A Mole in the House Ch. 08

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~*~*~ Good things come to those that wait ~*~*~

“…to recap what we know so far…at 9pm eastern standard time the President had just taken the stage to give the keynote address when a Secret Service agent ran onto the stage yelling ‘Bomb’. He grabbed the President, pushing him away from the podium at the exact moment the bomb went off…the President HAS survived the bomb blast, miraculously with only minor injuries but we understand the Secret Service agent that so valiantly saved his life is in critical condition.”

One minute later…

“We have just been told that among the dead from the bomb blast are Prince Abdullah of Egypt, the leader of the Islam movement who had just walked away from the podium after introducing the President and his aide, Fazil Al-Wazi. They were stuck by an overhead light that was displaced as a result of the bomb blast killing them instantly. Two other members of the delegation, whose names have not been released, lost their lives as well. Scores of people in the audience were injured from flying shrapnel and debris. Most were treated at the scene and released with only a handful taken to the hospital.

“We will keep you updated as information comes in but once again, the President has survived the bomb attack with reports of only minor injuries. He is being treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital where we have been told he will remain overnight for observation…”

Winston Jefferson Davis Harper, the most Honorable Senator, retired, from Virginia clicked the TV remote to another channel watching another repeat of the horrific after effects of the bombing that had occurred ten hours earlier. At sixty-seven years old Winston felt old and tired. After trying for so many years to prevent violence like this, it made him suddenly feel his age and that all the years of dedicated work was for naught. Death should come to everyone at an old age after living a full life, not at the hands of an insane, fanatical bastard like Prince Abdullah.

To anyway that googled Winston Harper they would see that he had spent over thirty years acting as the nation’s most beloved Senator whom, even though he was retired, everyone still went to for advice. The older statesmen in both the Senate and the House look up to him, the younger ones were in awe of him and men like President Robert Dawson confide in him and called him a friend.

There had been too many years that too many people wanted him to take that next step and ‘throw his hat in’ and make the bid for the Oval Office but Winston wanted no part of that. He liked the life he led and even though he was a public figure he still maintained somewhat of a private life. To this day it still amazed him that for almost eighteen years no one knew, other than whoever the current President was sitting in the Oval Office, that Winston ran one of the most covert intelligence agency’s that ever existed.

Winston made the decision five years earlier, with the rise of violence in the Middle East, to retire from the Senate to dedicate himself solely to what he considered his real job. He had given thirty two years to the Senate but his heart, soul and energies had always been directed to the agency that bore no name.

The premise had been so simple, recruit the best and the brightest people disperse them all over the world with their only job being to immerse themselves into the cultures of whatever country they were in and gather information that would be vital to both the US and the world.

Security was the key. No one knew more than they had to know. Each operative only knew two people – his handler and the admin they communicated with. The lives they all lived before joining the agency were secreted away with only two people knowing everyone’s true identity, Winston and his nephew. No one knew who he was and he had come to like being referred to as ‘the old man’. To him it was a sign of honor.

Now all of that appeared to have come to an end. He had all but shut the agency down sending everyone back to the lives they had prior to coming to work for him. He had lost an operative in the field, a first in the history of the agency, and another was in surgery his life hanging in the balance.

His agency had been infiltrated, something he never thought could have happened. He was always so cautious about keeping security at the maximum but he had come to realize that Abdullah was a brilliant man that had perfected the art of manipulating people to do what he said or give him the information he wanted.

When Winston finally realized there was a mole in their midst he couldn’t figure out how that could have happened but as the days droned on and things played out he came to recognize that the only way it could have happened was from the very top – from the one person that had total control over every agency working within the United States governmental system, the President of the United States.

Flipping to another channel kurtköy sınırsız escort he caught the latest update. It was just after seven in the morning, the President was awake and had just stood at the window of his hospital room and waved to the hoards of press that were camped out at the hospital.

