A Family New Years Eve Ch. 02

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If you haven’t already, please read “A Family New Year’s Eve” first so this makes more sense.

“Oh, yes…that’s right, Matt…God, yes…” Laurie was crazed with the feelings washing over her as she slid the tip of her son’s engorged cock between her wet, swollen cunt lips. “Do you want to fuck me, Matt?” Her words were barely audible. “Do you want to fuck your mommy, Matt?” The words alone were making her cunt walls quiver in anticipation.

“Yes, Mommy, I do.” Matt whispered back.

Laurie raised her voice. “Tell me, Matt…what do you want?” She put just the head of his straining cock into the warmth of her moist slit, moving it so slowly back and forth, making her son absolutely crazed with lust.

“I want to fuck you, Mommy…I need to fuck you now!”

Lisa threw a hand over her mouth to stifle the laughing Oh My God poised on the tip of her tongue. I didn’t have quite that reaction…I flashed back on the very first time I watched Laurie fuck another man. Pride, lust, trepidation and general craziness all fought for control of my thoughts. I had to find some kind of balance. Somehow, I didn’t think it was right if Lisa knew I had sent Laurie down here…sent her down here to fuck her son.

Our house was built about sixty-five years ago. Well maintained by its various owners, it still had some of the original fixtures, windows and doors. In fact, the door to Matt’s bedroom was one of the originals. It had an old-fashioned key hole above the knob. Lisa was all over it as soon as we heard her mother’s response.

“Yes, baby…oh, Jesus…fuck me, baby!” Laurie’s scream was primeval. dropped to her knees in front of the door, her eye as close to the key-hole as it could be. She stared inside, watched her naked mother sink agonizingly slowly over her brother’s nude form, her breathing getting very shallow and very fast.

Keeping her eye on this incestuous prize, Lisa whispered back to me. “Oh, God, Daddy…Mom’s fucking Matt…God, this is sooo hot…” We both heard Laurie moaning as she rode up and down her son’s thick, hard phallus.

I moved closer to my daughter. “Tell me,” I pleaded with her, “what are they doing? What are you seeing?”

Lisa whispered back, her voice choking with raw sexuality. “Mom’s on top, Daddy… she looks so beautiful…her nipples are sooo long! She’s lifting herself up…oh, Daddy, she’s still going…OH MY GOD!” pulled herself away from the door and half-turned on her knees. As her eyes refocused, she found herself staring at my rock-hard cock, poking out from between my robe. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and thumbed the moisture at the top around the head. And she started to giggle softly.

“What? What is it, baby?” My voice hoarse with need, knowing my cock was so hard because of this bad thing I started.

Lisa looked up into my eyes with the sexiest smile I’d ever seen. “This isn’t too shabby, Daddy…” she jerked my cock sharply as she whispered so seductively. “But you should see Matt, Daddy…he’s fucking huge!” Then she flicked my dick away and turned back to the key-hole. “Daddy, you should see them now…Mom’s grinding around on him…she’s leaning down…oh, Daddy…this is so hot…Matt’s sucking on her nipples… Oh…I can see Matt’s balls, Daddy…they’re so big!”

As Lisa turned back to her spy hole, we both heard Laurie, no longer even trying to control herself. “Oh, baby…you’re the best, Matt …” She moaned in her ecstasy, “Baby, you’re so deep inside me…” My cock was purple, so hard that it hurt. “Oh my God… Matthew…nobody’s ever fucked me like this before…you’re so big…so hard.” I looked down at my daughter, on her knees, watching her younger brother furiously thrusting his mighty slab of man meat far up into his mother’s hot, wet cunt.

Lisa’s hand moved unconsciously to the strap of her little red nightie. She slipped it off her shoulder, letting it fall away and exposing her firm young breast; her nipple was almost as long as her mother’s in her state of arousal. I watched her rub her small palm over and around her tit, then taking her nipple between her fingers, pulling out so seductively. She was gasping as she continued to watch the sex show on the other side of the door. I reached down, putting my fingers over hers, trying to get that precious little pink pearl between my fingers. She took my hand in hers and drew it sharply away, hissing at me. “No, Daddy…not now…I just want to watch Matt’s cock.” She started playing with her tit again; her other hand moved lower and slipped inside her little bikini panties.

Laurie moaned again. Then Matt cried out, “Mom, I’m gonna cum!” He started gasping as he approached the strongest climax of his eighteen years. “Christ, Mommy…I can feel your cunt squeezing me…God…oh, Mommy…I’m cumming!!!!!!”

