A Matter of Blood Pt. 07

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2 Months Later – Early Spring.

We’d marched down to Argyve, a city located on the east coast roughly halfway between Jorvik and Sondres. Besides being by the sea it was close to an easily navigable pass that was due to open any day now. We’d be marching soon, to finish this wasteful war. Everyone was confident that it would be over by summer.

Everyone but me.

I had become, much to my chagrin, a great deal like my father in one particular way. I was eager to march and I was a tyrannical jackass to anyone who stood in the way of my goal. I didn’t have anyone killed, like my ancestors would have, or beaten, like my father would have, but I did shout a lot and probably made some new officers cry a bit.

My sisters and mother did their best to distract and soothe me, for the benefit of all involved. This mainly involved a great deal of sex and some excursions away from the camp. Adewyn, however, wouldn’t take my shit at all, and called me out frequently, which was part of why I loved her. She was set to give birth nearly any day. We were camped outside of the city but she was in much more comfortable quarters in the Mayor’s palace.

Truthfully, half of my anger and frustration stemmed from having to be in the camp rather than be with her. There were many strange and dangerous aspects to Pureblood pregnancy, and the women kept nearly all of them secret. I was afflicted with all manner of nightmares of what could go wrong. The only thing that I knew for certain was that in our case the child had grown faster than normal, which would probably lead to it being born a little earlier than eight months rather than nine. This was alarming to me but Adewyn was fairly relaxed about it, and insisted this was common and healthy. The child was supported not only by the food that Adewyn ate but by the natural magic channeled into to it by its parents.

“They’re just a little impatient to leave and see the world,” is all my mother would say. As the eldest Pureblood woman here, she was in charge of any proceedings surrounding the birth.

In any case, I had standing orders to send for me as soon as she went into labor. The camp could cope without me for a few days at least, especially now that I had Merwyd to appoint to matters of administration.

It was early in the evening, and I was considering riding out the next day with my scouts, just to get out of the bloody camp. So, while I was worried at first when the messenger arrived with a request from Adewyn to see me, I welcomed the chance to visit with her. She had been less than welcoming lately, not precisely rude, but rather heavily intimating that it was not the Proper Time for her husband to see her. I believed it related to whatever rituals or preparations the women had been enacting. Had we been home in Marche Grodayne, they would have gone deep beneath the castle to the woman’s sanctuary and she would not have returned for several days.

I entered her rooms at the Mayor’s Palace, concerned but not in a rush. She was laying on her bed, reading, in a simple chemise. Gods she was beautiful. Her belly was undeniably large, her breasts swollen for the child. Her face was flushed and she sat up with some difficulty, smiling widely at me.

“Is everything all right?” I asked.

“It’s…it’s all fine, Finn. I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For not seeing you and then calling you out here when you must be tired already. I’ve missed you so much. You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to tell your mother or Raisa or Merwyd to just fuck off and bring you to me so you could hold me. It’s astonishing how much I’ve come to rely on you.”

I smiled widely. It was uncommon for Adewyn to state her affections, no matter how deeply she felt them.

“Then no apologies are needed. I wanted to see you, just for a while, just to be sure you were fine. I’m having difficulty without you to argue with me and force me to think properly. And, of course, I feel a rather deep ache in my heart for you. Your sisters are rather tired of hearing me pine for you, I must confess.”

She laughed and blushed a little.

“And…do you miss anything else about me?”

I liked where this was going, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

“I miss your mouth, your fine breasts, your firm ass and, naturally, your quim that has never stopped being tight and perfect.”

She smiled.

“Good. Because I need that amazing cock in me tonight.”

I contained my excitement.

“Um. I want to, but is it all right for the baby?”

Adewyn laughed loudly.

“Never would I have thought that I’d see the day where Finn the quim-hound refuses his sister’s pussy! Well, I understand it comes from your love for me and for our child, so I’ll try not to be too hurt. Yes, its fine. Better than fine. The priestesses agreed that I should have at least one more fill of your seed, for the health canlı bahis şirketleri of our baby.”

“At least?” I said, hopefully.

She laughed again.

“Just get over here and fuck me, little brother.”

I was a good soldier and intended to follow my orders to the letter. I took my shirt off and she made a little noise in her throat as I pulled my breaches off and my cock popped into sight.

