A Girl Named Hope Ch. 06

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I woke up alone, after spending the first night in “our” apartment. Thank god it was the weekend. I smelled freshly brewed coffee, which is one of the best smells ever. I walked out into the kitchen. I was still in the buff, and I was happy to see that Hope was also. She was between the dining room and living room, buck naked, on a mat doing yoga.

“Good morning, handsome.” Her voice sounded like she had a spring in her step this morning. Her downward dog position looked very enticing.

“Good morning, beautiful. How are you feeling?” She had been doing simple yoga poses when I first started watching her, now she switched to some harder poses where you needed to be more flexible. She braced her forearms in a V shape, and flipped up until she was standing on her head.

“I feel exactly like the cat that ate the canary. Is there a rainbow shining out of my ass?” She began to spread her legs in various ways. She could do the splits while standing on her head. God, but she was stunning. I moved in front of her. Her legs went even farther apart; I didn’t even think that was possible. I leaned over and gave her little cunt a long lick, starting at her clit, dipping into her box, and then back to her perineum.

“Fair warning, I haven’t showered yet.” She seemed to think that would matter to me.

“I just don’t want you to break your neck.” I placed my hands on her hips, and my tongue wandered over her beautiful slit. She had a perfect little cooter. Her lips were small, both inner and outer; and whenever she became excited, and her lips became engorged, they would pull back, exposing her opening like a blooming flower. I took this chance to dive into her muff. It wasn’t two minutes until she could no longer balance, and I had wrapped my arms around her stomach and held her there upside down. Being inverted must not have bothered her, because she squirted like a gusher; soaking my face and torso. I really needed to make sure that Hope drank enough water. I laid her down on her damp mat, and spooned in behind her. We didn’t speak for several minutes as her respiration returned to normal.

“You seem to be fairly liberal when it comes to fulfilling fantasies. Is that a fair statement?” Hope’s voice had a tentative quality to it, which made me think that whatever she was asking about was important to her, and she was nervous to ask for it.

“That’s accurate, to a point. Would I take my girl to a glory hole and let her suck twenty dicks? No. But within reason I am very accommodating. What did you have in mind?” She hesitated for almost a minute, and I just let the silence stretch between us. If it was a fantasy worth fulfilling, then she could ask for it.

“So,” she said in a small voice, “I am a bit of an exhibitionist; or should I say, I would like to be one.” I had already figured this out about her.

“Sounds reasonable to me.” I said this in an encouraging way. She is only going to be nineteen once, and I would hate for her reach forty and to never have done anything a little crazy.

“I have a fantasy where my man; the man that I trust above all others, picks out my clothes. He would pick them out to make me look sexy, and then we could go out somewhere and he could show me off.” Her voice trailed off on the last few words, like she thought that this might make me angry.

“Sounds like a good time to me.” I felt her silently let out a breath that she had been holding. “When you say ‘show you off,’ you mean like hiking up your skirt or blouse to give someone a peek? Maybe a little extra on the public displays of affection?” I tried to keep any judgmental tone out of my voice. I thought it would be a big turn on for me. She is smoking hot, and why not give some other guys a peek so that they will know what they are missing; all the while I would know that when we get home, I would bang her until she screams.

“Yeah, just like that. Do you think I am a freak?” I chuckled.

“No, babe. I think that you have a healthy libido. I don’t care if someone else gets a look at the wonderful pussy of yours, because I know that it belongs to me at the end of the day. It’s not like you are asking me to let these other people fuck you.”

“Ewww, No!” I laughed again at her disgust. “You are right, this pussy is yours, and yours alone.” I squeezed her tight, and tapped her on her spectacular ass.

“Why don’t you hop in the shower, and I will make us some breakfast? I would join you, but then we probably wouldn’t leave the house today.” She snickered.

“There isn’t much for breakfast except coffee and cereal.” She looked a little ashamed. “I need to go grocery shopping today.” I smiled at her.

“We need to go grocery shopping, lover.” Her smile was absolutely radiant. “Why don’t you go ahead and shower. I will lay out your clothes.” She giggled nervously. I know from experience that it is both exciting and nerve-racking to do something that is outside of your comfort zone. She headed off to the bathroom, and I poured a cup of black coffee, and headed into the bedroom to see what she had to wear.

