A Deeper Massage than Most

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Note: All characters in this story are above the age of 18.


I put my car in park and turned off the ignition as I rechecked the address listed on my phone. Before me was a middle-class, average looking home to which I was directed to by my trusted friend who swears by the owner’s skill. Supposedly he was a really good massage therapist and I desperately needed one. With all that was going on at work my back had been killing me and after complaining enough my friend graciously recommended a great massage therapist that wasn’t too much on the pricey side of things. At my age of 20 I wasn’t making very much yet and needed to save where I could, but this massage was a must.

I stepped outside of my car and walked to the door, pulling my jacket tight around my torso as the wind outside chilled me to the bone. I knocked on the door and looked around at the surrounding houses while I heard footsteps approach the door.

The door groaned open and a man’s face appeared. “You must be Lily, 5 o’clock appointment?” He said as he opened the door further to let me inside.

“Yes, that’s me. You’re Darren Wesley?” I asked as I stepped inside to be greeted with warmth and shelter from the wind that was picking up. I looked around while waiting for instruction from him as I had never done anything like this before.

“That would be me, your source of relaxation and comfort for the next little while. If you could put your belongings and shoes right over here I can take you to the room where we’ll be having our session.” His voice drifted as he turned his head and walked over to a cubby in the hallway. I did as he asked and followed him to the next room over where a curtain covered the entrance to a room with a cushioned table in the center.

I noticed several shelves with various items related to massage therapy such as oils and wax, rocks and little cups lay out in the open. I saw books lining the bottom of shelves, all relating to human anatomy in different sections. It was well furnished and kept warm enough that I was uncomfortably warm in my jacket.

“Miss Lily, I have a chair over here where you can place your clothing. Please undress fully and lay on your belly on the table there. I’ll be back in a moment.” Darren said as he gestured to a chair off to the side and nodded before leaving the room.

I glanced around one more time before walking over to the chair and pulling off my clothing, glad to be rid of them and embrace the comfortable warmth of the room. I pulled down my panties last and set them atop my other clothes and walked over to the table. It was slightly cold to the touch at first, as it was a sort of leathery material. I had just gotten settled face-down when the masseur came back in through the curtained doorway.

“Are you ready Miss Lily? I have everything prepped and ready for you. You said you wanted a full body massage, correct?” He asked me while shifting some things on a side table next to where I was laying.

“Yes, I’m ready and a full body massage would be great.” I replied with a bit of emphasis on ‘great’ as it was really an understatement. It would be heaven to finally not be in so much pain all the time.

“Alright, just let me know if anything makes you uncomfortable or is not to your liking.” He said, leaning over to where my head was facing him to make sure I understood him. I nodded in agreement and closed my eyes to enjoy my massage.

The oil he used made it easy for his hands to glide over my skin seamlessly. He dug into the muscles on my back, though not so much to be overwhelmingly painful. I could feel the tension izmit escort bayan lifting off of my shoulders and lower back, my muscles adjusting back to their normal and untwisted positions. An occasional moan or sigh would escape my lips at an especially sensitive spot. It was a new experience for me and I was realizing new things about my body.

Firstly, I was coming to realize that I had missed the touch of someone else. Not just a hug from a friend or a shy kiss on a date. No, I missed the deeply intimate touch of someone who knew what they were doing. And this man was able to hit all the good spots. I was surprised when he was massaging my back that as he went lower he didn’t stop at my butt. He kept going and continued rubbing circles into the firm flesh there. I had no idea that it could feel so good to be firmly grasped and rubbed there.

What I noticed next was that he had full visual of my most intimate parts. He could see where my bottom separated and thighs came together, and especially the sweet area between where my lips were open to the warm air. As he massaged my upper thighs the skin would be pulled and pushed in each direction, giving him an easier view of the flesh there.

I could tell he wasn’t shy about this, as he had no hesitation in rolling my flesh and muscles around under my skin. His fingers would slide against my outer lips or brush my clit, eliciting a shy moan from me. I could feel myself getting wetter the longer he stayed in that area, and it seemed like only a few moments by the time he shifted down my thigh.

