A Mother’s Seduction Ch. 07

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Listening to the water running, my body can only take so much stimulation waiting for Shawn to finally finish his shower. My thighs are quivering and my pussy is soaking, all I can think of is giant cock waiting for my lips. To taste that salty nectar pumping out my own son’s cock just drives me wild with lust. Licking the last drops as my hand pumps him dry is turning into a nightly ritual.

Surfing for a picture that we both can get off to has turned into such a rush for me. Who would have ever imagined a mother finding pictures of young girls with their little pussy’s spread wide open for her son, then again I enjoy them as much as he does.

He will like this one, a skinny little brunette with a big cock buried all the way in her tiny asshole. White cum dripping out of her swollen lips, I’m dripping just looking at it. How many times have I seen Lisa’s ass dripping just like this picture. I am so addicted to that big dick of his, is that possible?

There is something about a young kid with a dick as big as a ruler that just makes me insatiable. Shawn looks as young as these girls on the computer do and I don’t know why but it drives me nuts every time I look at him with that monster dick of his sticking straight out. Maybe, it’s like when guys fuck those horny little eighteen year olds and feel how toned and tight they are, I have my own version and he is my son too. Can this really be happening?

Is he just a boy toy for Lisa (my best friend) and me to fuck until we are both satisfied? Or are we his whores who wait for that eleven-inch dick to fuck our pussy’s into submission. I am starting to wonder who is really in charge now, and then again-what does it matter as long as I keep getting satisfied.

At forty-three, I have slimmed down to the weight I was in college. All those diet’s that never worked cannot compare with the excitement of watching myself in the mirror as Shawn slides that snake in and out of me. I had to lose the fat or it just turned me off looking at my own reflection. Now my skinny thighs and butt look just like this girl on his computer, I never thought watching my own ass spreading itself wide open with each thrust of that big dick would turn me on so much. Slowly taking each inch, my greedy pussy devours that prick as often as it can.

Looking at him standing in the doorway toweling himself off, I can feel my heart racing as I marvel at his cock sticking straight out towards me. It still amazes me that I can actually take the whole length inside me, even more so with my ass. I was so afraid of anal sex but now it is just a necessity

“How do you like this pretty little pussy?” I say pointing to the picture on the computer.

“She looks just like you with cum dripping out of her.” He responds.

Slowly he walks towards me with that beautiful dick of his standing at attention. I’ll suck him dry tonight, I cannot believe how horny I am, it must be my period is due. Doesn’t matter anyway, all I want is in front of me.

“I forgot to tell you but I’m going out tonight.” He says so casually.

“Oh.” Is all I can think to say.

This is new, he has never done this before, certainly not since we’ve been fucking. Do I ask him who where he’s going? I feel like a jealous lover fearing the other woman. God, I am his mother but it still feels the same. Maybe I am just over reacting, that’s all it is, I’m sure.

“I met a new friend.” He adds.

Panic is all I feel right now, why do I feel like this? It might not even be a girl, for some reason it’s turning me on just thinking it might be a girl. Why though, the unknown perhaps or the thought of him fucking some little girl and then coming home to fuck me too. I am driving myself insane, I have to calm down and get to the business at hand.

“Just sit down baby and I’ll jerk that big cock of your’s till it shoots in my mouth.” I whisper in his ear.

Our nightly ritual, a picture to cum too and I get the reward shot into my mouth or pussy. Now pendik escort I am so nervous, Lisa and I have talked about the fact that one day he would meet someone his own age, is this what is going on? Jumping to conclusions about nothing and yet I am so nervous.

“C’mon baby, what do you want Mommy to do? Do you want to fuck me or how about a nice blowjob?” I ask as my hand begins it jerking rhythm.

I have broken our unwritten rule about acting out mother and son roles. We both more or less agreed it would be easier for both of us if we pretended that we were not related and now I have broken the rule.

I can tell by the way he’s stretching his legs and tensing his thighs that I must have hit a nerve, one that he likes too. If that turns him on, so what as long as he keeps fucking Lisa and me. I’ll drive him so wild he will keep thinking of me when he is out tonight.

“Mommy loves this big cock; it stretches her pussy every time it fucks her.” The words roll off my tongue as I lick his ear so seductively.

“I can’t believe what you’re doing to me.” He moans.

Looking at the picture of the young brunette with her asshole stuffed full with a big dick, I say, “I look just like her with that little ass stretched wide open, don’t you think?”

“I love looking at your ass, all the times you used to bend over I always imagined sliding my cock up that tight little ass of your’s and fucking you till you screamed.” He moans.

