A Movie, Dripping with Butter

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She was in her mid thirties, but possessed a body ten or fifteen years her junior. He was a several years older, regularly received compliments on his appearance; enough so to be confident, but he was never “cocky”. One of many things he loved about her was her confidence, how she carried herself. She never really strutted, but her natural sexuality was quite something to behold; like a beautiful landscape or a classic nude portrait. Besides her firm ample breasts, wonderful curves, delicious skin, and sweet, sweet lips…it was her light brown eyes he loved to stare into; to gaze into her mind and soul. He could soak up her beauty for hours; whether from across a small table or from across a room; but mostly as she rode him, cupping her breasts, grabbing his shoulders and chest, reaching back and feeling his shaft as he entered her; he loved watching and feeling her orgasm, time and time again. She filled his mind and senses; and when they weren’t together, she haunted him. Just his thinking about how she loved to slide herself down on his cock as he sat in a chair, staring into his eyes as she would grind her clit against him…caused him to fluff and throb.

They have had a few wonderful encounters together, some in private, one very intense session in the restroom of a Starbucks (animalistic instincts are difficult to ignore at times). Now they were actually becoming friends, caring about each others families, only wanting the best for the other; not really “taking” emotionally and sexually, but “giving”; trusting the other unreservedly. But, even more so, they kept the other out of real trouble, giving a caring swat on the nose when needed. And not necessarily for selfish reasons, wanting the incredible sex to continue, but actually looking out for the other first.

The pressing needs of life prevented a daily or even weekly drinking at the others fountain; which actually meant a four or five hour marathon of illicit love-making which left each exhausted, dripping wet, and yet … refreshed; able to face the requirements of work and family. So, planning was the watch-word…careful, purposeful, spontaneous planning.

During one of their conversations, she had mentioned a fantasy about being very naughty at the movies. It was a quick remark, but like most things about her, he took careful notice. Most of the time they could only play by day; so an afternoon matinee was in order. He made some light plans…just a movie, and hopefully some very long, deep, and intense intercourse, both physical and verbal, afterward. When they made their plans, she suspected that he possibly wanted to turn her fantasy into reality. She convinced herself she would never follow through; too much risk, too much to loose. But, just thinking about it made her heart pound, breath quicken, and juices flow. In his mind, he would set the stage, if she wanted, longed to perform…he would be honored and eager to be her stage “hand”…or other body part as the situation required. One thing he did know since she was a very down to earth woman, was that if she wore a skirt, it was for a special occasion not just a casual event. If she wore a nice skirt and top, or a pretty sun-dress…he would fill his pants as soon as canlı bahis he saw her. So, he wouldn’t ask what she would wear…but he would be ready; clean shaven, loose jeans and boxers instead of his normal bun-huggers.

He extended the invitation, she accepted; an early matinee and a movie that had been out for a few weeks. Hopefully, there would be people around but the theater wouldn’t be desolate. Maybe a few couples, but no one right on top of them. The back corner of high stadium seating would do nicely. They both knew the theater, fifteen minutes down the highway.

Her mind was swimming as she readied for their date. As she showered, she shaved her sweetness just in case they ended up at their favorite motel; rubbing her soapy fingers time and again across her full clit, thinking about his tongue dancing on it.

They arrived at the appointed time and place; she first, parking her SUV out of the way from the theater entrance. He called her cell as he arrived, asking were she was; she quickly directed him. He got out of his little car, no need for him to try an impress or compensate for any shortcoming. He pried his six foot, two hundred pound frame out and walked around the rear of his car to greet her…just very glad to be in her presence once again.

As he rounded the back and walked between the two vehicles, she opened her door and swung her tan, shapely, leg out. She paused in that stance for a moment and just smiled at him, her dark dress spread wide open to parade her very wet womanhood directly in front of him. As soon as he realized she was … “appropriately attired”, and caught a glimpse of her loveliness, he halted his steps. Every nerve in the front of his pants fired, overloading his system; electricity ran up his spine, making even his scalp tingle with anticipation. His cock engorged as quickly as a high school freshman’s peeping into the girl’s locker room. He just stood there, his mind and cock on fire.

Once she knew she had his full attention, she abandoned her pose and jumped out, her now hard nipples drawing his eye. Walking past him toward the back of the vehicle with a slight smile on her face, her eyes almost wild, she remarked,

“I’m going to get a blanket out of the back. It might be chilly in there.”

He almost lost it right there, and could feel the pre-cum trickle within the length of his shaft. She knew exactly what she was doing to him, and played him like a tightly strung violin; he loved every sweet note.

“Let’s go.” she said.

He followed like a puppy after its owner. With each step, the pressure in his pants grew. As they approached the box office, his loose jeans were no longer so. He realized that the pretty ticket girl took notice of his predicament; she smiled, blushed, and looked right at – it. He quickly put both hands in his front pockets, trying to obscure the very obvious bulge.

“Two for the 1 o’clock show please.” she said to the girl.

The young lady slightly composed herself, despite the rush of warmness in her own pants. She accepted the twenty from the lovely “violinist”, gave her the change and tickets, and said,

“Enjoy your …” pausing and then finally saying, “… show.”

“Oh, bahis siteleri we sure as hell will.” was her reply.

