A hot night with my cousin

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I do not tell whether its a real story or a fiction. It is up to you to decide.

It happened 5 years ago on a really hot summer. We traveled to south France for a family vacation. Even my cousins were there.

We rent a huge house with 6 rooms, a big garden and a pool.

When we arrived we discussed who wants to sleep where. The situation ended up, that I had to sleep in a room with my older cousin. She was 21 at the time, I was 22.

We brought our suitcases to the room and I let her to choose her bed. We took out our toiletries, checked our beds and changed our clothes.

“I think I’ll check the pool. I need some water on my skin after the flight.” I went to the bathroom and changed my clothes to swimming shorts.

“Wait please! I want to come too!” she yelled after me.

The rooms were on the first floor, so we took the inside stairs and went into the hall on the ground floor.

“Wow its quite big. I could not even notice when we arrived.” she turned around herself and stared at the ceiling.

We left the hall through the back door which led to the pool. My brother and our other cousin were there already. They are more than 6 years younger than us. I almost jumped into the water but my older cousin stopped me.

“Could you please apply the sun cream onto my back? I can not reach it.” her arm was twisted as she tried to reach her back and shoulders.

“Sure!” I started to apply it. “You started to do sport? You are in a really good shape.”

“Yup, there is a Girl’s society at the university. So they invited me into their volleyball team. And I started to do gymnastics at home. Oh and I run.”

“Buehh, I hate running, its so boring.”

“Then go to swim!” she grabbed my arm and pushed me into the pool.

We played in the water, even our parents came too. The grandparents just lied onto the sunbeds.

After a while she came next to me, really close.

“You are in a really good shape too” she whispered, but I barely heard it because of the water splashing.

After the fun in the pool, we went to our room and changed our clothes. She took on a white, thin and light tunic. She was really pretty. Her dried hair was a little dishevelled, so the light broke and shone around her head and it looked like a glory. She was like an angel…

We went for a walk with our entire family into the city and had a dinner in a restaurant. One of the waiters started to flirt with her. Okay not just one, almost all of them. I dont know why, but I was getting a little jealous. It was not pleasant as they “played” with her.

When we came home, the others stayed in the garden, I had to put my phone onto the charger in my room. I entered the main door, but my older cousin ran before me to the stairs. I tough she had to go into the toilet. She was before (so above) me, and dropped her phone to the next stair step in the front of her . She bent to reach it. The lower part of the tunic was not long enough so it moved up as she tried to reach her phone. I was totally shocked about what I saw. She wore no panties. I could see everything from behind.

“Oh sorry, I reached it.” she picked up the phone and ran to the room.

I though she did not notice what happend, I did not tell her, did not want put her into an awkward situation.

The rest of the evening went normally. At ca. 11.00 pm everyone was in their own room. This family vacation was not about the midnight parties. The elders and the very young were already asleep.

My cousin took a shower, came out from the bathroom wearing only a towel around her body. She went to her suitcase, grabbed her fresh clothes and went back into the bathroom. She came out wearing a tank top and a short, hopped onto her bed and started to read a book.

I went to take a shower, took my underwear, a t-shirt and a shorts in the bathroom, then lied onto my bed, grabbed my phone ,plugged my earphones and watched you tube. The two beds were really close to each other, they were like one double.

I could not fall asleep because it was too warm.

“Is the air conditioner on? I asked her.

“I think yes, but its too weak.”

I checked it. The air conditioner died… We discussed that we contact the owner of the house tomorrow.

I opened the windows, but the air was really warm even on the evening, so we dropped the the blankets.

She continued to read her book, and I fell asleep.

We woke up in the middle of the night because the air was so hot we could not sleep.

She whispered something but I could not understand so I asked back:


“I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cant take this heat, I think I drop my clothes.”

“Well okay.”

She squirmed a little. “Darn, I cant believe this.”

“Everything is ok?”

“Yes, but my panties rub my tights. It hurts. Okay, I drop them.”

“So you will lie next to me naked?”

“Yup, its dark, we cant see shit”

I heard as she pulled down her panties.

“Its so much better!” she sighted. “Good night! You can remove yours if you want. It does not bother me. The air is unbearably warm.”

“No, I think I am good. Good night!”

We fell asleep again.

I woke up after a few hours, it was so warm I had to remove my clothes. I removed everything except my boxers, but could not fell asleep. I squirmed a little, that one piece of cloth got very unpleasant so I removed it.

So I was naked too. We dropped the blanket before the night, so only the darkness covered our bodies. It was so warm, I could feel the air on my skin.

I took a look at her. She was asleep. I could see the silhouette of her body in the moonlight. God, she was hot… She always took care of her body, but she was in an extremely good shape then. The gymnastics-volleyball-jogging trio did its job.

“Okay, I can not get a boner right now and right here” I whispered it to myself repeatedly.

I could dispel my messed up erotic toughs, and finally fell asleep.

I woke up as I heard fumbling. One of the reading lamps were on. I took a look at the window, but there was dark outside so it was still night. Then I saw as she reads her book.

