A Dream Come True Ch. 02

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My wife Ester is a very determined lady, our daughter is a little over a year old now and Ester wants her to have a baby brother soon, a little sooner than I am ready for. I have been trying to get her to wait another year but I think she is trying to get pregnant as soon as possible. Ester has very regular cycles and knows her body very well. After the birth of our daughter we used condoms all the time until her cycle became regular and then we would go bareback during her safe time and condoms on her fertile days. The system has worked so far without her getting pregnant.

I have noticed the last two months she has been a little risky during her fertile days, the first time it happened we had not had sex in four or five days and we were three days into the “Lucky time” as she likes to call it and she decided that she wanted to tie me up and have her way with me. She has never done this before and it sounded very exciting so I agreed. After some kissing and touching she gets out some silk ties and carefully ties each of my feet to the bed posts and as she slides her silky smooth hot body up towards my head to tie my hands I can smell how excited she is getting. I quickly grab her hair and kiss her passionately. When I stop kissing her she moans and gently takes my right hand tying it to the bed, before she ties my left hand I reach up and roll her nipple between my fingers to get them nice and hard because I love the way they look when they stand up for me.

Now that she has me at her mercy she sits up straddling me and giving me a beautiful view of her perky little titties and rock hard nipples just waiting to be licked and sucked while giving me a wicked little smile that lets me know she is in control. She slowly leans forward sliding up my body stopping to lick and nibble my nipples on her way to lower her soft moist lips to mine and kiss me with amazing passion and desire. I am getting harder and more excited by the second as she keeps switching between feeding me her sensitive nipples to suck and then kissing me and then sucking my nipples, around and around she goes and then she slides up my body until her sweet smooth shaved pussy is just inches from my face, so close I can smell her passion , I can see her clit swollen and excited, I want to taste her so bad but I can’t move, she did a really good job tying me up, too good.

She smiles down at me with her sexy little smile and moves forward just enough so I can smell, taste and lick her beautiful flower, the second my tongue touched her clit I felt my cock throb and felt a huge drop of precum emerge from the tip, a brief moment later she pulls her tasty sweet pussy away from my mouth and starts her decent, stopping along the way to taste her excitement on my lips and let me suck her hard nipples and licking and biting my nipples to keep my at my peak of arousal on her way to my very hard baby batter installation tool. I have never had her tease me to this level of excitement before and I am starting to worry about holding back my load long enough to get a condom on and have her ride me until she gets off before I lose control, I have five days of baby batter stored up and I am really excited.

As she slides down my body I feel her back into my very erect cock stopping her canlı bahis progress, she presses back harder and lifts slowly, my over excited cock is so sensitive that I can feel first the smoothness of the valley between her ass cheeks followed by the slight ridges surrounding her fine little brown eye and then as she tilted forward enough to get over the top of my very erect cock I could feel her hot slippery lips surround my shaft as they part and kiss the precum juicy head of my cock before sliding past to settle on the base of my shaft forcing another big glob of precum to ooze from the tip.

I am so excited now I can hardly stand the pressure from being on edge for this long and not being able to bust a nut, I plead with her, “babe will you please put a condom on and ride me, I can’t take it any more I need to cum so bad,” then she says.

“We can skip the condom Michael, I think we might be safe tonight and it would feel so good to feel you cum deep inside my tight little baby box.”

I was so horny and busting a nut deep inside my beautiful sexy wife was starting to sound like the right thing to do, but I held my ground the best I could in my very excited and vulnerable position. She came up with a slight compromise, a challenge between my control and her stamina, before she even told me the rules of the challenge she leans forward kisses me hard and whispers into my ear.

“Good luck Babe.”

The next thing I know she rises up into a squatting position, grabs my cock from the base gives it three long firm strokes bringing three very large drops of juice the first two being clear and the third being thick and white and then holding my cock she gently lowers her tight little sperm catcher until the thick precum covered head of my ready to burst cock is just barley between her sweet pink lips. Now she gives me the rules, she says.

“I am going to squat right here with the head of your dick between my pussy lips, if you can control yourself and not cum in my pussy until my legs get tired and I have to sit down on your cock you win and I will grant you one of your favorite fantasies, I know you have always wanted me to ride your cock until you are ready shoot your big gooey load and then watch while I suck my juices off your cock as you shoot your load all over my tongue and I swallow it all down.”

Then I ask her what she gets if I can’t control myself longer than she can hold out, she says.

“I know you are very excited Michael, you have a huge five day load just waiting for me, your cock is hard throbbing and oozing gobs of precum and the last drop I squeezed out was thick and white and probably full of sperm and it feels so slippery and hot between my pussy lips I am getting all creamy just thinking about taking the rest of your hot potent load deep inside my soon to be fertile pussy, I know when you are this excited that you always shoot eight or nine thick blasts of cum and when I feel you start to cum I will slide all the way down and before the fourth blast I will have your cock head firmly lodged in my cervix so the next five potent squirts will go straight into my womb where they belong.”

