A Forbidden Love Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Intrusion

Something pressed against my lips, starting me in panic as my eyes flew open, revealing my naked sister laying on me, smiling softly as I calmed down. Feeling safe again, I put my arms around her, returning her loving gesture. “I’m glad you’re awake, sweety. I didn’t want to start without you.” Rene’s words puzzled me for a second, until I realized where my cock was. Somehow, without waking me, she’d put it up into herself until it filled her sheath. It just sat in the warmest, moistest spot it could hope for, while I had slept.

The urge to start pumping up into her quickly gave way to her desires. While she started gently rocking on my cock, her walls now well accustomed to it stretching them apart, we kissed passionately, holding ourselves together as we made love to each other. Rene controlled the speed, keeping it slow while we just basked in our togetherness. How could I deny her now, making love to the one person I most desired.

We kept up the steady, slow pace for a long time, not caring about how long it took. When we both finally reached our peak, in sync, we both rode it out without breaking our lips’ contact. Her gush of warm cum flooded over me as I let loose my streams of sperm into her. When it all finished, we just lay there kissing each other all over, looking at each other, even touching our lover’s face with a soft and tender touch.

Looking at her and examining her, she positively glowed now, all from discovering each other. We exchanged confessions of love, kissed, exchanged more affectionate words, kissed again. How we’d denied this love was beyond us both, but we’d become determined to hold onto it.

In time, we got up to make dinner. Mom was a great cook and she’d taken the time to teach Rene all she knew over four years time. She began dinner while I helped in what ways I could, brushing our nude skin against each other every chance we got. Once dinner sat on the table, we sat side by side, fondling each other or feeding the other between the kisses. We laughed, we talked, we touched. Afterwards, we cleaned up the kitchen, doing the dishes, wiping the counter.

Neither of us heard the door in the living room open. I’d been heading into the living room when I saw a soft-faced, honey-blonde girl appear through it. The name of my sister froze on her lips, her dark eyes staring at me in delighted shock.

Rene and Elisa had been friends since we all were very young, and she’d mentioned more than a few times her interest in me. I even took her out after my last steady girlfriend dumped me, though I made no moves on her. Some part of me liked her enough. If things had been different between Rene and me, I’d have probably hooked up with her on that date, maybe even married her. Things weren’t so simple, but she was still a beauty, with a slim, petite body, a pair of C-cup breasts perfectly formed, and a small, tight ass that begged to be grasped and pinched.

She came into the house, closing the door behind her, even as I stood in full naked glory. I could see the lust in her eyes. Elisa definitely wanted me, even while my naked lover was in the kitchen. I called out to Rene, who froze next to me. There the three of us stood, this girl looking at us both.

The moment didn’t pass easily, in fact became more complicated when my sister stepped behind me and instincts made me put my arms up to shield her. Rene held one hand, her other arm wrapping around my waist. We waited for some sign of revulsion, of disgust from Elisa, but instead she just dropped her coat on the couch before coming to stand in front of me.

“Somehow, I always knew,” she said with a smile. “The two of you did look so good together, so happy.”

Rene’s voice trembled terribly and cracked more than once. “You-you don’t find this sick?”

The girl simply shrugged. “Love is love. Besides, there’s things you don’t know going on.” She put a hand to my chest while her other hand took Rene’s, pulling her from behind me. “You’re not the only one who’s been with her brother.”

Listening, I almost choked on my own tongue. But Rene seemed to understand the meaning. “You mean, Jeff and you? But how and when?”

Rene guided me over to the couch and pushed me onto it, sitting with my arms around her, leaning back against me while Elisa sat in dad’s recliner. “I never told you the name of the guy who took my cherry, because I didn’t think you’d approve. God, I wanted to so bad, too, but I just couldn’t. One night, after I my fifteenth birthday, Jeff and I were home alone without a single date. Our parents had gone to New Haven for the night and we just kinda got into some heated things. Now, I don’t love him any more than a very close brother, but still, he’s really good and I don’t look down on you two. All of us knew, that’s why when we played, we didn’t fight you two being married all the time.”

“But, didn’t your parents tell you about incest and stuff?” asked Rene.

