A Friend in Deed

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Molly crossed the two snow covered back yards, knocked on April’s back door, pulling her coat tighter, protecting herself from the cold biting wind, and waited for April to open the door.

“Come on in, Molly,” April said reeling from the gust of freezing, air as Molly, entered the cozy warm kitchen, “want a cup of hot coffee?” April asked.

“Is there any other kind,” Molly shot back, while shucking her coat, and taking, a chair at the table, “can I have this last sweet roll?”

“Go ahead.” April replied pouring a steaming fresh cup, “boy it’s some cold weather we’ve been having isn’t it?”

Molly took the cup from her friend, took a sip and replied, “Yeah, and lately it’s been pretty cold in our house too.”

“You, and Gary having problems again?” April asked softly.

“Not really…well, yes we are.” Molly said between sips, “it’s just that his new job keeps him on the go, and to tell you the truth our love life is really suffering, from it.”

“It’ll get better,” April, said in a soothing tone, “once he gets everything straightened, at work, he’ll have more time for you, I’m sure of it!”

The two friends sat quietly, for a few minutes drinking their coffee, and molly nibbling away at the sweet roll, quaking from the last few shuddery chills, as the warmth seeped in and relaxed the stiffness from the cold door-to-door dash.

April was the first to break the silence, “I haven’t felt it get this cold in a while.”

“Yea its gonna freeze hard tonight.” Molly agreed smiling then a frown came across her face.

“What is it?” April pried.

“I don’t know what else to do; I keep the house sort of cleaned up, I’m sort of a good cook, and give him plenty of space to unwind from work, Yet he pays less and less attention to me.” Molly whined.

“Well if you don’t mind me asking when was the last time you had sex, or just laid in each others arms?” April asked warmly.

“It’s been over a week since we had sex and then it was more like wham bam hop on hump and hop off, and I can’t remember the last time we just cuddled,” her voice scratched with the sound of frustration.

“Do you think he’s seeing another woman?” April pressed on.

“No…! Way! I would know. I’d smell it on him.” Molly snapped.

“You’re sure?” April poked.

“Yes. The last time we did it he popped really fast and pumped me full so he isn’t getting it from anyone else.” A tone of helplessness sounded in Molly’s voice as she added, “There must be something I can do.”

“Do you try to get him to let you suck his dick?” April pressed farther.

“Yes. I try to get him going but he just won’t sit still long enough it’s almost like he doesn’t want me to touch him anymore.” Molly said her voice rife with disappointment.

“Did you scrape it or bite it?” April pried and nosing further asked, “You do make sure he is responding to your oral coaxings?”

“No. No. No. Yes…yes I do it good. He use to let me suck him off all the time.” Molly assured and then moaned; “Now he won’t sit still long enough.”

“I’m sorry I want to help… really. I am just brain storming.” April said warmly as she softly petted Molly’s shoulder.

“All this Q. and A. is making me horny. I’ve almost forgot what it’s like to make love all day like you and I use to do.” Molly warmly admitted reminiscently as she responded to April’s cajoling adding, “When Gary and I first got together we use to make love everyday and sometimes all night and into the next day.”

“I’m glad we, Mike and I are doing good in the sex department. He could spend a lot more time eating me out though.” April confided.

“I wish Gary would just touch me there. It has been a long time since our place as had the fresh scent of sex.” then out of the blue, Molly sniffed the air, exaggeratedly and asked, “Do you smell that, what is it?” A slight smile all most gave her away. April took a couple of sniffs herself, and replied, “No, I don’t smell anything!”

“Do you love the smell of fresh sex? I do… I love the smell of fresh sex.” Molly went on.

“You are full of it.” April teased back.

“I wish I was.” Molly mused as she cocked her head to one side pretending bahis firmaları to concentrate. She sniffed for a moment or two before saying with a broad grin, “I know what it is, you and Mike had sex, tell me the truth. April, and Mike did it… April, and Mike did it!” repeating coyly dancing in her seat and singing like a little girl.

“Oohh…! Molly…!” April scowled and hissed, “I don’t see how that’s any of your business?” slurping at her coffee with quick short sips and trying to scowl.

“Oh, stop it, I’m teasing and you know it.” Molly shot back good-naturedly, “it’s not a fault that you smell of hot wonderful sex, and in fact I wish I did! And you know it.”

April rolled her eyes, replied softly, “Oh your incorrigible Molly, you know you are all baaaaaad!”

Molly giggled a little before replying, “Yea I know. I’m glad we can lean on each other, and play around. So tell me, how was it, did you let him cum in your mouth, was it doggy style, please I want to know everything?”

“Mooullyyyyyyy.” April said in an exasperated, giggle, “Now stop, this instant!” Taking a big gulp, gazed into the cup, and grinned a very saucy grin.

“Oh come ooonnn…” Molly pressed, “Oh please if I can’t get the real thing, at least let me hear about it, so, how was it?”

April pulled her housecoat tighter around her chest and in almost a whisper replied, “It was unbelievable, Moll, Mike woke me up with his mouth suckling on my clitoris, in seconds I was cumming all over his face.”

