A Day Out At The Hairdressers

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Waking up that morning Fiona had reached over to feel for her lover but he wasn’t there. Then, it all came back to her…the phone call during the night. Her lover had been called out on an emergency. Fiona then snuggled back under the warm duvet and drifted off back into a light slumber.

The dawning of another day gently woke her and as she came too, her fingers traced the outline of her left nipple. Very gradually the nipple responded to her touch. She was unable to stop herself doing it, not that she wanted to. She carried on doing it until the nipple felt like it was about to explode. Not to outdo the right one, her hand eased its way across her chest and made light feather strokes around it. That too became engorged very quickly and on looking down they were both truly erect and as hard as nails. Uncurling herself she lay on her back and lifted her knees up so that one hand could carry on downwards.

By now her hand had made contact with her outer lips and began ever so gently to administer feather strokes. Her mind was being ruled by the increasing wetness she sensed between her lips. Her fingers just lightly probed to confirm what she knew. She was already soaking and needed to feel the release of an intense orgasm. Gradually her fingers became bolder as they searched between the lips to feel the juices flowing freely. Her other hand did not remain idle, instead focusing back on her nipples, tweaking them in turn. This only increased her already aroused state down below. The feeling was just so pleasurable and the intensity began to heighten all the more as she probed deeper. First it was one finger, then two followed by her thumb encircling her button felt soooo good. Fiona had so wanted to play Tonys favourite game by sitting on his chest, close to his chin with her legs pinning his arms down. Here she would play with herself right in front of him until she was ready to get her favourite toy out of the bedside drawer and bring herself to monumental climax. She knew Tony loved to watch her doing this, she would always end by sitting right on his mouth so he could lap up every last drop of her juices. Sadly Tony had already gone so she would take the next best option.

Her mind began to wander back to the dinner that she and her old friend, Katie had had a few days earlier. As they were saying their goodbyes Katie leaned forward for what Fiona thought was a good night kiss when she felt Katie pull her closer to plant a firm kiss on her lips. That was not just a good night kiss. It had certainly caused more than a few tingles in Fiona as she was caught unawares.

They had had a rather intimate dinner where plenty of girl talk had gone on with many secrets being released. Fiona soon realised during dinner that Katie was definitely into girls and hadn’t held back from talking about some of her girlfriends and her experiences with them. Fiona had suspected she was bi and was somewhat relieved that her dear friend could possibly one day be more than a good friend but also her teacher. The kiss that had taken her by surprise had certainly prompted feelings that Fiona knew were there but had never been stirred. She had never met anyone that she could trust to take her into that world apart from Katie.

Katie’s lips had parted from Fiona’s and with that Katie said, ‘I just had to kiss you, you looked so fucking sexy during dinner that it was all I could do not to reach across the table and kiss you in front of everyone; you don’t realise how much you have been turning me on all evening.’ Fiona had sensed Katie’s eyes gazing at her for longer than normal during the meal.

‘I hope you don’t mind but I want to kiss you again, now.’

‘No I don’t mind,’ replied Fiona and almost before the sentence had finished she felt Katie’s soft lips firmly planted on hers. Her lips were so soft and without any invitation Katie’s tongue forced it’s way into Fiona’s mouth. Fiona could feel the effect of the kiss mixing with the wine and a lovely warm feeling started appear between her legs. Katie pulled Fiona closer as the kiss became deeper and harder. Their tongues had met but Katie, being the expert was chasing Fiona’s tongue around the inside of her mouth. Searching and digging deeper, Katie’s tongue was setting Fiona on fire.

Back in her bed, Fiona’s fingers were all the time teasing herself to new heights with the prospect of Katie becoming Fiona’s new part time lover. She was about to reach over for her high powered little friend in the bedside cabinet when she heard her mother’s voice calling up the stairs. Damn it, she thought, what’s up now.

Her fingers of her right hand had been running back and forth between her velvet lips while those of her left hand had been teasing her nipples, first one way then the other. In this highly aroused state, she knew that with her favourite vibrator a shattering climax was but a few seconds away.

She pulled the duvet back as she got out of bed to answer her mother. Her fingers were all moist as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she went to open her bedroom door and almost slipped on the door handle. She heard her mother call up, ‘Katie’s on the phone for you.’