Now we are both breaking the rules, what else does he want to tell me, I guess now that we’re actually confronting it head on I want to know more of what he wanted to do to me? This is really turning me on now; I never thought that it would feel so exciting though.

“I used to jerk off every night just picturing what you looked like naked. Remember how Bobby and Tommy always hung around after the baseball games?” He asks me.

Funny but I always wondered if the boys were watching me, now I know why. The three of them checking me out and jerking off at night thinking about me. Wish I knew that, I’d really would have given them something to jerk off too. But they were just kids then and I could have gotten myself in real trouble.

“So, all the naughty boys used to jerk off picturing me with my legs spread wide open, all that cum could have drenched my tight little pussy.” I say teasing him even more as my hand begins to pump him faster.

“That’s it Mom, I can’t believe how hot you make me. Keep going, I’m goanna cum.” He moans as his dick begins to shoot out all that sticky cum.

“That’s it baby, shoot it all out, let me see that big cock spit it all out.” I say to him.

It’s just incredible watching him cum; each time is like the first for me. Is it because his dick is so big that he can cum so much? Six or seven jets shoot out of him, thick white gooo that I’ve learned to regard as part of my diet. A girl has to get vitamin E, doubt Doctor Graham would approve of the way I get it though.

Tensing his whole body, he fucks my hand as I milk the last of the semen out of his dick. How he still stays hard is beyond me, maybe he should be in porno’s like Amy (my younger sister) said. Once I finally talk her into joining Lisa and me fucking him, he won’t have anything left to give as far as porno’s are concerned.

Now my turn, my tongue and lips gorge on the feast he’s provided for me. I can tell he likes watching me suck down his cum, that dam dick of his just stays rock hard as I lick his chest like a kitten lapping up a bowl of milk. All that cum for me, thick white globs slide down my throat as I start to finger my clit. This is just too much to take, I feel like I am going to explode with excitement.

“Did you boys really fantasize about me?” I ask him as my fingers bring right to the edge of cumming.

“Every night, I’d jerk off picturing you in my head. Didn’t you ever wonder why we always stood behind the counter when you were vacuuming? Our dicks were kartal escort so hard we had to hide them from you.” He tells me.

I feel myself being swept away as my climax over takes me. It’s just incredible; I never thought sex could be this good. To think my son is the one who is driving me crazy is hilarious. And now knowing his friends wanted to fuck me too, I am beyond lust right now. The images in my head as I cum are incredible, we could have an orgy one day with everyone wanting to fuck me.

Ten thirty and he’s still not home, am I a worried parent or a jealous lover? Both is the answer, ten thirty isn’t late but it sure feels like it. What do I do when he comes home? I need to be serviced, I need it bad. Hard and wet, my pussy and his dick make a great team; I hope he comes to take me.

Finally, I hear the car coming down the driveway; lord please let him take care of me. I know it’s a sin to ask but I need it, that ache just keeps getting worse. Only getting fucked takes it away.

The past three hours have been agony for me; even talking to Lisa just gets both of us filled with dread. Did he find some sweet young thing to take our place? What are we going to do if he doesn’t want to fuck us anymore?

Slowly my door opens, “Mom, you awake?” He asks.

He’s naked, that big erection just sticking straight out for me to gaze at, he wants my pussy too I can tell. Take me and fuck my brains out, empty your balls deep inside me as I beg for more. You can do what ever you want, ass or pussy, I don’t care.

Approaching the bed, he just lets his dick slowly approach my lips. Like a scene out of a porno, I work my tongue up the full length of his cock. I instantly taste and smell the unmistakable traces of another woman’s pussy. It tastes just like Lisa’s but I know it isn’t hers, I don’t know why but I’m not turned off or offended either, quite the opposite. I wonder why that is though.

“You’ve been fucking some little girl, haven’t you?” I ask.

My mouth devourers his cock as I lick him furiously. For some reason, it always turns me on when I suck him after he fucks Lisa. The taste and scent are just so intoxicating to me. And now I’m licking and sucking the remnants off his cock of some little whore he just fucked and liking it too.

“She has a tight little pussy just like your’s.” He tells me.

My son the stud, I should have known this might happen. I should have called Amy sooner and maybe if she joined us, this might not have happened.

“Did you like fucking her?” I ask like a jealous lover.

All in one motion, he rolls me over and puts a pillow under my stomach as I lay there with my ass sticking up waiting to be assaulted by his hungry dick. Three times in one night, this kid is incredible and he’s all mine.

“She squealed like a school girl when she felt my balls against her thighs, she never had a dick this big split her open before. I pumped that pussy just like I’m going to do your’s.” He tells me.

