A Life Worth Waiting For

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I once remember a day when I had it all, the girlfriend who had it all. The sex was awesome, even though it turns out she only fucked for my enjoyment. After two breakups on her part, I had come to realize that we were not emotionally connected. I left her and we didn’t get back together again. I had cravings for sex nearly every day. At times, the cravings would be so bad that they completely immobilized me.

I have come to realize that a relationship is built upon a foundation of loving trust, a true emotional connection. Would I have sex with her again? Yes, I still love her. Some people suggested that I should have gotten a hooker but I don’t want sex with a hooker. With a hooker, there would’ve been no emotional connection, no love. I wouldn’t have wanted their body or anything else they could’ve given me. I held my ground.

Fast-forward five years. I have built a house on my mother’s land which we purchased from my father. My girlfriend and I live together in my home. From day one we have read each other like books and I still can’t figure out how! We have been encouraged to get married but we’re devoted to one another and don’t think marriage is necessary at this point.

Today is Wednesday, July 12, 2023. Self-driving cars are here, but I don’t trust them, so I still drive with two hands and two feet. Yes, I still drive my classic truck which has a stick shift and I love it! Currently, I am driving home from my dream job, or at least, what was. I’ve known my boss is retiring for about a year. What I found out today, contrary to her vision, and traffic numbers through our office is that the organization has decided to cut positions. Last hired, first out. They are cutting three of us – myself, Kassie, and Nadine.

As I am nearing home I am wondering how I am supposed to tell my girlfriend that my position is being terminated. I pull into the garage and slam the truck in park. I sit with my head in my hands for about ten minutes before getting the urge to go upstairs.

I head up to our living room. It’s a modest setup consisting of a TV set, two armchairs, and a couch. I immediately smell hamburger cooking. Somehow she knew it was one of my worst days since we met.

I enter our mostly antiquated kitchen. There is a stove, coffee maker, dishwasher and a sink. My face falls upon entering. She’s wearing an apron with thong and tight yoga pants. She sees me and grins. I do not return the smile. She sticks her tongue out at me, moves it up and down a few times, and then makes a huge deal about closing her mouth and swallowing. My mood immediately lifts, but not as much as it normally would’ve after being informed I have a three-course meal consisting of a hamburger, dessert, and sex coming up.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

I said nothing. She stuck a knife in the burgers to check them, grinned, and spit in the pan. God, I love her! She killed the stove and came and sat on my lap.

She frowned. “You’re still limp,” she kissed me hard, “What’s wrong?”

I sighed. “What do you think is wrong?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, “but you look worse than the day my father told you that you had turned me into a completely senseless sex toy.”

I laughed recalling the day. She had responded nicely to the accusation. After being demonized, I left the table and walked into the kitchen. I heard plates smashing and she shouted, “I may be your baby girl but I’m his princess, and he treats me like a queen! Have you ever seen me complain about him? Go fuck mom and maybe you’ll understand!”

Her mother chimed in, “Yeah Rodger, fuck me, it’s been ten years!”

I heard more plates smashing and saw dinner guests evacuating the house. She came into the kitchen laughing so much she was crying. I did not look amused. She was still laughing when she said, “Mom and dad are on the dinner table.”

I looked at her blankly and said, “What the hell?”

She said, “They’ll thank us later…”

They did too. They said they’d never had a happier marriage than after that night.

I digress, getting back to the present. I recounted the day and the news about the cuts they were making at work. She looked sad more than upset.

I said, “I think I’m losing the best job I’ll ever have.”

She looked at me and said, “You said that about your ex too, but now look at you, you fucking pervert!”

That got me immediately hard. She knew it too and grinned. “What, princess got your balls?” she asked.

I grinned and pulled her in and we kissed. When she pulled away, I tried to pull her back again, but she bit my lip and said, “Hamburger first…”

She stood. I wailed her yoga pant clad ass. She whirled around and pointed a finger at me, “Hamburger or no playtime, got it?”

“Yes my princess,” I replied. We both grinned. God, I love her!

When dinner was done she told me to get cleaned up for bed. “What about the dishes, sexy?” I asked. We usually wash them together and don’t use the dishwasher often at all.

“I’ll get them, you get in the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shower,” she said.

