A Family’s Tale Ch. 02

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Eric Winters sat in his family’s living room working on one of the many assignments his teachers had handed out that day in school. Textbooks littered the coffee table just in front of leather couch that was positioned several feet away from the television in the corner of the room. A comfortable lazy-boy armchair was to his right and a loveseat sofa was located perpendicular to the left of the couch. A huge bay window was situated behind him allowing the days last rays of sunshine to pass through and illuminate the room with natural light.

Despite his exceptionally high intelligence, the 18-year-old boy found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on his studies as the day drew to a close. His brother’s remarks earlier haunted his mind as he wrote down yet another incorrect answer that he had to erase. The youth both dreaded and anticipated the arrival of his brother, as with him would surely be a beautiful young woman both willing and able to alleviate the sexual stress that had been building in the boy for several months now. Eric’s member swelled in his jeans at the thought, making it uncomfortable for the seated boy while he contemplated the erotic possibilities of the evening. Still a nagging thought ran through his head telling him that he shouldn’t give in to his base desires.

It was almost eight o’clock when he heard the downstairs door slam shut and heavy footsteps bound up towards the living room. Eric turned towards the disturbance and did his best to look nonchalant while his heart raced in his chest. A wide grin was plastered over Derek Winters face to which Eric wondered if it was because his older brother was eager to judge his reaction, or if this was all just a practical joke and he was simply waiting for the right moment to yell “gottcha”. Something deep in Eric’s stomach told him this wasn’t a joke.

Trying to play things cool Eric put on his best nonchalant face and asked forgetfully, “What’s up Derek? What’s so funny?”

The elder brother just continued his beaming gaze, “Don’t play stupid bro, you know what this is about.”

Turing back to the table, and his homework, Eric replied dismissively “Look, if you’re still trying to set me up on that blind date of yours you can forget it; I’ve got way too much work to do.”

Derek leaned against the wall behind him near the stairs and continued, “It’s Friday big E I think your work can wait until tomorrow. Besides this chick is just way too hot to pass up.”

Derek twisted around to look back down the stairs and signal someone, whom Eric couldn’t see, up the stairs. Several seconds passed, as though the woman downstairs was debating whether or not she should actually go through with this or not. The moment quickly passed, however, and soon Eric heard the sound of high heels clicking against hardwood floor as whoever it was downstairs made up her mind and began ascending the stairway into the family living room. Once the heels reached the top the younger brother cast a curious eye towards the woman who had just joined he and Derek; and that one eye was soon followed by the other while his jaw fell to the floor.

Black leather, five-inch high stiletto boots clad the woman’s long shapely legs. A short leather micro-mini skirt adorned her small waist, barely covering her round firm ass. A tight strapless tube top stowed her almost impossibly large breasts, while a lengthy golden mane flowed freely from the top of her head down her back resting just above her shapely bottom. Deep, sensual, ocean blue eyes stared invitingly at the young boy as full, pouting, glistening, red lips invited him to kiss them.

For three whole seconds Eric Winters’ heart stopped beating as he beheld the vision of absolute beauty before him. His mouth ran dry, his hands became clammy, and the pen he was holding slipped from his fingers to land on the table and roll onto the floor. None of the room’s three inhabitants took any notice whatsoever.

When finally his heart began pumping again only one word escaped his barren throat and dehydrated lips towards the gorgeous woman before him.


Emma Winters smiled seductively at her youngest son striking a cock-hardening pose. “Evening honey,” she spoke causing Eric’s heart to pound and his cock to throb, “your brother tells me that you have a problem that I might be able to solve.”

Eric’s eyes continued to sweep over her luscious body as he struggled for breath, “You!” he said disbelieving. “But why? I mean you’re my mom. Do you even know what this is about?”

“Well,” Emma replied, sensually sauntering over to where her youngest son sat, “I believe he mentioned something about you having some girl troubles.” Kneeling down in front of her son she placed her index finger over Eric’s mouth, held his eyes, smiled and finished, “Specifically that you haven’t had sex in months and that I should fuck your brains out.”

