A Dream Massage

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Big Tits

What’s the point of getting a massage if there’s no happy ending? I can’t even imagine going to like a hotel spa or something, leaving all frustrated. Where’s the fun in that?

But I’ll admit I don’t like the parlors anymore either. Most of the time they just want to give you a hand job and get it over with.

But that’s not what I like. I like the massage, the whole experience. I like to let it build a little, the anticipation, will she, won’t she?

But at the parlors they always will so there’s no real tension about it. It’s not really that fun if it’s guaranteed.

That’s what I liked about the very first time I went to a massage parlor. I didn’t know what was gonna happen! When she put her hands on me the first time I thought she found me irresistible. I thought she wants to fuck me for sure. I was so excited throughout the whole massage wondering what each microscopic movement meant, the slip of a finger the lingering or not lingering of a touch, the location. I almost came on the table twice before I even turned over.

Don’t even get me started on what happened when I was on my back, shivering with anticipation, I was so nervous I couldn’t even get a boner. And I was so cold or full of adrenaline or both I don’t know. I was shaking all over wondering what would happen.

What happened is the massage ended without me really knowing the end was coming. She left the room abruptly and I had to follow her into the hallway and ask, as she was all the way across the room if she would “massage my…”

“Wha,” she said.

“Massage my…” I said, pointing to my crotch with both hands.

She hurried me back into the room and said forty dollars and then jacked me off speedily and that was it. It couldn’t have been more mechanical if I’d been giving a specimen. But it was enough for me and I was hooked.

And it didn’t stop me from fantasizing about fucking her and thinking we really had something; lifting up her white skirt and bending her over the table for a quickie. Just a couple pumps are all I’d need.

I kept going back to her but our relationship deteriorated quickly cuz I figured out I could just cum on the table without her touching me, usually just right into my stomach when she was doing my hips or something and that was enough for me. I could even say that I wasn’t cheating on my girlfriend if I came that way. I could say it was just an accident.

We got in a fight one night over money and I couldn’t go back for the chance she was there. But I started going to all these other places all over town. At first I would get an hour, cum after 5 or 10 minutes then grit my teeth till the end thinking how disgusting the whole place was.

After a while I would get thirty minutes, do my thing, turn down the “massage” at the end and leave. Eventually I settled on one place that I knew well. There was never any fuss: they usher you right in you do your thing (me mine) bam bam and that’s it. They usher you right back out. It was secluded too. There was never anybody there and I could just walk right in and get it over with.

I was going maybe one trip per place – one visit before I abandoned it and went on to the next one. But this last place, which was empty cuz it was so seedy I went to a few times. I felt the most comfortable there cuz I didn’t care what they thought about me.

But the last time I went the lady called me out on it. She was doing my inner thighs and she said “I noticed you came.” And she held her hand out to me as evidence.

I said I was sorry and I got up to leave. I couldn’t justify it to myself anymore. Cheating was cheating and that was the end of it. I said I was never going back again.

It had been about 3 or 4 months since I’d been to one but I was fighting tooth and nail sometimes not to go back. I would drive by my old place late at night sometimes to see if it was busy and drive by new places to see if anyone was there and if the “open” sign was on.

A few times I would park and just watch the place. I would see if there was any activity, who was coming and going – what the busy times were.

Sometimes I would go by the ATM beforehand and say I just needed some cash just in case. And then I would just happen to have it on me when I was parked there.

If I was going to the store I would always have lots of cash on hand even though I would always pay with a card, just in case a hankering should come.

Sometimes when I was parked there, watching the place a battle would begin. “It’s just a massage,” I would say. “That’s it. I’ve been stressed a lot lately and working hard and my back hurts. I deserve it.” Then I would fight back the urges knowing deep down what was really going on.

Sometimes it was like I found myself going inside. I was watching myself as I got out of the car, making sure I had everything. It was like I was waiting for myself to stop myself, and nothing would happen. So I just kept going. And I couldn’t believe it was happening. The doorbell halkalı escort ringing. The lady hurrying out to greet me. It’s like it wasn’t even me.

