A Family Affair Ch. 1

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Where to start, I suppose with Susan she is my wife 28 tall willowy a beautiful body and a sexy mind I adore her. I am 29 and I suppose I first realised how sensual and kinky she was about a year ago, I had no idea of where it would lead until this last weekend. But I get ahead of myself. A year ago, my mom had just split from my dad the divorce had been hard on her and she had gone through that period of saying there would never be another man in her life. Then she had gone out with us a few times to nightclubs and pubs.

Mom is a good looking 48 year old she has auburn hair and a sexy figure for a woman her age, I get my green eyes from her. Well we were at this nightclub and men kept asking her and Suzy to dance I told Suzy to go on and then maybe Mom might. To be honest I always got turned on seeing my wife being caressed on the dance floor. That night she was wearing a figure hugging black number, short and flaring in the skirt low cut and revealing in the bust. Beneath this she had on a garter belt and black stockings and at my begging no knickers or bra.

I was so excited to see her dancing close to the man who had asked her onto the floor his hands were tight on her rounded ass and she was slowly grinding her body to his. Mom had been picked up by an older man he was also dancing close to her and I was surprised to see them kiss after the dance but pleased also. Well I lost sight of mom for a while and Suzy had returned to my side she whispered to me how wet she was and how she needed to be fucked. The mans cock had been so hard and rubbing against her through his jeans. Well nothing else happened that night but mom arranged to see this guy Victor again.

We went out as a foursome a few times and then after a very exciting night at a club we invited Mom, oh I suppose I should call her Charlotte it seems strange though she will always be mom to me, well we invited Charlotte and Victor back to ours for a drink. They were sitting on the couch and Suzy pulled me into the kitchen to fix the drinks. The door to the lounge was not quite closed and as we peeked through it we saw them kissing and then Victor slid his hand under Charlottes skirt.

I suppose we should have stopped looking at that point but I know I couldn’t have for anything I was transfixed as Victor pulled her skirt up to her waist and revealed her lacy white thong. Mom softly moaned as his fingers slid under it and he probed her wet pussy. Suzy was holding me tight and rubbing my hard cock through my trousers then she unzipped me and slid my hard long cock out and started to wank me. I was breathing heavily as I watched my mother being expertly reamed. Victor was holding her labial lips open and rubbing her hard clitty he slid her thong of and slipped it into his pocket.

Charlotte took the opportunity to unzip him and get out his cock. Suzy breathed heavily now it was huge, it was not only long at least nine inches but thick around and the glans were bulging and swollen and a thick vein pulsed along the side. We stood hidden by the door watching as Charlotte took this monster into her mouth and sucked him then she stopped and whispered something to Victor he smiled and stuffed his cock back into his trousers. I guessed she had said we would be coming back soon so we stopped and hastily made the coffee and returned as though nothing had happened, but for the rest of the evening I could not stop thinking of my mother naked under her thin skirt.

The next time something happened was at Easter. Mom and Victor got married, and everyone was happy everyone except for Vanessa. She was Victors daughter and now my stepsister. She was sixteen and very lovely, long blond hair and baby blue eyes, a little fat, but that would change as she grew into the beautiful woman that was hiding beneath the little girl.

Well at Easter Susan and I went to visit Charlotte was so happy and so excited they had just moved into a new house. The house was large and set in a vast garden that opened onto farmland I was sitting in the kitchen talking to mom while Victor was showing Suzy the garden when the tea was ready Charlotte told me to go call them in. I walked out and smiled the weather was perfect warm and sunny so canlı bahis unusual for spring in England. Suzy had dressed appropriately in a thin strappy sundress and I was not at all prepared for the sight that greeted me as I walked through the screen of trees. Standing with their backs to me looking out over the farmlands resting against a five bar gate were Susan and Victor. What arrested me though was that his hand was under her dress caressing her ass.

I stopped and drew back reminded of the last time I had watched Victor with my mom but now it was my wife he was holding. I saw his hand move under her dress he was pulling her panties down and she was opening her legs and letting him. She whispered something and he laughed as I saw the white panties fall to the grass Victor bent down and retrieved them I wondered about that sure that Suzy was allowing a repeat of what we had seen in our lounge replay itself, but with herself. Victors hand went straight back up and Suzy opened her legs to allow him access I was breathing heavily and my cock was aching as mixed emotions flooded through me lust overwhelming stupefying lust first and foremost but also yes jealousy.

I watched my gorgeous darling Suzy being opened and fondled she placed her hand on his trousers and I was sure she was unzipping him. I drew back further and unzipped myself the pressure was to great I just had to masturbate. I watched transfixed as he brought her to a climax she gripped the gate her head thrown back and made a small noise then she looked around and seeing no one knelt down.

