A Day Off Pt. 03

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Before you start…be advised, this is a work that has taken on a life of its own. There will be more to come in the near future.

Apparently there are some of you that “detest” the “stay tuned” aspect in writing, as I would imagine you do with any serialized work, sorry.

This is an advanced notice so that you don’t waste your time reading a story that does not end on these pages. If however, you have found pleasure in Michael, Rebecca and Renee’s adventure, please read on. I will try my best to excite you and give your sweet spot that wet slippery feeling you long for!


I pulled into the carport and shut off the car. The sudden quiet disturbed Becky and she awoke from her short nap. The final few miles, of cooler early evening breezes and engine drone had lulled Becky into a restful slumber, and I was grateful. Her small hand still wrapped my manhood, but her lack of attention had allowed me to relax and my cock had resumed its flaccid size.

Becky stretched with her left arm, up and behind my head, while squeezing my cock gently with her left hand. A warm smile spread across her lips and she reached up, kissing me on the cheek.

“It’s nice to be back. God, I feel good. Thanks for the day and for letting me help. Did you really mean it? I mean about you and me working together?” She cood.

“Sure Beck. You’re sexy, sensitive and talented…” I said, pausing, waiting to see if she would reply.

Becky only smiled wider, gave me a last squeeze and removed her hand.

“Alright then, guess we got some work to do.”

“Aw, Michael – do we really have to?” Becky sighed, as she slid across the car seat to exit.

“It’s part of the job Babe. Rob and Sue will want their pictures and we have a lot to look through.” I responded, smiling over Becky’s lack of enthusiasm and getting out myself.

“Shit! Was Becky’s, only, response, as she came around and helped remove equipment and props from the trunk. _____________________________________

Walking into the house we were greeted by the answering machine beeping away. Becky walked over to the phone and asked,

“Should I check the message?”

“Ya, go ahead – assistant.” I called back to her.

Becky smiled and placing her elbow on the counter, reached out and pressed the recall button, her head held in hand, as she listened.

“Hello? Guess you guys are still out. Anyway, this is for you Rebecca. Just want to thank you, even though you are a little shit and I know what you did and why! Manna is an absolute delight, he’s promised me a massage, so if you two are up to it – come over… anyway, thanks again and Michael I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Beeep…. End of messages.

Becky giggled and walked lightly over to me to help put things away.

“Damn, you and your mother sure have one hell of a special relationship, you know that?” I responded, after hearing the message.

“Ya, she’s one of a kind, no doubt about it. I’m sure glad she liked Manna, but then I figured she would.” Becky said, winking at me and bending to grab the few props left.

“I’m gonna start the review and you need to help, Sweety!” I called to Becky, as I rounded the office door and fired up the computer.

“Ya, ya – sure, sure. But first I’m taking a shower, OK?”

“She wants the fun but none of the work.” I thought to myself, as I settled in to start the slide show, hearing the shower start.

I sat reviewing the days collection, listening to Becky hum her way through the shower, occasionally singing a few words from the song she was thinking about. I felt good, perhaps too good, as my mind wandered away from my work and focused on Becky and her mother.

It was Becky’s wet arms and cool breasts that broke me from my thinking spell. Becky had snuck up behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck and put her breasts against my back, giving me a major hug, after getting out of the shower.

“God, that felt way too good! You should have joined me, Michael.” She purred in my ear, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Beck moved around me, dragging her arm and hand and letting her breasts trail a line across my back and shoulders, as she plopped down in my lap, totally nude. She pulled my head toward hers and slowly touched my lips, gently probing my lips with her tongue, until I relented and opened my mouth to receive her.

Becky’s tongue flitted in and out, toying with mine and traced lines across my teeth, before she squeezed me tight and pushed her tongue in as far she could, intertwining with my mine, in a long passionate kiss and embrace.

Slowly she withdrew and puckering her lips made a soft popping sound as she broke away and smiled at me.

“I love the way you kiss Michael. It’s like you know exactly what I need and want.” She whispered, adding,

“How ya doing babe?” As she turned to look at the computer monitor.

“Good, real good, I think.” I responded, a little out of breath, as I felt Becky’s wet, nude body revitalizing me.

“Hey, casino oyna why don’t you get out of those dirty ole shorts and take a shower! It’ll really help and maybe we can go over and pay Manna and mom a visit!” Becky suddenly added, giving me a big smile and squirming a little in my lap, making my cock begin to stir.

I patted Becky’s bare backside, smiled at her and said,

“Oh hell, I guess. This can wait for a while.”

Becky beamed at me and rose to let me up. Before I had fully stood, she grabbed the Velcro waist band, of my shorts, and pulled, allowing my shorts to drop, as I stood up.

“There, that’s better already, huh?” She giggled, slapping my ass and giving my cheek a good squeeze, sending me off to the bathroom.

