A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 25

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“Who was that Master,” Sonia asked sleepily as I hung up the phone. “It’s kind of early for random calls, and you didn’t just hang up on them, so it must have been important.”

“It was Julien actually. He knows I am usually awake by six and was too excited to wait any longer. I’m happy to inform you that Julia Marie Slade was born this afternoon. Seven pounds four ounces and she is the spitting image of her mother,” I told her. “He wanted to share the news and make sure you all knew that your sister is doing well. She is still in recovery, but there were no complications.”

“That is wonderful news Master, but I wish he didn’t have to call so early in the morning,” Sonia replied with another yawn. “I had a hard time sleeping last night, maybe it was sympathy pains for Scarlett, but I was having contractions all night. Of course, now that I am awake I have to use the bathroom before I wet the bed. I feel like an over inflated beach ball.”

“You still look radiant my pet,” I told her as she slipped out of bed. She was in the final month of her pregnancy, and in my opinion, she did look radiant. According to her doctor, she had three weeks to go, but she had just entered her thirty-seventh week and could go into labor at any time.

She was gone for several minutes, but came out with a smile on her face and crawled up on the bed to kiss me. “Any chance I could collect that rain check now? I managed to take care of my bloating problem and I am feeling much better than I was last night. I won’t get another opportunity to feel you inside of me for four to six weeks and a nice orgasm right now might help.”

Her pussy lips were already sliding along my shaft because she knew I would agree. The past few weeks our lovemaking had been simply for her pleasure, as her first climax always triggered a Braxton Hicks contraction, and going past that made them too strong.

She was exceptionally wet as she slipped me inside of her and leaned back. My hands slid up to her stomach as she started the light rocking motion that gave her the most pleasure at this point. The sudden tightening of her muscles was what alerted me to her condition.

“Sonia, are you sure we should be doing this now,” I asked in concern.

“This is our last chance Master, and I am not going to pass it up. My contractions last night were not in sympathy for Scarlett. The baby is coming today,” she told me. “My water broke when I was on the toilet, and I checked my cervix right after it happened. I am already three centimeters dilated, and I am not going to wait another month before I can climax on your cock again. Just let me have one climax please, and then we can shower and get dressed so we can go to the hospital.”

“You won’t hurt her Master,” Kiera added as she scooted closer. “Both times I was in labor on the island, the trainers and doctor made me climax several times. It was just with their hands, but they claim it helps make the contractions stronger so I would dilate faster. I don’t know if it helped with that, but it made the waiting more pleasant. If she is only at three centimeters, we have a couple hours before she needs to get to the hospital.”

“Very well, but you know I like to be over cautious. Gianna, I need you to take Kiera in the shower and wash her for me. Marian, I need you to go down and wake Kitten up. I am sure Jaden and Ari will want to join us, but she will need a shower,” I said as I looked over at Vivianna. “Vivi, can you do me a favor and go over to let Marta know?”

“Master, we will do as you ask, but you need to relax,” Marian said as she crawled out of bed. “Kiera and I have both had babies. We know she has a few hours before she needs to be at the hospital. Everyone has their outfits picked out and Sonia’s bags are already packed. We have been ready for this day for a couple weeks now, so trust that we will be ready long before we need to take her. Just enjoy Sonia for now, and let us take care of everything.”

“She’s right Master, you should know, you were the one who insisted on all the preparations,” Sonia said as she slowly rode me. “We will be ready to go long before I get to the five centimeter mark. Please Master, I am not going to be able to feel you inside of me again for four to six weeks while my body recovers. Can we enjoy each other one more time before I get regulated to just oral sex?”

“Of course we can my pet, but I am looking forward to giving you a lot of oral sex in the next few weeks,” I replied as I reached up to caress her breasts. “I am going to make sure you don’t feel left out just because we can’t have sex. Go ahead and enjoy yourself, we will take our shower when you are ready.”

She rolled her eyes at me as she leaned back again and started rocking. I reached down and started gently stroking her clit, helping her build up to her climax. She didn’t take long, as she didn’t want to be interrupted by another contraction, but I saw her grimace as her climax washed over her and felt her stomach tighten up.