As he went down my left leg and back up my right I was anticipating his reach getting higher and could feel my clit pulsing as it filled with blood. I ached to be touched there again, to feel his finger slide between my lips, down to my clit and drag back up again. It seemed to take forever for him to finally reach the upper part of my right thigh even though the actual massage felt incredible.

When he first accidentally slipped through the folds of my pussy I gasped and jumped a little at how good it felt. His finger had just barely pressed inside me before continuing down my slit to my clit, and returning back to my thigh again.

“Is everything alright Lily? Have I hurt you?” He asked with genuine concern in his voice. His hands lingered where they were at that moment, in particular, his finger rested against my swollen clit.

I cleared my throat before saying “No you didn’t hurt me, not at all. Quite the opposite, this feels amazing and you just surprised me by hitting a really good spot for me.” I tried to say with as much professionalism as I could without lying to his face and saying he didn’t just make me feel pleasure.

“Just making sure you’re alright. Would you like me to continue to work this area? It seems to be in need of some extra attention.” He asked me, while slowly circling his finger around my clit ever so lightly as he said ‘area’. I moaned softly at the motion.

“Yes, please. I do feel like that area needs a bit more attention.” I said with a blush coming to my cheeks. I couldn’t believe I’d just asked him to rub my clit essentially. But I was wet and feeling more aroused than I had in months.

“Whatever you need, like I said, my hands are here for your comfort and relaxation.” He replied as he removed his hand for a moment before returning back to my lips and sliding easily between them with more oil and the addition of my juices. His fingers slid over and around my clit, moving back up towards my entrance and back down, over and over again. I was moaning softly every few seconds izmit eve gelen escort now, thoroughly enjoying the experience. My hips lightly rocking on the table in rhythm with his fingers.

Occasionally as he slid upwards he would press into my aching entrance for a moment before drawing back out. After the first few times I started pressing back against him to urge him inside me. It seemed he got the message when he finally twisted his palm to face downward and pressed his middle and ring finger inside me. I clenched my walls around them and moaned louder, my hips rocking back onto them. It felt so good to have something inside me after his teasing.

He pushed his fingers in to the knuckle and curled them toward my belly button, rubbing against my g-spot as he gently thrust his fingers back and forth over the area. I could feel my legs shake at the pleasure and my walls quiver around his fingers.

“You do seem to be a bit tense here, relax and let me take care of you. I know how to alleviate your problem Lily.” He said in a relaxed and calm tone. I melted on the table as his fingers worked inside me, building a sensation over my abdomen and inside my pussy. I could hear my juices and the oil make slippery noises as he fingered me. His thumb reached down and rubbed against my clit, making me whimper in so much pleasure. I could barely stand what he was doing to me, and couldn’t imagine being wetter.

I felt my orgasm building more and his speed increase on my clit and g-spot. My moans growing louder and more frequent, and higher in pitch.

“Cum for me Lily, let go and release your tension. Cum on my fingers. That’s it, let it peak and fall over you. You’ll feel so much better after.” He said, bringing me to my orgasm and pushing me over the edge. I could feel my body tensing and pulsing, before finally relaxing on the table and easing back.

“Good, good. Relax now.” He said softly as he withdrew his fingers from my used pussy. He rubbed his entire hand only the soft folds and let me lie there quivering for a few moments.

“Thank you Darren. I hadn’t realized how badly I needed that.” My voice barely audible as I drifted into a deeply relaxed state.

“It’s what I’m here for. Feel how relaxed you are, how the tension has left your body and it feels like you’re floating on a cloud. Just relax while I finish taking care of the rest of your body.” His voice a nice reminder to sink back into the table and feel weightless. He wiped his hand off on a towel and got it slick with more oil before continuing to massage the rest of the back side of my body.

