A Load of Help Ch. 03

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Connor enjoyed the hot shower he was in. It felt cleansing, almost as if it were washing away his sins of the day.

His recent money troubles meant that he couldn’t pay his portion of the rent. His roommate Anthony offered to help him at a cost.

He lathered up his face cloth, closed his eyes and commenced cleaning his ass. The price he paid to Anthony was a pound of flesh. To get his money, he literally had to pound his roommate with his flesh.

Connor scrubbed his asshole as he remembered the sex he had with his roommate Anthony. It was the first gay sex he had ever had. The sensations were confusing, and yet… stimulating.

Turning off the shower to dry himself, Connor wondered how he was able to get hard, and stay hard, from Anthony? Was he gay? Was gay-ness something you could catch?

Wrapped in his towel, Connor stepped out of the bathroom holding his toothbrush to speak to his roommate.

“Yo Anthony!” Connor said over the sound of the stereo. “Am I gay now?”

Anthony pressed pause on an the cassette player, turned around and asked. “Come again?”

“Yeah, am I gay now after we…” Connor stammered out.

“After we fucked?” Anthony said. “Nah, you gay? Not even a bit.”

Connor brushed his teeth and mulled it over. “So you didn’t turn me gay or anything?”

Anthony laughed as he replied. “It doesn’t work that way. You just helped out a friend. Which by the way thanks!”

Connor looked confused, but was unable to reply, he didn’t want to spill tooth paste all over himself. Anthony sensed this, he walked over to his collection of gay VHS cassettes.

“See this dude? The one with the muscles and no body hair?” He said pointing. “He’s straight, completely straight, he has a wife and kids, it’s just a job.”

Connor looked relieved. Anthony put down the tape and continued to speak.

“There are gay virgins, sex doesn’t make you gay, it’s something you discover, enjoy and embrace.” Anthony said. “If this state had a gay bar, I’d take you. The music is good, and people have a great time, heck there’s even chicks there! They go there hungry for straight dudes!”

Connor almost laughed, but held it in.

Anthony could feel himself going on a full rant now, pacing back and forth. He had a message he wanted to share, but he also didn’t want to scare his friend off, he may still have need for his ‘services’.

“Anyhow dude, you aren’t gay, but you can still sign petitions for gay rights, and march in the pride parade.” Anthony said excitedly.

“So I don’t have to move to San Francisco?” Connor asked.

“That liberal hell-hole? I hope not! Do you know how many criminals live there claiming to be refugees?” Anthony said loudly.

Connor couldn’t help but laugh, he truly didn’t care about San Francisco. Amid his chuckles he didn’t notice the trickle of toothpaste that escaped from his mouth. It ran down to his chin to dribble onto his chest.

“Hey, maybe you should trying being gay!” Anthony said pointing, “You look great covered in jizz!”

Connor stopped laughing, and looked down at the mess. He then pulled off his towel to clean himself up. Anthony had turned back to his studies, although Connor was stark naked in the middle of the room, he had more important things to pursue.

“Fuck-you!” Connor said jokingly as he tossed his towel at Anthony’s head. “You’d like that wouldn’t you!”

Anthony was caught off guard and received a face full of towel. The two men laughed heartily as Connor walked back to the bathroom.

The next day Connor was walking away from his test when his mind wandered off. Unlike every chick he had slept with Anthony wasn’t weird after sex. He didn’t demand snuggles, didn’t call non-stop, or cramp his style.

He wondered if Anthony would ‘help’ him out if he was ever in need. There were times when he didn’t feel like jerking off, and needed a blowjob. Anthony gave head in the most oddest way, he wanted to swallow his sword all at once. The constant cock ramming into his roommate’s throat didn’t appeal to him, but it could be better than sitting on his hand waiting for it to go numb before stroking one out?

“Connor!” Cried a voice in the hallway.

Connor stopped walking to look around, there were hundreds of people, none of whom he knew. Giving up he started walking again when a hand seized him by the wrist.

“Connor!” It was Anthony standing next to him sweating and dishevelled. “I need to talk to you!”

“Sure man, what’s up? You look like shit!” Connor replied.

Anthony looked around then said. “No not here, let’s go somewhere quiet.”

“Ok.” Connor said confused.

Like salmon swimming upstream the two men fought their way against the crowd. Connor didn’t know where Anthony was leading him, or what was going on! He did know for certain that they both had an exams starting shortly.

Anthony stopped walking next to a handicap washroom, Connor set down his bag and asked. “So? What’s up?”