“Of bahis firmaları course. I don’t mind fucking Jeff still, he’s a wonderful lover, but I don’t want to marry him or anything. I certainly don’t want to have a kid with him, but sex is great and we’re both there for each other.” The girl gave us a wink. “Besides, something about it, about how our parents and everyone else wouldn’t approve of it, it makes it somehow better. More exciting.”

The idea did come to us during our little talks, but for the most part we knew it was love that kept us wanting more. I had a question on my mind, but uncertainty almost stopped it from exiting my mouth. “You said all of the old gang knew? Do they- They don’t still think that?”

I swore she almost died laughing then and there, in the chair, confusing Rene and me. “Silly! Of course they do! Hell, none of us care. They even know about me and Jeff, and it’s not like you two. Besides, we’re not the only ones having family affairs.”

Stunned silence followed as Rene looked at me, my eyes looking into hers. We smiled at each other, knowing at least we could tell our friends. Our best friends in the world knew even when we didn’t suspect. Elisa continued, telling both of us much more, finally finishing thirty minutes later with our mouths open. It took a little longer to get our brains to wrap around the whole idea, but we did.

“So, how long you two been doing the nasty?” Elisa blurted out, quite smug with herself.

Rene leaned to the chair, playfully slapping Elisa’s leg. “That’s not how we look at it.” No way to deny that one, so I just smiled, squeezing her a moment. That got a response, a nice, long kiss. Looking only at me, nose just tickling the tip of mine, she finished, “We prefer making love. As for how long, it’s none of your damn business!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Elisa’s look, the one something-so-incredibly-cute-its-sickening look. “Ok, if you two are going to keep doing this, just cool it around me.”

“Aw, poor baby, we making you sick?” I quipped, giving a short chuckle as us lovers turned back to facing our guest. It felt like we were a married couple talking to a guest in our own house.

“Shut up, Ricky,” stated Elisa in mock jealousy. “You two are gonna be unbearable now.”

Rene turned to me, giving me a look I couldn’t help but be fascinated by. She had some game in mind, one she knew I’d like. She stood up and walked up to our friend. Elisa watched with some interest, giving up her hands to my sister standing in front of her. Rene pulled Elisa up from the chair, beginning to swing her hips and twist her body in a sensuous, seductive dance. Together the two girls slid the heavy coat off, then started dancing together, putting on a show for me. I couldn’t at the moment think of anything so hot, my naked sister moving up against another hot woman, granted clothed.

The two swayed their bodies in ways only caught late at night on cable, moving with a rhythm in their minds. Slowly Elisa’s sweater came up over her head, showing no inhibitions as her bra appeared, cupping two breasts only slightly larger than Rene’s. Next, as they moved, Rene managed to work Elisa out of her shoes, even while working the button on her jeans, sliding the zipper down. When the pants hit the floor, my eyes beheld a pink pair of silky thong panties up high on her hips to form a V. If nothing else about the scene had gotten me aroused, that there would have. It did make my stiff member bob, drawing blood into it from other parts of my body.

Both girls began rubbing up against each other. Rene undid the bra from behind, sliding it off before throwing it into my lap. They looked lost to each other, but I knew otherwise. The night I’d taken Elisa out, her parents and brother had gone out of state. Elisa invited me in. Before long, she’d gotten undressed before me to encourage me. Since I’d already seen her, she held nothing back, not that she’d been shy the first time, boldly removing her clothes. Being best friends, I knew Rene knew about it all.

Pulling out of my thoughts, I found Rene before me, looking all aglow standing there. It didn’t take long to figure out what she wanted, even as Elisa looked on. Elisa sat beside me, one hand on my lover’s hip, another taking hold of my hand. The two of us, though, only saw each other now, wanted only each other. She kneeled above my lap, legs spread as her hand guided the tip of my cock to her waiting pussy. It felt so good to have Rene ready again, craving more of me as I desired her. Her leg muscles relaxed, impaling herself on me with a soft moan. Holding my lover’s hips as she started to lift herself upwards, Elisa’s mouth clamped on one of the firm tits hanging before me. Seeing another person sucking on Rene did make some jealous feelings arise, but watching a girl sucking on the girl on my cock awoke stronger hormones.