I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled Lisa away from the door, dropped to my knees and brought my eye to the keyhole. I trembled as I saw my wife impale herself on my son’s canlı bahis şirketleri gargantuan steel-hard pole. As she slid down his thick, slimy shaft, I could see the thick, white crème he was shooting into her drip in globs from of her stretched-out cunt lips, coating him even more. Laurie cried out, her voice choking, sobbing, “Oh, baby… oh my God, Matt …you’re the best!!!” Her body crumpled over his as her orgasm rolled through her. She was kissing him like a woman possessed; I could see their tongues wrestling, Matt’s long arms wrapped around her, keeping her breasts squashed against his chest.

Without thinking, I found my hand wrapped around my own cock, stroking faster and faster as I watched my wife coming down from the most shattering orgasm she’d had in a long time. And as if on cue, loud enough for and I to hear clearly, Laurie drew up a little, looked with pure love into Matt’s eyes, and said, “Baby, you’re so much better than any lover I’ve ever had…any lover, …ever.”

And then I heard Lisa giggle. “I guess that means you, too, Daddy!” And at that moment, hearing my daughter’s whispered laughter, I came. Thick white ropes of semen splattered on the door in front of me as I watched Laurie climb off her son’s cock and lie down next to him on his bed. Matt turned halfway on to his side, resting on one elbow, his other hand stroking his mother’s body. He ran his fingers lightly over her still swollen nipples, over the slight swell of her belly and down to her well-fucked cunt.

Lisa moved close, pushed me out of the way and took her position again – this time without her nightie and panties. She grabbed the flap of my robe and with a disgusted grunt, wiped the cum off the door. “I guess you’re used up for the rest of the night…but, oh Jesus, Daddy…Matt’s cock is still hard!” My daughter hissed at me like a cat in heat, “And…oh my God!…he looks even bigger than before!”

As Lisa knelt before the door, masturbating slowly and so sensuously, and I stood beside her on shaking knees, we heard them talking.

“You’re so beautiful, Mom…everything…your…uhm…breasts…”
Laurie giggled. whispered that she put his hand on her chest. “Matt, you can say ‘tits’…it’s okay, honey.”

As I listened to Matt, flirting with his mother, I heard a new tone of self assurance in his voice. “Okay, Mom, your tits are gorgeous – so round and full…”

Lisa kept up her running commentary, her hands busier than ever. “He’s licking and sucking her nipple…Mom’s squirming around on the bed…”

“Your nipples are perfect,” he continued, “like in the magazines…but yours taste so good!” Laurie moaned again. “And the skin over your stomach is so smooth…”

“Mom’s head is like whipping from side to side,” Lisa whispered to me. “Oh, Daddy, she’s got her hand on Matt’s cock again…he’ still so hard and long!” Lisa started moaning herself. I looked down at her to see two fingers plunging in and out of her sweet, bare sex. I moved her away from the door – she didn’t resist as I moved her back against the wall and took her position on my knees. “Okay, you can watch a real fucking now, Daddy. Just tell me what’s happening.”

My eyes adjusted to the soft blue light, and I focused on the beautiful couple moving amorously around on the bed, their hands moving softly all over each other. continued his loving commentary on his mother’s hot, sweaty body. “But mostly, I think your pussy is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” I looked on as my son slid two long fingers way up inside my wife’s cunt. Laurie groaned as she tightened her grip around the flag-pole rising out of his groin. She moved around so her head was resting on his hip, her breast lying just above his groin.

She held her son’s erect organ straight up and started to lick the remaining crème from the base of his cock. Matt groaned as Laurie started to slide her tongue up and around his thick, meaty shaft. His next words, loud enough for Lisa to hear by herself, almost stopped my heart beating. “Was that as…uhm…?” Laurie took her mouth off her luscious treat and looked up at him.

She smiled so sweetly, the love evident in her voice. “What, Matt? You can ask me anything, baby…no more secrets…none at all, okay?” She took his cock and started to massage her hardened nipple with the big head. Matt looked down, his expression was priceless…then he leaned down and gave his mother the hottest, deepest kiss I think I’ve ever seen.

He broke away after a long minute. “You are unbelievable, Mom…you just make everything feel so…God…just great!” Laurie grinned in appreciation. “Anyway,” he said, “what I was gonna ask…uhm…was I okay? I mean, you said Dad was a… uhm …great lover…and, you know, I didn’t want to disappoint you.” Laurie looked deeply into her son’s eyes, hesitating a moment before she replied.