The young lady’s eyes were now wide open, her mouth slightly a gasp. As they turned to go, his profile was most pronounced to her; she reached her hand down between her legs, and squirmed in her seat a bit.

They found their seats; off in the upper left-hand corner of the theater against the far back wall. One of the smaller projection windows was a few feet above their heads and off to the right. They had arrived a bit late, hoping everyone would already be seated so they could strategically place themselves; great minds think alike.

There were a few couples several rows in front of them; maybe a total of ten people. An elderly couple was only two rows away and off to the right.

As soon as they were situated, she quietly whispered, “Isn’t it cold in here?”

He replied with a slight grin, “I’m rather warm.”

She gently laughed and spread the dark-red blanket across both their laps. Releasing his thick cock from its captivity, she gave him firm squeezes from her hand. He moved his hips in small circles and moaned a bit, but very quietly. Leaning over, he nibbled her ear; as he did he slipped his hand up under her dress. To his surprise, he discovered her other hand already between her legs; two fingers buried deep within her. He grunted in her ear at his discovery. Removing her fingers, she brought them up to his mouth. He turned his head accepted them, running his tongue between her fingers; the taste of her causing the apparitions in his mind from their last encounter to materialize once again.

Being rather adept at multitasking, he carefully slid three fingers deep into her; she spread her legs wider to provide him hopefully unlimited access. As she did, he hooked his fingers and pushed his palm against her pubic bone, her clit being caught on the balls of his hand. He firmly closed his hand, pushing his finger tips hard into her g-spot, grasping her pubic bone like a handle; his fingers now side-by-side. She let out a not so quiet moan, her legs moved forward, hips shaking as she came. She now had a death grip on his cock; he ground his teeth together in response.

Just then, the curious eyes of the ticket girl appeared at the unused, projection window. She poked her head out a little further and spotted them, a rush of excitement ran through her. Within moments of her appearing, her hand was stroking the front of her jeans.

After her orgasm was subsiding, she slowly slid from her seat, leaving his now drenched hand to the open air. Carefully and quietly, she kneeled down and covered herself under the blanket.

The ticket girl was now forcefully engaging her clit through her clothes, her breathing becoming deeper and faster.

She wrapped her mouth half-way down his cock, her hand tight around the lower half. Moving her head slightly from side to side, she rotated her tongue against the underside of his cock, knowing she would taste him very soon. His legs tensed, and his hands grasped the arms of his seat. The girl could see his reaction clearly from her vantage point, the elderly woman as she turned her head toward them, couldn’t. bahis şirketleri Everyone except the lovers, and the ticket girl, were oblivious to the blanket covered fellatio happening in their presence.

As she continued her task, his breathing became short and quick. She felt his muscles tense even further, and his cock stiffen more. His kegels contracted, his scrotum pulled hard up between his legs; he filled her mouth with his hot cum. She drank the fullness of what he offered, rubbing her clit as quick and hard as the ticket girl was her own above them.

Now that he was … relaxed … she slowly crept back up into her seat. As she did, the young lady could see his hard cock glistening in the darkness. She imagined it buried deep inside her as she unsnapped her jeans and ran her hand inside her soaking wet panties.

About thirty minutes had passed since they found their seats; she had cum, he had cum, now they both wanted to fuck. He was still very much hard, she assured such with her hand under the blanket, giving him well timed squeezes and running her fingers across the head of his cock.

She whispered in his ear, “Keep it hard, I’ll be right back.”

She stood, and walked down the row and aisle to the exit. He watched her the whole way as she left. The ticket girl was a bit disappointed, thinking the day’s erotica was over. But, soon she returned, her juices running down the upper part of her thigh. As she arrived back at their seats, she removed the blanket from his lap, wrapped it around her waist, lifted the back of the blanket and her dress, turned her back to him, and slid her wet, hot, pussy down on his cock.

The young lady above them seeing her gently rotating her hips on him slid a finger into her own tightness.

She moved, and gyrated, and bounced, and pushed down on him for a solid fifteen minutes, the excitement building inside her. Soon, she drenched his lap with her second, longer and deeper, orgasm. She let out a slight moan as she did, just loud enough for the young lady above them to hear.

As she sat, basking in the remains of her climax, the ticket girl pulled her clit firmly between two fingers, and let out a shrill squeal as she came. The noise filled the rear of theater, the audio being quiet at that time. The couple looked up and saw her. She quickly ducked out of sight, scared to death that she was “caught”. Racing out of the projection room, she snapped her drenched pants as she escaped.

They sat there for the rest of the movie, giving the other gentle thrusts and wiggles now and then. No one noticed or cared as he filled her … pushing his face against her back as he came. About fifteen minutes before the movie ended, she slowly slid herself off of him, leaving the blanket behind until he could stuff himself back in his pants.

When the movie was over, they were the last to leave. Slowly they walked out, hand in hand, very content and not concerned that they were “caught” by the young woman. They walked past the box office where the ticket girl had returned. She looked up and blushed as she saw the pair.

The woman asked, “Did you enjoy the show?”

The girl turned a deep shade of red and said, “It was great; I loved it.”

“We could tell.” he replied with a smile.

As they turned and walked off, the young lady could just catch a glimpse of cum running down the woman’s leg. How she wished it was running down her own.

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