A Different Relationship Ch. 01

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Thanks to Colleenlouw for editing.

Description: A young couple get back together after a few months apart. The relationship changes and Linda takes control over Paul. His deepest desires get fulfilled.


Chapter 1: Reunion

I am going to begin by telling you a little bit about myself and my previous relationship. My name is Paul, I am twenty-six years old and have a decent paying job. I live by myself now in a small, but pleasant flat in the city’s center. I was in a long-term relationship that lasted for about five years before we mutually decided to end it.

To be honest we both decided that there was no spark left between us. We rarely had sex and were comfortable with each other but not interested in each other anymore. I don’t know how it happened though because up to some point, we had a pretty good relationship. The beginning of the end came when we played out one of my fantasies. I wanted her to be in charge of my orgasms. That meant that I did not jerk off without her permission and even in bed I was to do what she wanted. It was working out pretty well until I got weak and had to cum so I masturbated and told her about it later. She lost interest in the fantasy right afterwards and things went south from there.

After the breakup I was relieved. There were a few interesting women at work and within a few days I managed to get the first one into bed. She had a very hot body, fit and perfectly shaped but sex with her was not that interesting for me.

A few months passed and I met Linda just outside my flat next to a coffee shop by chance. We both stopped and said hello and I asked her in for a coffee. She agreed and we went into the shop. After making small talk and catching up with each other I asked her if she wanted to go to a movie with me just as friends but she declined because she needed to work. We did however set up another coffee-date for the next week since we hadn’t had the chance to finish talking that day and we were both interested in what the other was up to these days.

After she left I got horny pretty quickly. I remembered all the good times we had in bed and all kinds of stuff we both enjoyed. I masturbated three times that day before going to bed satisfied. The next week came pretty quickly and she did in fact show up at my doorstep again. We continued our conversation were we had left it and had a great time. The conversation turned to the topic of relationships and I told her that I had a short fling but that I didn’t enjoy it very much. She told me free spin that she was going out a lot nowadays just enjoying her life but that she hadn’t had anything serious either. I asked her if she wanted to stay and watch a movie with me. She agreed, which surprised me a bit but we both sat down on the couch.

I looked at her and I couldn’t help myself, I leaned in and started to kiss her. She kissed me back eagerly and I could tell that she was aroused. I removed her top and unclasped her bra. I looked at her gorgeous breasts. They weren’t too big, around 80C from what I could remember. I started to suck on her left nipple and she started moaning as a result of my efforts. She always was a woman who became excited quickly. I was already rock-hard and wanted nothing more but to fuck her relentlessly but I didn’t want to mess it up either. I undid her button and she stood up to remove her jeans and I grabbed her g-string and pulled it down.

Either she anticipated what was going to happen it was just a coincidence but she was shaved clean. She always enjoyed it when I gave her oral but before I could start she asked me to get the vibrator that she always enjoyed as well as the buttplug. That surprised me because she never liked the plug. I thought to myself that perhaps she wanted to feel as much as possible. I went and got everything as well as some lube and removed all my clothing as well. She quickly grabbed the plug and skillfully lubed it up but instead of putting it in herself, she told me to turn around.

Damn, she was about to put it inside me not her. My dick started twitching that’s how excited that thought made me. I always enjoyed a little ass play and didn’t mind at all. She put it next to my entrance and I relaxed, I felt the metal princess plug pop inside of me stretching me out. I turned around, kissed her again and grabbed the vibrator.

I was hell-bent on giving her the most earthshattering orgasm that she had ever had. First I started to kiss her on her inner thighs and as her moans grew louder I plunged in and started to nibble on her clit. I turned on the vibrator and put it into her gaping pussy, which was wetter than I had ever seen before. I wanted to start slow but she held my hand and just slipped forward impaling herself with the vibrator till there was only an inch of it left sticking out of her. I began to flick my tongue over her clit as I drove the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She always orgasmed pretty quickly and after a few minutes she started to scream bonus veren siteler as she came for the first time. I took out the vibrator and positioned my dick, which was already leaking like hell in front of her now very puffy and red pussy.

