A Mother is a Boy’s Best Friend

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She caught him. On the bed, naked, his hand wrapped around his hard dick James was busted. Even though he was nineteen and almost out the house he was still her son and she was still his mother and though he’d jerked off many times before being caught was bad, especially by his mother and he knew it.

James knew it from the bulge in her eyes as she came towards him, her slender limbs taking her across the distance quickly.

“Mom I…” he began to say but frowned. She wasn’t listening.

Her eyes were on his dick, which he still held.

James let go; it stood easily, already pumped with blood, hard and ready for stimulation.

“Mom, are you ok? Let me get some pants…”

His mother’s eyes rose to his and she smiled. “Why honey?”

It was James’ turn to be surprised. bahis firmaları

“You’re a BIG boy and you have stuff to get out your system.”

James watched her as she bent and touched his dick, running her hand up from his nuts to the head and back down before she wrapped her hands around it and squeezed.

James gasped and leaned forward slightly. Was she playing? Was this her punishment to him? What was she doing? These were just some of the questions running through his mind as she started stroking him with her hand, sliding her it the full length of his shaft slowly.

James closed his eyes and leaned back.

She stopped.

He opened his eyes and looked down; ready to sit up when her mouth enveloped his dick and began the rhythmic motion that he’d seen only one in a kaçak iddaa porno at a friend’s, the movement that was part of giving head. His mother was giving him a blowjob. Disbelief faded. Her teeth ran against the shaft as she went down and faded as she came up to the head, trying to stick her tongue inside the small opening of his shaft.

The tingle brought a moan to James’ lips. His back arched slightly. He liked it. He wanted more. He wanted the fire of her mouth over his shaft. He placed his hand on her head and forced her deeper onto it.

Obliging, she began pumping him with her hand and her mouth, pulling on him as if she was sucking from a straw. She was going faster, each time reaching the head she would wrap her tongue around the rim and pull before going back down the shaft.

“Yes,” kaçak bahis was the word that escaped James’ lips as she began to slide faster around his dick, her head bobbing rapidly in his hands, and the desire to cum rising in him. The tingling in his dick was getting to better of him, the feeling of the rush beginning overwhelmed him.

He couldn’t stop it.

She continued, going faster and faster, her hand around his dick, holding it still as her lips moved around his shaft, filling her mouth.

James erupted inside her mouth gasping as his cum rushed out into her.

He was weak but not too weak to notice she was still sucking on him, still pulling the cum from inside his dick, drinking it down as if it were nutrients.

When she pulled off his dick, he was clean, but his dick was wet with her saliva.

He sat up, looking her directly in the eyes.

She licked her lips and said, “Don’t tell your dad, but next time call me, when you need to get stuff out your system.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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