A Houseful of Incest Ch. 01

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“Chriiiiis!” yelled Mum from somewhere outside the bathroom, “Come on, you’ll be late – what on earth are you doing in there?”

“Yeah, just coming – I’m busy!” I yelled back, my mind and body until now lost in the spasms and throes of masturbation, the last small spurt of cum having just been ejected from my cock.

I’d just finished wanking – jerking off as I stood naked before the mirror, watching my hand moving rapidly up and down my persistently rigid shaft until I’d shot off powerfully and abruptly.

I’d been woken this morning ahead of my alarm clock, disturbed by the sounds of my parents obviously energetically making love in their room, then lying there as I let the sexy sounds and the gentle stroking of my hand stir and stiffen my cock. My fairly normal morning stiffness was therefore enhanced and urgent, but then, realising that time was rushing by, instead of having a fuck or jerking off before leaving my bed I’d risen and hurried to the bathroom…which is why I was jerking off there. I’d actually felt frustrated at not having had a chance to enjoy my usual morning fuck so after I’d peed and then washed, with my persistent hard-on bumping against the wash basin, I began rubbing one out, my need overcoming all other thoughts.

Normally in such solitary circumstances I’d have caught and swallowed as much of my cum as I could, but today was different. What had happened was that instead of catching my gushing jets of cum in my hand as I usually did, my orgasm actually came so suddenly that the first shot had just squirted out strongly across the basin where it splashed and stuck against the tiles and mirror and after that I just had to let it continue to spurt and flow and the result was a disaster, which was why I was there longer than I might otherwise have been.

“Damn it, trust her to catch me right now,” I muttered to myself, “That’s typical!”

My body was still in the throes of my orgasm, still quivering and twitching as Mum’s voice reached me and suddenly I was jerked back to my senses.

“Oh damn, ought to get this lot cleaned up, she hates me making a mess,” I muttered as I lifted my wet and sticky hand from my cock, “Quick before Mum comes in – she’s bound to…”

With my senses now alerted but with splatters, streaks and puddles of spunk all over everything, not to mention over my hand and cock, I gathered a handful of tissues and began cleaning up but my copious sprays and jets of stuff had gone everywhere and I soon needed more tissues.

I dumped the first handful in the bin and was still busy cleaning up, my penis still besplattered with cum when I heard footsteps and a moment later the door burst open and Mum was standing there, looking impatient.

“Come on Chris, for heavens sake!” she said quickly, then, “You’re supposed to be downstairs and ready!”

“MuuuuM, I told you I was still busy!” I spluttered, taken aback at her sudden entry, “Anyway, there’s still at least an hour before we’re due to leave.”

“Oh Chris, what the hell? How on earth did you manage to do that?” she cried, now having noticed what had happened, “What’s the matter with you – couldn’t you have waited?”

We were soon to be heading off across town to an award ceremony for Mum’s sister-in-law’s daughter Tina and several other girls who had rallied together to clean up their part of town. As with many cities and towns, litter was a menace and with the local authority seemingly turning a blind eye, my cousin and her friends had taken time off work to inspire members of the public to clean the place up. Their efforts had worked so well that local businesses had decided to honour the group and we were naturally being dragged along to support their award this morning.

Our family and Mum’s sister-in-law’s family stuck together firmly – the two women were the best of friends as were all of us children. There were four offspring from my mother and my brother’s wife: my cousin Tina who was 19 and my nephew Paul who was 20 and then there was my own sister who had recently turned 18 and myself, Chris, who was the oldest at 22.

Dad, Mum and her sister-in-law, by the way, were all in their early to mid forties.

Anyway…my sister Debbie had spent the night at her aunt’s house to keep Tina company before the ceremony…which was why I hadn’t had my morning exercise.

Naturally I’d turned towards the door as it burst open and now, having spoken, Mum froze, her eyes raking up and down my naked body. Then her nose wrinkled as she absorbed the heavy scent of cum in the room.

“For heaven’s sake Chris, look at you!” she exclaimed, “Look what a mess you’ve made and how on earth did you manage to get spunk everywhere?”

I let my own eyes fall to gaze at where the inevitable offence had taken place, only to see a smattering of cum adorning my exposed knob and a thick dangling icicle of cum hanging from the end of my penis; an instrument that still retained much of it’s hardness from before the orgasm that had blasted cum everywhere.

