A Hero in Yellow Ch. 03

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Hello again…I hope you are enjoying this story.

Shawn and Anthony say hi.





We walked home in comfortable silence. Every now and then I would sneak a glance at Anthony. God he was nice on the eyes! I looked down at our fingers twined together and it looked right..like we had been a couple for years. Ok hang on there big fella…I reminded myself that we had only actually “met” a week ago and here I was planning our future already. I could tell this was all foreign territory for him but I was extremely happy that he was at least trying to let his guard down even just a little…It wasn’t enough for me but we had plenty of time for that.

I was itching with anticipation about our night together and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him again. But from what Anthony had promised I may just have to wait my turn! I couldn’t stop a smile curling my lips. Anthony must have been staring at me the entire time I was off daydreaming because he tugged on my hand gently and said “What?”

Startled I jumped a little and blushed at being caught. I squeezed his hand in response and kept on moving.

At last we slowed and Anthony pointed upward…”There, that’s me on the top.” It was a lovely old building with a lot of character, just the kind of place I pictured him living in. We rode the elevator to the top. I barely restrained myself from attacking him now that we had some privacy but it ended as we ground to a halt.

I followed him and watched chuckling quietly as his hands shook and he fumbled with the front door key. I reached out and steadied his hand with mine and heard his sharp gasp as our bodies came into close contact. He smelled wonderful, a heady mixture of spice and musk. Definitely all man.

I couldn’t resist…I kissed the back of his neck and sucked gently on his ear. A moan escaped him and he lent back against my chest. I wanted to take it further but we were still standing in the hallway.

I don’t think Anthony’s neighbors would appreciate us going for it out here so I pushed on his back and guided him through the door.

Once we were in the living room Anthony seemed to regain some self-control and offered me a drink. Nodding that yes I did, I settled into the couch and feasted my eyes on him moving about. He was such a big guy but moved so gracefully and I admired his obvious strength and comfort with his own body. He caught me staring once or twice but I refused to look away. I wanted him to know how turned on I was getting.

Blushing cutely he bought our drinks over and settled in the armchair opposite me. I hid my disappointment at his distance but I didn’t want to scare him off by leaping on him. I could see the need clearly in his eyes but he stayed where he was. This made me unsure now. What did he want? I know what I wanted but the game plan seemed to have changed during our walk home.

I really hoped he wasn’t leading me on. I knew he was a little scared but damn it I had to find out what the deal was!

Placing my drink on the coffee table I inched my way across the room and knelt before him looking him squarely in the eyes. “Ok Anthony, I need you to tell me what the hell is going on. I know you want me and I think I have made my intentions clear but it seems like you’re beginning to have doubts.” I made myself very unthreatening and just hoped he would snap out of it.

A small frown wrinkled his brow and I knew he was struggling with a lot of emotion. “Oh fuck it!” he growled and slammed his drink down. Sliding off the chair canlı bahis şirketleri he closed the distance between us in seconds. I almost moved away a little from the desire on his face. Without touching me, he captured my lips with his and I was instantly hard. His tongue probed my mouth gently and I ached for him to touch me. I reached out to pull him closer but he said “No. Wait. Let me do this my way ok.?” It was a question and not. He almost pleaded with me to let him take control. My breathing came in small pants and I nodded Ok.

Moving his torso closer, only millimeters away he began a renewed assault on my mouth. I could not believe how turned on he was making me and we hadn’t even touched yet! My cock was so hard in my jeans it was becoming painful but I let him have the upper hand.

Little by little I felt his hands inch their way inside my shirt and my muscles quivered in response. His touch was so light but making me so hot I knew he realized what he was doing. Lifting my shirt higher to expose my chest he bought his lips to one of my nipples and sucked it. My back arched and I wanted to put my hands on him so badly. Moving to my other nipple he gave it the same attention until they were both hard. The tip of his tongue traced a wet line down to my navel and all the while his fingers were working their way inside of my jeans. He massaged my aching cock through my boxers until I thought I was going to scream. The combination of his mouth and hands was almost too much and I forcibly bought his face up to mine.