I gave her a dejected look. She glared at me “SHOWER!” she screeched, “or no dessert!” I went to get ready.

As is usual for me, I procrastinate getting into the shower. Even with the threat over my head that I’ll receive no dessert if I don’t get clean I still don’t get in. Finally, lamenting my catastrophe of a day, I turn on the water and stand there naked. I don’t hate showering. It’s that I am so thin that when I get out I freeze before I even have time to get dressed.

I hear cupboards opening and closing. It’s been about 15 minutes. I’m still contemplating whether I’d rather stay warm and miss dessert and sex, or obey my girl and shower.

My question is answered for me when I feel warm arms wrap around my stomach, breasts press into my back, and thighs grind into my ass.

“You’ve already lost dessert tonight but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your dessert for breakfast,” she said, “Do you want me to shower with you?”

I turned my head around and smiled at her. “Yes,” I said.

I went to pull her pants off but she backed away and wagged her finger at me. “You don’t get my pussy or my ass because you’ve been a naughty boy,” she said, “My tits are all you’ll get tonight.”

She was right, I had been naughty. We got in the shower together, me naked, and her bare-chested panty-clad ass.

I lathered up and she got my back as she always does. I rinsed off and she soaped up. We met under the stream. I pulled her in and ran my fingers down her long hair. It just reaches the top of her ass when she bends backward to look me in the eyes.

I flashed an evil grin, grabbed her hips, and spun her around. I took her by the back and shoved her into the shower wall. I raised my hand and spanked her soapy wet ass hard. She yelped, spun around grabbed my neck, and kissed me so ravenously neither of us came up for air for minutes. When we pulled apart we were both breathing hard. I shut the water off we got out of the shower and dried each other off.

“I need to piss and you’re going to help me if you want dessert for breakfast,” she announced, “You’re going to push my thong into my crack to keep my asshole from opening while I piss.”

With that, she sat down on the toilet facing the tank. I took my three middle fingers and pressed them hard against her hole. I could feel it throbbing under the pressure of the massive amount of shit that wanted to escape. Damn, I wish I’d gotten in the shower when she told me to. I knew she would’ve followed me in. Oh well, it just means it’ll be bigger tomorrow as long as I didn’t disobey her again before she gives it to me.

Without removing the thong she released her piss…a steady gush of golden liquid that poured from her pussy. I stuck my unoccupied hand under the stream and rubbed her soaking panties as she continued to piss. The warm liquid felt amazing on my hand.

As the river flowed to a stream and then a trickle I moved her thong aside and began to finger fuck her pussy. I could feel the massive shit pushing against the back wall of her vagina. She let out a squeal of delight and bent back around to kiss me.

She stood up. I moved the hand that had been holding her thong against her asshole around to massage her clit while I continued finger fucking her pussy. I stood up and kissed her hard while one hand wandered up and yanked on her long hair. She squealed with delight. I continued to finger fuck her pussy, kissing her lips, and yanking on her hair until she stiffened up and screamed. A massive stream gushed out of her vagina and down my leg.

This endeavor left her panting and shaking so I helped her to the bed and tucked her in. I snuggled in beside her. We embraced and I ground on her panties while we continued kissing. Eventually, we drifted off to sleep.

Sometime during the night, she got the urge to give me a blowjob. She sat up, whipped the covers off, and sucked my dick hard, making me cum in a matter of seconds. She grinned and swallowed it, then grabbed the sheets and whipped them back over our heads. She asked, “Can you smell breakfast cooking sweetheart?”

“Yes,” I replied, “and it smells magnificent darling.”

“Good. If you behave you’ll get fed a huge meal in the morning!” she said. With that, we re-embraced and continued kissing each other as we drifted back to sleep.

I woke late. She’d left a note that said she’d gone next door to visit my mom. She also said she’d called my boss who had said it was fine for me to take the rest of the week off. My boss, having known me even before I started working at our organization, knew I would need time to recover from the news I was being let go. She’d also said that my boss had reminded me not to forget about the annual office party, now considered the annual office reunion, in August. We were still invited and she expected us both to show up. The final point on the note was regarding breakfast. She’d güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cooked bacon, eggs with onions and cheese, and prepared homemade frozen hot chocolate, similar to the kind you would get from Dunkin’ Donuts. The bacon and eggs were on the breakfast bar and the frozen chocolate was in the fridge. She’d also noted that the main course was still cooking and proof could be found in the bathroom.