“I canlı bahis couldn’t help it – I shot off so quickly. I’ve finished but I’m still trying to clean up,” I said, but before I had time to even think, Mum stepped into the room, bent down and slipped the end of my penis into her mouth.

“Ahhh – ohhhh yesss!” I gasped as I felt her tongue slipping and sliding around my knob, “Ohhh Mum, that’s nice!”

Mum stood upright again and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, then smiled at me.

“How many times have I told you not to waste that stuff?” she said as she licked her lips, “Where’s the rest gone?”

“It went all over the basin and up the mirror but now it’s in the bin,” I said, shamefacedly pointing, “I couldn’t help it.”

“You should have called me,” she said, her eyes still flipping downwards to where my freshly stiffened cock bobbed and swayed, “I really do hate seeing all that stuff go to waste!”

Mum herself was hardly dressed as yet as she stood there wrapped in her short dressing gown. It was loosely tied and assorted bits of the frothy material of her nightie were visible here and there. Her hair was fairly tidy, although not up to her usual standards while her face, while still perfect to me was devoid of her usual array of cosmetics as yet.

“You were busy but you can have some more if you want,” I offered, holding up my straining cock, but Mum shook her head.

“No darling, you know what’ll happen if I say yes,” she said with a smile, “One minute it would be in my mouth and the next you’d have stuffed it up my pussy – I know what you’re like and then we’d run out of time!”

“Yeah but…!” I began again, but Mum shushed me.

“No darling, I mean it,” she insisted, “Later, if you’ve nothing else to do! Right now we’ve got to get ourselves ready to go out.”

At that moment Mum suddenly shuddered and a second or two later she too was collecting a handful of toilet tissue.

“Don’t look!” she said with a grin as she parting her gown and thrust the handful between her legs. Her actions revealed that while she was still wearing the top half of her flimsy nightie, her knickers were missing. Her actions also revealed her thinly covered, amazingly firm and enjoyable breasts, her delicious nipples…and that she’d shaved all the hair from between her legs.

“I don’t know,” she sighed as she held the wad of tissue against her pussy, “If it’s not you then it’s your dad pumping that stuff everywhere! And here’s me trying to get you ready to leave and me still leaking everywhere!”

“Didn’t know you’d shaved,” I commented as I watched, feeling my cock jerking to the sexy sight and to the memory of my last visit to my Mum’s tight pussy, “That’s something new.”

“Dad got fed up with stray pubes in his mouth,” said Mum as she inspected the soggy tissues, “Be nicer for you too, I guess.”

“Yeah, I agree. Looks even nicer now – can I try it?” I asked hopefully but Mum shook her head firmly.

“Stop changing the subject,” she added as she inspected her perfect pussy one last time, “Now come on, get yourself cleaned up and dressed and get down and grab a bit of breakfast.”

“I could have my breakfast here!” I said as I pointed downwards but Mum swished her robe closed and turned away.

“No and I mean no,” she said as she swirled away, “Now do as you’re told for once!”

Having had to make do with a jerk off rather than a fuck I finished up in the bathroom as quickly as I could, then dressed and soon afterwards I was in the kitchen, downing my morning coffee prior to grabbing some cereal. Mum had disappeared into her bedroom now so there was just Dad and me there and now he lifted his face and eyebrows to interrogate me.

“What’s this I hear about you wasting your cum?” he enquired, his eyebrows furrowed, “You know you’re not supposed to do that.”

“I couldn’t help it – I was jerking off and it came so suddenly,” I explained, “It was only one load.”

“Hmmmph! You shouldn’t have been jerking by yourself anyway,” he added, still firmly, “You ought to pump that stuff where it belongs.”

“I couldn’t,” I pleaded, “Debbie wasn’t there this morning, was she?”

“True, but you could have caught it and swallowed it couldn’t you, or you could have let it go in your mum instead,” he said placidly, “I could have had the morning off if you’d done that.”

“You were already fucking her,” I commented, “I reckon you woke me up.”

“Had to do it,” admitted Dad, “She was all horny when she woke up so she grabbed me, didn’t she.”

“Yeah well you were busy so I didn’t want to disturb you first thing,” I added with a chuckle, “And anyway, when I came I just didn’t have time to catch it.”

Dad smiled sociably now, his earlier grumpiness gone, then reached over and patted my arm.