“Been a little too long?”

I intended it as a tease but she just looked at me and bit her lip, then nodded. She looked so serious. I went to her and leaned over her and kissed her full on her lips. She put her arms around my neck and gave me a hell of a response, darting her tongue in my mouth. I put my hands on her breasts, large and full. I was gentle because I knew that they were sensitive. I pinched her nipples and she made a very loud moan into my mouth. I felt a little wetness and pulled my hand back, instinctively.

“Hey, that felt good,” Adewyn said, pouting.

“Sorry, I just didn’t expect that,” I said, laughing a little.

“Well, expect it! It’s your damn baby, it’s making me do all kinds of things! Apparently now I produce milk when I really need intimacy from my lover…”

She looked actually sad. This wasn’t the way things normally went, but she was right, things weren’t normal for her, and I could take at least half that blame.

“Hey. It’s all right, I’m love you completely as you are now. Let’s get your shift off so I can see you properly…”

“No!” she said, almost shouting, then more relaxed, “No, I’d like to keep it on, if that’s all right. You can touch me anywhere you like. It’s just…oh god this is embarrassing.”

“You don’t need to explain anything. We’ll do things the way you need, all right?”

She smiled at me, this time, more relaxed.

“Would you be all right with taking me from behind?” She said, getting on her hands and knees. I positioned some pillows beneath her large belly.

“Hmm,” she said, “someone has been paying attention,” she said appreciatively. Then she lifted her shift just far enough for me to have access to her sex and I lost capacity for speech for a moment.

Adewyn didn’t look that different, mind you. Her belly was visible, and it was big and rather tight looking, as expected. It provoked feelings that were both warm and sexual in nature. Her ass was larger, not too much so, and I could still make out her musculature, as she was in excellent shape. And then there was her lovely pussy, which I hadn’t seen in a while.

“Is…is everything all right?” Adewyn asked. She sounded very unsure, as though she thought I would find her repulsive.

I answered by cupping her sex with my hand, gently touching her clitoris. She gasped.

“Oh fuck, Finn. Fuck. That feels good. I’m not…oh fuck…”

“Everything seems lovely back here to me, dear sister,” I said softly, “would you like me to taste you?”

“No. Oh god. I love that but I need your cock. I need your seed. I can’t even explain it. Just being near you while you’re hard is…oh fuck it’s making me like a heartsick teenager. I’m so afraid you’ll change your mind or…oh fuuuuuccckk…”

As she spoke, I lined my cock up with her sex and slowly slid into her. I thought that might be the best way to reassure her that I was very, very excited and willing to be with her like this. It felt…different, but so fucking good, so right.

“Finn, oh god…its too…oh”

I took her words as encouragement and began to stroke slowly and fully. I went deep but gentle, and I reached around and held her hips at first, and then her belly. She moaned at my touch, as if her whole body was now sensitive. For all of my reputation I’d certainly never made love to a woman this heavily pregnant, and obviously not one carrying my own child. I was incredibly aroused, but also felt that this was sacred, somehow. I picked up my pace, and went a little deeper. She moaned, oh gods did she moan. It was different from it had been, hungrier, needier, a little more desperate.

I increased in tempo and began to stroke her back and squeeze her ass a bit. She seemed to love this reminder that her brother truly enjoyed her body, and pushed back against me.

“Finn…I…oh gods not now…”

Then she made a different kind of noise, not one of pleasure, but of discomfort. It was a yelp, and it was sudden and loud, and I was terrified. I knew about magic. I knew about my sisters. And I certainly knew about fucking, but I knew very little about pregnant women and babies.

“Oh god, did I hurt you?”

She rolled over on to her side and looked at me, her eyes sad and teary.

“A little? No. It was just, really uncomfortable and my arms are tired and it was too deep. You didn’t do anything wrong! The baby’s fine. It’s just me…your useless fucking sister who brings you out then teases you then makes you stop when you start to feel good. Goddammit.”

“Hey,” I said moving next to her, my cock, for once, forgotten, canlı kaçak iddaa “it’s all right. I’m not mad and I’m fine. You think I’m going to be upset at you because you have problems fucking me? When you’re this close you having my baby? No, Adewyn. I love you and I’m glad to be here.”

