A Model Cousin Pt. 05

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The photos from our last set came out really good. Aside from getting an unbelievable taboo sexual experience out of it, they were – and I’m not just saying this to jerk myself off – really good photos.

At this point, my cousin had been in my apartment a little over 2 months. With my help, her blog and her website had been getting a lot of traction. People really enjoyed seeing her body, and with every new set getting more and more graphic, I don’t blame them. Lucky for me, I got to see it every day, because by now, her walking around the house in just underwear or just a bra, had become an almost daily occurrence. The other day when I came from shopping I walked in to see her wearing just a t-shirt and no underwear, bending over at the fridge. Talk about a warm welcome.

We both knew at this point, too though, that’d she’d be leaving in a couple of weeks. It’d be difficult for us to keep our arrangement with her living back at home. It wasn’t too far away, but with how often we shoot, it’d take quite a toll on both our gas funds. We needed to figure something out.

One pleasant evening we were sitting around the living room eating dinner, both our pajamas, talking about photography and modeling with the TV on faintly in the background. With a bit of a somber tone, she mentioned to me that her younger brother, and in turn, my younger cousin, found her Tumblr and he’d seen all our photos. All of them.

“Shit, how?!” I asked in surprise.

“I’m an idiot. I completely forgot my Tumblr is linked to my alt Instagram account that I made a while back. I should never let him follow it.” she replied.

“Why was he looking?!”

“I don’t know, cause he’s fuckin’ weird! God, this makes me uncomfortable.”

“He saw all of them? Like, even the ones we did 2 nights ago in your bedroom?”

“Yeah. That’s on there. It has like…1,100 notes last time I checked.”


“Yeah, and I think he’s probably gonna tell my mom. Which means going back home is gonna be Hell.”

I paused for a moment.

“Nonsense.” I said. “It’s like you said – you’re adult and you can do what you want. Who cares what Aunt Jackie thinks?”

“Yeah, but it goes beyond that. Think about the fact that my brother, my fucking brother, saw my tits, my ass, close-ups of my vagina, me with a penis in my mouth and then cum on my face. My fucking brother. I’ll never be able to look at him the same again.”

We sat is silence for a while. Was this my fault? Did I cause this?

Eventually, I mustered up some courage. I put my hand on her thigh gently, and said: “Hey, look, cousin. If you don’t want go back home, you’re more than welcome to stay permanently here. I’ll put your name on the lease when I renew it next month.”

Slowly, her face became aglow with red adoration. “Really?! You’d let me stay here?” she screamed.

“Yeah! It’s no worries. I enjoy having you around.”

“Oh my god, thank you thank you thank you so much! You’re the best cousin ever.!”

With her dinner plate in hand, she leaned and gave me a hug, then planted a big, lipstick-smeared kiss on my cheek. Even though she had lips on my cock just a couple nights ago, somehow that was the most unexpected thing she’s done.

She got up from the couch holding her dinner saying “I’m gonna go call my mom. Tell her fuck off.”

We both laughed together and it was pleasant.

So that was it. We were officially roommates. Her sweet ass that I remembered from my childhood wasn’t going anywhere. And neither was my camera. My mind started racing thinking of all the things we could shoot now that we had all the time in the world.

2 days or so later, I was alone at the apartment while she went out with friends to the beach. We were texting back and forth – as roommates do – about money and fixing things in the apartment. Eventually the conversation turned more casual.

ME: So how’s the beach? Catchin’ some rays?

ELENA: Yeeeeeesssssssss finally! 🙂 Been tryna go with my girls since I got to town. I love that you love so close to this.

ME: Yeah, that beach is really nice. We should do a shoot there one day


ME: Haha hell yeah. That’ll be dope

ME (again): Hey speaking of shooting, down for another one in your room tonight? I’ve been looking at the last ones we did and I think we could do a sequel series

ELENA: Yeah sure cuzz! I’d love to do more in that style.

ELENA (again): Are you gonna be my co-model again?

ME: Yes of course ya now I actually really enjoyed it last time. I was worried about being on camera in that fashion but the more I look at the photos the more im comfortable with it.

ELENA: That’s so good cousin!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

She came home late – probably around 11:00. I was in my room when she came home, but I’d been waiting, so I immediately knocked on the door to our bathroom when I heard her jump in the shower.