While Elisa suckled my sister, Rene and I saw only each other, slowly kaçak iddaa moving towards our individual orgasms with every movement of her hips. We didn’t try to draw each other closer, letting just the sexual heat flow through the crotch instead. Our mouths said, “I love you,” in silence, our hands holding with fingers entwined. It kept up for awhile, Elisa getting her fill of first Rene, then me. She kissed my chest, licking everywhere. I imagined Rene in her place, though, despite seeing her just rocking in my lap. But mere chests didn’t satisfy her, moving instead to kiss Rene, turning me on even more. From the reaction in my sister, it had the same effect on her. I felt Elisa’s wanting tongue next, driving into me like a spear, not giving into any resistance. She knew what she wanted, she wanted her reactions returned. I did return the kiss, feeling Rene growing a little jealous inside. There’d be a talk later, I knew, but one that needed to be done.

When Elisa moved behind Rene, she repeated the affirmation in silence, only making me smile and return the silently mouthed affection. She pulled my hands to her stomach, letting my fingers feel her desire of the moment. The slow pace continued, all the while, until the time we released, cradled her flat stomach, her hands on mine. Elisa played with my sister’s body, even sucked and played with my balls, only turning me on more, turning on Rene too, but also giving more ammunition to the jealous feelings in her heart.

Elisa decided to help herself out with her sexual frustrations, sitting on the couch watching us, her legs spread wide to pull her pussy’s lips apart. It gave us a view as she rubbed her angry clit, trying to ease its tension. While she played with herself, Rene and I continued our love making until she drooped. I felt the feeling rising up in my sack, moving to my cock with every stroke. Her head lifted up with a moan, her head tossing back while I groaned from the impending orgasm. Before another heart beat passed, we both felt cum from each other, mine shooting up into the womb of my lover, hers flowing around me, bathing my cock. While we climaxed together, we heard the frantic moans of Elisa getting herself off.

With our bodies spent momentarily, Rene leaned against me, letting me kiss her for the first time. I exchanged loving words with her before Elisa, feeling left out, moved to us. She looked gorgeous, but compared to Rene, she couldn’t hold a candle to my lover. She panted from her own orgasm, admiring Rene’s body and mine.

The three of us just sat there for a long time, watching TV and talking. What happened, Elisa mentioned, went beyond mere sex, like Rene said. Rene and I held each other the rest of Elisa’s visit, until her brother showed up to get her. As Elisa walked to the door, already dressed and ready before the honk broke the calm of night, Rene asked if she’d come back tomorrow night, even spend the night, bringing a wide grin to Elisa’s face, only puzzling me.

Once Elisa left, the two of us were alone again. It was late by then, so we prepared to go upstairs together. Doors locked and lights off, we went up the stairs hand in hand, moving again to our parents’ room. The night’s events still weighed on us both, so as Rene settled up against me, the TV on but with little volume, I let out a sigh, knowing one of us needed to get this over with.

“Rene?” She answered me with a “hmm?” I’d hoped for more of a response. “Tonight, maybe its just me, but I thought you might have gotten a little, I dunno, jealous.”

Turning to face me, I could see I’d struck my mark. As kids, I always knew when she was angry or sad or whatever, even when no one else did. “And what do I have to be jealous of?” Venom practically dripped in her words. “Of another girl you could be with without the complications and consequences of being with me?”

I shook my head at her, managing a warm smile. “If I’d wanted her, it wouldn’t be you here in this bed with me.” It really didn’t comfort her, though, her irrational fear getting the better. “Look, for a moment, I felt jealous too, watching you two dancing. It looked like you preferred her to me.”

“Oh, Rick,” she whispered. “I only wanted to tease you. But she wants you, and she’s got better chance, considering. She’s not your sister, she’s not even related to you. That’s a big deal.”

“Like I said, if I’d wanted her, I’d be with her. If I wanted anyone else, I wouldn’t have turned down every girl, including Elisa. Damn, on our only date, she was willing to let me have her completely. That’s gotta mean something, that I turned down not one, not even two, but a number of sure-things. We both know now all we’ve ever wanted is each other. We’ve done things everyone says brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to do, yet I at least don’t feel any remorse about it, not one bit.”

