A Hike In The Forest

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She reached the summit of the hill and gazed across the hilly landscape. The open view always cleared her head. She thought about how good it was to be out of the office for a change – hiking in nature.

To her left she could see the rocky outcrop where they were to meet for the night. Early tomorrow morning, they would set out on the hike deeper into the forest to where the waterfalls are a plenty. She needed the break away from convention where she could skinny dip to her heart’s desire with people who would not frown upon such a practice. She would be able to truly get back to her roots.

At a leisurely pace, she would reach the rest of them by nightfall, thus she could enjoy the luxury of taking in the surroundings without compromising her time schedule. A short walk, and she would break for lunch at the famous lookout point, to consult her map for the best route forward, towards her goal.

As she rounded the next corner, she suddenly felt an uneasiness spreading across her like a second skin: Someone’s eyes were on her. “Where could they be?” she thought as she took a deep breath. She forced herself to be calm and continue following the forest trail as if nothing was amiss. Her eyes, however, were continually scanning the surroundings, searching for the source of her unease.

Gradually she started to make out the figure of a rugged man casually lounging in a nearby tree. His rough-hewn features were as striking as the cobalt eyes she could feel burning her with their penetrating stare. She acknowledged his presence aloofly, but continued on at a steady pace towards her marker. He remained motionless, merely following her every step with his gaze.

The trail continued on its windy course through the tall pine trees along the ridge. Shafts of sunlight danced between the trees and she slowly started to relax again along the way. She could, however, not erase the stranger and his piercing eyes from her memory.

As the sun made its way across the sky towards lunchtime, she reached the bench where she had decided to have lunch when she was plotting her course. She canlı bahis carefully unwrapped her tailored sandwich, thinking that this would be her last smoke-free, dust-free meal for the weekend. This made a little smile play on her lips.

Gradually she surfaced from her musings, becoming aware of a smell of wood-smoke and pine wafting in her direction. She could also hear the occasional crunch of a twig underfoot. She dismissed this, thinking that it may be some of her companions catching up with her. She changed her mind, though, when a presence materialised behind her, out of the forest and not from one of the converging paths ahead.

She turned around casually, her thoughts of the stranger turning from a creepy unease to a flirtatious curiosity. She was not surprised when her eyes met a pair of cobalt ones and she extended her hand in greeting towards him. “Susanna”, she uttered and he replied “Vladimir”, enfolding her hand within his strong grip.

She recognised the wood-smoke and pine smell as emanating from him, and there was a distinct undertone of masculine scent, not unpleasant at all. She motioned for him to sit and he accepted her invitation with the casual ease she observed him possessing when he was lounging in the tree.

After sitting in silence, appreciating the view – all thoughts of lunch abandoned – she could not resist the compulsion to glance in his direction. She studied his rough, well-kept, features and tried to look as calm and confident as he did. She could, however, not still her pounding heart.

A bemused smile played on his lips as he returned her gaze. He has still not taken his eyes off her, and it felt as if he was staring at her as he had done since their first meeting. The stare, however, was not rude, but appreciative and she felt strangely at ease with this. When he lowered his head and cupped her chin in his rough hand, she did not resist, but allowed his lips to brush hers lightly. This gave him the permission to continue. She wanted to feel if his tongue was as rough as his lips and was pleasantly surprised when she found a soft velvet heat bahis siteleri at the heart of his caress. She returned it, and a wild passion ignited within her. She had no way to prevent her body from responding to his touch: She could feel her nipples hardening, coursing with electricity and the moisture from deep within her crevices leaking into her panties.

When he pulled away, she felt as if her breath was sucked out of her. She stared at him, pleading, questioning. He smiled and motioned for her to follow.

She was barely able to pick up her pack as instinct overwrote rational thought. She followed him, her senses tracking his progress through the forest. She wanted more of that pine scent and smoke fragrance, more of the roughness and the velvet.

After what seemed an eternity they reached a small wooden cabin hidden behind the rocks in a valley. An inviting plume of smoke puffed from the chimney. He opened the door and motioned her to enter. Inside, there was a cheerful fire crackling in the hearth and an assortment of sheep skins scattered around the cabin.

She could hardly put her pack down quick enough. There was none of the coyness she usually felt on first dates. She approached him willingly, hungrily, wanting to experience all he had to offer.

She approached him from behind, sensually unbuttoning his shirt and sliding it over his shoulders. She wanted to caress his naked back, kneading his bulging back muscles. Her hands slid down his back and towards his hips, now circling towards the front to unbutton his trousers.

He let them fall to the ground. Denying her the time to caress his buttocks, he slowly turned around. With the same patients he exhibited before – a sharp contrast to her burning, impatient desire – he undressed her with care, until she was only dressed in her cotton bra and panties. He slowly lay her down on the sheepskin rug before the fire and started caressing the side of the breast by slipping his finger into the side of her cup. Her body was hardly as patient as he was and she could feel the patch of moisture between her legs spreading.

He, bahis şirketleri however, ignored the cries of her body – and his increasing painful erection – and continued his slow, methodical exploration of her naked skin.

The first sign of lust crossed his face when he slipped his finger into the side of her panties. The white cotton perfectly concealed the spreading wetness until his fingers stumbled upon it. His burning eyes showed even more surprise when he realised that the flow of fluid was unhindered by pubic hair – she always liked the feel of clothes against her bare skin and kept her pubic hairs well waxed away!

The discovery did not throw him off course, though. He carefully removed her panties to expose her perfectly smooth labia glistening with moisture. He repositioned himself and suddenly she felt a rush of pleasure coursing though her body as he plunged his tongue into her exposed vagina, his rough beard scraping against her smooth lips. She uttered a moan of encouragement, which fuelled his efforts.

When she eventually collapsed after her wave of ecstasy, he was not about to let it be. His fingers teased and pulled at her swollen clitoris and labia, teasing even more pleasure out of her body. She moaned and begged, but did not have the will to resist his advances.

She pulled herself together and nudged him away. She was staring at his fully erect penis and knew that she had to take it if she wanted it. She forced him onto his back, straddling him, savagely forcing herself upon his hard organ, plunging it into her, forcing him to impale her suddenly, deeply, hard.

For a moment they were both frozen in ecstasy. Then he decided it was time to act and slowly turned her over onto the rug, taking care that the connection between their bodies remain unbroken. He started his slow, rhythmic riding of her and galaxies moved under his slow, passionate stride.

A shrill ring awoke her from her post-coital slumber on his chest. It was dark outside and she realised that the others were expecting her at the rendezvous place. She answered and apologised that something came up and she will be unable to join them.

After she rang off, she realised that he was yet again staring at her. In a broken English he asked her to stay and she nodded in acknowledgement.

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