“No, not here, follow me.” Anthony said pushing the door illegal bahis open.

Connor sighed loudly before joining his roommate. Once inside Anthony locked the door, then gave Connor the most awkward of hugs as he spoke.

“Thanks dude!” Anthony said.

The bathroom was large, sterile and very private. Connor could barely hear the crowds outside. When Anthony hugged him, he tried to get away, he wasn’t the hugging sort, but he was effectively cornered next to the sink.

Anthony’s embrace was hardly a hug, his hands darted all over him, pinching his nipple, cupping his testicles, and even grasping his penis shaft. This odd groping was too much for Connor, he thought Anthony needed a pencil, not a… make-out session?

“What the fuck dude?” Connor said, Anthony was still very close, and now trying to stroke him through his pants.

“I don’t have much time.” Anthony said breathing on Connor’s neck. “Help me please!”

“Fuck dude!” Connor roared, he wasn’t hard, but the rubbing was beginning to have an affect upon him.

Anthony didn’t reply, instead like a sapphic octopus he ramped up his activity, his hands roamed across his roommate. Keeping one hand on the front of Connor’s trousers he used the other to explore.

His hand snaked from Connor’s nipple around to his ass. He squeezed it tightly as he used it an anchor to pull himself close enough to kiss his friends neck. As if bitten by a snake Connor was paraylzed! His arms lay loose at his side unable to defend himself from Anthony’s homosexual onslaught!

“Stop… it…” Connor said feebly.

He felt like a mouse caught by a snake. Each second that passed he tightened it grip upon him, escape was not an option.

“Ugh… stop…” He begged quietly.

Anthony stopped his kisses on his neck. He bared his teeth and brought his head back down. Electricity shot through Connor! It started behind his ear and raced down his arm, his side, and finally his leg.

Goosebumps appeared all over his body! The erection that refused to form finally materialized as Anthony found a way to by-pass Connor’s straight circuit and arouse him.

“Alright! Alright! Alright!” Connor returned to him as he declared loudly! “Just promise you won’t do that ever again!”

“Sure stud.” Anthony said without moving.

Connor breathed slowly, unsure of what was going to happen next. Anthony removed his teeth from his neck as he moved down to his knees. Connor was still in shock, just like the mouse that waiting to be devoured, he had resigned himself to his fate.

Anthony pulled at his pants, he ignored the belt, buttons and zippers as he tugged roughly. Connor held the sink behind him white knuckled as the cool bathroom air washed across his now bare legs. His roommate in front of him wasted no time, once his half-hard manhood was free he jammed it all in his mouth.

Grunts from the two men filled the bathroom, Connor prayed that no one could hear them! He looked down and was distraught by the sight, he didn’t think he could get used to seeing a dude working his meat. With his bare ass pressing against the cold sink, he held it tightly and looked up at the ceiling.

Anthony pulled Connor’s now fully erect penis from his mouth and laughed.

“Dude, you ARE straight! Ha ha, you can’t even watch.” He said before placing his cock back in his mouth.

Connor was not a fan of skull fucking, but it had the desired effect. He was ready to fuck, which meant he could get out of this bathroom, he too had a test starting soon!

“Dude, I’m going to blow my load if you keep that up!” Connor said.

Anthony didn’t stop his sucking his friend, he did however reach down into his pocket to fetch something out. Connor didn’t see this happening, but he did feel something slide down his shaft, followed by a similar sensation on his testicles. This was followed by a tightening on both.

“Ugh, what did you just do?” Connor asked.

Between slurps Anthony replied. “It’s just a little something to help prevent you from cumming.”

“Uh… Is it safe? Ugh… it feels so tight on my cock and balls.” Connor managed to say.

“Sure! You don’t have to worry.” Anthony said resuming his cock worship.

Something new tickled Connor’s balls, he refused to look down, he was afraid what he’d see. However a quick glance revealed that Anthony was stroking him vigorously while he attacked his testicles with his tongue. This latest sensation was… overwhelming, no woman had previously dared lick his nuts.

Anthony devoured his friends balls like they were mana from heaven; however that wasn’t his true goal for that day. He pushed his jaw between his roommates legs, and extended his tongue as far as it could go. Like an anteater he knew where the real treasure lay!

Struggling not to fall over Connor couldn’t move his legs further apart! He had no idea was going on, it was if Anthony were trying to climb inside him through his asshole. His roommate was aggressive and relentless in pursuit of his goal.

Taking illegal bahis siteleri a risk, he brought his feet together so he could remove one of his shoes. Like a dog protecting a piece of meat Anthony growled and pushed his head between Connor’s legs.