He looked at me questioningly. “Aren’t you enjoying this?” The look on his face made me sorry I had stopped him. “God yes I’m enjoying this!” I gasped. “And that’s the problem. You haven’t actually done a great deal and I am just about ready to burst. I know we have the whole night but this officially is our first time together and I don’t want it to end too soon.” I hoped that I hadn’t hurt his feelings but I really felt connected to Anthony and I needed him to know how special he was to me.

Realization dawned and he grinned at me proudly now confident in his abilities to turn me on. Peeling my shirt off he ran his hands across my chest and over my back. Leaning into me he whispered “God you’re beautiful. You can touch me now if you want.”

If I want? Hell yeah I want! Barely controlling myself I took his shirt off too. I was desperate to feel his skin touching mine. My breath caught in my throat as I really looked at him. He truly was magnificent. Broad and cut but not over done. Just perfect! Kissing the pulse beating in his neck I moved to my hands to his chest, mimicking his movements over my body. Roaming over his back and feeling the muscles jump and quiver was wonderful!

I unzipped his pants and found what I was looking for. My mouth watered at the thought of getting my lips around his hard cock. He was circumcised and I ran a thumb over the head causing him to moan with pleasure.

His hand found me and gave me the same treatment and soon I was leaking pre come everywhere. We were both gasping for air and I knew if he kept touching me I would come so I lent away and bent to remove his pants and underwear. Doing the same thing to myself and there we were in all our glory! I smashed his body against mine and kissed him passionately.

I knew he was trying to regain the dominant position and I felt him struggle to push me down to the carpet. Letting him have his way we landed with a thump and continued our exploration of each other. He sat on my chest and pinned my arms above my head grinning slyly. canlı kaçak iddaa I swallowed hard and wondered what he had in mind.

Bending slowly he crawled down my body. Moving his ass crack against my cock causing my hips to move on their own. He laid his full weight on me and began to move his pelvis, grinding our bodies together. By now I was moaning so loudly I was worried about waking someone! All at once his mouth engulfed my hardness and I nearly lost my load then and there!

I yelled out before I could stop myself and drew my hips up to meet his mouth. His tongue danced across my shaft and forced its way into my slit. Bending my knees up as far as they would go he sucked and nibbled his way to my ass.

I thought I was going to loose my mind! By now I had pretty much lost all control of any dignity I had left and was moaning like some wild animal in heat! Anthony pushed the tip of his tongue past the ring of muscle in my ass and fucked me with it as hard as he could. His hand took up where his mouth left off and I was headed to oblivion quickly!

Gasping out “condom” I pointed to a small box on the coffee table shelf. Giving me a first class view of his hot ass Anthony crawled over and fished out a condom and a small tube of lube. Surprising me and not for the first time tonight he rolled the condom over me with agonizing slowness. My eyes rolled back in my head as I fought not to come.

Adding some lube to his fingers he sat back on his haunches and I watched as he slid two into his ass. Ok now that was hot! Watching him pleasure himself was mind blowing and I practically bellowed at him to take me! Grinning like a fool he moved up and eased himself down on me. Sweet Jesus…It wasn’t going to be long and I would be over the edge. My fingers pinched his nipples and squeezed his ass as I encouraged him to take me deeper.

Finding a good rhythm we started to rut like animals. He pounded up and down on me, sweat pouring from his body at the exertion. I knew I was close and I wanted us to come together so I matched the movements on my cock by pumping his. I could feel his ass clench tightly around me and I tried to say something, anything but I was beyond words.

Anthony’s head rolled back and his eyes were shut. God I was so close. In seconds I was there. Yelling at the top of my lungs I unloaded huge amounts of come into the condom. My hand clamped down on Anthony’s cock and he roared as his hit my chest and chin.