I heard Lisa gasp sharply at Matt’s words. I glanced down and saw she had stopped fingering her juicy canlı kaçak iddaa little pussy, intent on hearing her mother’s reply. I looked back through the door as Laurie held Matt’s harder-than-ever dick at the thick base with one hand and trailed the fingers of her other hand the length of his rod. I was in awe…Laurie had been clearly wrong. Lisa was right, he was huge. My son’s fully tumescent penis stood at least 9 ½ to 10 inches with a slight bend. It had to be 3 ½ inches around most of the way up, then crowned with a full, dark pink head.

“Okay, baby…I told you ‘no secrets’ so listen carefully to me, Matt.” Laurie spoke as he stroked her son’s massive erection. “I told you two things before, honey…I said I loved your father and that he is a great lover.”

“I know, Mom,” Matt sounded a little deflated, as though he didn’t measure up.

“No, Matt…listen to me,” Laurie broke in hastily. “Then I told you that I love you, too, baby…then I told you that you are the best lover I’ve ever had.” And as if she couldn’t stop herself, she plunged her mouth over his cock, sucking him into her throat. Matt groaned loudly as I whispered to Lisa what was happening. Then slowly working her puffy lips around his thick stalk, she glided up again.

“Your dad makes love to me differently, that’s all…but, Matt…” she was staring at his love muscle, “there’s really no comparison, baby.”

“What do you mean, Mom?”

Laurie sighed as she answered her son’s question. “Honey, you…maybe…can figure out that I’ve been with, well…a lot of men, right? Well, of all the men I’ve ever made love with, maybe only one or two have ever made me come just by fucking. And I think, those times, it was more the situation than the sex itself.”

“Does Dad make you cum? Why do you fuck those other guys if they don’t make you cum?”

I sensed Lisa waiting for her mother’s response; I had stopped breathing, waiting to hear her reply as well.

“I’ve been with those men because I like them, Matt…I enjoy having sex, even if I don’t climax with them all the time. And yes, your father definitely makes me cum, honey… but…” I felt my balls start to draw up as Laurie spoke. I knew she was going to reveal everything to both our children. “But…like the others, not by fucking me. After he cums inside of me, …your dad can…well, he can only make me cum by…eating my pussy and sucking my clit.”

“Oh my God!” Lisa almost lost control. She stifled her laughter with one hand across her mouth. I froze as Laurie continued.

“I said no lies, baby, and I meant it. You have the most perfect cock I have ever had. I love your cock, honey. Your father’s just can’t compare…” Laurie’s voice was getting hoarse and breathy, her excitement growing again. My cock felt full and tight, but when I glanced down, it wasn’t very hard. But still, I felt on the edge, and I was leaking pre-cum from the tip of my dick. “Matt, you made me cum so hard…just with the way you moved your magnificent cock inside me, baby. Dad has never done that to me, honey.”

I felt like I’d been kicked in my gut – it was my loving daughter. Tears were rolling out of her eyes, her body shaking as she tried to stay quiet and not laugh out loud. She reached over and flicked my dick with a long fingernail.

Matt’s eyes were bright with renewed lust in the pale blue light. “Jesus Christ,” I thought as I looked through the keyhole again, “he’s still rock hard!” Laurie had moved to her back and she smiled wickedly at her son. She spread her legs wide and drew her knees back, tilting her freshly-fucked pussy up at him. “Think you can do it again, baby? Can you cum three times for me?” Lisa and I gasped together. “Think you can make mommy cum with just your cock, baby?” Matt made a primeval noise somewhere deep in his throat. “Please fuck me again, baby…I need more of your cock, Matthew…I need you to stretch me…fuck me, lover…shove that beautiful prick into me in places your father could never touch!”

As Matt hovered over his mother’s naked form, she lay exposed and naked before her son. Her legs remained splayed open as wide as possible showing her new man her absolute willingness to be taken at his pleasure, at any time he wished. Her wet and swollen cunt lips expressed her desire; her thick, rigid nipples pointing to his chest betrayed her complete arousal. She trembled beneath him as she waited, her arms at her side in a sign of submission to her new master, her stallion!

She had never felt this feminine before in her life as she observed her son’s masculinity assert itself once again.

Lisa gasped again in utter disbelief. “Oh my God…he’s even bigger than before!” My eyes followed her hand once again to her fresh young cunt. I could smell her excitement building as she rubbed furious little circles around her clit. The more I sensed her arousal, the heavier my dick felt, even as it was getting smaller. “Daddy,” my daughter canlı kaçak bahis giggled now, “Matt’s fucking Mom again.” She moved one hand to my sac and started to squeeze. “And he’s doing it really well…at least, she seems to think so!”