“Oh my,” Molly moaned softly and leaning closer, “then what?”

She leaned closer as if divulging a state secret, whispering quieter drawing Molly closer, “Well…He…” Then blurted out, “Was in a hurry, so he crawled between my open legs, mounted me…” paused bursting with laughter.

“Aaparrilll…!” Molly chided and laughed with her, “come on tell me the real story.” She coaxed.

“We do that some times. Now where did I leave off oh yea… and went super hard…” April let a teasingly impish giggle.

“Oh April come on tell me right!” Molly interrupted.

“Oh okay Mike just worked the head in and out of me for a few minutes then he would stop I think he was holding back cause he would start up again. He did that several times and then he went back down on me and made me cum by teething my labia and when I recovered from my orgasm he mounted me and stuffed his cock inside me and started pounding me shooting his load deep inside of me! He all-ways lunges so deep lifting me off the bed as he cums, and holds it there I can feel each squirt.” Ending with hardy reminiscent sigh April watched her coffee change color as she stirred in the cream.

“Did you cum when he mounted, and rode you hard?” Molly asked, breathlessly.

“Are you kidding, I like it like that too.” April sighed, “I awoke into orgasms when he was eating me out, Mike didn’t even stop when I gushed urine all over his face and when Mike mounted me, he was like a wild animal out of control I think that that is why I came the whole time. I can still feel his body crashing into mine. His cum I can still feel it forcefully gushing, and it was a ‘lot…!’ too this time. Yes I can still feel that hot sperm squirting inside me.” April mischievously added knowing it would tease Molly.

“Did you take a bath yet?” Molly whispered deeply eagerly looking on.

“No, his cum is still deep inside me.” April replied gently, “Why do you ask?”

Molly was obviously in a state, of high sexual arousal, looked at her friend. Took a long swallow, swirled her drink, and looked, for a moment, warmly, and deeply at her friend, saying softly, “The smell of your man, made me crave the taste of cum, and the feeling of it oozing in my pussy!”

Both women sat there a few moments Molly looking warmly at April, her looking back, and smiling. The top of April’s robe was open a bit, exposing both of her large breasts, her large nipples jutted through her thick robe! Molly’s, flannel shirt was open enough to show her small firm breasts, nipples hardening beneath the shirt, her face was blushing to a deep red.

Molly reached with her warm hand, and caressed April’s cheek softly kissed her ear, whispering, “Please, kaçak iddaa let me taste his cum.” And then cajoled, “It has been a while since you and I have slept together.”

April, had started to breath harder, her face was red as she looked at Molly, “Yea it has, since Mike and I have moved in together,” she said softly smiling as she got up turned the stove off, and then added, “Lets go lay down in the ‘same’ bed, it will feel good to cum again with you.”

April locked the kitchen door, they walked to the bedroom, arm and arm, closed the door turned and kissed, sharing passions melting with abandon. They took each other’s clothing, and let it drop to the floor, without losing touch Molly moved to each firm nipple, giving them a kiss and kissing her way to April’s bellybutton. From April’s breasts to her firm belly and lingering at her navel as she knelt on her knees then kissing April’s clitoris through the thick black pubic hairs covering her labia. She suckled on her clitoris flicked her tongue along April’s labia, “I have missed our get-togethers.” Molly affirmed warmly between kisses.

“I love the way you suck on my clitoris,” April cajoled and dreamily added, “You are making my muscles churn inside. Mike says he loves the way I grip his penis when I cum with him inside me.”

“Yes you do have some very active muscles; I have tried but I can’t make my muscles work the way you’res do they really clamp onto my fingers.”

April stood there twirling her tight nipple, while Molly sucked on her growing clitoris. The air in the room was dense, with the aroma of fresh sex. Taking the lead April coaxed Molly to the bed, laid her down with a full mouthed kiss, probing every little fold, encircling her tongue, reaching, to the very back of her throat, pulling back, and kissing each eye, moving to, and pausing at, the ear lobe, for a breath and blow it out across molly’s ear. She had caused a tremble to ripple throughout Molly’s body; she gasped, but offered no resistance, as April slowly took the ear into her mouth with her tongue. She pulled back holding it tight, with her teeth, and slowly let it slip free.

Molly inhaled rapidly, holding her ear steady, in hopes of more nibbling and breathlessly cooed; “You are so, so, sweet and, tender. I love, my ear being bitten like that.” Molly smiled dreamily as she fanned her right leg slowly.

April put her finger on Molly’s mouth, and stood up, straddled her friend, moving her warm pussy close to her face, and with her finger opened April’s mouth pressed her labia to her lips, and opened her pussy allowing the warm cum to flow into Molly’s mouth. She started to swallow, moaning, and kissing her friend’s clitoris, labia, and vulva, licking them clean.