Yes his cock was out and she took it into her mouth and sucked Victor off. Susie is a great cocksucker I loved it when she would suck me off but she would not drink my cum to my surprise and jealousy though she sucked every drop of Victors cum down even licking the last drops off the end of that big cock. She looked up at him and rose to her feet he zipped himself up as did I from the shelter of the concealing trees. Then whistling to alert them I came out.

That night after supper we left as planned I had not really thought about how I would play this but as we drove through the dark I pulled the car of the road into a quiet dark laybye. Suzy looked at me and asked what’s wrong I smiled and said nothing is wrong and then I told her what I had seen. She went quiet and in a small voice asked if I were angry. I said no and reminded her of all the nights when we had fantasised about her making love to another man. Then I slid my hand up onto her soaking wet pussy and started to finger her asking her if he had felt good telling her how I wished she had let him fuck her.

She moaned loudly and came I drove home so fast I just wanted to fuck her and I didn’t wait until we got to the bedroom just threw her on the couch and slid my aching cock into her open and wet cunt. Later after we had undressed and gone up to bed we lay in each others arms and talked. My fingers tracing circles around her gorgeous large nipples Susan has the most wonderful breasts full heavy 36 C her nipples are large and sensitive and she shivered as my fingers extended and rolled her nipples.

You wanted to fuck Victor didn’t you? I asked she sighed softly under my fingers and taking my left hand drew it down to her very open and sticky pussy.

Yesss she moaned as I opened her and played with her already erect clitoris. You wanted his big cock inside you didn’t you? I relentlessly continued my own cock growing so hard thinking of my stepfather fucking my wife. She moaned and shivered into another orgasm.

That night set a pattern soon our favourite fantasy was of Victor fucking Suzy and though we didn’t really discuss it we both knew that this would become a reality one day the only question was when.

Well nothing happened other than in our fantasies until the Christmas Mom and Victor were throwing a party. As we were preparing for it, I lay on the bed Suzy had just come from the bathroom she had a big white towel wrapped around her. She stood at the end of the bed and dropped the towel Tra LA she announced and looked at me. I just gaped back because, where before there had been a gorgeous black triangle of tangled pubic hair bahis siteleri now she presented a smooth hairless pussy. Her labial lips were puffy and pouting and her clitty was swollen I could see that her lips were gleaming either from Vaseline or excitement.

I was amazed How When? She laughed and said you will never guess, you know I went shopping with your Mom to find a dress for tonight. Well when we came back here we tried our dresses on, and I noticed that she was shaven. She told me Victor adored shaven pussy Sooo I asked her to help me. Now the towel around my waist was making a good impression of a boyscout’s tent.

You mean I asked that my Mother shaved your pussy Suzy nodded. I asked my mouth dry did anything happen. Suzy was sitting on the end of the bed now naked., I desperately wanted to feel her shaven . She crawled up the bed gently kissing my legs and flipping the towel aside she crouched over my aching cock and cupped my balls. Blowing gently upon it, then she looked up into my green eyes her big brown eyes smiling and she nodded. Yes love, Charlotte fingered me. Then she went down on my cock just like in the Rolling Stones record blowing my body and my mind.

I kissed her lips after I had cum in her mouth She took my hand and placed it on her smooth cunt I fingered her and then kissed down her body anxious to taste her smooth pussy. The familiar musky spicy wild taste of Suzy filled my mouth. I drunk her down sucking her hard my tongue rubbing over and over her sweet clitoris my fingers probing her tight ass. Soon my mouth filled with the slightly sharper taste of her orgasm she gripped and knotted the sheets.

After as we lay in each others arms and I fingered her so gently I whispered to her Victor will love your shaven pussy, she looked at me her eyes wide and I nodded yes love you must fuck him tonight she shuddered and orgasmed again.

Later that night we arrived at the party Suzy raced of happily to find victor. I wandered around the hall and eventually found my stepsister Vanessa sitting by herself upon the grand marble staircase. She was looking gorgeous she had on a short sparkly black dress I asked her why she was looking so unhappy. It seemed they wouldn’t let her get a drink from the bar as she was underage. Easily remedied I replied and sallied of and returned with a bottle of Coconut flavoured rum drink and a couple of glasses We sat there and drank some of the sweet drink but I hadn’t realised how unused to alcohol my pretty stepsister was.

I suggested we get some fresh air now this proved to be a real bad suggestion because as the fresh air outside hit her so did the alcohol she started to sway and I had to hold her up I walked her to a bench set in the grounds and draped my jacket around her as it was cold. Vanessa lent against me and began to cuddle me I kissed her hair and stroked it thinking that I could easily take advantage of this situation if I were not a gentleman and cursing myself for being one as she looked so delectable. Her breats were straining the thin sparkly material and the dress had ridden up to reveal the white of her thigh and to show me she was not wearing tights.