“…to repeat our top stories…the Presidential doctor held a press conference about twenty minutes ago letting us know that the President suffered minor cuts and bruises, a dislocated shoulder from the Secret Service agent pulling him out of the line of the blast and a gash in his right leg from flying shrapnel that required stitches. We have now been informed the Secret Service agent, whose name still has not been released, is still in surgery. We have been told he is suffering from severe head trauma, a broken leg, as well as several open wounds that required suturing. There is no update on his condition. It goes without saying that our thoughts and prayers go out to this brave man and his family that put his life on the line to protect the President.”

The President! Winston had to swallow the bile he tasted whenever a reporter said his name. In such a short period of time he had come to loath the man that once was his friend.

Standing he walked over to the small sofa along the bank of windows in the room. His nephew had finally drifted off to sleep but he could see the pain and concern etched on his young face. He envied his nephew. He had his whole life ahead of him whereas Winston felt his was turning the corner on the last few chapters.

He was feeling sorry for himself. He knew that and didn’t even bother to stop the bad thoughts. He had so many blessings in his life but with Steve’s life hanging in the balance and his nephew so distraught over everything that had happened he couldn’t help but feel he had let so many people down for not being able to prevent everything that happened.

Trying to snap himself out of his funk he looked at his nephew and remembered back to when he was that age. It seemed like just yesterday, geez how quickly the years flew by, that he was the apple of every woman’s eye and the star of the hill. People compared his looks to those of Clark Cable. He had kept himself in good shape, working out religiously and eating conservatively to maintain his lean six foot body. He was a well sought after bachelor that could have his pick of any of the Washington and Virginia socialites but chose instead to live a quiet private life away from the glitz and glamour of politics and the prying eyes of the press.

He had done the obligatory marriage thing when he was younger but that didn’t last and thankfully there were no children. When his nephew’s parents were killed in a car accident he took over the task of raising him. He provided materialistically for the boy but never gave him the love of family he probably should have. It was just something Winston never felt capable of giving anyone. There was always something more important that he needed to tend to. As Mr. Spock so aptly put it – the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few…or the one.

Even without a solid parental influence his nephew turned out to be an intelligent and forgiving adult who bore no ill will towards his uncle. Although he felt he didn’t deserve it Winston held a certain amount of pride in how his nephew turned out. The boy, now a man, lived his life openly and honestly without caring what other people felt about his choices…and now at his young age had found love. Did it matter to Winston that he was in love with another man? Not at all. As long as the feeling between the two men was mutual, which he believed it was, he was happy and only wanted the best for them.

Winston had bypassed the emotional desire to be loved and to love someone for something he found more enticing – sexual gratification. He had led an ordinary life with sex coming his way whenever he wanted it until fifteen years ago when Desiree Williams came into his life.

Desiree was a light skinned stunning Jamaican woman he hired to manage his house and staff on the three hundred plus acre farm he owned outside of Fredericksburg. Winston had always had a passion for full-figured buxom women and Desiree more than filled that bill. At five foot eleven she was a solidly built woman with long legs, a pussy that was always wet and a size 42 GG natural chest. Winston fully admitted to himself that he hired her because he hoped one day he could bury his face in her magnificent globes.

For six months long months Winston lusted after the Jamaican beauty until the night he finally bucked up the courage to tell her how much he wanted her. Desiree smiled her toothy ear-to-ear smiled, slapped her thigh and told him it was about time!

Winston couldn’t believe his good fortune that first time they were together. She was a wild woman in bed who loved to have her tits fucked and sucked – something he maltepe otele gelen escort was enthusiastic about doing also. He soon came to find out that not only did she like attention paid to her tits but she loved to be fucked and not only in her pussy. He loved hearing her screams of pleasure filling the room every time he shoved his cock as deeply as he could into her.

Their sex life was never boring with Desiree always coming up with new and exciting things to try and do. She was a woman that loved to experiment not only with different positions and sexual scenarios but with toys that both of them enjoyed. Early on Winston decided his favorite was the strap on dildo that Desiree would don and fuck him just a wildly in his ass as he fucked hers.