She had a large walk-in closet, and it was filled with clothes. canlı bahis I went through her things, and picked out a thin lacy camisole that maybe should have been considered lingerie, but I loved the rich green color. It was also very thin and would showcase her little nipples perfectly. I found a green and black plaid skirt that was a little shorter than mid-thigh, but it was pleated, kind of like a tennis skirt. It would be perfect for flipping up and showing off her assets. I was about done, but then I saw a pair of four-inch stripper heels in the far corner of her shoe rack. They were black patent leather, with little bows on the ankle strap. These would be the perfect shoes to round out this slutty outfit. She walked in, still patting her body dry.

“Can you walk in these heels?” She smiled, and nodded in the affirmative. “Good. Put on these clothes, and nothing else.”

“Okay.” She had an excited gleam in her eye. I had a feeling that we were both going to enjoy today. I headed into the bathroom, and shaved and showered. I keep my hair short, so it is never a bother. I heard the hair dryer running. I opened my suitcase and pulled out some rather stylish jeans, and a blue and white plaid button-up shirt. I threw on some soft leather loafers that matched my glove leather bomber jacket. I spent the rest of my time sitting on the small love seat in her bedroom, watching her put on the little bit of make-up that she wore. As she got dressed, she kept eye contact with me the entire time, to let me know that she was wearing that outfit because it pleased me. It was a submissive act. She finished fastening the straps on her heels, and pulled a jacket off a coat rack, and we were ready to go. We decided to take my Jeep.

“Damn, this leather seat feels cold on my naked ass.” She said as we got in. I smiled, and turned on the seat heater.

“Turn around and let me inspect you. I want to make sure that you didn’t slip on a pair of panties while I wasn’t looking.” She smiled, pulled her knees up onto the seat, and poked her butt out in my direction. I casually pulled the back of her skirt up to the middle of her back. She looked around to see if anyone was watching, because her majestic ass was hanging in the breeze for anyone to see. I caressed both of her cheeks, and I slid my middle finger into the cleft between her thighs. She was already wet. I slowly slipped my middle finger all the way inside of her, and she made a mewling noise, like a cat in heat.

“Good girl,” I said, lowering her skirt. She sat back down, and buckled in; smiling all the while. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” She turned to me with a puzzled look on her face. I held out my finger that was coated with her juices. She smiled again, and leaned forward, taking my finger in her mouth like a treat, and used her tongue to clean it off. I leaned over and kissed her. She hungerly attacked my mouth with hers, her tongue slid deep into my mouth, and I too could taste her pussy. I knew that this was really making her hot between the thighs. We eventually broke the passionate kiss, and I pulled the Jeep out of the parking lot.

The first stop that we made was to my bank. I needed to take all the money that I knew I had saved up from my computer work and put it into an account that Sarah wasn’t on. It was a sizable amount that I had earned, and I would be damned if I was going to let Sarah have it. As much as I wanted to get to having fun with Hope’s new fetish; I needed to make sure that my savings stayed under my control. It took about thirty minutes to open up a new account. Between the looks that the guy at the bank gave Hope, and the way that she was crossing and uncrossing her legs, I figured that she was giving the guy a little peep show. I searched my feelings, and I felt absolutely no jealousy. I just thought it was hot, and I knew that Hope was mine by her choice. We left the bank with a new temporary debit card, and a new temporary credit card. It was time to head to THE mall: The Mall of America.

“That was so fucking hot!” She was almost bouncing up and down in her seat. “I think I am dripping on your leather seat right now.”

“I have to say, that really was a turn on for me, and I don’t give a damn about the upholstery. It will just wipe off.” The next few minutes were spent in companionable silence.

“Rob,” she said tentatively, “can we talk about something?” My heart skipped a beat. I nodded, and waited with my heart in my throat to continue. “You make me feel very safe, and that feeling is really liberating. I’ve never felt like this before with anyone. I feel like I can totally let go sexually with you. Like today, I can fulfill this little fantasy of mine, and I know that you will protect me, and not let anything bad happen. That makes me so happy.”

“I’m very glad that you feel that way, Hope. That is exactly what I want. I love you, and I feel like satisfying some of your fantasies will make you a better version of yourself. You know what I mean?” She nodded.

“I believe that we can make some of your fantasies come true too.” Her blue eyes were large when she studied me as she said this. “You told me bahis siteleri about your turn-ons, like the nails and feet thing, and the make-up. I am totally on board with those things. I love your body attractions, because I seem to already have the things that you like.” Her eyes continued watch me studiously as she spoke. “You never told me any of your fantasies, though.”