“What are you doing?” I asked her and tried to pretend as I am angry.

“Cant you see, I’m reading.”

“You don’t say smart ass? But we don’t have clothes, and you turned on the lamp.”

“And? I told that it does not bother me. Anyway you were cute as you slept, and to be honest it is not a bad sight.” she giggled.

“What? And what if it bothers me?”

“We are not strangers. Don’t be angry, but I watched you for a while as you slept. You do have a nice body. Its the gym right? I saw your posts on Facebook.”

“Its nice of you, but I think you shouldn’t tell me this”

“I think we are even. You looked under my cloth on the stairs.”

“I looked.. You bent directly before me.”

“You could close your eyes. Anyway, I am a little jealous of your girlfriend. Not only because of your body, but…I dont know, I always wanted a boyfriend like you. You helped me to study, you always came to cycling with me, and I really enjoy to have conversations with you. “

“I dont know what to s-“

“You know what? I dont care, It really helped me as I finally let this out.” she appeared a little angry.

“Okay, I think we should calm down.” I sighed deeply. “Today, when we were in the restaurant, I could saw as the waiters flirted with you.”

“Yes, they were cute” she giggled.

“No they were assholes! I tought that the brown haired will drop his pants before everyone…”

“Aww, you are jealous.” she smiled really pretty with her full mouth.

“I would not say that.”

“Of course…” she rolled onto her back as she laughed.

“We broke three months ago. I mean with my girlfriend.”

“Ohh. Why?”

“It turned out that we see some things extremely different. We had quarells more and more often. What about you? Do you still have that guy? I dont rember his name.”

“I’ve been single for a year. I think.” she answered, but she was not disappointed.


“He was not so cute and nice as he appeared for the first time. But lets change the subject!”

“Hey ehhmm, I stared at you when you were asleep. But it was dark I barely saw you.”

“And you acted so angry earlier.” she laughed and threw my pillow into my face.

We discussed about the university. She studied biology, while I economics. It was really good to talk with her. She was so smart and well informed. Then the word shifted to the family. We talked about every single members of our family (not about the good things). The next topic was relationship. We returned to our broken relationships. We are single, but romantic types, and we misses sex…

I could see her naked body very well in the light of the lamp. She wore only a black fabric anklet with a little turtle jewel on her right ankle. I could feel as my cock started to grow.

“Could you please pass the blanket from the couch?”

“Why? Its so warm.” she did not understand.

-Yes but you are güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri naked, you are a girl. I am naked, I am a man, soo…”

“Ohh I see. Men… But you don’t have to hide it. Its cute!”

I had erection. My face got blushed as I tried to hide it with my hands.

“I told, you dont have to hide it! You can see a hot girl lying next to you. Its a new situation hah?” she laughed.

“Go to hell! My girlfriend was hot too!”

“If you say so. Her face was pretty, but I did not see her without her clothes” she laughed.

“She did ballet… But you are hotter.” I did not want to say this aloud but somehow I forgot about myself.

“Aww thank you. Okay I need to sleep, I got very sleepy.” she closed her book and turned off the light. I think she waited for this sentence, she tough about it as a “green light”.

“Good night!”





I woke up as I felt something on my stomach. First I tough its a spider, so tried to brush it away.

“Ouch!” I heard it from my left.

It was still dark (we did not sleep too much that night). I cold barely see anything, but I could see her face next to my hip as her hands caressed my stomach.

“Now what the hell are you doing?” I whispered.

“I was bored, and can not sleep because of the heat.”

“Okay, but why are your hands on my stomach so close to my…thing?” I tried to avoid the word penis or cock, I felt it would make the situation even more weird.

“Relax! The noble people did not care about things like this in ancient Greece and Rome.”

“Ancient Rome was my favourite theme on history courses so you don’t have to play smart ass” I tried to do or say something to end the situation, but it would be a lie if I said I did not enjoy it.

Moreover she turned on her reading lamp, and saw my erection.

“I can see you are enjoying it.” she giggled. “What if I…” I could feel a gently push on my cock.

“Okay, stop it! Now!” It was a little too much. I would prefer to continue, but all I could tough about what would happen, if the others know bout it. I almost yelled at her, but did not want the others to hear us. I pushed away her hands.

“Okay, lets play a game! You can touch my body parts which you let me to touch on you!” she giggled and smiled.

“What? No! Please give me the blanket!”

“Well, okay…”

She stood up on the bed, then turned over and started to move like a belly dancer. I could see every corner of her body. Shit she was so hot. Her stomach was flat, her butt and tights were close to perfect. Her boobs were not big, but shapely. And she was totally shaved. She reached for the blanket, but I interrupted her.

I could not resist “My fucking god! Okay, lets play!”

“I knew it!”

She hopped next to me and started to caress my chest, my stomach an my tights. Then she touched my cock and testicles very softly. Her fingers were like feathers.

I closed my eyes first and turned away my head. I tried to not think about that my cousin plays with my naked body.

“You don’t have the largest, but clearly one of the sexiest.” she laughed.

“Ehhmm. Thank you?” I did not know what to say.