He knew he should have been shocked and/or mortified after two years of being together Desiree brought another person to their bed and introduced him to man-sex – but for some reason he wasn’t. He knew that Desiree knew him better than any woman had ever known him and if she felt she he would enjoy man-sex then he was more than willing to try it.

Abraham was twenty five years old when he came the farm years earlier. He was a handsome black man that had graduated with honors from culinary school and had come to work in Winston’s kitchen. Five years later he was the head chef and along with Desiree supervised the small kitchen staff.

Desiree and Winston never spoke about or acknowledged that they were in a relationship but over the years neither of them felt the need to look elsewhere for sex. It was only after one of Winston’s longer trips away from the farm that Desiree’s desires got the best of her and with an urging from Winston, she decided to seek out a ‘quickie’ with Abraham, whom she found very attractive.

She also wanted to try him out as a possible third person to fulfill one of her more erotic fantasies – a threesome with a man at each of her tits and a cock in each of her holes.

Desiree wasn’t the type of woman that beat around the bush and one evening, after the rest of the staff had gone for the evening she invited Abraham to her room. Desiree found out soon enough that although Abraham was a virile, sexy man he wasn’t attracted to her – or any woman for that matter. Instead of being disappointed Desiree was giddy with excitement at the revelation knowing full well that he would be a perfect gift for Winston.

She didn’t want to try to change him but she was horny and needed to get off. Without any embarrassment she asked him to masturbate for her while she play with herself. Abraham was shocked at first but as they spoke more he realized that it might be an interesting experience. He had never been this close to a woman and even though in the past he had only enjoyed the company of men he harbored a certain amount of curiosity about women. After a few minutes of talking with her he boldly stood and unzipped his pants and took out his cock…and Desiree for the first time in her life was nearly speechless.

Between his legs he sported a ten inch thick cock that was the most beautiful instrument she had ever seen. Whereas most women would think about riding that cock to hell and back, all she could think about was how much she wanted to see his cock stroking slowly in and out of Winston’s needy ass.

Desiree stripped for him and started rubbing herself while she watched Abraham stroke himself. He alternated between upstrokes strokes with his thumb rubbing over the massive mushroom capped head to downward strokes where he looked like he was pulling his cock trying to make it even longer. These downward strokes seemed to have a more beneficial effect as more precum dripped from his dark slit. Desiree was salivating to run her tongue and taste his sweetness but respected his sexual preferences and contented herself to watch. Instead she decided she would settle for him shooting his load on her tits and then he could watch her lick herself clean.

“May I tell you a secret?” He asked moving closer to her on the bed.

“Of course, you can tell me anything.”

“This is the first time I’ve been this close to a woman.”


“And all I can think about is that pussy of yours gets mighty wet. I’d love to use some your juices to lubricate my cock while I play with it.”

“Help yourself…” she moaned excited at the prospect of him touching her.

Abraham was reticent at first but finally moved even closer to her. It wasn’t the pussy he went for first it was her enormous tits he found he wanted to touch. Even his large hands couldn’t cover the enormity of them and the nipples were so long and hard he couldn’t help but pull of them. Desiree was instantly in heaven and let Abraham explore a woman for the first time in his life.

An hour later Desiree was on her hands and knees and Abraham was fucking her ass shooting his cum deep inside of her, staying hard and fucking kartal rus escort her more until he came again. She only let him rest for a few minutes until his cock was hard again before she mounted him, shoving his cock back in her ass and rode him to two more orgasms.

A week later Winston returned from his trip and walked into his bedroom to find Desiree lying naked on the bed, playing with her pussy, while Abraham was on his knees on the floor watching her.

