A Hot Night Out

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“I’m coming in, that’s your last warning.” He said jokingly; he had already dropped his pants and kicked off his shoes, now just standing outside of her shower door stroking himself. For a few minutes he had stood there watching her glistening outline through the soft-white shower curtain. She didn’t know he was there until he spoke.

A quick laugh was her only reply before he moved the curtain to the side and quickly wrapped his left arm around her back, pulling her wet, naked body tightly against his. His cock felt good pressed against her stomache. “My God,” she thought. He was hard already. His mouth flashed by her wanting lips, heading straight to her throat.

Sucking, licking, he bit lightly as her neck bent backwards to aid his attack. A moan, hers, joined with the sound of the dripping water and echoed in the tile chamber.

His hands now moved from their grip, and grasped her ass roughly, spreading her cheeks so that his index finger could trace down between them, lightly passing over her asshole before resting just inside of her wet opening.

His hands slathered around her smooth skin for a while longer as his mouth placed sensations from her neck to her shoulders and down her breasts to her abdomen, when his hands took hold of her hips and forced her body to face the opposite. His attention then continued down to the small of her back, down to her asscheeks, and further until he was tickling the backs of her thighs. As he did this, her feet lifted ever so slightly off the ground, as if she could take invisible stairs to get away from the sensations.

“We’re getting out now. Dry off and put on the outfit hanging on the rack.” Again, no questions for her to process, just simple things to do. As quickly as it had begun, he got out, grabbed his towel, and left before she could even get out.

She got out of the shower and dried her hair first, wrapping a towel tightly and leaving it there while she dried off the rest of her body. “Why does he always make me wait?” she thought as she reviewed her body in the mirror. She loved her body right now, but even more she loved how he made it feel. Turning to hang her towels is when she first noticed the outfit he had left for her. A pair of heels, high, probably about 5-6″; and a black dress – well it looked like a dress, but with many small holes for skin to show through it – stretchy, tight, and black. No undergarments were there.

Now, if they were planning on heading straight to the bedroom, this would have not been so strange, but tonight they were heading out to see a movie at an out-of-town theatre. A nice dinner out was assumed for the occasion as well.

“Are you sure this is all you want me to wear?” her voice echoed down the hall.


“No, just making sure you….” He opened the door to her bathroom, wearing black slacks and shined shoes, his dress shirt opened by the top three buttons; he normally wore an undershirt, but not tonight. His hair was still wet, including his eyelashes, which made his eyes seem to be alive in themselves.

“You’ll be fine in what you’re wearing,” he said, and then went off again.

It was about 15 minutes later that she met him in the car. As the garage door opened while he fired up the engine, she could already sense her feelings about the situation to be mixed. She was nervous about going out in public pendik escort in such a revealing dress without any panties on, and yet nervous and turned on that part of why she wished she was wearing panties was so that she wouldn’t be dripping down her leg by the time they arrived at dinner.

Dinner was quick and nice. She found herself not realizing as she relaxed her legs while sitting across from him at the corner booth. The waiter had trouble remembering their orders as his eyes had a harder time focusing on her face, and the glances from the tables around them – mostly from the angry wives/girlfriends just reinforced to both of them that others were jealous of her, of them, of how hot they are – together.

The movie they were seeing was an action-comedy. Standard story of a bonehead with a smart sidekick that gets into funny situations but somehow still comes through. Most of the theatre was full of late-teenagers and other college students. Finding the proper seating to begin their game was essential. They sat in a middle-upper row. He’d thought about positioning them low in the crowd so that more horny, young boys would be blessed with catching a glimpse of her every contour, but settled for a higher seat when he realized that way they could be more aware of those heads that would constantly turn around to take a look at her crossed legs seated above them.

They behaved during the movie and were soon on their way home. As they drove through the darkness he kept his eyes straight ahead. Tonight’s intentions were to let the attention of everyone else do the foreplay for him. Little did she know, but that plan had worked perfectly. Now, he was calmly driving down the highway, and she was rubbing the butts of her wrists into her crotch and arcing her hips slightly trying to grind against herself.

She reached over and felt his crotch, he was semi-hard and still didn’t look over. Wanting his attention she unzips and unbuttons his pants. Taking both hands she massages his balls while tickling the length of his cock. She always enjoyed the feeling of his cock and balls in her hands. The smooth, hairless skin was warm and managing the throbbing strength of his tool made her feel powerful.

She leaned over and licked beneath the head before encasing half of his length into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his shaft as his hips lifted slightly off of the seat to allow her further access.

“Not yet,” he said sternly.

“I think so,” she attemped to take control as she lowered her lips again, this time taking in a full mouthful of 3/4 of his length.

“No, not yet, I have other plans for you,” he says, pushing with his right hand on her left shoulder to put her upright in her seat again. Shocked would not begin to portray the look on her face, yet her left hand still remained stroking his cock.

The rest of their ride home was done in silence. It was not long before he pulled into the garage and turned off the car. He locks the car and opens the door to the house motioning for her to lead. Just as she lifts her leg to ascend the single step into the house his hand lands on her asscheek with an echoing smack. She jumps up slightly and turns giving him her best attempt at an intimidating glare.

“I’ll be waiting in the room,” was all he said as she disappeared into her bathroom to freshen up.

When maltepe escort she enters the bedroom she finds him sitting in a solid wooden chair still wearing his same outfit save for his shoes and socks. A video camera rests on one hand and a wad of cash in the other. Club music booms out of the speakers of the radio, she begins to get the idea.