This is happening too fast, I cannot even process what is going on at such a rapid rate. I feel him slide into me, not going slow either, just deep strokes that drive me crazy. That big dick just pumping me like there’s no tomorrow, his balls bouncing off my ass with each thrust.

“Did you fuck her like this?” I ask.

“Exactly like this, balls deep.” He answers me.

I can feel him stop and I know he is doing something but the sensation of having an eleven-inch dick buried deep inside me doesn’t make me the least bit curious. Just keep fucking me is all my pussy keeps screaming.

“I’m fucking her just like I fucked you; do you want to talk to her?” I hear him ask someone. What the hell is going on? A cell phone all of a sudden drops in front of me, he called the girl he fucked earlier and now he gives me the phone.

Instantly, I feel my pussy being fucked so hard I can hardly believe it. Both his arms are straddling me like he is doing push maltepe escort ups on top of me, his dick taking those long strokes that drive me crazy. My pussy is stretching wide open for each thrust; in a state like this, I’ll do anything.

“You wouldn’t believe how tight her little pussy was, it’s just like your’s is right now. Wet and tight just like I like it.” He taunts me.

His dick is unrelenting as it just keeps burying itself in me without mercy, my fingers search for my clit but the phone in front of me keeps beckoning to me. Who could it be? Does she know I am his mother, I can’t take it any longer as my cunt and head are both telling me to pick up the phone.

Without warning, I’m thrust on my side and watch as Shawn lubes that giant cock with KY, I know what’s coming next and like a patron in a movie theater I watch his cock starts to slide slowly into my asshole. Thank god, Lisa set the mirrors up, seeing every detail is beyond what words can describe; feeling myself being stretched wide open is incredible.

I feel almost guilty as I leer at my own son’s body, he could pass for an eighteen-year-old high school kid. Those toned arms and legs are magnificent, no body hair either, I shave my pussy and he keeps that cock just as manicured as my cunt. The flat abs are highlighted by that incredible dick that is slowly disappearing into my ass.

“That’s it baby; drive into me up to your balls.” I squeal.

My fingers find my clit, what better way to cum than being reamed in the ass. Twice in one night, I could get used to this arrangement real fast.

“I’m fucking her in the ass now and she’s rubbing her clit. My dick is buried all the way up to my balls in her tight little asshole.” I hear him say.

The phone, I forgot about the phone, I’m so fucking hot right now, I don’t care who it is. I’ll talk to the little whore and describe every detail. That big dick just keeps pumping my ass.

“Give me the phone, I’ll tell your little pussy girl what you’re doing to me.” I moan.

Holding the phone, I don’t even think twice when I say, “So you little whore, did you get your little pussy stretched tonight?”

“Not as much as you’re getting your ass stretched.” I hear her say.

Then it hits me, “Amy, is that you? ” I ask.

“I thought you’d never pick the dam phone up, that son of your’s almost killed me that big dick of his.” She replies.

“That was your pussy I tasted on him.” I moan as Shawn starts pumping me furiously, I know he’s going to cum any second and rub my clit in rhythm with his dick pounding me.

“He’s goanna cum and I’m right on the edge too. Oh My God, he’s shooting in my ass. You wouldn’t believe how it feels; I can feel the hot jets of cum shooting in me. You can’t imagine how it feels to have a dick that big in your ass and shooting all that spunk at the same time.” I moan into the phone.

“C’mon Kath, finger yourself, rub that pussy until you scream. ” She tells me.

She’s just as bad as Lisa and me; she will fit right in with us too. My fingers rub my clit wanting to make me cum while that monster is still stuffed inside me. Just a few seconds more and I’ll be there too, rub fingers rub, do your job and get me off.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming, I love watching his cum drip out of my ass when I cum. Pull it out slowly and let me see that big dick covered with cream. C’mon baby, I’m almost there, show me that dick sliding out my ass.” I squeal into the phone.

This kid has learned so much these past few months, he has become not only a fantastic lover but he has developed a flare for the dramatic as well. He masterfully pulls his dick ever so slowly out of me, my eyes riveted on to the mirror watching almost in disbelief. Thick white globs of cum ooze out of my ass as his cock retreats ever so slowly.

My fingers frantically bring my climax closer and closer, almost there; just a little bit more and I’ll get myself off. I can feel the wave over taking me, I love this feeling, God I do, sin or not but I do love it.

“So, how did you and the stud hook up?” I ask Amy a few minutes later.

“I asked him to look at my computer and it just happened to have a nasty video on it and…..you know the rest.” She replies.

“Welcome to the harem.” I tell her.

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