The world grayed out for a minute and I thought my heart was going to explode. Anthony lost control of his muscles and he slumped to the floor bending my cock uncomfortably inside him. I shifted a little and he slid out along with the gallons of come encased in the condom. I peeled it off and wobbled my way to the trashcan. Stopping at the fridge I grabbed us some water and sat beside him.

Anthony lay there with his eyes closed looking like the cat that ate the canary. My heart skipped a little. I think I love this guy. I knew it was nuts. I knew it was way too soon but the heart wants what it wants.

Pouring a little water into my hand I trickled it onto his heaving chest making his skin shiver. He looked at me with such a deep intensity that my breath caught.

Placing his hand on my face he drew me in for a long slow kiss. I smiled. “Wow!” was all I could come up with. Pretty original huh!

He glanced over at the door to his bedroom. “Wanna snuggle?” Ok well that was it. I was in love! At last a guy who didn’t roll over and sleep when the fucking was over. Not trusting myself canlı kaçak bahis to speak I nodded and dragged him up against me and we made our way to his bed.

He moved me onto my side and spooned against me. His breathing slowed almost immediately and I felt his body relax. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and it felt like home.


I lay there until I knew Shawn was asleep and carefully untangled myself. I had no idea how to handle what I was feeling. I knew I was falling in love with him but that’s not what I “did” was it? I was very confused and I knew how late it was but I had to call Taylor. We were extremely close and I had always trusted his opinion about everything and I knew he wouldn’t blow smoke up my ass if I was being a dickhead.

I quietly went back out to the living room and dialed Taylor and Mike’s house.

After a few seconds one of them picked up. “This better be fuckin good and you’d better be fuckin dying.” It was Mike. “Mike, its Anthony. Listen wake Taylor up please. I need to talk with him.” Mike must have heard something in my voice because he woke Taylor immediately.

“Hmm? Anthony is that you? What is it? Are you ok?” God bless him. No matter what, I could always count on Taylor.

Before I could utter a word I burst into tears. I was mortified! Now I could picture Taylor sitting up in bed, worry all over his face.

“Anthony baby…please tell me..What’s going on?” I could hear the panic and I felt like a total shit. Trying to compose myself. ” Taylor there’s a guy here….actually it’s “the”guy. You know Mr. Hero? I just had the most amazing sex in my entire life and even saying that doesn’t do it justice. Taylor, I think I’m falling for this guy.” Saying it out loud almost made me vomit. I started to tear up again. “Sorry I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I sniffled.

I heard Taylor’s exasperated sigh. “It’s called having emotions you fool. Ok now you listen to me! I know you’re freaked out and I know you don’t “do” relationships but it seems like this time you aren’t going to get a say. The decision is up to you but just think about this first. Nothing is random. There are no coincidences. He needs you just as badly as you need him and you have just got to give up trying to control everything. If you let this guy go and don’t give you two a chance you’re an idiot!”

See, told you he wouldn’t beat around the bush. I knew what Taylor was saying was true and I also knew that he would still love me even if I did something stupid but I didn’t want to let him or myself down.

“Ok darlin. Thanks for the advice and I love you guys! I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow ok?”

“Night handsome.”

Scrubbing my hands across my face I padded quietly into our bedroom. Stopping short I just realized I thought of it as “our” bedroom. Ok. Ok! I raised my eyes to the heavens. I give up…enough already!

I stood for a minute to watch the beautiful man in my bed. His arm was thrown back over his head, his chest and torso only just being covered by the sheet. Yep. I loved him!

I got back into bed trying hard not to move too much. Shawn sensed me there and snuggled back into my chest. Once again tears came to my eyes. Arrg! Emotions were a pain in the ass! I let myself drift off, praying that I wouldn’t screw it up. Please, I whispered. Please let me not be an idiot. I need him to stay.

Even thought I wasn’t totally confident in our future together I was going to do my best to make sure we had one.


Surprisingly it doesn’t end there. Stormy weather is just around the corner. I will try and get chapter four out as soon as I can. I am actually finding this a nice break from work so thanks for the comments and the encouragement! I may have another talent after all.



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