Emma’s eyes darted down to the front of her son’s pants and when she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri saw the bulge that was still growing harder she looked back into Eric’s eyes, her smile becoming wider. “I see someone else likes the idea too.” Reaching down and massaging Eric’s shaft through his pants Emma asked, “What do you say? Hmm? Do you want to fuck your mommy till she squeals?”

Trying to stay focused, Eric asked breathing hard, “What about dad? What’ll happen when he comes home?”

Starting to unbuckle her son’s belt Emma whispered erotically, “He won’t be home for three days, and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Out of the corner of his eye Eric saw Derek moved around the room towards the massive bay window where he began closing the curtains so that the neighbours wouldn’t see the taboo scene that would be unfolding within the Winters home. The young boy’s full attention, however, was on his mother who had just finished unzipping her son’s pants and was pulling them, along with the boxers underneath, down his legs. Eric, his mind still not completely comprehending what was happening in front of him lifted himself off of the couch slightly to ease her endeavour.

Having now uncovered her youngest son’s cock, Emma gazed at it longingly. It was just as long as his older brother’s and just as thick too. The blonde woman found it difficult to believe that two such massive slabs of meat existed in the world, and that she had brought them to it. Certainly their father had been well endowed, but his was nothing compared to the perfect monstrosity that stood before her. It was so long, so hard; Emma fell in lust with it instantly.

With care, Emma reached out and clasped the large member with both of her small hands, still not able to encompass the entire thing. Slowly, lovingly she began stroking the huge tool, fascinated as it continued to grow under her ministrations. Clear strings of pre-cum began oozing from the slit upon the purple cock-head and Emma had the irresistible urge to bend down and lick the salty substance from the small opening.

Eric leaned his head back on the couch trying to get a handle on the situation that was playing out before him. He was sitting on the couch with his pants around his feet with his mother kneeling down in front of him stroking and licking his cock. Never in a million years would the young man have envisioned the scenario before him; he blinked several times and was tempted to pinch himself just to make sure it was all happening. And then he saw his mother’s heaving chest.

Almost with a will of its own, Eric’s hand reached out to grasp his mother’s clothed breast. It stopped just short with what little control his mind still held over his body, unsure if he should. Emma, sensing the same hesitation she had felt minutes before, stopped her rapidly pumping hands, and sucking mouth to reassure her son by hoisting her top over her breasts and, taking his hand in hers, guiding his trembling palm to her now exposed tit.

“It’s okay,” she eased, holding his hand in place, “It’s all right Eric. I want you to touch me.” With that she returned to stroking and licking him.

Her words seemed to break the battle raging in Eric’s mind between reason and instinct. His hands began kneading her massive jugs, just as his older brother had, enjoying the soft yet firm melon he had nursed from during his infancy. Just as Emma was fascinated by the massive size of his organ, so to was he mesmerized by the incredible size of her impressive bust. Only on select few porn stars had he ever seen breasts like the ones she was sporting; and he, with all the attention he could muster worked her tits with his hands to such a degree it might have constituted an assault. Emma had only encouragement for her son as she sucked his colossal member harder.

His girth was too big for her to fit even the head inside her mouth; so she had to resort to sucking the tip and lavishly licking the incredible length of his shaft while massaging his large ball sack. Whenever she reached the base of his incredible length, Emma would alternate taking his testicles into her mouth and sucking them for all she was worth. Not for the first time Emma wondered how he and his brother managed to fit those enormous things inside of their pants.

Derek Winters silently collapsed in the lazy-boy armchair to the right of the couch so as not to distract the two, and for a better vantage point to watch the event unfolding in front of him. Unzipping the front of his pants Derek pulled out his huge cock and began stroking it, masturbating himself to the incredibly erotic scene he’d wished to see for the past two and a half months, since the idea had popped into his head.

The elder Winters boy knew that his younger brother had not had a girlfriend it almost a year and was in desperate need of relieving some sexual tension. He also knew that his mother had secretly harboured feelings towards her youngest güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri son when she’d accidentally called out Eric’s name during one of hers and Derek’s rabid fuck sessions. When he quizzed her on it later she’d been elusive at first but eventually admitted to her secret need for her youngest child. However, Derek had suspected that his mother’s desire for Eric ran deeper than simply wanting to screw him. He didn’t really care though; he just wanted the opportunity to fuck her anytime he wanted, a request to which she was more than happy to oblige.