“Haha!” he laughed, his reprimand now finished, “Tell me about it – the eagerness of youth – everything happens so fast when you’re young and horny!”

“Yeah, it just got away from me,” I said as I tried to explain, bahis siteleri “One moment I was rubbing and the next I was spurting!”

“Well, you still should have asked your mum. She almost begged me for another load but I just wasn’t up to it today,” he said as he drained his coffee, “Mind you, I quite understand how frustrated you must be without your sister there to help you.”

“Yeah, I’ll try not to let it happen again,” I offered contritely, “Anyway, Debbie will be back tonight, won’t she.”

“Thank heavens!” agreed Dad, “I missed my evening fuck last night too!”

We were a very, very liberated extended family – all seven of us and while we could blame our grandparents, since they’d instigated the pleasures of ‘keeping it in the family’, it had been my aunt’s late husband (Mum’s brother) who’d really created the opportunity for wholesale fun and fucking. He had been a youthful but very successful leader of commerce somewhere in the Big City, quickly making many millions before his life was ended abruptly when his chauffeur drunkenly and fatally crashed his limo. However, before his untimely death he and his sister had enjoyed years of happy fucking, urged on by his parents and even by his wife…who in turn had enjoyed years of sex with her brother, my own father.

The pleasures of incest had been sown long before that however as both Dad and Betty’s parents had indulged as had Mum and her brother’s parents. Then, Dad had met Mum while Betty had met Mum’s brother and before they knew it they’d fallen in love, had both married and then settled down to continue the amazing world of incest…which is why everyone was so close. Our family tree was confusing, even to me!

With the seeds of incest already well and truly sown and with Mum’s sister-in-law free, very rich and very frustrated after her husband’s death, the two families had more or less combined, a move that also allowed Dad, in his spare time, to continue to ease his sister’s desires and frustrations. Our three remaining parents then bought a derelict Manor House and grounds and after having been granted permission to demolish the ruins they’d built a pair of matching houses, safe from prying eyes within the bounds of the old Estate and it was there, once each of us passed the age of 18, that we were able to enjoy our sexual freedom with our parents, swapping and sharing happily. Of course, we’d all have loved to make our ladies pregnant, but it was agreed throughout the families that we needed to bring in some new blood eventually, so sex between us was for recreation and not procreation and the ladies were therefore on the pill.

Us kids had all been considerably younger back when the places were being built and obviously hadn’t been involved in the sexual happenings back then, but on the day we each in turn passed the age of 18, so we were added to the fun and games that the adults enjoyed. I’d therefore been an active part of the incestuous family for over four years whereas my sister had only been allowed to join in a few months ago.

She’d taken to it like a duck to water and the very morning of her 18th birthday she was already on her back with her legs spread as I licked her to her first incestual climax before fucking her to several more orgasms.

It had become a kind of rite of passage for a sibling to symbolically deflower each girl as they reached 18 but Debbie was the youngest and last to enjoy the initiation and enjoy it she certainly did.

To me, what was most exciting about that day – a day we’d both been eagerly awaiting – was that as she was still a virgin so the sacrifice of her maidenhood was an added thrill, although a sacrifice that Debbie was eager to make. My nephew Paul had enjoyed opening up his sister on the occasion of her 18th and now I, at long last, was about to do the same with my own sexy sister.

Debbie’s special day was marked with a suitably erotic and exciting welcome, with gifts and cards and so on to start the day, followed by her deflowering. We’d all come downstairs early to welcome her, then Mum disappeared briefly to arrange some bunches of flowers and scented candles to enhance the ambience of Debbie’s bedroom and then, once Debbie had opened her cards and presents she and I were ushered back upstairs.

She was far from unaware of sex – she’d been well educated in the mechanism of sex but until that night she’d remained unsullied and pure, so while she was full of trepidation about being penetrated for the first time, she was actually looking forward to it too.

She, like Tina before her had already been using her birth control pills for a month before her birthday, clearing the way for the deposits of cum that would soon be dumped inside her and now she simply glowed with anticipation.

We were both very eager and if anything it was I who was more on edge now – almost scared that I wouldn’t perform to our mutual satisfaction and now we were on our own it was Debbie who proved to be more excited because as the door shut behind us she actually bahis şirketleri leapt into my arms and began kissing me eagerly.

“Oh Chris, I can’t wait!” she moaned into my mouth, her lips wet and slippery, “Is it going to be nice? Are we both going to enjoy it?”