She called back to her mother, ‘Tell her that I’ll call her back in half an hour.’

With that she shut the door and wished she had the time to climb back into bed and finish herself off, but time was against her as she should get ready to go and head off to the hairdressers.

She knew why Katie was on the phone. It was she who had told Fiona about this new hairdressers in Guildford. ‘Give them a call, they really do pamper you, you’ll love it there and if you don’t come away satisfied, I’ll buy you dinner. In fact I’ll take you to dinner anyway and that way you can tell me all about it.’

Fiona smiled at the thought of dinner with her as she remembered vividly the dinner the previous week. It had been her first true kiss and the feelings associated with the pleasures one female can bestow upon another were so intense. For a moment, all thoughts went from her as thoughts rushed back to that first kiss with Katie. It was just a quick kiss or so she had thought until as she went to release herself; but Katie had pulled her back to re-engage her lips to Fiona’s.

Fiona had become increasingly frustrated with her local hairdressers and had never really found one that did as she had wanted. Today she would try the one recommended to her by Katie, this one was in Guildford town centre down a little alleyway. It was a thirty minute drive from home but she had to allow for the traffic and parking. Afterwards, there would be time to go shopping and have a bite to eat so she always like to dress up for her day out.

Wanting to look her best and feel great she pulled open the top drawer which was full of her favourite Wonderbras. She guessed she now had around 25 in all colours and all had either matching thongs or knickers. With so many to choose from it was often a difficult choice and depended on what she would wear on top. Her lingerie drawer was set out in perfect order with bras and thongs all beautifully arranged together. More colours than the rainbow, she smiled to herself.

One of her favourites was the tangerine coloured set with matching thong. She lifted the bra and thong out from the drawer and held it up and looked in the mirror. As she held them up she couldn’t help but notice how both nipples were still engorged and hard. She briefly touched them, wanting to go back to bed and carry on from where she had left off minutes earlier.

Her body was that of a girl half her age – not an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen – not bad for 43 years young. The gold chain round her slim waist was loose; the sign to herself that she was in good shape. Her B cup breasts still as pert and firm as they had been some twenty years earlier.

Katie had often remarked on how trim she looked and now she knew why Katie often used to run her fingers down her spine to her bottom especially when they had been to a party and had danced together for hours on end.

She knew all regular exercise and yoga would pay off one day and looking at herself in the mirror she knew she was absolutely right. She could not resist running her fingers across her breasts once again, her nipples once again sprang up like springs.

Enough of this she thought as she must get on with dressing and not arouse herself or she would never get out of the house. She couldn’t help but notice that she needed a trim down below as it was getting a bit bushy. That could wait until tonight and that way she would carry on where she had left off that morning. The thought excited her as her hand went down and brushed through the soft hairs. She could smell the result of playing with herself.

She threw the bra and thong back on the bed and went to shower and freshen up.

Now out of the shower and dried off, she was really looking forward to her day out. She slipped her bra on, reaching around her back to fasten the hook and eye. Adjusting her breasts until they were a snug fit inside the cups, turned to look at herself sideways in the mirror to make sure the straps were all straight. She admired her beautiful cleavage which was full but not overflowing.

She reached into her wardrobe and pulled out an almost sheer white blouse. Putting it on, the buttons appeared to be a little tight and but once done up it really accentuated her bust. Today she would wear white holdup stockings which would look perfect with her navy blue suit . She hated wearing tights, they felt so uncomfortable and loved the feel of the cool air that met the naked skin at the tops of her legs. Now on with the thong that looked so sexy, as she turned she eased it up the crack of her pert little bottom.

Over to the other wardrobe to take out her navy two piece suit. Slipping the skirt over her legs and pulling it up to fasten around her 25 güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri inch waist. Turning to look at herself in the mirror, she nodded to herself,’ Yes, I have got a damned good body and I’m going to keep it that way.’

Reaching over to the bedside table she picked up the phone and dialled Katie’s number. ‘Hello,’ the voice went on the end of the phone.

‘Hello Katie, it’s Fiona.’

‘Hi darling,’ she replied, ‘I was just calling to see if you had been to the hairdressers yet?’