“Yeah?” she said through the muffle.

I stuck my head in and asked “Are we still bahis firmaları shootin’ tonight? I thought you’d be home a lot earlier.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. We caught a movie afterwards. Go set up your stuff and I’ll be in about 10 minutes.”

I sat on a chair in her room waiting 10 minutes later with everything already set up. It was weird being in her room by myself, but I suppose it wasn’t the weirdest thing to happen to me in there recently.

She emerged from the bathroom already completely nude. Either she knew she was going to be nude for the shoot, or she regularly doesn’t bring clothes with her in the bathroom after a shower. Either way, it was a nice surprise. Her hair wasn’t still dripping, but it was very much still noticeably newly wet.

“I figured maybe… I don’t know your ideas for this one are but I figured…kinda wet hair would cool, no?” she said as she scrubbed it half-assed one-handed with a towel.

“Stop. Don’t move an inch.” I blurted out.

The light from behind her in the bathroom made a glow around her as if she were a naked angel. My naked angel. s

“That’s perfect.” I said as I snatched the camera off the tripod and took a quick B&W photo from my view in the chair. It was a head to toe full nude with a soft focus. Somehow I’d never taken one like this before.

“Puts your hands on your hips.” I told her.

She put the towel down on the bathroom sink behind her and put her hands on her hips while doing a kind of curvy 1950s housewife pose. It was adorable and extremely arousing at the same time.

“Bam, perfect. First 2 down already.” I said.

She closed the bathroom door with the light still on and sat on her bed a few feet in front of me. “So…what ideas do you have for this sequel? Are we still sticking to the idea of me exploring my more erotic, more physical side?” she asked.

“Yes. I really liked the idea.”

“Well, I’m glad. I’m proud of it.” she said as she smiled. “So what’s first? Or…third?”

“Alright, first one is just you smiling in a close-up. But like…lean your head and down cover your mouth with your fingers all spread out.”

She got right away what I was going for. Snap, snap, snap, snap.

“Alright, next, lean completely over on the bed like you’re curled up in a ball with your butt facing towards the camera.”

She did.

“Then look back at me and smile.”

And what a beautiful smile it was. Snap, snap, snap, snap.

“Okay, now hang tight. This where I have to get hard again.”

I put the camera to the side, and immediately pulled my shorts and underwear off.

“Oooo, look at you already getting yourself involved.” She responded as she sat up into a normal position and smiled at me.

I stood there for about 2 minutes jerking off and playing with myself completely naked in front of my cousin again. In some ways, just the act of her sitting there, also naked, watching me, was almost enough for me that I didn’t need touching. If I didn’t need to control myself, I probably would have squirted on the carpet right there after another 90 seconds.

After I had made myself veins-throbbing hard I told her, “Alright, get on the bed and lay flat.”

She obeyed without saying a word.

“Alright so…” I said while I mounted her upper torso like last time, “I’m just gonna dangle my dick right over you, and you stick your tongue out like you’re trying to reach it.

She stuck her moist tongue all the way out. It was a perfect opportunity to cum, if I had to. I bet she shallows.

Snap, snap, snap, snap.

“Alright, then the next one is a little weird, so if you’re not down with it that’s cool.” I said with dick still pointed down at her.

“Shoot.” she replied, curiously.

“I’m gonna kneel down on the other side and my balls are gonna be pressed against your forehead, so that my dick lays across your face.”

“Haha, that is a little weird but I can give it a shot.”

“Awesome!” I said as I swung around the other side and got into position.

I laid my slightly sweaty testicles on my cousin’s forehead and my dick laid strewn out across her smiling face.

She kept her grin as I took the photo. Snap, snap, snap. It looked good to me.

“Alright, next one, um…” I started. “Are you comfortable kissing me on the mouth?”

She shrugged nonchalantly, and puttered out “Yeah.”

“Awesome.” I said as moved out of position on put the camera on the tripod next to her dresser. “I didn’t know just cause that’s not an area we’ve touched before.”

“Yeah, but it’s not biggie. It’s for the photo. So how is this one set up?”

“Sit up in the middle of the bed and face the wall.” I said as I jumped behind the tripod. “Alright…”

As soon as she was into position I framed it up. It was perfect – her body and bottom of her head was all that visible on the left side.

