A Fraternity Party to Remember

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Ameri Ichinose

For those of you following my escapades you can imagine how unbelievably wet and horny I was before I even made it to my son’s college campus. The wind blowing into the convertible had teased my nipples and tortured my psyche with erotic expectation of things to come. By the time I reached my son’s campus I was ready to hop on, leg-lock, and serial-fuck every gorgeous, muscular guy in site.

I paused and took a few moments to collect myself before I left the car, hoping I could calm down a bit before seeing anyone. Unfortunately, the site of all those young, hard guys strolling around in their tight pants and muscle shirts… it was more than I could stand.

“I’m going to taste you, and you, and you,” I thought as I picked out the best of the lot.

I kept thinking about all the things I wanted to do to this collection of young studs as I ravaged each and every one of them repeatedly. I would be their tutor, their sexual mentor, introducing them to erotic fulfillment beyond their wildest dreams.

I couldn’t believe my own crazy, wild thoughts, but the last couple of weeks of sexual abandon had allowed me to explore possibilities of fantasy I’d never before imagined. I had become the phoenix of erotic fulfillment, rising from the ashes of sexual mediocrity, soaring to new heights of orgasmic bliss. I was hooked on mind-blowng, toe-curling, thigh-quivering sex, and there was no looking back now.

I took my time freshening up at Brian’s apartment, and renewed my friendship with his sexy roommate7, Steve, as I prepared for the frat party we were to attend later that evening. A couple of hours later Brian and Steve were driving me to their party, and I was again becoming wet with the anticipation of seeing all the virile, young, testosterone-filled men who would be there. The lacy beige panties beneath my tan linen minidress were moist with eager excitement.

Funny, I knew these guys would only see me as a sex object, but I was more than ready to return the favor. The truth was, I was only thinking of them as a life support system for a much needed hard-on. I must admit I became a little light-headed just thinking about it, but I had this aching, burning fire blazing deep within my pussy… and they had the tools I needed to extinguish it!

I shifted my position in the back seat slightly to give Steve a quick glimpse up my muscular thighs. The wetness of my pussy compounded with the paper thin silky cloth of my panties painted a perfect outline of my swollen, inviting love-tunnel. I smiled and teased him, blowing him a quick kiss while Brian wasn’t looking.

“That’s right,” I thought to myself. “Take a good look at my hot little dick holder… I just might wrap it around you later and squeeze canlı bahis şirketleri the hot cum right out of you… if you’re a good boy!”

As we walked into the party I could sense the tension of hormones and shameless lust all around me. I loved turning all those young heads as I strutted around this college crowd. It made me feel young, sexy, and powerful. What a turn on!

I grabbed a quick drink and began to mingle, meeting as many of Brian’s friends as possible. It only took a few minutes to get a pretty good buzz, and I know I was flirting blatantly, but it didn’t seem to embarrass Brian. He was busy chasing a couple of young, tight skirts on the other side of the room.

After a while I felt Steve tugging at my arm, urging me to follow him upstairs. Obviously, I didn’t require much coaxing at this point, but I feigned an appropriate amount of reluctance before following his tight, delectable ass up to a bedroom. Once in the room he began kissing me and fondling my breasts, telling me how hot I looked… and how much he’d looked forward to seeing me again. Then he said he had a surprise for me… if I was up to it. I ran my hand right down the front of his pants, feeling every vein in his bulging groin and told him to go for it.

Moments later, as Steve was handcuffing me and strapping my body into a chair, a gorgeous blonde in a short, white spandex dress waltzed into the room.

“This is Janie, my girlfriend,” Steve said. “I’ve told her all about you.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said, wondering what kinky ideas he had cooked up for me. It really didn’t matter at this point. I was so horny that if someone didn’t take me pretty soon, I was going to roll onto the floor and fuck one of the legs of the chair.

Brian and Janie worked as a seasoned team, strapping my legs to the chair and gently pushing a gag into my mouth.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” they explained. “Just sit back and enjoy the evening.”

Then came the surprise. The door opened again and the blindfolded guest of honor was escorted in front of me. It was obvious some rite of passage, a hazing of sorts, was about to take place, and I had unknowingly stumbled into the middle of it.

Unable to speak, I watched as they stripped this young man down to his shorts and gave him his instructions. He was not permitted to remove the blindfold, nor could he speak or rise from his knees until he had ravaged me to their satisfaction. It was only then, through the dimly lit shadows that I recognized their sexual subject… it was my son, Brian.