Eric gazed down at his mother who was still furiously sucking his mammoth cock and smiled. Emma held his eyes and, kissing the tip of his cock sucking down more of the copious pre-cum, returned his affectionate beam. Once she was sure he was ready she give the head of her son’s cock one last loving kiss for good measure. Emma then climbed up onto the couch and straddled Eric’s lap.

Spreading her legs so that they were on opposite sides of his waist, Emma’s tight leather mini-skirt rode up her hips exposing her shaved pussy to her youngest son. Eric’s eyes locked on the moist, dripping entrance as his mother grasped his hard shaft and placed it at the opening of her glistening slit. Bracing her hands on his broad chest, Emma held his eyes as she slowly lowed herself onto his inhumanly large cock.

Eric was in heaven. As more and more of his shaft disappeared into his mother’s cunt his pleasure rose to unimaginable heights. Though he knew his brother thought otherwise this was indeed his first time. Whenever he had reached this point with a girl before every one of them had ran screaming for the hills the first time she saw the imposing size of his humongous member. Never before had he experienced the slick, velvety, warmth of a woman’s pussy, never before had he been welcomed into the blissful depths of womanhood. The fact that he was experiencing such a monumental event in his life with his mother made it all the more special.

Emma gritted her teeth and continued to impale herself of the monstrous cock that was beneath her. How a prick could be that big she had no idea; several times with Derek she had assumed that his had to be the only one in the world that was as imposing and powerful as it was. But now with her youngest son beneath her and his equally gigantic slab of meat pushing her pussy walls aside to move deeper into her she knew she was wrong.

For years she had wanted this, to feel her baby boy pushing his huge tool inside her. For years she had be ashamed of her desire for him. All those times with Derek before she realized now had just been substitutes for this. It was true she lusted after Derek as no mother should, but her greater sin was to have fallen completely and madly in love with Eric. Every time she looked at him her heart began to race, her demeanour began to change, and body began to shake. Every girlfriend Eric ever had Emma had been so completely jealous of, though she’d never allowed herself to admit it. She’d always wanted to be his first and now she knew she was.

Eric didn’t have the experience of his older brother; of that much Emma was convinced. His movements were quick and impatient, and his face couldn’t hold back the truth. Eric Winters had never had sex before tonight. With grim resolve Emma vowed to herself that she would make this night so incredible for him that he would never want another woman again. He would come back to her time and again, and they would spend the rest of their lives together, of that Emma would make damn certain.

Bracing herself Emma finally thrust herself down the rest of his length and was rewarded with a sharp gasp coming from Eric lips. Holding him inside her fully she waited a minute so that Eric could collect himself before he lost his control to quickly and end the evening prematurely. When finally he was ready to continue, Emma raised herself slightly and then once again dropped along the rigid length of his shaft, which elicited a pleasure filled moan from the woman.

The feeling was incredible, reaching up and grabbing both of her exposed tits Eric began fondling his mother’s breasts as he started thrusting his pelvis up to meet his mother’s. She was so beautiful bouncing up and down his cock, with her shirt above her breasts, and her skirt around her waist. Her hair was moving with the rest of her body accentuating the positively joyous look on her face. Resting his head against the back of the couch Eric continued mauling her tits and moving his hips to meet her actions.

Letting go of his slim yet powerful chest Emma reached for the bunched up halter top resting atop her massive breasts and pulled it over her head. Eric stared wide-eyed as she did so still mesmerized at how gigantic those twin globes really were. The sight of his mother riding atop his cock was such an incredible sight for the young boy that it took an incredible amount güvenilir bahis şirketleri of willpower, the like of which he didn’t know he had, to resist climaxing right there on the spot.