I stroked her hair and just looked at her. She was so beautiful in that moment.

“Why are you so good to me? I’m so fucking angry and difficult. And you just take care of me and put up with my bullshit. I feel so safe with you, Finn. I’m sorry. Will you hold me for a while?”

“Of course.”

I got behind her, spooning her. I brought the blankets over both of us, and cuddled up to her, rubbing her belly gently, in what I hoped was reassuring. If this was all I could do to help, then this is what I could do. My hard cock would just have to suffer.

We drifted off together, her making little noises occasionally and twitching her legs. I remembered a common incident when we were both children. I would wake up after a nightmare, scared, and go to her room and cuddle up to her like this and she would protect me. It was, of course, chaste, and simple comfort. She never once complained, or got angry. She held me sometimes too. She never told me to stop coming either. I did stop, after a few years.

Much later, about a week after I had turned eighteen, I woke up in the middle of the night to someone entering my bed. It was Adewyn. She was dressed in a shirt and breeches as she typically liked to sleep in, and looked scared. Perhaps she had been crying, it was hard to tell in the dark. I think she wanted to get into bed with me without me waking, the way I used to with her years before. I don’t know why she came to me. I had always assumed she had been much closer to Tyr. Certainly they had been sleeping together by that point.

I had done what she had done for me all those years. I just raised the blanket up so she could get under with me. I pulled her tightly to me, tried to ignore my erection, and held her. She cried a little, then fell asleep. She was gone in the morning and I never found out why she had been there. I think that was when I realized that we had something special between us. A trust maybe? A connection that didn’t require words? I’m not a bard. I have no words for it.

Unlike that evening, I woke up to Adewyn’s pregnant form grinding back against me. Her ass, still firm but soft, rubbing on my cock in a lovely way. She had managed to perfectly line up her crack with my cock and I was already hard and sliding up and down, thrusting naturally in response. I assumed she was doing it in her sleep. I nudged her gently.

“Adewyn…I think you’re…” I groaned, unable to speak for a moment, realizing that the shift was no longer covering her and it was her naked skin rubbing against my needy cock.

“I know what I’m doing, Finn. I…I need you. Can you fuck me like this? Please?”

Her voice was small. Almost ashamed at having woken me. I adjusted myself, lining up my cock with her slit. I wouldn’t be able to get very deep, but that was probably a good thing in her present condition.

“I’m going to be gentle, all right? Tell me to stop if you need to.”

“I know, love. I’m yours. All right? I know…I know I’ve said it before but…yours is the only cock I want inside me. I love that you’ve filled me with a child, and I want you, right now.”

I pushed inside her, slowly. Holy fuck it felt good. It was different, yet again, requiring very little effort on my part and none on hers, really. Normally she wouldn’t have been game for that but tonight it was perfect. I began to move, in and out, reaching around and stroking her belly, then playing with her breasts and nipples. This time the wetness aroused me somehow, making me even more aware of my gorgeous older sister’s fertility. I began to kiss her on her neck and whisper into her ear.

“Do you know how beautiful you are to me now? Do you know what seeing you like this, so full and yet so ready for me does to me?”


“It makes me fucking wild inside. I’ve needed to be inside you so badly for weeks now. Your body is a temple that has been closed to me, and I cannot stand it.”

“Oh, fuck, Finn, I’m cumming…”

And she did, quivering and shaking, but not heavily so, her moans and breathing intensified. If anything it lasted a long time, so long she was having trouble getting enough air. Once she was done, she relaxed again, and let me fuck her.

“Finn, this is so nice, so right. Oh…oh…I can’t believe how much I love you right now. I was worried I…oh fuck…might resent you for making me this way, but I don’t. If you told me to have ten children I’d do it. I’d…I’d do anything for the father of my child…”

This was far beyond anything that Adewyn had ever said to me. She was devoted to me and I knew it. I understood how she expressed it differently from my sisters or mother. I never expected her to be vocal about it. Finally I understood a deeper canlı kaçak bahis truth about her. This is what she needed and wanted. Yes, she was a warrior at heart, and fierce, but she loved me and needed me as much as I did her. She was truly a traditional Pureblood sister-wife, and was happier in that role than either Raisa or Merwyd would be.