I tried to speak, to stop him, but I couldn’t generate the first sound. Helpless to move I cut my eyes at Steve, searching for some explanation. Steve smiled, canlı kaçak iddaa gave me that “I’ll teach you to tease me” look and just said, “Enjoy it, he’ll never know.”

As his words trailed into the distance I could already feel Brian’s warm breath caressing my knees. He continued to inhale deeply, to kiss my legs, gently, seductively, as his hands worked their way up my skirt and around the back of my thong. He started to rub across the silky material of my panties, pausing to feel the alluring indentations of my coarse pubic hair along the way. Was something terribly wrong with me, or was I really starting to be turned on by this?

As Brian started to tug at the sides of my panties I felt sure I would be able to stop him, to resist his advances, but my body betrayed me. Instead of resisting, I felt my hips flexing upward to help him relieve me of the panties as quickly as possible. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but the feeling was incredible! It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and it was true. Brian had no idea it was me. I had to keep it that way.

I watched with breathless delight as he pulled my panties over my heels, held them to his face, and basked in the aroma. Holding his silky trophy in one hand, his tongue went quickly back to it’s work. I was salivating with anticipation as he slowly licked and nibbled every inch of my thighs until finally I could deny the pleasure no longer. I spread my legs as widely as I could and forced my shuddering crotch into his face. The pressure from his probing tongue responded immediately to my welcoming pelvic dance.

With my hands writhing for freedom I began to buck against the motion of his mouth. Where in the world did he learn to do this, I wondered? (Certainly not from his father!) Brian methodically circled my throbbing clit, sucking, kissing, then forcing his tongue deep into my dripping pussy to taste ever drop of my love juice. He knew just what he was doing, pressing into my lips and teasing my swollen g-spot with such perfect pressure.

Every inch of my body was shuddering shamelessly with pleasure as he then inserted his fingers deep inside me, feeling every ridge on my vaginal walls. I could feel myself squeezing back against him with every touch, encouraging his wonderful fingers to probe deeper and harder.

“That’s right baby,” I thought. “Squeeze and stir… squeeze and stir! OOOOH, that was just absolutely perfect!

I’d never wanted to scream so badly in my life, but the torture of my silence was rewarded by his continued probing of my pussy. I can’t describe how I was able to stay in that chair, because the orgasm I had literally shook every piece of furniture in that room.

My shoes flipped into the canlı kaçak bahis air and the chair rocked upwards off the ground as I rewarded his effort by exploding right into his wet face. My head arched backwards repeatedly as I ground my quivering pussy more forcefully against his wonderfully gifted tongue. I kept trying to pull him closer with my knees for the next few minutes as these passionate explosions of mine simply would not end!

As Brian finished me, licking up the last of my incredible climax, I realized my hands had been freed from the cuffs. Janie had also untied my legs and I could sense what they had in mind for us now. There was Brian, lying on the floor with his huge, inviting bulge pressing through his shorts. Janie quickly relieved him of the shorts and I sat there for a moment, watching her tickle his dick with her nails, pondering my next move.

It took me about three seconds to make my decision. It was too late to worry about appearances anyway. My son had just sucked me like I’d never been sucked before and now it was time to pay the piper. I lunged out of the chair, falling forward on his sweaty, muscular chest and instinctively grabbed for his cock. The musty odor of sexual excitement was overwhelming as I shoved him deep inside me and sat upright on his legs. I immediately convulsed with another orgasm as the head of his swollen cock pressed hard into my wet, inviting pussy.

We rocked back and forth, gently at first, then faster and faster until the room seemed to spin with each forceful thrust. I pushed one hand behind me and grabbed his balls, rhythmically squeezing them to help build his pleasure. I could feel the spasm beginning to well up inside me, and I could sense he was close to coming. I squeezed him tightly inside me and increased the motion of my hips, back and forth, then circling him. It was a strange feeling of power and control, but it felt great to both of us and that was all I could think at the moment.

Finally, he paused. It was a wonderful pause, filled with lustful anticipation. It was that quiet, sensual, motionless moment just before I knew he would writhe with agonal fulfillment… the calm before the perfect storm. In what surely lasted a full sixty seconds, Brian bucked, kicked, jerked and flailed every muscled in his body as he pressed against me with all his might and pumped me full of every last ounce of cum he could muster.

Weak from riding him so wildly, I collapsed on top of him and wiped the sweat from his brow. Quickly, before he could see, I jumped up grabbed my clothes, (accidentally leaving my panties in his hand,) and ran into another room to hide.

You might think it couldn’t get any crazier than this, but I assure you the night was far from over. What happened next… you will not believe. I’ll share that with you next time. I think I need some time to adjust to this confession first, but more will follow. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Love always, Deanne

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