She looked at me and said “I don’t want that now. Keep fucking me with the vibrator and your tongue.”

To be honest, I didn’t care much how I fucked her. Her commanding tone as well as her hot body lying in front of me was all I needed at the moment. In time I gave her a second and third orgasm and by her command a fourth one only with my tongue. Her pussy tasted delicious and I licked up as much of her juice as I could. By now my dick was throbbing. I couldn’t remember ever being this hard.

“Now fuck me!” Was all she said. I positioned myself and pushed my dick all the way inside of her. There was hardly any resistance due to her wetness and I almost came after the first push. Suddenly she gripped my ass with her legs and pulled me even closer towards her. She clenched her pussy muscles and I couldn’t help myself, I came right then and there. The orgasm was incredible and I felt as if I had pumped a gallon of cum inside her.

“I knew you wouldn’t last long. Don’t let anything spill out. I want you to give me another orgasm.” She said and smiled. I reached over for the vibrator, planning on putting it inside of her while slowly slipping out trying not to spill any cum.

“No with your tongue! And don’t spill anything!” Her tone was commanding again and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She wanted me to lick her to another orgasm and to simultaneously eat my own cum from her pussy. I thought about it for a moment but decided that I did not want to upset her again and because I enjoyed the last hour immensely I slowly started to raise her bottom without slipping out of her pussy. Now that her pussy was pointing to the ceiling I used two fingers to hold on to the shaft of my penis and started to slip out of her. By doing so I managed to keep all the cum inside of her and the little bit that would have stuck to my dick was caught on her pussy by my fingers.

Once I was out I quickly put my mouth onto her pussy and first started to swallow the first gulp of cum. It didn’t taste bad, probably because it was mixed with her juices. After swallowing about three times there wasn’t much left of my cum and I started licking her again. Five minutes later she exploded again and I could feel the rest of my sperm as well as her juices in my mouth deneme bonusu veren siteler as I eagerly licked them up.

“Thank you.” She moaned. “Do you want to fuck me again in future?”

I told her that I would do anything to be allowed to please her again.

“Then stay here, close your eyes and don’t move.” She stood up and got something out of her purse. She put a blindfold on me and fastened my hands above my head with a pair of handcuffs that she attached to the radiator. Then I felt her hands fumbling with my cock and putting something behind my balls. I felt a piece of metal on my penis and a few seconds later I heard a distinctive ‘click’ sound.

She removed my blindfold and started to talk as I looked down to my crotch and saw that my dick was in a chastity device. I always wanted to try that but she never agreed before so I never got around buying one myself. She must have planned this entire evening. “If you want me back in your life then there will be a few rules. The first, is that I am in charge of your orgasms again. To avoid what happened last time I thought that I would give in and give this chastity thing that you wanted a try. Now that I see how it looks on you I think I like it.

Now for the good news and the bad news. The good news is that you are a grower not a shower. I was afraid this XS – Model would be too small but apparently it fits perfectly. The bad news is that you only have about two to three inches room in this thing and because you’re a grower it might hurt if your dick gets hard, at least that’s what the internet says. After letting you cum inside me I finally decided what I knew all along and that is that I don’t want you fucking me anymore. At least not for a while. I was able to explore my sexuality a bit and although I haven’t had any serious relationships I had quite a few one-night stands in the last months and realized that you are not enough in the size department.

Face it, you’re about six inches long, the vibrator is about eight inches long. I’d rather fuck that than you. I don’t want to stop going out. I enjoy myself when I go out dancing and I enjoy the looks I get. I want to keep dating other people as well. You won’t. I won’t allow you to remove the chastity device and you won’t get the keys unless I say so. If you go and cut the lock, it’s over between us. If you don’t agree, it’s over between us. I will go out tomorrow night and come back to your place afterwards to sleep, if you don’t like that, it’s over between us. I decide who sleeps with who in what way and how often. If you don’t agree with that it’s over between us. Do you agree to these terms?”

I was becoming afraid, however, far more important was that I was getting horny. As I felt the bars of the device starting to restrain my dick from swelling I answered. “Yes.”

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