I went into the bathroom and sure enough, she’d peed in the toilet and left it in there as proof she hadn’t shit yet this morning. She knows I absolutely adore it when she leaves anything she does for me to inspect. In fact, she never flushes anymore unless I’m away on a business trip. Whenever I’m away, she even gets videos every time she takes a shit since she knows I don’t like to miss anything. She knows I love it when she treats me.

I flushed the toilet and went out to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. It was delicious as usual. My baby cooks such great meals and even more delicious main courses.

I proceeded to rinse the dishes and place them in the dishwasher. Normally we’d wash them together while butt naked but I know we’ll both be too preoccupied to clean the dishes today. Plus, putting the dishes in the dishwasher would be considered “behaving” in order to earn my main course of breakfast.

I sat down at the table and opened my Mac. I checked our bank accounts and emergency fund. They were within an ok living range. We could survive for about a year if we had no major unexpected expenses. I also checked our investment and retirement accounts. I wouldn’t pull from these accounts but I just wanted to see how they were faring.

I popped over to Indeed, my chosen job search board. It not only allows me to search for jobs but also gives me the ability to read reviews from people who currently hold, or had held, the job I am looking at. There were a few jobs in our area that piqued my interest but none were truly calling out to me. I stared blankly at the screen for what seemed like an hour before I heard the door open.

She came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me, and looked over my shoulder.

“Have you found anything yet?” she asked.

“No,” I replied.

She turned my head towards her, kissed my lips, and said, “Then let’s do something more interesting than looking for a job,” then winked. I grinned my biggest shit-eating grin.

We started down the hall. She looked over her shoulder and asked, “What’s your preference today?”

“Why do you even ask?” I retorted. She turned, looked at me grinning, and proceeded to stick her hand down my pants to tickle my penis.

We went into the bedroom and entered the closet. To most, it would appear to be a regular closet…but it had its secrets. When I had the house constructed I had the contractor build a hidden door.

She reached into her nightgown, which she never wears, and pulled out a key on a shit emoji keychain. She moved a heart-shaped wall plate to the side and stuck the key into the recessed lock. She pushed open the door then returned the key to her sleepwear. This retreat is reserved for times when we have enough time to have extensive playtime.

We entered the landing and she closed the door behind her. We descended the staircase into a room where we stored family keepsakes. Directly opposite the landing was a door locked with a padlock. She grabbed the key from a hook on the wall. She opened the lock and hung it back on the hook with the key. We entered the second room.

This second room is a bathroom, equipped with a sink, toilet, and standard shower. I had told the construction company to build it with a generous amount of space so I could use it as a retreat when I wanted to be alone. The contractor looked at me strangely but built it as I had asked.

She looked at me, grinned, and said, “Okay asshole, strip me.”

“With pleasure!” I replied.

I yanked her shirt and bra off over her head at the same time, grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. She grinned so I slapped them and she squealed. Next, I pulled her pants down and she rocked from one foot to the other while I removed her pants from each of her legs.

She looked at me and in all seriousness asked, “Do you want to eat or bathe?”

I looked at her and replied, “Both.”

She looked quizzically at me but shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t think you can have both, but we can try. Which do you want more?” she asked.

“Ok, I want to eat,” I said.

She smiled and kissed me. She grabbed me and said, “Get your mouth under my ass where it belongs slave” and shoved me to the floor. I crawled under the chair I bought for my first girlfriend and I. She didn’t mind that it was used before.

Before she sat down she said, “It’s going to be big, messy, and maybe diarrhea.”

“Drown me, baby,” I replied.

She slid her thong off and said, “Hold my asshole, I need to piss.” She grabbed a large to-go cup from the sink and pressed it to her pussy while I güvenilir bahis şirketleri held my fingers firmly against her butthole. She pissed and set the cup aside.

“Remove your fingers while I clench quick,” she said. I did as she asked.