“Oh, perfect, they told me they’d send me a hot one. What’s your specialty?” he asks her, guaging her interest in this role-playing and trying to get her involved.

“If you’re good enough, you might just find out,” she replies, caught off-guard by the question and not sure on how to respond. His hand raises the video camera and lets it travel the length of her body. Playing along, she sculpts her body into risque poses, smiling fiendishly.

Swerving her hips seductively she walks over to his chair slowly. Moving rythmically with the beats she spins herself and pushes out her ass at him. She straddles him and hovers her naked pussy directly over his crotch while unbuttoning and removing his shirt. Her hands press on his chest as she moans and briefly rubs herself on his lap before standing back again, flipping her hair back, and squeezing her breasts with both hands.

His arm moves, stuffing bills in the edges of her dress, the other catching her dance on film. She turns away from him and bends her knees, lowering herself to the ground before bouncing back up. She turns to face him and does the same move, this time her breasts coming within inches of his face as she straightens herself again. Her hands slide up his thighs from his knees and unbutton his pants. A quick look is all he needs to lift his hips off the chair for her to remove them completely.

Now naked, he runs out of money to stuff in her dress. With her hair tassled and make-up perfect, moving her body slinginly to the music with dollar bills pouring out of her skin-tight dress while dancing on high-heels, she looks like a pro.

She knows it too, and it shows when she turns away from him and bends fully at her waist, her dress riding up over her hips now, baring her perfect ass at first, and as she bends further, her pink little pussy gleams through in the middle, damp now with excitement. Her head sways around from her leg, her hair falling everywhere as she devilishy watches his eyes, and his camera, ogle her body. She reaches between her legs and begins tracing herself with her middle finger, and then inserting it, pleasuring herself for him to see.

And see it he did. His cock was now completely hard, and he was tempted to stroke it with his free hand. He watched her masturbate ass-up for him and ached with anticipation. It was then that her surprise for him came: she reached with her other hand and spreading her asscheek, begins tracing her asshole with her now-moistened finger.

“So, maybe that’s my specialty tonight,” she says as she turns back to him. Taking the camera out of his hands she sets it on the tripod, angling it at the chair and bed.

“Just maybe?” he says, trying to play it cool while almost losing it just at the thought.

“As I said, it depends on how good you are,” she says coyly, passing the chair now and laying on the bed, her legs spread before him. He gets out of the chair, and kneels on the end of the bed. Lifting her calf in his hand he places kisses all along it, kartal escort enjoying its beautiful tautness as his tongue traces up and down the back of it, tickling the edge of her knee in the process.

He lunges, hands sliding under the sides of her dress, lifting her just enough to peel it over her head before tossing it to the side and dropping her heavily back on the bed. He attacks her breasts now, her shoulders, her throat, quickly and aggresively tracing up and down her body from stomache to earlobes and then traveling further and further down each leg, tasting, tickling, his hands unstrapping the shoes from her feet and grabbing her feet, kneading them as his mouth went everywhere.

Finally, as his mouth settled to plunge into her now soaking wet pussy, he tongued up her inner thigh to find that she was already there, using one hand to stretch tight her lips while the other worked fervishly on her swollen clit. He decides to let her do herself and continue kissing. As soon as his mouth begins to attend elsewhere she utters a muffled “ugh” and arches her hips up to allow access to her asshole.

His hands groped under her ass to lift her slightly as he plunged his tongue around her tight pink ring. Juices from her pussy slid down her body and sweetened the moment as she continued to masturbate, not just in front of him, but literally spreading, fingering, and pleasuring herself just inches away from his eyes. He circled more and more, occasionally kissing and nibbling at her cheeks as he slowly worked the tip of his tongue into her ass. The scent of her sex was overwhelming and his cock was literally covered in his own liquid now.

As her legs quivered under pleasure he reached to the bedside and grabbed some lubricant. Pouring it onto his hand he began working a single finger into her asshole as he tongued and licked her entrance. As it grew comfortable around him, he urged a second finger in. She moaned slightly but continued to work on herself.

After allowing time for her muscle ring to adjust to his presence, he began stroking his cock with the lubricant. When he was lathered well he used his dry hand to roll her body over. Her face became lost in the pillows as he pressed the tip of his cock into her little pink hole, his other hand now replacing hers on her pussy. He fingered her now, stroking his own cock from inside of her as he slowly pressed each inch of his cock in. When she would moan or sigh he would pause with his cock, but let his hand act more strongly, filling her pussy as if he was fucking her hard and fast.

Her asshole finally relaxed enough for him to begin a full stroke, and full stroke he did. He plunged himself mercilessly into her, her ass pounding against his hips and abdomen as she cried out. His moans joined hers and even the bed’s springs began to scream from the pleasure surmounting in the room. Her hips fell flat against the bed and he used his weight now to drive each push of himself harder and harder into her, his hand passing his balls each time he sent it deeper into her pussy.

Finally, her legs tensed. Her thighs first, then her calfs, ultimately her toes spanned rigid as her body quivered beneath him. As the muscles of her pussy milked his fingers for more her asshole spasmed around his cock, squeezing harder and harder as she came around him and he came, squirting deep inside her, the heat overwhelming each of them as he collapsed on top of her.

Each panting for breath, the moment subsided as his hardon now faded away and he slipped out of her.

“My lord!” was all he could utter.

“Yeah!” was her simple reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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