It didn’t even matter how unattractive she was cuz the most thrilling thing for me was waiting on the table for them to come in, wondering what they felt when they saw me lying there, just a towel, and sometimes nothing at all between me and her, and thinking about what it would feel like when I turned over.

It was rare that I’d make it to the flip-over part. I rarely made it out of the car. I would just sit there watching the blinking lights of the open sign – how they contracted and expanded, unable to leave and unable to go in. It was like I wasn’t even in my body. I was out somewhere in the nebulous – stuck.

I made it 3 or 4 months like that, battling myself, but some days were easier than others. Then one day my friend was telling me about this place he liked to go. Said they saved his life. It was “therapeutic massage only.” It even said so on the door but it specialized in Chinese massage and my friend is also kind of a creep so I wondered what was up. I figured something must be going on so I decided to check it out.

The first time I went I had this really powerful looking Indonesian lady who seemed like she hated me. We didn’t talk the whole time and when I adjusted myself on the table she got even more standoffish and she ended the massage like 5 minutes early.

I still asked for her again the next time cuz I figured all you had to do was establish a rapport and you could get whatever you wanted. But when I went back the owner said she wasn’t in that day but that she (the owner) could give me the massage.

That was fine with me cuz I didn’t want it to seem like anything was up so I tried to just go with the flow even though I was a little paranoid that the lady thought I was a creep and that that’s why she hadn’t come in, and I hoped I could just get the Indonesian lady again the next time.

This place was a gold mine and I really didn’t want to fuck it up. Therapeutic massages and the possibility for a happy ending, who could beat that?

But what possibility was there really? It read “therapeutic massage only” right there on the door when you walked in. What made me think I could get a happy ending here versus a spa, or why didn’t I got to one of those foot rub places that specialized in this sort of thing – what was I doing?

I didn’t want to try to get the owner to make a pass at me obviously. If anybody was gonna keep to the “therapeutic massage only rule it was her.” Plus she wasn’t giving me any cues that she would. She talked the whole time and we talked about mutual acquaintances and she talked about her husband and her family non-stop so I just tried to be as polite as I could hoping next time I would get the Indonesian lady again and get my plan back on track.

But when I came back I had a different lady. Ling, the owner, introduced me to her in the lobby. Her name was Jin. She was small and older and pretty ugly but she had a decent enough body for an older lady and there was just something about her that was incredibly sexy, the way her hair hung in her face, the way she dressed which had this strange mix of intention and pragmatism, the way I might.

She didn’t speak much English but we shook hands and that’s when I knew what it was. She had this incredible spirit that burst forth from her smile like the most intense sunset you ever saw. It was unstoppably brilliant and I knew she was the one.

When she came into the room I looked up to see that smile again. It was infectious. And her energy was gentle yet strong just like her touch turned out to be. It was sensual and delicate and I knew she wanted to fuck me. I could sense it.

My favorite thing was she took off her sandals right beneath the face hole so I could see her bare feet and she wiggled her long, pretty toes for me to see.

I was experienced enough now to know she didn’t really want to fuck me but her long, gentle, unhurried strokes, down my back made me think she just might, and the way she massaged my ass made me think she was gonna reach under the sheet for me any second. I spread my legs a little to try to let her know it was welcome but her touch never drifted near my inner thigh.

I didn’t want to get a boner on this first one cuz I didn’t know her that well and I didn’t want to risk her running out of the room or something so I was nervous when she told me to turn over. I can’t always control myself the best and her touch was really getting to me. It would linger in certain spots and graze into more sensual zones with a stroke that definitely wasn’t all the way therapeutic.

I was really trying to concentrate on not getting a boner and I remembered that I just wanted a good massage, that’s it, nothing else. I was a good boyfriend: I clean, buy groceries…I was just trying to heal, that’s all. But I couldn’t ignore this energy in my penis şişli escort that was desperate for her to rip the sheet off and grab me.