“Well,” I really didn’t know how to say this rather than just coming right out and flatly stating it. “To be honest, I think I fulfilled about every fantasy that I had before I got married. I did all of that stuff when I was younger.” She had a mild look of disbelief on her face.

“You aren’t THAT much older than I am.” She rolled her eyes. “You sound like a stodgy old man when you talk like that.” She giggled, and I knew that she was mostly messing with me, but also that she had talked herself into believing the age difference between us meant nothing. Our age difference wasn’t an insurmountable obstacle, but I still tried not to rationalize it into being a non-issue. “So, you’ve had a threesome with two girls?” I nodded.

“I’ve even had a foursome with three girls.” She looked surprised. “It was a lot more work than a threesome. I’ve also been to a pretty decent orgy, in Las Vegas at the Luxor. It was in a huge private suite; and honestly, I was the least attractive person invited. I don’t think it is usually that way with orgies.” Her mouth hung open a bit at this revelation.

“How did you get invited to a party like that?” Hope asked.

“One of my best friends in high school sold his tech startup for just under half a billion dollars.”

“Whoa…” Do you still keep in contact with him?”

“Oh yeah. He and I are still tight, but me being married kind of stopped him from inviting me to most of his really fun parties.”

“So, you don’t have anything left on your sex bucket list?” She looked a little pouty.

“Not really. Being in a relationship with you has pretty much crossed the last thing off.” She kind of gave me the stink eye for this statement. She thought I was being patronizing.

“As sweet as that sentiment is, it still doesn’t answer my question. You can’t have done everything.”

“True. I will think it over seriously. Maybe I will find something that lurks in the back of my brain. Until then, I will stick with acting out this certain super-hot petite blond yoga student’s fantasies. They seem to be things that I haven’t tried before, which is exciting all on its own.” She smiled, temporarily mollified, but I was sure that this wouldn’t be the last that word on the subject of my fantasies. We finally pulled into the parking lot.

Mall of America isn’t just a normal shopping mall. They have over 500 stores, a huge aquarium, and a shitload of rides; including a roller coaster. It might be the last mall in the country that is still cool for teenagers to hang out in. I figured that we should head some place sexy. I figured Victoria’s Secret, and to Pink, both of which sold lingerie to be a good bet. I figured that we would hit a several clothing stores, since I had never seen a woman walk into just one store and then leave the mall.

“I want to buy you a few things, since I have been literally tearing your clothes off.” She frowned at this.

“You don’t have to, Rob. I’ve got plenty of clothes. You could probably rip off an item a day for a month, and I would still have too many clothes.” I smiled.

“Okay. Let me put this a different way.” She still had a stubborn look in her eye. “I want to buy you a few things that I really like on you, and the places that we would go to buy them would give me plenty of chances to show you off.” She smirked at this.

“Oooh, I see. Okay.” Her nipples were so hard that I could almost see the bumps on her areolas through her thin top. We checked out a map, and walked toward Victoria’s Secret. I wrapped my arm around her, and slid my hand down to rest very noticeably on her firm right ass cheek. She sighed in pleasure. I noticed a couple of people openly staring as they saw my blatant grope. One guy turned around to stare at her ass, and I flipped her skirt up to display her bare bottom for a second. We finally arrived at Victoria’s Secret, and we were greeted by a chipper looking young woman, whose name tag read April. She was very pretty in a mousy sort of way. She had large green eyes, and had shoulder length hair that was dyed a different shade of green. She wore a bright yellow dress with white polka dots. She was very colorful.

“Is there anything that I can help you find today?” She smiled naughtily when she saw my hand resting unapologetically on Hope’s ass. We were still right inside the door to the store, right in front of the huge glass window.

“I’m looking for something that will display her best assets.” I turned to Hope. “Show her, lover.” Hope flushed so red that she was almost purple. The porcelain skin that matched her natural blonde hair was very conducive to embarrassment. Hope turned slowly, and lifted up the back of her skirt, clearly showing the sales clerk everything. April made an audible gasp. I looked at Hope bahis şirketleri and saw that the inside of her thighs were glistening with moisture. I pulled Hope’s hand away, and her skirt fell back into place. My dick was as hard as a steel beam.