April rolled her eyes and groaned as the sexual furnace in her pussy was being stoked by her best friend’s suckling, she began to mix in more of her own juices for her hungry friend to drink. The licking the suckling made April start to rub her hot flaring vagina all over Molly pushing it onto her chin. Little, quick gasps, lunges, a sigh, and the orgasm rested. Molly sucked for another minute or so before April, lay down at her side, gave a long passionate kiss, of thank you to Molly.

April whispered softly into her ear, “I’m just teasing you, honey, let me help you cum.” Molly’s eyes were kept closed with kisses, ear lobe nibbling, and vaginal massaging. This sensual coitus caused the labia to part, as a blooming flower, and the clitoris to peak from under the layered hood. Molly’s breath quickened and deepened, as the coitus continued, beads of sweat appeared across Molly’s brow, her pussy began to spill sweet cream, coating her long thick black pubic hairs, and onto her friend’s hand. April put her two fingers into Molly’s mouth and kissed her ear, and then massaging her lips one at a time while nibbling her lobe.

April spread Molly’s legs, and moved between them. Sliding, undulatingly downward kissing her neck, and chest, then her breasts as she moved her body. April began suckling at Molly’s nipples lingering at each one. As she moved to Molly’s belly, April reached under the mattress, where she kept her double ended dildo, and put it deep into her own already kaçak bahis wet, hot vagina, to warm it.

April nibbled at the folds of Molly’s navel as she lifted Molly’s leg by the thigh and began kissing the pliant skin of her inner thigh moving closer to her bright pink erect clitoris. Molly’s labia had turned red and splayed like the petals of a flower adorning a perfectly round dilated vaginal opening, now glistening with the opulent juices of her passions.

“Oh…! God…!” Molly gasped loudly as April sucked her clitoris into her mouth and with raspy sighs, “Jesus… April… that is perfect. Molly’s legs lifted into the air with toes splaying, as April continued to suckle and tease her vaginal opening with her thumb.

Molly stopped moving altogether, breathing in short quiet sighs she grasped at April’s hair holding her face to her splayed vaginal opening. Her translucent fruits spilled, coating her vulva and April’s face. April greedily licked and drank Molly’s warm sweet cream.

Molly relaxed and let her feet to the bed and April started kissing and slithering her way up to Molly’s open mouth and placed a warm wet kiss right on her lips. April pulled her flexible toy penis out, and watched Molly’s face as she began to tease her genitals, circling the vaginal canal over, and over, again, and again the labia, clitoris, moving closer to the center.

Molly’s state of arousal was urgent, desperate, and she was awash, in sweat. Her breathing was rapid, and labored, her legs lifted again, she began pushing her vagina towards the toy straining for penetration. Each time the toy passed over the clitoris, the anus would flex, and relax rapidly, a new flow of sweat cream would show, and she pleaded, “Oh! God! Please! God…! Please!” With her free hand April caressed Molly’s face.

April poised her toy on Molly’s clitoris and gave it short; soft, firm pushes not going in but not letting lose. She put her mouth, and tongue to Molly’s lips, her tongue slipped in, and onto Molly’s tongue, at the same time applied firm pressure with the toy, onto the clitoris, and with calculated movement pushed over and past clitoris entering the vaginal opening slipping past the labia.

“Oh…! Sweet Mary…! Mother of god!” Molly gasped as the tip of April’s toy penetrated past her labia parting her mons. Molly placed her feet on April’s hips, guiding her in, suddenly she arched, her grip tightened with her feet in quick quiet whispered pants, “There! Oh God! Yesss There! There! Yesss!”

With deliberate movement April sat back, and began short rhythmic strokes, holding the toy with her vagina, guiding it to the right spot with one finger. Molly released April’s hips, and pulled her knees to her shoulders angling her vagina to April’s. They started rubbing together, mixing their juices. Molly was clearly in rapture as April manipulated the toy inside her. Molly’s sweet cream began flowing, her chest heaving with labored breath, pressing her pussy into April as she slid her toy with short deliberate strokes. Molly’s breath calmed, to quiet sighs sounding quiet restful, with a dreamy smile on Molly’s face. Now April was hot her self, watching Molly climb the peak, and wash over. With the toy still in place April started to finger her own clitoris, she twirled, and rubbed, a few quiet deep breaths, April too had a small orgasm.

The two of them laying together, their passion spent legs wrapped together, and the toy still in place. A perfect picture April, with her long raven hair flung around her head, a lock across her full breast, accenting her large nipples. Her hand rested next to her belly button, the start of a treasure trail of small black hairs, leading to a beautiful thick patch, of long shinny, raven black, pubic hairs. Molly’s smaller in size but perky breasts, and nipples and her reddish brown, wavy hair, lying evenly around her head. One hand on her firm flat belly, fingers pointing to her pussy covered lightly with thin dark brown hair. Quietly the sleeping lovers melted together, April with her creamy light brown skin, and Molly, with her ivory skin, gave the appearance of, a sweet heavenly desert, cooked by a master chef, adorning the table of a queen.



I hope you enjoyed the story and still with me. If you have comments please send them the address in my profile. Any and all reasonable e-mails will be responded to. Thank you for your time

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