“Much harder than the previous ones, but bostancı escort well worth it to climax with you inside of me one last time,” she said when the contraction ended. “I’m just sorry I can’t finish you off as well Master. Maybe you will let one of my sisters give you a nice blowjob after our shower so you get some relief.”

“No, we are going to shower and get dressed, then have breakfast,” I told her. “Then we will take you in to have you checked by a professional. If you were at two centimeters or less, I would be willing to wait longer, but I would rather be safe with you being farther along than that. Depending on what the doctor says, I may decide to let one of your sisters relieve me, as you put it, but we will see.”

“Yes Master, but remember we all get antsy if we can’t get you to climax at least four times a day,” she replied as she got up. “Good pets take care of their Master’s pleasure, and we certainly don’t want you to get back to only being able to enjoy us three times a day. We put in a lot of work to help you get accustomed to climaxing five or six times daily.”

I couldn’t help the eye roll as I got out of bed and went to the shower. I knew I would survive a day without climaxing several times, but I also knew they would spend the day wringing their hands and staring at my groin. There was an obligation to being a Master, but at least it was a pleasant one.

Gianna and Kiera were finished with their shower when I helped Sonia in. “Basic plugs only today,” I told them. “No tails for any of you until we get home as I doubt any of you chose an outfit that will keep it covered. I normally don’t mind your tails showing in public, but not for a trip to the hospital.”

Kiera nodded as they went to get dressed. Gianna didn’t mind much as she still had three weeks left in her trial and didn’t have an actual tail yet. She had made it clear that she was going to ask to become my pet last week, but I told her she couldn’t have her own tail until we had it made for her. With the baby coming early, I would be able to arrange for a trip to the island before Marta had to start classes.

The next contraction didn’t hit until I was drying her off after our shower. Glancing up at the clock, I timed it at eight minutes after her last one. Once I got us both dressed and was helping my kitten get ready, I saw her wince again. She was holding steady around eight minutes apart for now.

“Alright, let’s got have breakfast. Kiera, I want you to help me keep track of Sonia’s contractions. I’ve timed the last couple at eight minutes, so we have a bit of time still, but I want to be ready to leave when she hits around six,” I told them. “It only takes twenty minutes to get to the hospital on a good day, but I don’t want to push it too far.”

When we got down to the kitchen, I found Vivi and Zara still in their bathrobes cooking breakfast. “You both look far too sexy to be cooking breakfast. Gianna, Marta, come help me finish breakfast so they can go shower and get dressed.”

“I wasn’t expecting the early breakfast call, so I came as I was when Vivi knocked to tell us the good news,” Zara told me. “Vivi offered to help me get it started, but I can finish it now so she can go get dressed. It is kind of my job to get meals on the table.”

“Yes, but you are far too tempting in that bathrobe. I keep having an urge to open it and see what’s underneath,” I replied with a wink. “We can handle the eggs, pancakes and hash browns long enough for you to grab a shower and get dressed. Think of it as a favor to me so I’m not tempted to molest you before I’m allowed to.”

Zara gave me an exasperated look as I took the spatula out of her hands, then smiled slyly as she opened her robe and flowed into my arms. “The only thing under it is me, and I have told you that you are free to grope me if you like. I’m actually a bit disappointed that you haven’t taken me up on that yet.”

“It’s simple my dear, I wouldn’t want to stop with just a quick feel,” I told her as my hand slipped down to her ass. “Something this lovely deserves far more than a quick once over. Now go get dressed before I decide to bend you over the counter and explore you properly.”

I punctuated my statement with a light slap to her ass and she jumped back with a playful gleam in her eyes. “Fine, I’ll go get dressed, but I own you one for that,” she said with a smirk as pulled off the robe and folded it over her arm. She put an extra sway in her hips as she walked away, then blew me a kiss over her shoulder before going out the door.

My pets were laughing as I turned back to check the hash browns. “You might want to be careful with teasing her Master,” Marta warned me. “She wants you bad and is wearing her husband out. That is why she has been asking one of us to say with them every night. Not so he has someone to play with, but so she has someone to help burn off her extra sexual energy.”

“Strangely enough, he is walking around with a huge smile on his face all the time,” sancaktepe escort I chuckled in reply. “I don’t think he is too upset about her wearing him out. Did you enjoy your evening with them?”