It was almost making my hips thrust uncontrollably but I thought about my Grandma – everything I could possibly remember about her: her gangly feet, her sagging breasts and arms and I managed ok. My toes were curling and I was counting the minutes but I managed ok.

I tried to relax and felt the way the cool sheet felt against my cock. I kept my eyes closed mostly but I wondered if she could see its outline through the sheet and what she thought about it; if she wanted to grab it, if she was fighting her urges as much as I was.

I imagined she was and it was hard for me not to thrust my cock into her hands when she was doing my legs but I gritted my teeth and held on to the end, counting the minutes and seconds. I knew if I could just hold on till the end then I would be a good guy and that it was true that I really was there for a therapeutic massage only like I kept telling myself I was. Then I would be good.

But she was sending me all kinds of signals that made it really hard, like she wanted me to fling the sheet off and show her everything.

It was the way she was slowly massaging my legs with both hands, gripping all the way around my calf as she went up my shin, my thigh. I was dying!

And towards the end she did my face, running her fingers over my eyes and forehead and through my hair. Nobody had ever done my face in a massage before and I didn’t know what to make of it, but I couldn’t help thinking “boy she must really want me.”

I felt like I had so much control and I could feel it all the way through my limbs and fingertips and in my toes, and the power is intoxicating but I still managed to stumble over my words when she asked me at the end if I wanted lotion rubbed on my stomach.

She held the bottle like it was a magic lamp and I didn’t know what to do cuz I knew where that would lead and I thought this was a therapeutic massage only place so now I was really confused.

Cuz usually what they do is massage your stomach with the lotion and let their fingers make their way beneath the sheet or towel or whatever to your crotch and then ask you if you want a massage there, and if you say yes you negotiate a price and get down to business.

I knew I would feel too guilty if it went down like that so even though I knew she would think I was a prude and even though I wanted it so bad I said no. She kind of shrugged her shoulders and then the massage was over.

I left feeling empty and disappointed and all around just kind of sad, almost like you have a broken heart but then I started to wonder what was going on cuz she must make plenty of money at the place so why would she need to offer extras?

And so I thought she must really like me and she must’ve wanted to do it just for fun. So I really started looking forward to the next time and I made sure when I checked out with her that she would be my masseuse again next time. We even had a disagreement about money but I made sure she knew it was an honest mistake I made and tipped her extra for it and we were really friendly to each other on the the way out.

I really liked her cuz she had this amazing energy that really set you at ease and with her you felt like anything was possible. There was nothing that was off limits and so your mind could really wander and you knew you were free to have all sorts of fun.

So I really set about seducing her the next time I went. I would take deep breaths and sigh deeply when she touched me in certain spots to let her know how much I liked something, or I would flat out tell her how good something felt right outta the blue. I wanted her to know she could feel comfortable exploring what she wanted and that I would be okay with it.

My favorite move was to adjust myself at certain times, like when she did my hips or legs I would spread mine farther apart to give her more space. That may have been pretty obvious now that I think about it but it was my favorite move. I mean, what else could it signify?

The thing that I think worked the best though was we developed an inside joke and I milked it for all it was worth. She tried to move me into some different positions I couldn’t get into cuz of past injuries so I would make her stop and she said I was “no really strong” and she laughed at me.

I thought this was really great and that she was really cute and so I would bring it up whenever I could to try to make her laugh.

When she said I “need more massage,” I would tell her “and then I’ll be more strong?”

And she would say “no, you no strong,” and she would laugh. I thought maybe now she’ll play with my balls.

We were starting to have fun together and the massages felt great. Her touch was so healing and soothing that even though nothing had happened after several trips I was feeling better than ever. I would sarıyer escort get in the car afterward and feel like I was melting into the seat.