‘I’m off there in a minute, I have an appointment at 11am,’ came your reply.

‘Did you get the appointment with Sue as I suggested’?

‘Yes, I did – she sounded very nice on the phone; I just hope she knows what she’s doing,’

‘Ooh, she knows what she’s doing and if you have enough time she does a superb massage as well,’

‘Doubt if I’ll have enough time for that as I must be back home by 3pm but it sounds like a good idea.’

‘I’ll call you when I get back and we can meet up for that dinner you talked about.’ With that she said ciao and put the phone down.

Back to finishing off getting ready and into the bathroom to add mascara and lipstick. A quick brush of her hair and on with the jacket followed by the beige high heeled shoes to give herself the million dollar look. Another quick reassuring glance in the mirror, Fiona noticed that with the jacket open the outline of the Wonderbra showed through the blouse. Very sexy she thought as she smiled to herself.

There was not enough time to change it for a more subdued colour – so what she thought I don’t care who sees my bra. Feeling rather flirtatious, it was time to get into her car and set off to Guildford. As she slid into the drivers seat of her new Mini, her skirt rose up to reveal the white stocking tops covering a superb pair of legs. She knew how lucky she was to have such a fine body and would often look at other women who had children running and whose bodies had gone to seed.

Only then did she realise just how lucky she was not having any extra baggage to take care of. The drive was uneventful and within 25 minutes she was parked up and heading out of the car park. With 15 minutes to spare before her appointment, she walked slowly looking in shop windows as she made her way towards the alleyway. She got to thinking how she was looking forward to her scalp massage which was part of the treatment she had booked. Before she knew it she was at the hairdressers and opened the door. Her stiletto landed on the wood block flooring with a clonk and with that a face appeared around from behind a curtain and said, ‘I’ll be with you in a moment if you would like to take a seat.’ Thanks, you replied and sat down.

Almost before you knew it, another girl came in and introduced herself as Laura. ‘You must be Fiona,’ she said and ‘you have the 10am appointment with Sue.’ ‘Yes,’ you replied.

‘Would you like a coffee?’ Laura enquired.

‘Yes please but with a small amount of milk and no sugar.’ Off Laura went to make the coffee. Laura looked smart in her white uniform as she went off. Long auburn hair shone as she disappeared through a door. She too was slim with a lovely pair of slender legs.

Sue appeared from behind the screen and came over and introduced herself. ‘Hi, I’m Katie, I’m so glad to meet a friend of Katie’s and I understand you want a wash and cut first and if there’s time after the cut, I can do a wonderful all over massage if you feel like it.’

Fiona replied that she didn’t realise that she did massage.

‘I only do it for special friends recommended to me, Sue said looking down at Fiona’s petit frame.

‘Well, eer, yes I’d love one if there’s time.’

‘Great,’ said Sue, ‘now let’s get on or we’ll run out time.’

As Sue turned to lead the way, Fiona noticed that she was a few years younger than Fiona and was in very good shape. She was a little heavier in the bosom, around a C cup she thought and was very neatly dressed in her white one piece dress with zipper up the front.

‘Come through into the cubicle and get comfortable, let me take your jacket and Laura can hang it up when she comes back,’ Sue said.

As Fiona eased the jacket over her shoulders she could feel Sue’s eyes watching her. She held out her hands to take her jacket and helped her on with the neck towel. Her hands reached for her shoulder and she swung her round to adjust the neck towel.

‘That’s just perfect,’ not too tight is it?’ Sue said, ‘You have lovely hair and I know I can give you a cut that’ll make you very glad you came here.’ ‘I’m so pleased you called me, Katie has told me so much about you and I was hoping you would call.’

Just what had Katie told her, Fiona wondered to herself.

Looking at Sue in the reflection of the mirror, you could not help but how attractive she looked.

‘How long have you known Katie’? you asked Sue.

‘Ooh, we’ve known each other for around güvenilir bahis şirketleri 5 years. We’re very good friends and often go out together in the evenings. Usually we get a bit drunk so we stay over at each others houses.