“Yea, she tastes delightful, but I only get to go down on her before her husband takes her. He is alright, but you have me a bit spoiled Master,” she replied with a grin. “I am used to being stretched out a lot more. I still get to cum, but it’s far better with you.”

I flashed a smile at her as I flipped the hash browns. She already knew I was planning to buy her from Julien after she finished school, so I know she wasn’t just flattering me. The connection she felt with me made it that much better for her even if it was just a quick romp in the shower.

By the time Zara got back, we were almost finished cooking. She still had that gleam in her eyes as she took her spatula back and pushed her ass back into my groin to get me out of her way. I bent down to kiss the back of her neck before I moved back. “You still look delectable my dear, but I should be able to control myself now.”

She smirked as I left the cooking area but let Marta and Gianna stay to help get everyone’s plates ready. As I walked back to my seat, I stopped at Kiera and Sonia to check on them. “How are we doing my dears?”

“About seven and a half minutes apart and strong still,” Sonia replied. “Someone is definitely eager to get out and enjoy the fresh air. I think I started about eleven last night, so I am progressing normally. Another hour or two and I should be ready to go to the hospital.”

“She is actually moving along fairly quickly for her first baby Master,” Kiera told me. “From the increase so far this morning, I would give her another hour until she is under six minutes. It will still take a couple hours after we get to the hospital for her to fully dilate, but she is doing very well.”

I stroked Kiera’s hair as I stepped around her to my seat. “Are you doing okay having to eat at the table with the rest of us today?”

“I’m okay as long as it’s only for emergencies,” she replied with a faint smile. “I will always prefer being on the floor next to you, but I know you want us to look nice for the hospital and I can’t get my pretty dress dirty.”

“Well, it won’t just be for emergencies, but still not very often,” I replied as Zara brought the plates over. “I will be dressing all of you up on occasion for a night out, and most of the places I wish to take you will not accept you kneeling on the floor next to me for your meal. I am thinking we could visit some of the local art galleries or take in a concert on occasion.”

“I remember you taking all of us out to concerts when I was a little girl,” Sonia said wistfully. “Talia used to complain endlessly about you socializing with the hired help, but we stopped after my mom passed away. Why was that Master?”

“Talia was actually the one who started me going, although she hated me taking your family along with us. Your mother was the one who encouraged it after I divorced Talia,” I told her. “I guess there was no one to push your father and me to get out and enjoy life after your mother passed. She was a vibrant and energetic person, with an amazing passion for life, even at the end. You remind me of her in many ways, although I am far closer to you than I ever was with her.”

“That is probably a good thing Master,” she replied with a smirk. “I’m not sure how I would have felt if you were sleeping with my mother. I would be fine with it now, but it may have weirded me out a…”

Her sentence cut off as a pained expression came over her face. “Seven minutes, twenty-two seconds,” Kiera said as she reached over to touch Sonia’s stomach. I was a bit surprised to see her using a stopwatch to time the contractions.

“I thought that would help track the time between contractions easier,” Jaden said when he saw my confused look. “I usually use it to time chemical reactions in my classes, but figured it would come in handy.”

“It will definitely be more accurate than trying to time them off a wall clock,” I replied as I heard Kiera click the start of the next wait when Sonia’s contraction ended. “We should probably start eating though, as we will probably be at the hospital for most of the day and may miss having a real lunch.”

Despite the relatively quick meal for an Italian family, Sonia’s contractions were down to six minutes apart by the time we finished. “Alright, everyone needs to hit the bathroom and get ready to go,” I said once Gianna and Vivi had finished helping Zara with the cleaning. “Vivi, Gianna, you are both welcome to skip working today and catch up tomorrow if you wish to come with us.”

“Would you like all of us to be there,” Zara asked. “There are quite a few of us to be hanging around in her hospital room, and I don’t know if they would allow anyone who is not family in with her.”

“First off, I think I made it clear that I consider all of you part of the family now,” I told zeytinburnu escort her. “Second, you’re in Italy my dear, and big families are common. I never had any children of my own, but I would occasionally drive one of my employees down to the hospital when their wives went into labor. I would find twenty or more people waiting with the expecting mother and was frequently invited to stay for the delivery and celebrate the birth. The rooms are easily big enough for twelve, and no one will say anything about you not being related.”