Her butthole was already open. She relaxed. A brown lump started protruding from her ass. The aroma of shit hit me. I inhaled deeply. The lump of shit grew longer and longer. I reached my tongue out and touched the turd. Slowly the log slid into my mouth and the sweet, tangy taste of her turd started to get me hard. She kept pushing and the shit compacted into a packed mass in my mouth. As she continued to shit, the mass spilled over my cheek and down my face. She gave another push and diarrhea flew from her anus splattering my face. She gave one final push and the rest of her watery shit gushed from her butt.

She stood and looked back to inspect my face. She laughed and handed me a bowl. “Eat what you want and then we’ll play with the rest,” she said.

I dumped the mass of shit from my mouth in the bowl.

“We?” I asked.

“Yes, tonight I’ll play with you if you want me to,” she said. I couldn’t believe it, she never wanted to play with her shit.

“Eat up,” she said, “dinner’s getting cold!”

I dug in. Using my fingers like chopsticks I picked up pieces of her shit, placed them in my mouth, and chewed savoring the flavor, then swallowed them greedily.

I ate everything that had been in my mouth and some more to boot. I came shortly after finishing my meal. When I was done, I smiled at her, shit still stuck in my teeth.

“Clean your mouth up so I can kiss you,” she said.

I went to the sink and rinsed my mouth. I flossed and brushed my teeth with my “shit brush.” I followed this up with mouthwash then rinsed a few more times.

I went back over and kissed her. After a few seconds, she pulled back. “Don’t forget I left you a surprise to get your bath started!” she said.

I reached around behind her and pulled her butt cheeks apart. I stuck my hand in and felt a warm wet mass of shit. She grinned and I melted a bit.

“Go on, be a jerk,” she told me.

I grinned shoving my finger into her asshole. I probed around her warm, soft rectum for a few seconds and then pulled out. “Are you sure you want to play dirty with me tonight?” I asked.

She flashed an evil grin and said, “Cover me in my filth you asshole.”

I took my covered hand from between her cheeks and rubbed it all over her butt. I stepped back and smiled. She slapped her tits and I took the hint. I grabbed a handful of still-warm, cookie dough consistency shit from the floor and rubbed it all over her tits, chest, and stomach. I stooped to grab some more, spun her around, and completely covered her ass.

I rubbed my stomach and chest up and down her ass covering myself. She grabbed a handful of shit and covered my butt. I grabbed the last loose log and lathered her ass again. We embraced and started kissing again. I came for the second time.

She smiled at me. “Enjoying yourself?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Good…it’s gonna get even better,” she said as she grabbed my penis and squeezed. “Fuck me in the ass!” Wow, she is so full of dirty surprises tonight!

I grinned, kissed her, and gave her hair a yank which resulted in a squeal. I started to head for the shelf where I kept the lube but she grabbed my hand and jerked me back toward her. I looked at her confused.

“My shit is my lube tonight,” she said. “Now get pounding before I change my mind!”

This was way too good! I spun her around and pushed her to the floor. I spread her cheeks and admired her shit covered asshole. I grabbed my dick and placed it on her hole and pushed slowly.

“What part of pound me didn’t you understand?” she asked, “Fuck me hard…I want to scream!”

I shoved hard and she did just that. I backed off a bit.

She turned her head around to glare at me. “If it was that bad I’d have pulled off. Next time you try to wimp out I’m not going to give you another chance.”

I shoved in again and she screamed again. I began to hammer her shitty ass hard. She continued screaming with pleasure. I kept drilling her until I came for a third time, this time in her ass. I pulled out.

She turned around and got up to her knees. She grabbed my penis and started to give me a blowjob.

“You’re tasting your shit babe…you never do that,” I said.

She stopped, looked at me, and said “You talk too much. I wish I had more shit to shove in your mouth to shut you up. And I don’t mind the taste of my own shit on occasion.” She went back to sucking on my dick. She kept sucking until I came for the fourth time.

She swallowed the mixture of my cum and her shit and said, “Okay sweetheart, we need to clean up now.”

I went to start the shower and adjust the temperature. She started to clean up the floor then joined me. We cleaned each other of her shit and then cleaned the shower. We got out and then cleaned the rest of the bathroom. We grabbed our clothes and went upstairs locking our hidden playpen behind us.

We went and took another shower, this time in our upstairs shower, washing at least three times each. When we were done, we got out, headed to our bedroom, and got into bed to take a nap.

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