“God, as your abs cast their own shadows… Your body drives me a little crazy.” she panted.

As the feeling started to take over me, I could not hold back myself “Same here, with your body!”

She caressed my stomach and my genitals.

“Ok now its my turn!” I pushed her hands.

She smiled and lied back.

I started with her stomach.

“Ahhff! You imitator, you dont have fantasy!” she laughed.

My hands ran to her boobs. I started to massage them, she moaned silently. They were not big, but filled my whole palms. Her nipples were so hard, they pierced my fingers as I played with them.

Then I gripped her butt.

After this I started to caress her stomach again, and ran my hands down to her pussy, but did not touch it.

I started to tickle her inner tights very softly, and pushed my hand towards her pussy as slow as I could.

She moaned continuously. Her moans were silent and so cute, I could come only by hearing them.

I reached her pussy lips an started to massage them. She was really wet already and moaned louder, but I stopped.

“Continue please!” she begged and could barely breathe.

“It is your turn!” I stopped touching her.

She just lied there for a few seconds.

She looked at me “That was not nice of you, I never forget!” her eyebrows were clenched.

I lied güvenilir bahis şirketleri on to my back.

She caressed my stomach again and gripped my butt. Then she lied on to her stomach, her face was between my legs. She licked my cock from the shaft to the tip with her tongue very softly. It tickled me, as the tip of her tongue barely touched the bare head and the skin of my cock. Again, and again.

After that she took my whole penis into her mouth and started to blow me very lightly.

She was hot AF, it was dark outside, the moon illuminated the top of the trees, the crickets chirped, and apart from this all I could hear was the sound of her squelching mouth.

I got close to the orgasm, my toes curled up, I started to moan, but she stopped.

“Ohh did I interrupt something?” she asked.

I could not answer because I was still on the brink of the orgasm so I could release only some strange noises as I squirmed “Mmhhhppff!”

She could not stop laughing. The orgasm flew away, I did not come.

She lied back. “Now its your turn!”

I started at her boobs, then her thighs. After that I massaged her feet.

“Its soo good. You should be a masseur.”

My hands crawled between her legs and continued to massage her there.

After a while I softly pushed one of my fingers. She grabbed the bed sheet, and moaned loud.

I started to lick her. She was totally soaked, I could feel the taste of her juices. I pushed my tongue inside her. After a while I started to suck her clit and massage her pussy with my fingers. I softly rubbed my left thumb against the part underneath her vagina.

She tried to hold back herself and not to moan too loud because we really did not want the others to hear us. She grabbed her pillow and covered her face with it. She squirmed, her muscles were strained. I continued for a few seconds, and could feel as she came.

She dropped the pillow and lied there for one or two mins almost move less and wheezed. Only her stomach and chest moved up and down as she took breaths. Her body was extremely sexy. The light of the reading lamp drew the shapes of her tits an nipples perfectly, her hip bones were strongly visible and the light gleamed on the moisture between her legs..

She sat up and leaned over to me. “One kiss!” she whispered.

Her right hand crawled around my neck from behind, as mine around hers. We pulled each other. She was really hungry. Just like me. I think the kiss lasted for two or three minutes, then we just hugged each other with our entire bodies. We were like one living thing, not two separate.

“Now I am going to finish it” she broke the silence.

I lied on to my back.

She sat on to my chest, with her butt an back in my face. “Everything is for your eyes, not your tongue!

She leaned to my cock and started to massage my testicles and kissed my stomach, then her lips ran towards my cock. She started to blow me. I could reach her pussy with my tongue but I was not allowed to do anything.

“I am going to cum now!” I warned her.

She stopped blowing me, and started to stroke my cock with her hand. I came. All of her left arm and my stomach were soaked.

She lied next to me.

We just lied on the bed naked in that mess and wheezed like the dogs after a run. Her side was soaked in her juices, my side was soaked in mine.

“We cant let the others know about this!” I warned her.

“I know” her voice was strong and serious. “But it was fantastic!”

“Yes it was!”

We fell asleep.


I woke up at 11 am, she was already awake.

“The air conditioner works. I unplugged then plugged it again.”

I could feel the cool air.

“That is a big mess” she pointed at the bed. The bedding was soaked, and heavily creased.

“We are going to wash it, but now I have to take a shower”.

“Can I come too?” she asked.

“I wanted to ask you!”

I opened the water, and applied the shower gel onto my and onto her body. She turned her back and started to push her butt against me. My cock slipped into her, and she started to move her hip like an erotic belly dancer. After a while she turned over and applied my cock. We were wild and almost broke the glass door of the shower. After the fun, we washed every corned of each other’s body.

“Could you please shave me down there?” she reached out to her pink intimate razor.

“You are already shaved.”

“It does not stay like this by itself!” she smiled.

The hot water cascaded loudly onto us, I crouched to her pussy and started to shave her.

I dropped the razo when I finished then pushed my face between her legs and started to eat her…

I closed the water, but could barely see anything because of the steam. We left the bathroom, took our clothes, smiled at each other and opened the door of the room…

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