“I am going to grab Sonia’s bag and put it in the van. Kiera, stay with Sonia until I get back.” I told her. “I will help her out to the van and give you time to use the restroom if you need to.”

After loading the bags, I helped Sonia out to the van. As I got her settled into the passenger seat and belted in, everyone else was piling into the back as Jaden got into the driver’s seat. It was technically an eight-passenger van, but you can fit twelve if you don’t mind getting friendly. Marcello, Gianna and Marian were in the far back, with Marta, Felicia and Ari on their laps. Vivi had Kiera on her lap in the middle seat, and Zara was next to her smiling at me.

“I told you I owed you one for that spank earlier, and your pets were more than happy to help,” she said with an evil little grin on her face. “You get to have me wiggling around in your lap the whole way, and I promise to enjoy the trip thoroughly.”

It was a delicious form of torture, and I couldn’t help but smile as I got in the van and took my seat. She flipped the bottom of her dress up and flashed her naked ass at me for a second before planting it in my lap. She leaned back and put her head on my shoulder.

“I slipped my panties and bra off in the bathroom after your pets agreed to let me sit in your lap. Since you don’t want to settle for a quick feel, I thought it would make it more interesting,” she purred into my ear. “By the way, I am a week late and I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow afternoon to get my blood test. The home test yesterday was positive, but we have to wait for my lab results to be certain. I want you to imagine your fat cock plowing the naked ass in your lap all the way to the hospital, because I should have my confirmation by Friday.”

“You are a very naughty little girl, but I am still going to wait until you get your results to properly explore you,” I said as I let my fingers rest on her thigh. “The anticipation makes it far more delightful when I finally get to enjoy that lovely body of yours.”

“I can agree with you on that, but I am still going to rub my naked ass all over that hard lump in your pants all the way to the hospital,” she said with a grin. “Think of it as foreplay a week in advance.”

My pets were giggling behind me as Jaden pulled out of the driveway. I had a feeling it was going to be a long trip, but a very entertaining one. Zara didn’t disappoint as she spent the entire trip grinding her ass around on my cock in what must have been the longest lap dance in the history of the world. I kept one hand on her stomach and the other resting lightly on her thigh, feeling the subtle shift of her sleek muscles as she teased me.

Her plan backfired a bit, because by the time we arrived at the hospital, she was more worked up than I was. “That was a lovely way to spend the trip my dear,” I told her as I leaned into kiss her neck. “I am looking forward to enjoying your body even more in the future.”

I had a feeling she would pull her husband into the bathroom as soon as we got our room for a bit of quick relief. “I think I am looking forward to it even more than you are,” she whispers as the valet came up to open the door. “My husband would have exploded in his pants half way here, but you were barely fazed by that. I can’t imagine how hard you are going to make me cum when you finally take me.”

She shifted to let her dress fall back into place as the valet opened the door and we all started piling out. “Would you like me to get a wheelchair,” he asked as I helped Sonia out of the passenger seat.

“I think she would appreciate that as soon as we get inside,” I replied as I put my arm around her waist. “The contractions make it a bit hard to walk around easily, but I’m not sure how far we are from the next one.”

“Less than a minute,” Kiera said from behind me. “Her last one was five twenty-eight, and we just hit five minutes.”

Zara stepped up to help hold on to Sonia as I felt her tense up. “Five minutes, seventeen seconds,” Kiera called out. We held her through the contraction and the valet came back out with a wheelchair as it passed. “That was forty seconds long Master, she is right on the edge of entering active labor.”

I saw the valet smirk when her heard Kiera call me Master, but he didn’t comment. Glancing back over my shoulder, I saw her blushing. “Sorry Alonso, I will try to do better,” she mumbled. “I’m not used to using your name.”

“You don’t have to worry sir,” the valet said as he held the chair for Sonia to sit down. “As a private facility, discretion is a rule. No one will mention it if they hear or see something outside the ordinary or at least not enough to identify anyone involved. We do share some of the more amusing stories with each other, but nothing that could be used to identify our clients.”

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