I half expected Becky to join me, but she didn’t. I showered in peace and felt the soothing water take away what, little, tiredness I felt. I shut down the shower and reached for the door, when it slid open to a waiting Rebecca. She had a towel in her hands and beckoned me to get out.

“For the master!” She said, as she began to dry me off. Gently she patted me dry and taking very slow drying strokes, to my manhood and ass, she planted kisses here and there, as she went about her task.

“You’re gonna spoil me girlfriend.” I quipped, as she finished up.

“Exactly!” Becky said, as she jumped to attention, her breasts bouncing and a very large grin on her face.

She had gotten into my dresser and put on a pair of my silk boxers and a tank top, which hung loosely on her, exposing her breasts at the sides and the plunging neck line. She’d also pick out a pair of boxers for me and a top, both of which she laid on the bathroom counter.

“Hope these are OK – Oh and you don’t mind me borrowing what I have on?”

“You look beautiful, as always Beck and thanks – for all your attention. The clothes are fine.” I responded, grabbing the boxers.

“So, you up for a surprise visit?” She asked, watching me dress.

“I suppose so, what you have in mind?” I asked, putting the final touch on combing my hair.

“Let’s sneak around the back and see if we can catch them doin’ it!” Becky giggled, putting her hand to her mouth, leaving only her sparkling, devil mischievous, eyes showing.

“Alright…” I said pausing and then added, “You want to take the camera? I down loaded everything and its empty now.”

“Great idea, I’ll grab it!” Becky beamed at me, and turned away, headed for the office.


Moments later we were on our way, down the service road, heading for the back door of Becky’s house. Becky seemed deliriously happy, as she tugged and pulled me faster and faster, the closer we got.

“The spare key is always in here.” Becky said in hushed whisper, as she reached into the planter, next to the back door, adding, “Just in case you might want to make a surprise entrance some day!”

“Riiight.” I whispered back, giving her a wink.

Into the house we crept, quietly moving through the kitchen, now totally dark except for a light path coming from the living room. We heard soft music playing and I could make out Becky’s bright white teeth, as she smiled at me and squeezed my arm, in excitement.

Feeling Becky might break out laughing or giggling, I put my finger to my lips and made a “Shhhhhhhh” sound, as we neared the living room entrance. Becky nodded her head, indicating she understood and pushed me down the hallway.

Just before the first entrance, Becky grabbed my arm and pulled herself to within lip range of my ear and whispered,

“Not this one. We can watch them from the upstairs balcony, go down to the next doorway.”

I carefully peaked around the corner and made my move when I knew Renee and Manna were not looking.

Becky followed suit and nearly stumbled as she past through the open doorway, stubbing her toe.

I damn near cracked up myself watching her do a “Snoopy Dance” with her mouth covered, trying not to scream out, while hopping on one foot and holding the stubbed toe with her other hand!

We finally rounded the last doorway, which led to the front door and a stairway, going to the balcony area of the second floor. Silently we crept to the top of the stairs and moved into position.

We lay side by side, just our heads visible through the balcony railing and peered over the edge.

There, almost directly, below us were Manna and Renee. The sound track from “The City of Angels” played on the CD system and song just starting was, “Feelin’ Loved” by Paula Cole, you know the one where she sings, “…you make me feel like a dumb blonde…”

Becky looked at me, as I turned to look at her, pursing her lips into a round O and softly whispered,

“Ooooooooo, mom’s about it get it on. Does that thing take movies too?”


I nodded and set the digital up for low light and movie mode. I positioned the camera to catch the up coming action and felt Becky’s hand slide up and under canlı casino the back of my shorts, resting lightly on my ass.

Becky’s mom lay on a massage table, the transportable kind, now available almost anywhere and Manna stood next to her, a bottle of massage oil in hand.

She was naked except for a small, hand, towel draped across her ass, her arms folded under her head and looked very relaxed.

Manna was nude, his penis semi-erect and he stood like a Hawaiian God ready to do her bidding, dark and muscular.

The camera activated, we watched as Manna began spreading massage oil on Renee’s legs and back. Setting the bottle down, Manna moved to the end of the table and started in, working Renee’s feet first, massaging her toes and ankles.

Next he worked in the oil placed on her calves, getting a low soft moan from Renee’s lips as he tightened his grip, working her muscles to the beat of the song.

With small leg movements, Manna had repositioned himself to one side of Renee and now started in on her upper thigh. With long slow strokes, again to the music, her rubbed her thighs, his hands disappearing under the small towel, lingering there briefly before reappearing again, to go back down.

Manna changed position, moving to the opposite side and began again, working that thigh muscle group. This time, his hands lingered under the towel a bit longer and Renee gasped, as her ass rose slightly from whatever Manna’s actions were under that towel. We saw Manna smile, as he slid his hands out and carried on.