Her face was close enough for Fiona to smell her perfume. Her firm hands on Fiona’s shoulders swung her round again, then invited her to take a seat. There was only one wash basin in the cubicle. The walls were covered with full height mirrors, painted white and look very cosy in the subdued lighting.

As she sat into the chair and laid back, Sue’s hand touched her shoulder again, sending a warm rush of blood up to the back of her head.

‘Are you comfortable,’ she asked standing in front of her. Fiona felt slightly awkward about how her skirt had ridden up your legs to almost where the start of the hold ups began. Looking down she could see that the buttons on her blouse were almost pulling apart. She noticed Sue looking down, her hands instinctively reached down and tried to ease the skirt down but Sue said, ‘Ooh don’t worry, just be comfortable and if your skirt rides up then just leave it, you have such lovely legs and the stockings look fabulous.’

‘Thanks,’ Fiona said and just laid back against the basin with not a care in the world.

The feeling of the warm water over her head was just what the doctor ordered. Sue poured some shampoo onto her hands and immediately went to work on her hair. Scooping up the hair around her neck she began what was a near ecstatic scalp massage. Her fingers started to draw soft but firm circles around her scalp. The circles became larger as they encompassed the area just above her ears. This sent shivers down her spine and a million goosebumps rose up out of nowhere. Fiona was now in her masterful hands and let herself go completely, while these fingers sent wave after wave of pleasure down her back and on down to her upper legs.

There was something very erotic about Sue’s touch which sent wonderful messages down to her groin. She could sense she was really getting turned on and somehow she would have to adjust herself. Without trying to give Sue any clues as to how her fingers were making her very horny indeed, you tightened every muscle from your back down, gripped on the arms of the chair and gently eased to a new position.

She should have sensed that Sue would notice something going on.

‘Are you ok, Fiona’?

‘Yes, I’m fine I just have an itch probably from the skirt’s material’ I replied.

‘Well, stand up and put your self out of your discomfort if you wish.’ Sue must have known she didn’t have an itch and was certainly calling her bluff. But she had to go along with it and stand up she did. As Fiona got up, Sue’s hands reached around her waist to help her.

‘My,’ she said, ‘You’re so trim.’

‘I can tell you’re very fit, around 8 stone I’d say.’

‘Exactly right,’ I replied as I pretended to ease the itch.

‘That’s better as she eased herself back into the chair. As she sat down a few drops of water fell down onto the front of her blouse. Sue had seen them fall and reached for the towel. ‘Here, let me dry them off for you.’ Her hand reached forward and started to brush the material. It’ll dry in a minute but still continued to brush across her left breast. You felt more sensations as her hand brushed across your breast. Thinking that she would stop, she didn’t and just carried on.

‘May I,’ she said, as her left hand went down and unfastened two buttons of your blouse. Her hand slipped inside your blouse to ease the material forward to keep the material taught while she dried it with the towel. But the back of her left hand kept brushing against the bra and that in turn was starting to set off St. Elmo’s fire inside her.

‘What a fabulous colour bra you have on,’ Sue said in a soft voice. I hope you didn’t mind but I wanted to dry your blouse and couldn’t help but notice it.

‘I have a Wonderbra on as well but usually when I work I prefer not to wear one at all as it is a bit restricting when working with my hands.’

Sue’s hands put the towel down and she reached up to sit you back in the chair. Her hands carried on from where they had left off. Soon Fiona was back on cloud nine as her scalp was eased and teased by Sue’s firm hands.

‘I hear you had a nice dinner with Katie the other night,’ said Sue.

Needing a drink of coffee to moisten your throat, you croaked back ‘Yes, it was a lovely dinner, we had a real laugh and talked about so many things.’

‘Did you go back to Katie’s house,’ she asked.

‘No, we ran out of time and I had to get back home.’

Sue’s hands were once again working their magic touch and more stirrings were becoming apparent down below. You knew you couldn’t get up again until the wash was done.

Just what had Katie told Sue about the other night, she would have loved to know. Did she tell her everything?

The moisture was starting to flow more freely between your pussy lips as her hands swept back and forth through Fiona’s hair.

‘This is a wonderful massage, just what I needed,’ you uttered, wanting to egg her on if only wishing to let her know how horny she was making you. But she knew it all along and it was only going to get worse.

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