A Lazy Sunday Morning – A Short Story-

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A Lazy Sunday Morning – A Short Story-
A Lazy Sunday Morning -A Short Story –

So after the Poker Game last night we all slept in until
about 9am and then we didn’t jump right out of bed.
Oh no, we fooled around some first. John and Kathy
were feeling frisky and although I have to admit, I was
a little sore from the night before, I’ve never said no to
some good sex. I’m a very sexual lady and don’t remember
when the last time was that I had too much sex…. lol Like
that has ever happened. Nope!
So almost as soon as my eyes opened Kathy said, “hello
sexy” and since we’d been sandwiched in the middle of our
two guys all night it wasn’t much of a reach for her to lay a
long, hot, kiss on me which I returned passionately.
John and Mark were definitely awake now too. Mark
reached around me and took one of my tits in his canlı bahis şirketleri hand
and offered it up to Kathy who started sucking on it while
Mark squeezed it and hot damn, I was wet and ready.
John was too. He slid his hard cock into his wife Kathy and
Mark did the same with me and as us two girls laid on
our sides kissing each other, the guys pumped our pussies
from behind. Ohhhh yeah, Kathy is one bi-sexual dynamo.
We were kissing each other while we were both getting
fucked and damn I was feeling hot for her. The guys just
kept slowly and deeply sliding their hard cocks into us and
Kathy was sucking my tongue so hard it almost hurt but it
was really reving me up so I returned the favor. I had her
tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it for a long time and
then we went back to just wet, canlı kaçak iddaa messy kissing. Meanwhile
the cocks kept moving in and out, slow and deep.
Pretty soon Kathy says, “Let’s roll over and change sides.”
I didn’t say anything. I just rolled over the top of her and
then John was in me and Mark was in her. This is the best
fucking way to start the day.
Then I felt John squeeze one of my tits and Mark grabbed
Kathy and had a handful so I started sucking the tit my
husband offered to me. I was licking and sucking her tits
like the horny bitch in heat I was and she was loving it.
Finally John pulled me close and squeezed the hell out of
the tit he had in his hand as he blew his load into me. He
had me screaming at that point. That was soooo good.
Mark was still sliding into Kathy, slow and deep and canlı kaçak bahis she
was moaning away. John started kissing me on the neck as
he played with my big tits and Kathy was licking around
my mouth and had her eyes closed just enjoying every
second of this. Finally she started to get louder and then
she bit my lower lip and started to cum. Mark pumped her
harder now to make sure she climaxed to the max and she
did. He was still pumping her as she started to end what
was one major orgasm. Then she went somewhat limp and
Mark slid out of her and said, “OK this time but you owe
me one baby.”
Kathy said, “Give me just a minute big guy and I’ll suck you
until your balls are dry. ”
And she did too.
We all laid around for a bit just hugging and enjoying each
others bodies and the peaceful mood of this Sunday
Finally all four us jumped into the large shower we have
in the master suite and scrubbed each other clean.
Time to dress and see what fun we can find today.
I suspect a motorcycle ride is in store today and then,
well, anything can happen!!

-The End (For Now-)

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