Ohh Steven she whispered I don’t know how to tell you this but Susan is having an affair with my dad. I was surprised for as far as I knew tonight would be the first night Suzy had been with Victor since the episode at Easter. How do you know I carefully asked and it all came out I was not the only one to see them last Easter. Vanessa had been looking out of a top floor window. I didn’t know what to say at first then I told her I knew I had also seen it She was shocked. I took her unthinkingly into my arms and told her I didn’t mind She looked up uncomprehendingly into my green eyes So you know about them dancing tonight I nodded and said yes and you don’t mind I smiled and said no in fact it excited me.

She smiled a strange sexy little smile and then in a very low voice said so its ok for me to be turned on by it I nodded and asked her if she was turned on she nodded and said ohh yes in a breathless voice I have been rubbing myself thinking about it every night I was so hard now I asked and where do you rub yourself nessa she bahis şirketleri blushed but said you know down there. I asked her if she was a virgin and she said yes I asked if she wanted to be one and she shook her head lifting her head to look her directly into her cloudy blue eyes. Do you want to make love to me tonight. She hugged me close and said yes, I asked if it were the alcohol and would she regret this tomorrow and she said no. Please oh please I think the drink is making me bold but its So what I have wanted please Steven.

I went inside to tell my Mom and found her she was dancing with another man he had his head buried in her substantial bosom and she was giggling like a young girl. I explained that Nessa had had too much to drink and I was taking her back to ours to recover she just nodded and said ok.

Then I went looking for Suzy I found her she was with Victor in a corner he had her dress pushed up and was kissing her. I wasn’t sure how to approach them I waved at her and she pushed victor of and pulled her dress straight then walked over to me.

I kissed her and asked if she were ok she smiled and hugged me I whispered that I was going to take Nessa back to our house and she grinned a very sexy grin I sheepishly grinned back.

I drove away from the party with Nessa next to me as we sped through the dark. I placed my hand upon her leg she lay back and closed her eyes. I slid her dress up revealing her white thighs above her stocking tops and then her black lacy thong. I slid my hand higher, her thong was sodden and she was so sensitive, she shuddered as my fingers slid under the material and grazed her little clitty.

I removed my hand and continued to drive we were soon at my house. We went in and I led her straight up to the bedroom I removed her dress and she looked so vulnerable and so desirable in her thong and bra her stockings were the lace top hold up type so she had no garter belt. I unclipped her bra and her pretty 34a breasts fell into my hands her nipples very pink and so sensitive. I knelt in front of her and slipped her thong down it was soaking wet and her pussy was beautiful. A fuzz of golden hair and wet pouting puffy labial lips. I laid her on the bed and she pulled her stockings of while I undressed in a fever of sexual lust. My cock was so hard it was aching I knelt in front of her and rubbed the head along her wet slit.

She moaned and then I inched inside of her I met some resistance and looked up her eyes were closed I took her hand in mine and whispered yes darling Nessa? She nodded and opened her legs wider I pushed and there was slight resistance and then I was in her. She gasped and then her legs were rising around me and I was moving inside her. Faster and faster, she was moaning and her fingers were scratching my back as I pistoned into her, drawing almost completely out of her and then pushing all the way in opening her wider stretching her tight little pussy. Then she was clasping me tight as the feelings grew to an almost unbearable climax.

I still hadn’t cum but I drew my cock from her and began to kiss her body. Starting with her rosy hard nipples and kissing my way down her flesh. Licking gently over and round her clitoris I drove her steadily into a sexual frenzy before plunging my tongue deep into her virgin pussy drinking her sweet juices down. Then I slid up her body and begun fucking her in earnest hard long strokes plunging deep into her my brain a whirling maelstrom thoughts of Suzy with Victors hands under her skirt feeling her smooth shaven cunt. Pictures of my Mother with that man between her breasts and of course spread under me little Vanessa.

I came in a vast shuddering explosion usually I am quiet when I climax not this time I shuddered and gasped as fireworks went of in my head and electricity shot through my body.

We slept in each others arms that night, it was about seven in the morning when I awoke to the sensation of someone climbing into the bed next to me.

I opened one sleepy eye to see Susan I smiled at her and she kissed me gently and lovingly she took my hand and placed it on her naked shaven pussy I felt it very wet and sticky she whispered that’s Victors cum you can feel love. I opened both eyes and looked up at her she was smiling and looking down at the naked Vanessa next to me I think we are going to need a bigger bed soon darling she said and slipped her naked body next to mine.

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