Then she flashes me her sexiest smile and gives me a little kiss. Wow this is risky, I am not ready for bahis siteleri another kid yet, I tell myself, I have to control myself, time to do the math, the odds are still in my favor, yeah the tip of my cock is covered in precum and sperm, but it’s only just touching her lips, I’m sure not much is IN her yet so chances are still good were safe, as I’m thinking this I feel her leg tremble and I think yes I can do this, she’s starting to weaken as my gaze lowers from her smiling face and determined eyes, past her beautiful breasts and hard little pencil erasure nipples, down her flat tummy, past her swollen clit to where the tip of my painfully hard cock meets her pink inner lips I could see the combined juices between us.

The precum and sperm covering the tip of my cock and her juices combined to form a slippery seal between the oozing hole at the end of my shaft and her inner lips just before the entrance to her pink inner paradise. I could hear her softly moan as I felt her inner lips quiver around the head of my dick and her legs tremble as she dipped just a little and the combination made my cock jerk hard and spew a little. I saw a small trickle of juice start to drip down past the head and onto the shaft. I quickly regained control and held back my load for the moment.

Ester felt it too and looked where we were joined together seeing the white fluid dripping past the ridge of my cock and starting to run down the side of my shaft. Ester moans and slides down catching the slippery head and lodging it so the ridge barely caught just inside her fluttering walls, then she looks up at me and says.

“Oops babe I think we both slipped a little.”

I can hear her breathing harder. She’s getting tired and I think if I can just hold out a little longer the odds are still in my favor. Yes my cock head is covered in sperm and I did squirt just a little, but it was just touching her lips and it did drip down my shaft so not much is inside her, the odds are still good. But then she did drop down an inch and none of the juice from the head of my dick dripped down, meaning it must be inside her, but it’s only an inch inside and not deep, gravity is on my side so the odds are still good. yeah.

I feel both her legs shake now and she is trying so hard to stay still that she is working her leg muscles and the muscles inside her pussy keep fluttering and squeezing the tip of my slippery cock massaging me, making it very hard to keep from blowing my load and possibly impregnating my sexy little wife. We both look up at the same time and looking into each other’s eyes she says.

“I love you babe”

At the same time she starts to slip and tenses her muscles hard, squeezing the ridge of my cock head and causing my shaft to jerk really hard twice before I could regain control. Ester felt it again and she tried not to smile. We both looked down quickly to where the head was lodged just beyond her pink wet lips and nothing leaked down the shaft, oh shit, that was more than a little squirt and it all stayed inside her, then she looks into my eyes and gives me that sly little sexy smile and says.


Ester slides my cock head two inches deeper and it feels so good I hear myself moan as I feel her squeeze my shaft with bahis şirketleri her inner muscles now that she has my cock deep enough that she can’t squeeze it out and lose the first part of my load that is already swimming inside her. I can hear her breathing harder now and not just from trying to hold herself up. It feels like she’s getting ready to orgasm. I’ve seen it many times. I know the signs and I can feel her getting wetter hotter and pulsing around the head of my very sensitive cock that’s covered in precum and buried three inches dangerously deep in my determined little wife, then she says.

“Babe my legs are getting tired and I can feel your shaft getting harder and thicker, you are really close. Would you like to me to get off your cock before you nut inside me and do some real damage, we can call it a draw?” I said “if you want to give up all you have to do is tap out and pay up on your little bet.”

I was pretty sure I could hold out just long enough to win, and then she says.

“Ok babe you win”

She relaxes all her muscles and sits all the way down burying my cum covered cock balls deep inside her. I am hoping I didn’t get much sperm inside her and at least I didn’t fully unleash a full hot load deep inside her. The odds are still good, then she leans forward to kiss me and I lift my head and suck her nipple into my mouth hard and bite down gently sending her into the orgasm she was right on the edge of, all it took was that little extra stimulation to send her over the edge.

It surprised her and she sat up quickly driving the head of my slippery hard cock straight into the opening of her cervix, it was the perfect storm, Ester in the middle of an intense orgasm, her pussy walls start pulsing and squeezing my already over excited cock and then she gets my dick head so far inside her cervix that I could feel the round muscle when it slid past and grabbed just behind the flared head, it was like a three part orgasm, first I bit her nipple starting her orgasm and then it kicked up a notch when she buried the head of my dick in her womb sending me over the edge and then she really went crazy when she felt my cock expand and start blasting shot after shot of thick potent sperm straight into her baby maker. When she felt the first blast she started counting.

Oh Michael you really are Cumming in me. Oh shit “1, 2, 3, 4, oh, ah, mumble, mumble,,,,,9” and then said, “Come on babe one more for good luck”

As she reached back and gently squeezing my balls making my cock lurch deep inside her and squirt one more time. As we were both coming down from probably the most intense orgasms we have ever had she laid her head down on my chest and fell asleep, I must have dozed off soon after, when I awoke a couple hours later my cock was soft but her cervix was so tight that my dick head was still lodged in her womb.

I started doing the Kegel thing and pretty soon my dick started coming back to life, when it was about half hard I noticed after I would squeeze she would squeeze back and we kept it up until I was rock hard and she was moaning and getting wet around the base of my very hard shaft. Just from our back and forth squeeze we both quickly reached orgasm, mine coming first and triggering Ester’s soon after she felt me jerking and spewing another load straight into her sperm soaked womb. She finally untied me and we slept like babies. I was a little worried for the next two and a half weeks but her period showed up on time.

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