From this point onward, in fact, although she never said it, she would refuse to be very far from me at any time, unless absolutely necessary. She’d always kept me in line but now she would be the guardian of our family’s tradition. And she’d never stop being almost painfully fuckable.

I found myself going faster, realizing that my own need for her was overpowering me, although I kept it gentle, and shallow.

“Oh fuck, Adewyn. I’m going to cum, baby. You’re so fucking beautiful like this…I can’t hold out much longer.”

“Finn…oh god, yes. Cum, baby. Fill me. I’m still yours. Oh fuck, fill me…ohhhhhh”

I came first, for the first time in years. I’d have felt very bad if she hadn’t cum as well as my seed filled her. Again she didn’t move much, and at first I only felt it in the way her quim gripped me and milked me, drawing all of my seed out of me. I kept thrusting, more and more coming out of me as her body shook, almost violently, and I heard her moans get louder and more intense. As I had begun to notice more and more recently, I felt the raw, primal magic of life pass from me to her. Was I helping her support our child with my masculine energy?

When I was done, Adewyn gave a deep, contented sigh.

“That was so…so nice, Finn. So good.”

She leaned back into me, pulling my arm around her and between her breasts, and I realized that she had fallen asleep, her need sated, with me still inside her. I felt great love for her in that moment, and fear at how important she and our unborn child both were to me. Not for the first or the last time did I feel the weight of the responsibility of fatherhood, but each time that I did, I welcomed it further. Gods, Adewyn was making a responsible man out of me.

Later, she woke up and we repeated the performance, this time, I held out so that she came first. She still sighed deeply when I came. She was very tired and sleepy at the end, and that must have been why she said what she did, for it didn’t make any sense to me at the time.

“Finn. I’ll tell you…don’t worry…I love…”

* * *

It was a day or two after the message from Adewyn, it was fear and anticipation that I felt when I saw Raisa appear at my tent in the very early hours of the morning. I was with Merwyd that night and Gwyn was with Bartles who had been drafted as our war-nanny. I looked up at Raisa while my bedmate, Merwyd, stretched lazily, like a cat.

“Adewyn isn’t giving birth yet. This isn’t about her,” Raisa said, and then looked meaningfully at Merwyd.

I was annoyed at first but bit back my comment. Raisa’s face was solemn, revealing nothing. Merwyd wasn’t shocked at her presence, as if she had anticipated this in some way. She simply put on a robe and went outside, touching Raisa on her shoulder in a reassuring way as she went.

“Is there some secret that I’m not privy to?” I said, perhaps coming off more harshly than I intended.

“Yes,” Raisa answered, rather defiantly, “but I wasn’t privy to it until a few days ago myself and making you wait a little more because I had to confirm my fears didn’t hurt you any, you jackass.”

Well, that was new. Raisa was typically deferential to me and overly apologetic. I did the smart thing for once and decided to be a good husband.

“I’m sorry. Whatever it is must be important. We’ll figure it out,” I said, patting the spot beside me on the bed.

She smiled a bit, finally, then sat next to me and leaned into me as she used to. I put my arm around her and waited, giving her time. I was glad that I wasn’t more demanding of her when she finally got around to saying something.

“I’m pregnant,” she started, which filled me with a measure of joy, but I withheld it, knowing that there must be a catch, “and I’ve been so for at least three months. Do you remember what happened in that time?”

“Well, we won the last battle, your sister returned, and…oh gods,” I said, finally understanding.

“I pushed you out of the way of that lightning, and you healed me right there, saving my life. I don’t regret the former and I appreciate the latter very much, so don’t feel guilty, please. But the baby…the baby was washed in greater magic.”

Her face clouded a bit, and I kissed her. She went on.

“The baby…once I learned I was with child, I went to a priestess of the goddess. She couldn’t divine the child. I was terrified that it was dead already. After all that time trying to be a mother with you…but she soothed my fear and told me to come back again. I went back, yesterday.”

“I would have gone with you, had you asked,” I said, unable to hold my tongue any longer.

Raisa smiled warmly and touched my face.

“I know, love, but two nervous wrecks would have been no better than one. I decided to wait and see. The priestess could divine the child today. It is alive, and as far as she can tell, healthy. It…its also a Weirdling.”

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