A Good Wife: Finding the New Normal

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It had started out as some naughty fun. A way to show my Hubby some extra love and help get ease some work stress. Two weeks later and here I am, standing in the kitchen with a bottle of latex shiner, polishing up my outfit so that it’s at optimal gloss when my favorite person arrives home from his day at the office. Lube-slicked hands moving fluidly over black latex, smoothing and shining the lingerie I had selected for today.

I grabbed the little magnetic mirror from the fridge door to do a quick check of my hooded face, making sure I’d gotten it properly shined, and then buckled on my leather collar as I heard the garage door starting to close. Hubby swung the door open moments later and grinned broadly upon seeing me awaiting his arrival. He dropped his things off on the counter as he closed the distance between us and kissed me long and deep.

With eyes closed and mouths locked together I found his belt and had his pants on the floor long before we finished the wonderful kiss. While I longed to continue our little make-out session I found that I also genuinely wanted my mouth locked onto something else. Our lips parted as I let gravity pull me to my shiny knees, a position I had been growing quite accustomed to after a two week unbroken streak of welcome-home blowjobs.

A long exhale escaped my Hubby as I took him into my mouth, a little subconscious thing he seemed to nearly every time I started in on his cock, as though I could hear the cares and worries just flowing out of him like a breeze at the touch of my lips. Or maybe it was just an involuntary action in anticipation of my efforts to suck the cum out of him… Either way worked fine, but I kind of like the more dramatic version.

Hooded head bobbing, shiny hands stroking and fondling, nothing else to think about. This had unexpectedly become a rather blissful part of my day that I looked forward to, and the cum bursting forth into my mouth confirmed to me that I wasn’t the only one appreciating this new routine. I swirled the cum around in my mouth for a moment before swallowing and then slowly sucked on Hubby’s cock for yet a few more moments.

“Welcome home” I said canlı bahis as I stood. It didn’t occur to me until later that those were the first words either of us had spoken since he had arrived home.

“Have I told you how amazing you are recently?” he said while pulling me in for a hug.

“Yea, yesterday. After I gave you that blowy during Thursday night football.” I offered up a very matter-of-fact smile. “To be fair though, I agree, I’m definitely amazing.”

With that he turned the hug in playfully growly bear hug, picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom as I laughed (and perhaps gave a squeal or two. It would take him a little while before he’d be able to use his cock effectively, but that wouldn’t stop us from having sexy Friday night fun!

He had me pinned on the bed, tickling and kissing my exposed bits of skin. I captured his gaze for a moment, “Wear the sheath for me, please.”

Hubby agreed readily enough and went to go fetch it. When he came back a few minutes later he was wearing the thick black latex sheath that covered his cock and balls. He had also put on shiny black shirt for me, knowing how much I loved it when he joined in on the latex kink. It got me revved up seeing him shiny and sheathed, making his back to the bed with the intention of giving me a good fucking. With his cock sheath on he’d be able to give it with endurance more in line with that of a porn star.

I had hardly noticed that he was keeping one hand behind his back until he brought it out to reveal that he was holding a couple of extras to add to the mix. First he looped the leather leash around a bar of the headboard and clipped it to my collar, leashing me to the bed, and then he dangled a ball gag in front of me teasingly. “Tell me what you are.”

If I hadn’t been wearing a latex hood he would have seen my face blush. We had started toying some with dirty talk, my idea actually, and I was finding that I got turned on a lot more when it had a hint of humiliation.

“Your personal shiny blowjob girl.” My blush deepened.

Hubby dangled the gag closer. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to gag me and use me till you’re bahis siteleri finished.” My blush deepened and my lust with it. I opened my mouth to accept the ball gag and he buckled it snuggly around the back of my hooded head. He kissed the gag, kissed my shiny forehead, and then pushed me onto my back and set about removing my latex panties.

Once the panties were on the floor I had expected Hubby to be on me immediately. Instead he seemed to enjoy that I was squirming a bit in anticipation and took his time stroking some lube onto his sheathed cock, looking me over with a smile.

Finally he moved in close to me, crawling up onto the bed and over top of me. Hubby kissed my gagged mouth again and then grabbed my hips and flipped me over, then lifting me up onto my knees. Just as I was getting my arms underneath of me to set myself on all fours he grabbed both of my wrists as the same time and pulled my arms around behind me.

With my face pressed to the bedsheets I felt the tip of his glossy cock enter me. A couple of gentle probing tests, and then he plunged into me balls deep. I mewled into my gag as the enhanced girth of his sheathed cock filled my soaked puss. The fucking then started in earnest.

With the thick latex sheath covering his cock and balls I knew that Hubby didn’t remotely have the sensitivity allowed by something like a standard condom. That was very much the point. We still very much enjoyed the skin on skin of unenhanced sex, but sometimes… well sometimes it was just good to know that Hubby could just focus on fucking my brains out without the risk of cumming early and the subsequent softening that follows. I had purposefully spent all week thoroughly tending his cock with my mouth, sucking him off any time he got a little frisky, and not allowing him to reciprocate (which he most certainly offered to do,) so that I could build up my lust for right now.

I moaned loudly into my gag as he forcefully thumped into me. I pushed back into his thrusts. Hubby positioned me however he wanted: flat on my stomach, at the edge of the bed where he could stand for extra leverage hold my ankles splayed out wide, on my back bahis şirketleri with his arms hooked under my legs to pin them back. He brought me to a long hard cum, and I wrapped myself around him like an orgasmic octopus. But hubby kept going to take advantage of how extra sensitive I was from cumming, making me squeal into my ball gag feel the shudder of little mini orgasm aftershocks.

Finally, with both of us breathing heavily, we collapsed onto the bed together in a bit of a heap. He undid my gag and gave me a long deep kiss. I knew he hadn’t cum while fucking me, the sheath really dampens how much he can feel and besides that it tends to be pretty obvious when he does. So still in the afterglow of it all I kissed him back and traded places, rolling him over and sliding on top of him. I peeled the cock sheath off and looked into his eyes as I straddled him and started a gentle ride. I wanted to see the blissful look on his face as his cock slid deeper inside me, mmmmm that expression of pleasure was one of my favorite things.

I moved my hips gently as we simply enjoyed some moments of intimate connection. When I did pick up and ride him a bit more briskly it was only brief as I felt the desire to have him back in my mouth. I lifted off of his cock and had him in my mouth before he could even react, tasting myself as I sucked the cock I was riding seconds before. He wasn’t meant to last long after that it seemed, or maybe I was getting really good at sucking him off… hmmm, yes I liked the latter option better. Either way, it wasn’t very long before he was grunting and shooting cum into my mouth for the second time today. I kept my lips sealed around his cock, sucking gently even after he started to soften up. Eventually I did relinquish, pretty sure I had gotten every drop, and moved up to lay next to Hubby and rest my shiny head on his shiny chest.

“Pretty decent start to the weekend.” Hubby said with a chuckle.

“Mmhmmmm.” I responded.

“How ’bout I make us some breakfast-for-dinner, French toast?”

“Mhmm.” I offered with a nod of approval.

He turned and looked at me more directly, narrowing his eyes a little bit trying to read me. “Do you still.. have…”

Yes, yes I did. I gave him a wider closed-mouth smile than before and another, longer “Mmhmmmmmm,” letting him know that he’d guessed right. I hadn’t swallowed his cum yet.

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