise.

He lay back and I got up and straddled him. The head of his cock rubbed against my clit as I took him in, setting off those sparks. Once his cock was nestled deep in my pussy, I began to ride him.

I loved the feeling of being filled with cock and as I rode him, he played. He reached up and began rolling my nipples between his fingers, squeezing now and again. I threw my head back and he laughed and told me my hair was tickling his thighs. So I turned my head back and forth to tickle him more.

As I rode faster, he began to thrust up. I knew I was close to cumming again. And when he reached down and began to rub my clit, I began to cum. He continued to rub as I began to thrash on him. All my motor functions were controlled by his thumb working my pleasure button.

His cock was impaling me, I fell forward on his chest and he flipped me over on my back, he lifted my ankles to his shoulders and thrust hard into me.

That brought me back to reality as he began to thrust deep in long even strokes. He would pull out almost only to thrust back in. I widened my legs to allow him to go deeper. I felt the head of his cock pushing at my cervix. So I moved trying to take him in.

He slowed his thrust and gently began to move, doing circular motions every once in awhile. His face was a mask of concentration as he moved and I felt my orgasm building as his speed began to build.

It felt so good, his cock fit me so well, and it seemed to rub all the most sensitive spots within my pussy. I reached down and began to rub my clit as he pumped into me. My legs were bent and my knees were up around my head. He had my feet in his hands and each time he thrust, he pushed forward. As I grew hotter, I needed more as if he could read my mind, he took my legs spreading them in a wide vee he began to ride me hard.

Deeper and deeper he thrust and as I

continued to rub my clit, I was moaning “Yes, don’t stop.” He was moaning also. I told him he was going to make me cum all over his cock and that made him thrust harder and deeper. He was going faster and I felt myself open and the head of his cock entered my cervix. I exploded and he never lost a beat as I began to buck under him. My body was a electric current. I felt all plugged in. I was scratching at his belly, thighs, anything “I could grab.

He was close to cumming and he was now slamming into me. Harder each time, he was growling in his throat that he was going to cum and then one last deep thrust and I felt him shoot into me. His head was thrown back and his skin glistened in the moonlight.

He slowly began to move in and out as his cock softened. He bent forward and we kissed. “That was better than all my fantasies” he said when we stopped kissing. “I’ve wanted you for a long time” he panted, trying to get his breathing back to normal.

He went on to tell me he had noticed me watching him and that he often watched me when I came down early in the mornings. He had never been able to find the right thing to say. But tonight he had decided he couldn’t wait any longer. I told him I was glad.

He pulled out of me and held out his hand. “I stood up still a little wobbly. Holding hands we jumped into the pool to cool off.

I don’t watch him from my balcony anymore, because now we spend our nights in the pool together as well as some other fun places. But that’s another story.

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