Grabbing a hold of her waist, Eric flipped he and his mother sideways so that Emma was lying with her back on the couch. Lifting her legs over his shoulders Eric began ramming his humongous cock into her cunt with all of the energy, focus, and power that he could muster. Emma threw her head back and screamed in pleasure at the act. Reaching out to her sides, she franticly grabbed at nothing, closing her eyes she tossed herself into the glorious pleasure that her youngest son was inflicting upon her body.

Just as Derek had been all of those times before, Eric was incredibly dominating, but unlike he elder brother, there was a sort of gentleness to his fury, the kind that Emma worshiped. Indeed, she knew that this was the fuck she had been waiting her entire life to experience. Through his frenzy, the ravenous pounding of his fantastic dick into her, Emma knew that unconsciously Eric was treating her as though she was a temple to be respected and adored.

Eric rammed into his mother with all of the passion and desire he could muster. This was the most incredible feeling he had ever had in his young life. His mother’s tight pussy was wrapped firmly around his savagely pounding cock, her body glistening with sweat was withering beneath him on the couch, her incredible chest rapidly rising and falling with her desperate gasps for breath. It was the most wonderful sensation he could have ever imagined.

Redoubling his efforts Eric continued to hammer his impossibly huge cock into his mother, driving her wild with delirious passion. Nearly to the point of loosing consciousness Emma screamed, “Oh god FUCK YES! Fuck my pussy Eric, that’s it. Oh god Eric FUCK ME!”

His mind not even comprehending her words kept up his unrelenting assault on his mother cunt while she cried almost incoherently, “So good. It feels so FUCKING GOOD! Don’t stop baby, oh god PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP FUCKING ME!”

Emma’s pussy juices flowed freely over her son’s cock as she franticly pushed down to meet his frantic thrusts into her. She was so close she could feel the explosion building; the tingling sensation seemed to start all throughout her body as the feeling rose. Emma grasped Eric’s strong arms as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her mouth opened into a giant O.

And then she came.

Her cunt walls clasped down even harder on her son’s ravaging cock as she exploded in mind-numbing pleasure. She creamed all over his cock as the blinding gratification of release came over her wildly thrashing body. Her mind was so overwhelmed that she didn’t even hear herself scream in, “OH ERIC!”

Unable to stand the clasping sensations of his mother’s pussy any longer, Eric howled as the cum that had been filling his balls throughout the entire experience shot forth up his long shaft and into his Emma’s welcoming pussy. His cock pulsated and increased the climax of both of them as his cum blasted almost violently into her tight, hot, canal. He came with an almost violent power that only heightened Emma’s experience. Ungodly hot cum erupted into her and all she wanted was, “More, MORE!” she screamed as his sperm rich white cream continued to flow into her with a vengeance.

Eric was only happy to oblige as more of the thick white fluid sprang forth from his cock-head into her. Everything that had occurred up to this point in his life and been nothing compared to the feeling he was experiencing. The most beautiful woman in the world to Eric’s young eyes was thrashing wildly beneath him begging for him to keep cumming inside of her and he was content to do just that. For what seemed like an eternity Eric injected his potent sperm into her waiting womb loving the feel of finally finding release within his gorgeous mother.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t last forever, and all too soon the pulsations of his cock subsided and the contractions of her cunt ceased. Feeling his mother’s pussy franticly coax what little cum remained in his balls into her canal Eric sighed in content. Emma wrapped her legs around his waist while Eric placed his hands on the seat of the couch. Immediately afterwards the young boy collapsed his weight onto them resting his face just above his mother’s.

Clasping her arms around his back Emma pulled her son down so that his body was resting atop hers. Beaming brightly at her youngest boy Emma cried, “My baby boy… Thank you,” Hugging him closely she repeated, “Thank you so much honey.”

Breathing hard and snuggling into her warm body Eric chocked out, “I love you mom.”

Tears streamed down her face as she sobbed, “I love you too. So much.”

The two lay like that for a while afterwards simply cuddling one another, with Emma confessing her undying love for her youngest son. Not long after, they heard hands clapping behind them and remembered that they were not alone. Turning, they saw Derek standing behind them completely naked with a huge grin on his face and a massive erection sprouting from his crotch. The two lovers stared at him for a moment before he spoke two words that made Emma’s heart race.

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