“Bloody well hope so!” I added as her exciting lips slid over mine, “I’ll do my best anyway.”

“And how big’s your thingy?” she asked as she reached down to try to feel my cock, “Let me see it, please!”

Her whole body seemed to be squirming and sexy as I held her with her legs wrapped around my middle.

“Cool it!” I said as I supported her warm, soft ass with my hands, “You’ll find all that out in the next hour or so – I hope.”

“Will it take that long?” she asked, her eyebrows raised, “I heard that some blokes do it in just a few minutes!”

“I’m hoping I can last longer than that!” I said with a small laugh, “Then again, if you’re as lovely to make love to as you are to hold, I just know I won’t last long the first time.”

“Wow! So we’ll do it more than once, will we?” she asked, her face alive with eager anticipation, “That sounds amazing! When I do it to myself I sometimes do it twice and when I cum the second time it’s really powerful – you know – makes your toes curl!”

“No promises but I’ll try hard for you,” I added as I carried her towards the bed and gently lowered her until she was seated on it, “Come and get undressed, we can’t do it standing there with all our clothes on, can we.”

She laughed with me as we began to disrobe – firstly my t-shirt and trousers, then my socks (we didn’t tend to wear shoes around the house) and then my boxers until I stood there naked beside the bed. Debbie’s eyes were wide open when she saw my erection, then she smiled hugely.

“Wowwww!” she breathed, her hands pausing as she reached behind her to remove her bra, “Look at that thing!”

My seven (and a bit) inch cock felt as hard as it had ever been and pointed almost straight up towards the ceiling, such was his eagerness and with her praise it felt that it was far bigger than it really was. My foreskin had peeled back by itself and my knob seemed to reach out, gleaming and shiny as it awaited some action.

“That looks bloody huge to me,” said Debbie as she threw her bra onto the chair beside the bed, “How on earth do you get all that inside me?”

“You’ll see, anyway, I’m not all that big,” I said gently as I felt my cock trembling with desire, “You’ll kind of open right up and it’ll just slide in, just like that – your body will stretch to make room.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’ve read and been told, but it still seems impossible,” she added as she dumped her jeans on the chair as well, “Bet it’s fun once it gets inside!”

“You don’t know how much fun!” I said with a small laugh, “Hope I’ll help you find out.”

“Mmmm, so do I,” Debbie added as she tossed her knickers away to join her jeans, “Ok, I’m ready – come on then!”

I paused to look at her delicious body. Debbie, when standing, was about five foot four inches tall and although I had no idea of her weight, I could definitely say that she looked slim, trim and delicious. Her breasts had been growing for the past few years and now, exposed to my eyes for the first time, I was able to see that they were going to be the perfect handful – albeit both hands very full – probably B cup size or maybe even C. They stood high and firm, all complete with little pink nipples that looked to be hard and tight and would be perfect to squeeze gently. Lower down her waist curved in deliciously and her little belly button was adorned with a shiny gold ornament. Below that her hips widened to encompass her perfect little pussy. Her pubic hairs were blond and very curly as was the hair on her head but her pubes were obviously untrimmed and wild – and so very enticing! Her clit was easily visible and already glistened with moisture and vitality at the top of her tightly closed lips and I knew that it would be my first target once I was down there!

I felt my penis jerk urgently and violently and also felt a small surge of precum as it rose up my cock and leaked from the tip. I put my hand down, pulled my foreskin up, spread the slippery juice over my knob, then pushed my foreskin back down to expose the glistening plum-shaped knob.

“Wow, you look simply perfect!” I enthused as I gazed longingly at her reclining body, “You’re bloody gorgeous!”

“You look pretty good too!” she answered, her eyes locked onto my cock, “Looks as if he’s ready for me!”

“Oh, he’s ready alright!” I said, trying not to sound too eager, “So – what would you like us to do first?”

“Could we have a nice loving start, you know, a sort of soothing warm, gentle cuddle,” breathed my sister softly, “I want to feel you against me, all naked and horny and everything!”

It took up only a few moments for us to settle on the bed, side by side; then we rolled together and I slid one arm under her neck and used it to pull her closer to me. Our upper arms interwove and joined in and suddenly we were pressed tightly together, her warm firm breasts squashed against my chest and my throbbing penis flat against her soft sweet belly. She felt small and delicious and perfect.

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