“I’ve brought you a present,” she said in her lilting Jamaican voice, “Abraham loves to suck cock…and I know how much you love to have your cock sucked so why not? I’m sure he can do it better than I can anyway…” She smiled her big toothy grin and continued rubbing her clitoris letting both Winston and Abraham see her glistening wetness.

Nothing could have prepared Winston for the ultimate pleasure that Abraham brought him. Desiree was correct, as she usually was, when she said Abraham would know how to suck cock. At first he was reticent but when his cock suddenly went traitorous on him by going rock hard he shrugged and said, ‘why not’ and stepped up to Abraham’s waiting mouth.

Abraham sucked the full length of Winston’s long cock into his mouth showing both Winston and Desiree how much he appreciated the taste of men. His moans soon filled the room as Winston slid his cock in and out of Abraham’s talented mouth and within minutes he was shooting a big wet load deep down his throat.

From that night on Desiree, in all of her beauty and kinkiness took on the role of their puppet-mistress.

The first time Desiree told Abraham she wanted to see his big black cock slide into Winston’s white ass both men stared gapped mouth at her. It didn’t take Winston too long to decide that he was more than willing to try it. From the first time he watched Abraham stroke his spectacular cock and shoot the largest load he had ever seen across Desiree breasts he had secretly fantasized that one day he would shoot a bigger wet load deep in his ass.

Desiree lubed Winston ass, preparing him with one, then two, then three fingers in his ass. By the time she removed her fingers he was nearly begging for Abraham to fuck him. Abraham lubed his own cock and knelt behind Winston. For some reason he was nervous, more so than when he fucked Desiree in the ass that first night. He knew that Winston had never felt a real cock in his ass and more than anything he didn’t want to hurt him. Desiree stood behind Abraham coaxing him, cooing them both on with her sing-songy voice as she watched inch after inch of his beautiful fat cock slowly disappear into Winston.

It surprised Winston how easily Abraham’s huge cock slide into him. He loved how deep he went and how full he felt as he pushed into him, then pulled out slightly and pushed in deeper. Then came the moment that Abraham’s cock hit Winston’s sweet spot and both of them groaned in unison, Winston from the exquisite feeling of this massive cock rubbing his sweet spot and Abraham from the glorious tightness of Winston’s ass. The moment Winston felt Abraham’s cock thicken and start to pulse deep in his ass his own cock exploded with the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced in his life. He found himself pushing against Abraham wanting more and more of him in his ass never wanting the feeling to end.

Over the years the three of them explored the realms of their sexuality. Desiree loved to have Winston at her breasts knowing how much he worshipped them and her fantasy of having both men filling her while sucking her tits came true on many occasions. She especially love that they usually all came at the same time, glorying in the heavenly experiences they shared together. There was many a morning that the three of them woke up together in Winston’s oversized bed…and simply started all over again.


Lawrence opened his eyes and panic filled him again. He sat up and looked around the room.

“Uncle?” He called out. Torn from his thoughts Winston stood and walked over and sat down next to his nephew. “Any news?” Tears pooled in his eyes again.

“I spoke to the nurse an hour ago. He’s out of surgery and in recovery… they …uh…they had to remove a piece of his skull to relieve the pressure from the swelling…and they are going to keep him in a medically induced coma until they are sure the swelling has subsided…as soon as he’s stable they’ll bring him down…it should be within the hour…”

“Will he live? Will he be okay?” Lawrence asked. There was so much desperation in his voice.

“There is hope…all the initial signs are positive…but we really won’t know until they can bring him out of the coma and see how he reacts. Right now his EEG is stable and we have hope.”

“Yes…hope…we always have to have hope…” Lawrence didn’t even try to stop his tears. He just leaned into his uncle’s chest and let the torrent of fear and anxiety go.

True to their word Steve, still under the guise of Aaron Mitchell, was brought to the room an hour later. Lawrence and Winston had to stay outside the room while they set-up and aligned the ventilator system that would keep him alive and give him a cursory exam. A half hour later he walked out of the room his face unreadable.

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