“Ummm…” The sales clerk said. “Let’s go look over here at our sexier stuff. Are you looking for separates, or sets?”

“I would say sets. The tops don’t all have to be bras, they can be something like a camisole.” I stepped behind Hope, and cupped both of her breasts, lifting them, and letting them go. Her B cups jiggled a bit, but there was absolutely no droopage. April smiled indulgently at me. I could see her hardened nipples clearly through her bra and dress. She must have been enjoying our little show. She asked Hope about sizes. I confess that I only had the most tenuous grasp on how women’s sizing works.

“You look really hot in green,” the clerk said, walking over to an almost transparent nightie and panties. The sheer fabric had a few shades of green in an elaborate pattern. It would cover her fully, but conceal absolutely nothing.

“She can try that on. How about something lacy and white?” I asked. “Maybe a bra and panty set. She is partial to thongs, when she doesn’t go commando.”

“I have just the thing,” the clerk said. She led up across the store to another set of racks. Everything in this section was white and lacy. “I’m thinking that modestly is not a big concern here?” April was facing us from a distance of about three feet. She was between racks, and Hope and I were in the aisle facing her.

“Modesty?” I casually pulled the front of Hope’s skirt above her waist, prominently displaying her dark blonde landing strip. The sales clerk smiled. Her face was flushed, and she seemed pretty turned on herself. I dropped her skirt. “Modesty is not the issue. This is for her enjoyment. She likes to be shown off in public. It makes her wet. Doesn’t it Hope?” Hope’s face was cherry red.

“Yes,” Hope replied. April began to fan her face with both hands. The sales clerk was blushing a bit herself.

“How wet does it make you, Hope?” Hope fidgeted, and turned her head away from both of us. “Use your adjectives.”

“Really wet.” She said in a tiny voice. “I am soaked right now. It’s running down my legs.” I saw the sales clerk squeeze her thighs together.

“What’s running down your legs, Hope?” She squirmed in place. April squeezed her thighs together again. Doing that was only going to make April hornier, and would not relieve her problem. Both her and Hope were breathing hard.

“My pussy juice.” I heard the sales girl let out the smallest of moans.

“Reach down there and show April how wet you are.” Wordlessly, Hope pushed her right hand under her skirt and pulled out two fingers that were slick with her juices. She spread her fingers apart, and a thin line of nature’s lubricant stretched between them. “Now clean your fingers like a good girl.” Hope looked April dead in the eye, and slowly slid her fingers into her mouth, and they came out clean, with only a thin coating of saliva. This time April’s moan was definitely audible. She pulled her eyes away from us, and picked up a white bra and panty set. It was small, and lacy, and left nothing to the imagination.

“Perfect. Where are the fitting rooms?” April looked like she was having a debate inside her head.

“The main fitting rooms are over on the other side of the store, but we have two fitting rooms in the back corner that are hardly ever used. We could go back there if you want?” She said this last as a question and not as a statement. April gave me a half smile. I gave her a million-watt smile back.

“The ones in the back sound perfect.” April led Hope and me to the left rear corner of the store. There were tall glass cubes filled with merchandise about ten feet in front of the two fitting rooms, and they were almost totally concealed. It was perfect a perfect set up. One of the dressing rooms was even handicapped accessible. I handed Hope the two outfits, and she disappeared into the handicap accessible fitting room.

“Ummm…” said April. “You can go inside with her. It’s okay.” I sighed theatrically.

“I really don’t know much about lingerie. Would it be too much to ask for you to come in and help us make a decision?” Her eyes grew large as she considered all the possibilities. I saw exactly when she made up her mind. It was like a slot machine coming to a stop.

“Yeah, I can do that. There is plenty of coverage on the floor.” I opened the door, and saw that Hope had taken off her stripper heels, and was about to start on the rest of her abbreviated wardrobe. Both of us walked in, and I closed the door behind us. Hope looked between us, and lifted an eyebrow in a silent question. I gave a very brief shrug to let her know that I wasn’t sure what this situation would lead to. She winked, as if to say ‘whatever will be will be.’ She crossed her arms, and pulled her camisole over her head. Both of her exquisite breasts bounced into view. She reached up and pinched both of her nipples pretty hard. Her eyes rolled up in her head. I knew that when Hope was turned on, there was a direct line wired between her nipples and her clitoris. Hope unzipped the skirt, and it hit the ground. She kicked both items under the bench that she had sat on.

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