“Now I’m only gonna be showing my mouth in this.” I said. “I’m gonna put it on a 30 second timer. We’re gonna make out for about that time, and then kaçak iddaa it’ll take 25 photos in the span of about 3 seconds.

I hit the button on the camera and sat down in front of her on the bed.

Neither of us spoke, but in seconds, we were making out. Kissing passionately. Our tongues violently rubbed together as I sucked her mouth. My cousin tasted delicious.

We both started to breathe heavy as we kissed. It was beginning to get genuinely passionate, from both parties. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, so I just put them on her thighs, which were as smooth as a brand new wax candle.

Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap. The camera clicked off in rapid succession. We continued kissing for a number of seconds after, but immediately realized we had to stop. This was professional work, after all.

“Alright, now…”

“Hold on, keep the camera where it is.” She suddenly interrupted me. “Come on my side…”

“Okaaaaay?” I said and I curiously obeyed.

“Alright, then get on your knees with your penis out. We should get some more formal ones of me giving a blowjob.”

That sounded like a good plan to me. As not to break my position, I told her the direction on how to set up the timer to be longer and have it be a more rapid succession of photos. This time – a 30 second wait for 100 photos back to back.

Then, she pushed the button and quickly bounced over to the bed again to suck my dick. It felt just as good, if not better than last time, to have my beautiful cousin’s warm mouth wrapped around my cock. I could feel her sticky saliva coating the edges of my cock while she bobbed her head in out and all fours.

Then she got down and sit criss-cross on the bed. From this position, she was able to lick my penis from the underside bottom all the way to the base. And suck on the head while one of her hands was on her tit and the other was fondling and massaging my balls. Now that was a sight I wanted to see again.

As she started jerking me off with my cock laying still in her lips, the clicking of the camera stopped. She stopped suddenly, letting go off my dick.

“More?” I eagerly asked.

“No, that should be good. I got another one.”

“What is it?”

“Grab the camera again and lay flat on your back.”


I did as she asked, and within moments I was again laying on my back on her bed with my absolutely red throbbing member pointing up at the ceiling. A bit of pre-cum had started to accumulate through her giving me oral just a minute ago.

“Alright, take a really detailed close-up of this.” she said.

Without any warning, she pushed my penis flat against my belly, leaned her body in, and sat on my cock, resting her pussy lips against the underside of the shaft.

Jesus fucking Christ. My cousin’s vagina and my penis were touching. I know it wasn’t technically in, and she wasn’t moving, but skin-to-skin contact has been made.

I wanted to savor the moment.

“Alright, give me a second to readjust.” I said.

I adjusted some setting on the camera while my cousin sat there quietly, her pussy resting against my naked dick.

“Aaaaand good.”

Snap, snap, snap, snap.

“Got any more?” I asked.

“Nope.” She shook her head. “We can go back to yours now.”

We did a few more: One where she was by herself pushing her tits together, one where she sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs completely open, and one from an upward angle where she was touching of the tip of my balls with her tongue. That was difficult to frame and we had to do at least 10 tries, but I wasn’t complaining.

Now it was time for the big one. There was no turning back.

“Okay, so,” I started saying to her. “I really like photos with a lot of blank space at the bottom and very full on the top. I have an idea to use for that here, but I think it might be a little risky.”

“Cousin, I’m sure I can handle it given how for we’ve come. Tell me it.”

“Okay, so I’m gonna be putting my penis about a quarter way into your behind. No thrusting or anything obviously, but from an above angle, the two combined shapes will make an interesting visual.”

She didn’t even think about. Almost instantly, she said “Yeah, I get the idea. That sounds really cool! Let’s do it.”

My eyes widened faster than rainfall as she got on all fours on the middle of the bed.

I swung my dick around in my hand as I approached the edge of the bed.

“Come to the edge. It’ll be easer for me.” I said.

She silently crawled backwards until her ankles hung off the edge of the bed. Her asshole was now wide open, beckoning for my member to come to it.

“Alright, let’s try this.”

With one hand, I picked up my dick and pointed it at my beautiful cousin’s anal opening. I slowly moved my hips forward, and before I knew it, I was in.

My cock was in my cousin’s ass.

Snap, snap, snap, snap.

I groaned silently to myself.

“Would you mind if I go in a little further? kaçak bahis It doesn’t look right.” I asked.

“Yeah, go ahead.”