It took her a moment to think before she could say anything. “It’s just that, you’ve never been with another girl before. kaçak bahis Someone said that sometimes, guys and girls will sometimes become very attached to their first. You know, the feelings that they experience during the first time.”

“This isn’t that. We both wanted it, and we felt it when we were twelve, even if we didn’t really know it back then. Can you deny this doesn’t feel right?”

“Well, no, I can’t. But I’m having second thoughts. If we do date other people, we’ll both get jealous and it could tear us apart. I don’t want that, but if we don’t, mom and dad will get suspicious.”

“There’s not much we can do, we just have to set some ground rules. What’s mom always saying about relationships, you have to trust someone before you can love them? Regardless of who you choose to ‘date’, I know you’ll never go any further than friends with them.” As I spoke, Rene listened intently to my words, trying to let them sink in, hoping they’d quell her doubts. “I promise with all my love, nothing will happen between me and the girls I go out with.”

Her face moved closer to mine as she took my face in her hands, striking me with the deepest kiss imaginable. When she pulled away, leaving me in a pleasant shock, she wore a weak smile. “I know in my heart, but how can I tell that to my brain? You’ve been very loving with me, always making sure I’m happy, even satisfying me in wonderful ways. Hell, none of the girls in school who are having sex have a lover willing to wait to cum before satisfying her. A part of me actually likes knowing I have what they most want, a lover who pays attention to my needs. But it’s not enough to silence the fears-”

“That you’re not good enough for me, right?” She nodded in affirmation. “You know all the guys in school wanted you, even if you didn’t even give most of them the time of day. Those you did date, most of them really wanted to get between your legs. Now you gave something very special to me, but that guy part of me is bursting with pride, knowing I was the one that got it, that I’ve not only had sex with you, but that you actually want me as much as I want you.”

The smile strengthened. “Dear brother, what you got from me was something I wanted you to have. I wanted you to be my first. Being your first only made it much better. It’s something I cherish, and hope you cherish too.”

“How couldn’t I? It’s something you can only give to one person, and you gave it to me.” Our lips started drawing towards each other, magnetically attracted. “It means more to me than any other…” My voice trailed off, our lips’ embrace taking precedence.

Neither of us wanted to stop, but pulling away, Rene looked at me with a puppy look, love in her eyes. Underneath, she still felt some uncertainty. “Look, I know you’re attracted to other girls, I’m not that naive. To be honest, I’ve sorta had some more than friendly thoughts about Elisa. Sex is sex, I know, and its great and amazing, but its just that I don’t want to hear you say you love someone else. I don’t think I could take it, not from you.”

Understanding a woman’s fears, it can take a little while to figure out how to respond. Most guys lie to women at times like this, preferring to comfort them than tell them the truth, worried about where their next piece of ass is gonna come from. But mom once told me, when you’re in love, really, deeply in love, you’ll tell that person anything. Dad was listening in at the time and chimed in, agreeing with my mother. The two of them certainly were in love still, always would be. I never thought much about it, never thought someone could love another person that much to be so deeply honest. I did at that moment, though, staring into my lover’s eyes. I wanted to comfort her but something in me wanted to be completely truthful.

It took a few seconds to actually think of what to say, though. When it came out, it felt like I was laying bare my soul and preparing to have it twisted and ripped apart. “Rene, I love you. Certain things keep coming back, things people have said about it over the years. I’m not going to lie here and tell you something to comfort you, tell you I know what the future has in store for us. I only know, right now, I love you more than I think I could love anyone. Does that mean that a year from now, someone won’t come along and steal my heart? Or your heart, for that matter. But we’ve shared something incredibly special these past two days, will always be together a way no man or woman could understand or destroy. Mom and dad tried and they tried harder than anyone else ever will, yet they failed. Our lying here, it’s proof of that.”

Tears welled up in those wonderfully blue eyes, even as she smiled softly. “This here, what we are now, I wish it could last forever. And I wasn’t kidding last night, about a family. But you’re right, no one knows the future, so it’s silly to daydream about something that might not happen.” I plucked one of her tears away as it rolled down her cheek, wanting to say something to stop her tears, but she put a finger to my mouth, barely touching my skin. “I love you, Rick. But if someone comes along and takes our hearts away, I’ll still always love you.”

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