“Fuck man!” Connor yelped. “I’m trying to get my pants off!”

“Open those legs faggot!” Anthony said loudly.

“Okay, okay!” Connor whined back.

Once he freed his foot Connor parted his legs to let give Anthony access. This still wasn’t enough for his roommate! As if he was trying to climb inside him, Anthony refused to give up, he pushed his tongue as deep as I’d go into his anus. Panting from the tongue lashing he was receiving, Connor began to climb up onto the sink.

Anthony held his friend with a firm hand under his knee holding it up in the air, all while his tongue made rapid circles around his asshole. Bedazzled by the sensations, Connor’s head spun from the experience!

Almost falling off the sink Connor felt he had to speak up. “Dude, I can’t stand on one foot forever!”

Anthony didn’t reply, instead he spun Connor around. He then forced him to bend over the sink to part his ass cheeks with one hand, while he still jerked him off with the other.

Connor’s bafflement continued to grow, the tightness on his rod and reel was still as uncomfortable as ever. He could also feel the salvia on his cock evaporating, plus he was now backwards to Anthony. There was no way he could close this deal quickly!

“Dude!” Connor grunt out. “How can I give you a load if I’m… ugh… hugging a sink!”

His roommate didn’t reply, instead he feasted deeper upon his splinter. Connor felt like he was a chick getting eaten out before getting… fucked?

“Uh… Anthony…” He pleaded weakly.

“Yeah?” Anthony replied with his face burned in Connor’s ass.

“What’s your… ugh… plan?” Connor asked in a frail voice.

“I gotta cum first.” Was Anthony’s reply as he pushed his tongue as far as he could into the well lubricated hole.

“Ugh… how are you going to… unh… do that back there?” Connor managed to say.

No words came from Anthony, he obvious felt that his actions would speak for themselves. He let off Connor’s cornhole, to begin long licks starting from bullocks and going up. When he passed Connor’s asshole he pushed as hard as he could.

Only when Connor’s ass crack was thoroughly lubricated did Anthony stand up. He pressed his chest to his friend’s back, and pelvis to buttocks. One hand grasped Connor’s manhood and the other held his stomach, making escape impossible.

Connor tried to wriggle, but found he was locked in place! His ass felt like a hotdog bun with Anthony supplying the wiener. He didn’t relish the thought of what sort of condiments the man behind him was going to supply.

“What the fuck man?” Connor said as Anthony pulled his shirt over his head.

“You’d get pissy if it got messy.” Anthony replied as he pressed against Connor once again.

“Next time just ask me!” Connor said, then regretted it, he wasn’t truly sure his ass could handle a next time.

Anthony grunted while he dry-humped his roommate. He could see Connor looking in the mirror from time to time, when ever their eyes met, he’d blush then look down, blush more then look up. He chucked softly knowing that when Connor looked down he’d see his hand stroking him.

“Quit laughing at me dude!” Connor tried to say.

“Shhhhh! I’m close!” Anthony replied.

Connor shut up immediately. He wanted Anthony to cum quickly so he could get to his test. He felt like the side of a mountain and his roommate a rock climber clinging to him. Their sweat merged and flowed across them, he dreaded how he’d smell later.

Connor wanted to cum so badly, he nearly did so several times, but it was blocked by what ever Anthony had slipped on him. He experienced odd sensations that were orgasm-like, but lacked the release he sought.

Anthony stroked him with such force that if he wasn’t wearing that… thing, he would have filled the sink before him several time with jizz. The dry humping he felt only added to the menagerie of excitements he was feeling.

“Loosen this thing up… I want to cum!” Connor pleaded.

Anthony removed his hand from Connor’s stomach to slap his ass.


“Ow! Why did you do that?” Connor asked.

“I need your cum in me! Not in the sink!” Anthony said.

Pushing Connor between the shoulder blades, he guided his friend to hug the sink.

“I’m close!” Anthony said.

“Good!” Connor said meekly. “I need to blow my load too!”

Spitting into his fingers Anthony then applied it to Connor’s tight knot of skin that was the gateway to his bowels. He then used the remainder of that salvia to coat the head of his penis.

“What the fuck dude!” Connor said looking over his shoulder.

Anthony didn’t have time to reply, instead he lined his fire hose up with Connor’s asshole and pushed.

“Mother Fucker! Don’t canlı bahis siteleri do that!” Connor said. “Get it out!”

“Dude!” Anthony said, “It’s not going in you, it’s just the tip. Don’t sweat it.”