I went in about a quarter inch more and snapped two more. That was it. The way I wanted it.

“Alright, that’s good.” I said.

We got out of position and I continued: “Alright, uh, that’s all the ideas I had for this one. You got any more?”

“Of course I have more, cuz. I have millions.” she replied.

We did a close up shot of her rubbing her clit. She made herself wet and the detail my camera captured in the moisture on her fingers was amazing. It almost had a reflection.

After this, she asked with a very serious tone in her voice, “Are you still worried about getting your face in the photos?”


She started scooting over the edge of the bed, her pussy moving towards me now. What was she up to?

“Okay, well,” she started. “See if you can frame it up with the camera angle from the bed so that if you were licking my vagina all you would see is mouth and my body.”

Here I am, heaven again.

I did as she requested. It was difficult to get the camera flat on the bed with her body pushing the weight down into the mattress, but nonetheless, I set the timer and placed into position as best I could.

“So how should I do it?” I had to ask.

“Just put your tongue right on it and start licking up and down. Try to move your head too much. There should be more me in frame than you.”

I reached for the camera, hit the button, and started moving my tongue up and down on my cousin’s pussy. It slid around smoothly like fresh spackle. She tasted wonderful, almost sweet, and the warmness of her lower area in general made a comfortable feeling on my face.

About 30 seconds later, the snapping of the camera went off. Elena picked up at looked at it herself, then showed it to me. Too much of my face was in frame for comfort.

We tried it two more times, but the same problem still persisted.

“I don’t think it’s possible from the angle, cuz.” I explained.

We tried it again, but closer on the other side, but it just didn’t look good.

“Sorry, cuz, but I don’t think this one’s working. It’s not practical.”

I stood up, my pulsing ween protruding distractingly outward at her on the bed.

She sat up on the edge of the bed supporting herself on her forearms. I was noticing she was starting to sweat.

“Damn, that sucks. I really wanted to have a photo of me getting eaten. I bet my viewers would love that one.” she said.

“Well if you’re comfortable, I can find another male model who doesn’t mind showing his face, then I can take it.”

“No, no, I’m gonna let some stranger do that. I’m only comfortable doing this kind of modeling with you ’cause you’re so laid back and chill about helping me.”

“Oh well, then maybe we’ll give it a go another day. It’s okay. Got any more ideas?

She did. We did a couple more blowjob photos, and some more of her touching herself, then we did one really neat one where my dick was sitting sideways across her open mouth.

“Okay, last one.” she said. “Come over here and sit on my torso.”

I obeyed.

“Put your dick between my boobs.”

I did, and she immediately started moving her two tits up and down on my dick.

“Can this make you cum?” she asked.

“If you do it fast enough, probably.”

“Okay,” she continued as we kept tittyfucking, “Get your camera ready now. It should be a close up of my neck area, but with my breasts and my chin in frame. When you cum, you’re gonna cum right the on my neck area, but if possible, try to take the photo right when it’s coming out.”

“That’s a lot to ask, but I’ll try it.”

We continued tittyfucking for about 3 minutes in almost total silence, which let me listen to noise of my pre-ejaculate smearing in her cleavage. She did most of the work, but I put a tiny little thrust into it to.

“Okay, here it comes.” I warned.

“Okay, we only can do this once. Make sure you get it!”

I quickly set the multi-shutter to take about 10 pictures in rapid succession.

To the best of my ability, I pressed to photo button right as felt my orgasm reach it’s peak. My cum shot out of my dick onto my cousin’s neck, collarbones and chin, and a little bit of the bed below us. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP.

I could not help but moan when I released. For the sake of professionalism, I tried my best to conceal it with breathing, but it was no use. I let out a large, manly sigh under my close lips, and my eyes curled back somewhat.

“I hope I got it.” I immediately said.

“Me too. Let’s see.”

She sat up with fresh cum all over up upper body. Cleaning it was the thing on her mind.

I nervously opened my camera display and pulled it up. Lo and behold, all 10 pictures were perfect.

My cousin’s face lit up with a huge smile. “Oh my god, that looks so good!! That’s exactly how I wanted to look.”

“Really? I’m glad!”

I noticed as she was sitting up now that my fresh load of cum that was all over her neck and collarbones was beginning to slowly drizzle down onto her breasts. Another sight I have to take a mental snapshot of.

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