“It’s time to flip over and massage your front.” He said gently. I reluctantly turned over on my side towards him to lie on my back. Though I noticed as I did that he was clearly aroused as well. His hard member poking out through his white scrub-like pants.

“It doesn’t seem fair that your clients get to feel this but you remain tense and pent up. Don’t you ever get to feel release Darren?” I asked, trying not to be too blunt but wanting to know how he deals with it.

He replied while he lubed his hands in more oil and started rubbing into my shoulders. “I do get my release sometimes, if a client is feeling particularly…welcoming.” His reply was hinting at more than just welcoming I would say.

“And what do you do if your client is welcoming towards you? How do you find release?” I asked, looking into his eyes now as I faced directly towards him. He looked at me as he moved his hands lower.

“In different ways, it all depends on what they want or are izmit otele gelen escort willing to do. Sometimes they let me find release…” he trailed off with his voice as he dragged his hands down over my breasts and back up to cup them, “…here”

“Or other times they use their mouth to pleasure me.” He said, trailing one hand up to my throat before continuing, “and take my cock down their throat.”

“And sometimes, they let me have my way with their pussy I just made quiver around my fingers.” He finished, taking his other hand and forcefully cupping it around my sex and driving two fingers inside me roughly. I moaned unexpectedly as I looked into his eyes, pleading to let him have his way with me.

“Darren… I want you to cum inside my wet pussy… please?” I said urgently, my need to be filled suddenly driving me to beg him for his cock. He removed his hands from me swiftly and wrapped his thumbs under his waistband and yanked his pants down in one motion. His cock was hard and pointing upward, leaking a small drop of pre-cum. I yearned to taste it on my tongue.

“Hands and knees Lily. You’ll get what you want.” He said, climbing on the table with me. I flipped myself over and leaned on my hands as I stuck my butt up in the air for him as he asked. My need to do as he asked getting stronger as I felt the desire to be filled worsen every second my pussy was empty.

In one moment I was there on my hands and knees, waiting, and the next his hand was on my hip and the other feeling my pussy and guiding his cock over my slit. I whimpered with need, not wanting to be teased.

“Beg me for it. Beg to be filled with my cock Lily.” He commanded me. My knees growing weak from need, my inner walls quivering with desire.

“Please fill me Darren, I need your cock inside me now. I need to feel your hardness press against me and fuck my wet pussy. Please!” I begged him. I needed his cock more than I had ever needed it before.

In one swift motion he pressed his full length into me, sliding inside easily with how wet I was for him. He groaned in pleasure as I moaned his name. I could feel my walls clench around him, fully accepting him inside me. He drew back and plunged inside me again, pushing my body forward. He stroked his cock inside me over and over again, thrusting in and out of my wet hole, propelling his cock deeper inside me. My moans couldn’t be contained as I felt another orgasm building. He felt so thick and hot pushing against my cervix when he was fully inside me. My orgasm built and built higher towards my peak until it finally crashed and I felt waves rush over my body as he gripped my breasts with such ferocious intensity to push deeper inside. I knew I would see bruises on them later but right now I didn’t care as I moaned and writhed on the massage table.

My breasts ached and my walls twitched around him. I could feel him pumping cum into me and it was a good thing I was on the pill because he definitely would have impregnated me otherwise with how close his sperm already was to my cervix. I heaved as I came down from my high and came back to where I was. I could feel sweat gathering on my skin and my legs quivering, ready to collapse beneath me.

He withdrew himself from my aching core and stepped off the table causing my body to rest face down against the table. I turned to him. “You don’t have to pay me,” he said as he smiled down at me, “that was payment enough. Thank you,” leaning down to my ear he finished “for being such a needy little slut.”

My cheeks burned and the heat inside me flared again. I felt humiliated at being called needy and a slut but at the same time, it made me want to feel him inside me while he said those words.

I got dressed after he left to go clean off and gathered my things. As I stepped in my car I thought about my friend who swore by him and smiled. She knew exactly what I needed.

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