A Fantasy for You, 2nd Day Away

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Dear Heart, on this your second day away, I decided to show you me in Money Green (sage) one of your favorite colors. While I usually tend to wear the jewel tones as my skin is so very pale, I must admit wearing your color, imagining you appreciating it on me has me aroused. My nipples pert, moisture increasing…

This set consists of short bustier and panties. I needed something strapless for under a few shoulder baring blouses. The design has a cutout that is mimicked behind on the panties from the front of the bustier. All those crisscrossing pieces of mesh and lace for you to gently pull on, causing friction…

You are taking me out for fine dining, I love when you dress for me. Your fitted sport coat accentuating your broad shoulders and narrow waist. My virile silver fox. You tease me with your open collar shirt, your garden visible. I long to run my fingers through the silly luxury on your broad chest.

My hair done partially up, large curls cascading everywhere. I am wearing a black full length gored skirt, off the shoulder black blouse. No one else can see what awaits you underneath. When you buttoned up the back of my blouse, you got a peek at what I have on under. You’re knowing it is money green, against my near translucent creamy white skin has you imagining unbuttoning me later. As a final hint for what awaits tonight I put on our favorite black patent stiletto heels, the ones with the tiny rose gold bows on the back.

As you place my wrap along my shoulders, you lean against me. You inhale my scent, I can feel your arousal. So tempting to stay home, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but we have had these reservations for weeks. Our passions for each other and cuisine are rivals tonight.

As you open the car door for me, you steal a lingering kiss. Your arms around me, fully embraced in your affection. This is testing my resolve to go out. Just when I think about heading back inside, you tuck me in the passengers seat, and close the door. Naughty man two can play this game.

On the drive to town we share our days with each other. As you are driving my left hand is helping. The tiny vibrations of my finger nails lightly running on the now taut fabric over your plentiful manhood. Knowing I arouse you, makes me wet, slick, swollen, ready for you, to take all of you inside me. As I am only the passenger, my attention is all yours. Your multitasking is pushed to the limit, driving and talking while I have his attention is not an easy feat.

We are nearing the restaurant, I decide to be merciful and stop my teasing. You are so large it takes a while for him to relax from full attention, straining, your throbbing manhood needs to calm down if we are going to get out of the car. One valet comes to the drivers side the other attendant to mine, opening my door. You hand over your keys quickly coming round to the passengers side, taking my hand from the young man. You give him the alpha male stare down, claiming your woman. You are in a dominant mood, this is going to be fun.

The hostess tries to seat us at a two top, you nor I can bear the thought güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of sitting across from each other unable to touch, and ask for a corner table where we can sit next to one another, it is not available. You will have to look knowing what is underneath, without even the heat of my body next to yours, no chance of a grazing touch. The anticipation building in us both as we share appetizer, then entrees you let me pick what I want off your plate. I love that you indulge me. My feeding you a perfect bite on my fork across the table.

We finish dinner with jovial banter, longing looks, playful interaction. We are that couple, the one other people look at. I wonder if this is why we are always seated in a front window, or a prominent place on the floor… Our waiter asks if we would like to see the dessert tray, you take pride in telling him, no thank you. Then proceed to inform him I have made Creme Brulee, which is waiting at home for us.

It is time to go, when you help me put back on my wrap, you sneak the tiniest nibble on my neck, making me shudder with arousal. The valet goes to fetch the car, you stand behind me your left arm curling me close to you. Blocking the chilly breeze. You are always the gentleman, or may hap this is your alpha male showing. The other attendant gives you a nod knowing not to approach me. When the car approaches, you once again tuck me safely in.

The drive home is again filled with play as I gently use my hand to tease you ever so lightly. You take my hand in yours gently kissing my knuckles. Our güvenilir bahis şirketleri fingers entwined, as you drive us home.

The Creme Brulee will have to wait for our intermission, we both have other ideas right now. You confidently lead me to the bedroom. Once there your hands explore under my clothes, you want to enjoy seeing what I have on for you. I finally get to run my fingers through your silky garden, unbuttoning your shirt as you are unbuttoning mine.

We undress each other passionate kisses are mixed in while the disrobing continues. You tell me to leave the shoes on, the timber of your voice as you command makes me quiver with excitement. Down to my lingerie and stiletto heels you signal for the bed.

You recline your defined powerful body, your manhood fully erect. I am near dripping as I start to take you in my mouth. Your smooth skin, gliding down my throat. I slide up, and use the tip of my tongue along the ridge, then a firm lick on the head of you. I explore with my tongue further, you like when I work the back of him. I love the taste of you, the feel of you.

You place a finger in me, feeling me slick, warm, swollen for you. Then you lick your finger, “sweet and salty…chocolate covered pretzel baby-doll” you announce.

You are so large, there is only one position that will allow me to take all of you deep throat. As I start to turn to face you, you entangle your fingers in the crisscross pieces of the back of my panties, gently tugging, causing friction on my most sensitive parts. We have synergistic rhythm, you have the fabric stretched just right over my clit, your tugging in pace with my gliding along your hard throbbing manhood.

You bring me to climax before I can do the same for you. Tonight, you want to be inside me, you want to be in control. You request your armor, which I happily apply, quivering with anticipation…

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