We listen together to the forbidden sounds of a son loving his mother in total and unbridled lust. Lisa described in whispers what was happening; her words punctuated every few seconds by moans and groans from the other side of the door.

Matt bent over his mother and sucked her nipple between his lips, biting softly into her flesh. The dark pink swollen head of his tumescent organ rubbed across her splayed slit as he continued to lavish attention on Laurie’s beautiful breasts. Always the clever boy, he could sense his mother’s excitement was mixed with a sense of submission. The way she was posed beneath him, spread open to him, was exactly like the descriptions of females – human and otherwise – waiting to be taken, waiting to be bred, in his psychology textbooks.

He smiled to himself at this realization. Then, as he took his magnificent shaft in hand and started beating a light, rapid tattoo on Laurie’s clit, his smile became a feral grin as he came to understand that if his mother was the brood bitch, he was the alpha male!

As if the very thought could make his cock even harder, it seemed to grow in his hand. “C’mon, baby…” Laurie moaned, “Give me your love, Matthew…give me your cock.”

My son artfully shifted himself down on his knees between Laurie’s outstretched legs. One hand held his rock-hard prick straight out in front; the other reached around her hip and he pulled her up and towards him. Lisa whispered to me that Laurie’s thighs were spread across his and her cunt was tilted up at him, completely open and glistening with the wetness of her excitement and crème of their first fuck.

Matt pushed forward and sank the full length of his love pole into Laurie’s well-lubricated cunt. She gasped at the overwhelming sensation, feeling the whole length of him slide down the slickness of her cunt walls; his girth filling her in the most incredibly satisfying way. Lisa’s whispers grew weaker as she came closer to a climax herself. “Daddy, he just fucked ten inches of rock-hard meat into your wife…” She had stopped rubbing her clit and was finger-fucking herself. I could only assume it was to the same rhythm that her brother heard as he fucked their mother.

Laurie groaned with pure pleasure. “Oh, baby…you feel so good inside me…you’re so big, Matt…you fill me up completely!” We could hear, could see his oversized balls slapping into her ass as he plunged his huge tool in and out of her grasping pussy lips. “Baby…what are you doing? Ohhh! No, don’t stop…don’t stop.” Laurie was gasping now as she tried to speak.

“Daddy,” Lisa’s voice matched her mother’s, “He’s grinding into her…pulling out in circles…now…oh God, Daddy, his cock is sooo beautiful…he’s fucking her in slow circles…so deep, Daddy…” I could smell the dew that was coating both my daughter’s fingers and the rosy pink flesh of her pussy. Almost unaware of what she was doing, I felt the pressure of her fingers tighten around my sac. My heart was beating so fast I thought I might pass out.

Matt was floating. He felt so strong, so powerful…so, invincible. This was, hands down, the most unfuckingbelievable night of his life. He looked down at his mother, his eyes catching hers, all smoky and clouded with her primal lust; he knew she was watching him as he slowly scanned her body. He had thought about this a million times. Never, ever did he think it would happen in real life. Her tits, fantastic, his to suck whenever he wanted; no more hiding his looks or feeling bad when she kissed him goodnight in her blue t-shirt nightgown.

“And oh, man…her pussy is ungodly…so beautiful” he thought to himself as he continued to pound his turgid meat into her at an ever increasing pace. “No wonder Dad likes to eat her so much.”

“Oh …ohhh…unghh…you’re doing it, baby…you’re gonna make me cum on your beautiful cock…” Laurie’s groan brought him out of his momentary reverie. He felt Laurie’s cunt contracting around his shaft as he left it buried so deeply inside her on the down stroke. “Cum for me, baby…cum inside me, Matt…fill me up…make me yours, lover.”

“Make me cum, Mom.” Matt’s voice was deep and hoarse.

“How, baby…anything…what do you want?” Laurie sounded almost submissive as she replied.

“Tell me something sexy, Mom…tell me more about your tattoo.”

“OH MY GOD…oh, baby…that’s just what your daddy likes, too!” Laurie squealed with breathless laughter.

“Tell me, Mom. Now.” My son’s voice had the assertive tone I had noticed earlier. Lisa must have noticed as well as her fingers tightened around me even more. “Make me cum, Mom.”

The low, animal timbre in Matt’s voice seemed to have an immediate effect on all of us.

My penis, still feeling full and heavy, was contracting back towards Lisa’s hand. She was pulling on my balls, dragging me to the floor. I couldn’t help but comply as she directed me to the floor, on my back with my head beneath the keyhole.

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