“Argh! Just finish already!” Connor said loudly, as he held the sink that much tighter.

Anthony still stroked Connor’s cock, as he pushed. He didn’t plan on fucking Connor, he just wanted to give him an extra edge on his test. His urethra was as deep as his natural lubricant would allow.

“Oh FUCK!!” Anthony cried out!

Like peeing into the wind, some of Anthony’s spray didn’t make it, it splashed about to paint Connor’s bullseye with a growing circle of jizz. Most however was launched into his friend’s intestine. Connor grunted in pleasure as he received it.

Anthony didn’t move as he stroked himself dry, he didn’t want to waste a drop. Reaching down into his clothes, he pulled something out and inserted it easily into Connor. His friend bent over the sink either didn’t notice, or didn’t care.

Standing up Connor spoke. “Let’s switch spots.”

“Sure.” Anthony replied.

Connor was in a fuck frenzy! He hadn’t felt so… frustrated, eager, hungry? Before in his life! He preferred a chick, any chick, but the only outlet for his desires was Anthony. He didn’t care, it was time to cum!

“Huh” Connor said.

He tried to shove his ivory rod into Anthony only to discover that something had beat him to it! There was a butt-plug resting snuggly in his roommate’s ass!

“Take that out! I need to cum!” Connor directed.

“You do it, but don’t lose it!” Anthony said in reply, he was bent over the sink and ready.

Connor blind by lust did as his roommate wished, he reached forward, plucked it out, then guided himself to Anthony’s waiting hole. He didn’t like putting it in, and this time was no different. Anthony’s asshole looked large and ready.

Wasting no time he pushed and found Anthony’s asshole well lubricated. It was as if he greased himself up before he went looking for him. Those thoughts didn’t stay in Connor’s addled mind for long, he was on the road to his own orgasm!

Pounding and grunting from the two men filled the washroom, Connor was beyond caring what the world would think. If the Pope, the Dean, and his best friends walked in, he wouldn’t have stopped.

Regardless of how loose Anthony’s rear portal looked, it felt very tight to Connor. Too tight, he wasn’t going to keep this up much longer!

“Ugh! Dude! I can’t cum!” Connor cried in desperation.

Anthony knew what to do, he reached back to loosen the cock and ball strap he had on Connor. He swung his hand back to the sink, he knew that it was time for the explosion!

“Ah! Ffffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!” Connor roared as he blasted off inside Anthony.

He could feel the release he was seeking, a complete orgasm the way it should be. Anthony’s ass took all the cum Connor could pump in. If it was meant for good luck, his roommate could win the lottery with that load!

Exhausted and drained he lay on top of his roommate. Panting he could feel Anthony’s chest heaving as well. Like a pair of crime fighters they had saved the day.

Shaking his head Connor was the first to come back to his senses. Remembering his test he stood up and swore!

“Shit!” Connor said. “We have tests to get too!”

Withdrawing his deflated man-sausage from his roommate, Connor started to dress.

“Dude, put my plug back in before you take off!” Anthony said.

Stopping to help his roommate Connor picked up the small red butt plug, and inserted it into the very hole he occupied moments before.

The events that happened next were a blur for Connor, the two men dressed hurriedly. There was no time to figure anything out, let alone clean up. Stepping out of the bathroom, Connor saw his school bag sitting next to the door.

“Shit!” He said picking it up.

Anthony dashed by him waving and saying thanks. Once seated in the test room Connor was surprised at the tickle he felt on his ass. Having no idea of what it could be, he found that just like his other tests that week, shooting his load before hand allowed him to perform with a clear mind.

After the test, Connor felt so relieved and relaxed. He spotted several of his friends, and approached them.

“Whazzup!” He shouted to Tyreese, who looked away.

Brian and Tommy stood with Tyreese and waved back.

“Jeez you look like shit!” Tommy said.

Connor looked down to realize that he was wearing Anthony’s shirt! He could also smell his roommate’s scent on himself. He needed to distract them before they asked any questions he didn’t want to answer.

“All I need is a shower, what’s your excuse fatty?” Connor shot back.

Tyreese gave him a high-five as he spoke. “I haven’t heard a burn that good since I was last in Detroit!”

Everyone laughed including Tommy, he could both give and take jokes. They walked down the hallway; Connor scanned the crowds looking for Anthony without success.

“You guys going to the party tonight?” Brian asked.

They all nodded their heads as Tyreese spoke up. “I need to cut loose! I haven’t been laid in… a while.”

“Poor Tyreese!” Tommy said laughing, “We have to hook you up!”

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