She started to feel like she was enveloping me and the closer we got the more I started to crave her. There were so many times when I wanted to be sitting on the table naked for her when she came in the room: me in all my glory.

I never did that but we got so close it felt like she knew exactly what I wanted without me having to say anything.

One day she was working on my hips a particularly long time and caressing my low back with her palms like she was trying to conjure something in me. I couldn’t take it anymore. My boner flung up into my stomach and I adjusted myself so it was nearly sticking out at my hip.

Right when I did she moved her hands right to where the tip of my cock was and started stroking in these circular motions right on it. I couldn’t believe it, did she know it was there? Should I roll over? Try not to cum try not to cum.

I was totally at her mercy. She stopped right as I was about to go in the sheet. It was exhilarating, feeling like I had so much control and yet none at all, like I was being taken. I wanted to keep lying there, and have her pull my cock back between my legs and stroke me off, but it was okay if she didn’t cuz I knew it would happen eventually, and if she didn’t I was still a good guy cuz I hadn’t done anything.

I was still up pretty good for the rest of the massage and I had a boner when she was doing my legs. The sheet was folded so I don’t think she could tell but one wrong fold of the sheet, just an inch too far and I think she would be able to see it. She would accidentally expose it herself. I was begging that she would make that mistake.

She would see the tip first and then she might slowly try to reveal more without me knowing so she could look at it while she was doing the massage: stare at it hungrily.

One accidental slip of the hand and she might touch it. She could even fold it too far over accidentally-on-purpose and then it could just sit there, out for all to see. All she would have to do is go from the upward strokes on my leg she was making right to my cock and that would be it. Nice and oily. I could moan to let her know it was ok and then who knows what would happen, maybe she would even want to sit on it.

All I wanted her to do was lift that sheet back a little bit and just take me. Or what if she pulled back the sheet like they do cadavers, with both hands ceremoniously, and then she could jerk me off with both hands, really working my tip with one hand and my shaft with the other like that lingam worship video I saw…

I willed it and willed it but it just wouldn’t happen. I thought the massage was about to end and I was ready to be disappointed again, but instead she started patting my shins like she was gonna start all over. Then she patted up to my knees and thighs, patting, then when she got to my hips she placed both hands on either side of my groin and started massaging in small circles what felt like pressure points with her fingertips.

Her hands were almost right around my cock, they were right next to it. I didn’t know what the heck she was doing. I was almost in shock. What was I supposed to do? Should I move my hips, should I pull the sheet back? Should I tell her to keep going? I was pretty hard so my cock would look good.

Instead I just waited to see what would happen, feeling the anticipation flush in my cheeks and shoulders like anxiety. I was staring up at the ceiling afraid to move in case something should happen that wasn’t supposed to, or she would stop. All I would have to do is thrust my hips up into the air.

But I just lay there, time was warping and moving slower and I thought her hands would be on me forever, just like this, and that would be okay. But finally she stopped, patted her way back down to my shins and I kept wondering what would happen but that was it, it was over.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. Was this part of a normal massage? This had never happened to me before.

I went home and googled Chinese pressure points but I didn’t look too hard. Instead I just imagined the scene over and over and wondered what it was. I fantasized about it over and over, watched every massage video there was from parlors to massage rooms. I like the ones where you can imagine you don’t really know what’s going to happen and you think you can feel all this sexual tension like the lady is trying desperately not to reach under the sheet and grab the guy by the cock.

But that’s not what’s going on, is it? Nobody’s trying desperately to fuck or not to fuck so they can feel better about themselves. Nobody fucks their realtor or the pizza delivery chick. That kind of stuff only happens in pornos…but still that stuff is based on reality right? They wouldn’t be able to make videos about it if that didn’t happen sometimes…it could happen. And what if it did and I wasn’t single?

That kind of connection exists, really, where you feel so open and comfortable with the other person that you just have to fuck right then – you just have to give in to the craving each of you feels for the other. That kind of thing happens I’m sure of it. It was happening to me right now.

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