Becky unconsciously began massaging my ass, to the beat of the music, her eyes riveted to the scene below, as she spread her legs giving access to her pussy from behind.

Accepting, I slid my hand in her shorts and found her already wet, as I wiggled my fingers into her tight pussy, causing a soft moan to escape Becky’s lips.

We watched Manna, as he moved to finish Renee’s back massage. As he turned to get more oil we saw that his cock was hard, at full attention, and brushed along the table top as he worked.

Manna moved to Renee’s head and was applying long slow strokes down her back when Renee’s head rose, mouth open she took in Manna’s cock and sucked as he worked her back.

Manna arched his back and tilted his back after finishing Renee’s massage in obvious enjoyment over Renee’s prolonged sucking, but managed to somehow pull her lips from his manhood and indicated for her to roll over.

The towel slipped from Renee, as she rolled and Manna kept her from falling from the table. Repositioned, Manna started the oil process again, but this time he began with her chest, massaging Renee’s ample breasts, to shiny, slippery glory.

He squeezed them and pulled, massaged each nipple carefully and bent to suck each one as Renee’s moans grew in frequency and volume.

Becky’s excitement was growing rapidly and she moved her fingers, finding my ball sack and began rolling my balls, as I spread my legs to ease her efforts.

As for me, I pulled out of Becky’s pussy and moved to find her clit, as she quickly snapped her head towards me and beamed a large grin my way, rising slightly to help me.

Repositioned ourselves, we returned our attention to the show below, just as Manna began massaging Renee’s labia.

Gently Manna took one side of Renee’s labia between his thumb and forefinger and began rubbing up and down the length of the fold.

Renee, obviously, was enjoying the special attention as she arched her back and lifted each time he closed in on her clit with the massaging action.

As Manna reached for the other side, Renee’s hand shot out and grabbed his cock, starting a slow dance up and down his length, as he worked her other fold.

Finished, Manna spread her labia wide and bent to suck and lick her clit, as Renee cried out,

“My God Manna, what are you doing to me! You island stud!”

That was it for Becky. Horny as hell, wet and ready to go, she quickly slid back from the railing and grabbed my shorts, jerking them down to my knees.

As I rose from the carpet, Becky slid out of her shorts and moved to get in front of me, positioning her self on hands and knees.

I moved in behind Becky and we watched Manna pull Renee, by the hips, to the edge of the massaging table.

Manna lifted Renee’s legs and, with her help, he slid his cock in, as I slid mine into Becky.

Renee screamed out and Becky stifled her scream with her hand as I pushed into her, her tight pussy grabbing my cock.

In unison, we, began to fuck our women, as I matched his in and out movements.

Renee’s tits were bouncing and rolling to Manna’s pounding action in her pussy, even as she tried to grab and knead her nipples. The sweat started to run off Manna’s back, as he thrust his hips faster and faster to Renee’s increasing crescendo and urgent calls to fuck her good.

Becky tits swung to the rhythm of my pounding, as her tight pussy grabbed and released me, at her youthful will. Unlike Manna, I slowed down kaçak casino and began a series of long deep strokes, pulling out to near withdrawing and then sinking back in.

As we watched Renee and Manna near their explosion I started to speed up again and saw Becky grab her mouth to blot out a scream, her hips violently shaking now, ready to explode herself.

Holding it in, Becky grabbed one of her tits and began massaging the nipple hard and furious, as I pounded her sweet pussy with my rock hard cock.

We heard Manna cry out his cumming. We watched Renee’s back arc and her hips push up to accept his load and heard her scream out a moment later.

The show was fabulous, but not half as good as fucking Becky was. As the couple below came, I grabbed Rebecca’s hips and began slamming into her hard, as my cock released a violent stream of cum.

Rebecca’s hips shook and her tummy spasmed as she, too, let go, quickly placing her hand over her mouth to quiet the scream escaping from her lips.

Rebecca’s head sank to the floor, as my cock pulsed cum into her pussy and aftershocks rocked my body. We sank down together, my cock still buried in her, as I whispered in her ear,

“I am in total lust with you girl.” Listening to Renee and Manna’s final throws of sex and exhausted moans.

I pulled out of Becky and we rolled towards the back of the balcony, after I grabbed the still running camera.

I videoed Rebecca’s spent face, covered with a gorgeous smile and her sex hole, now oozing cum and then turned the camera on myself. When I finished, we quickly got dressed and waited.

Manna and Renee finally left the living room and Rebecca told me there was a bathroom in the direction they headed.

Quietly we returned to the main floor and let ourselves out the front door, laughing and running back to my place.

“Oh my God, Oh my God – that was great! I got so fucking horny watching them! You see, my movie idea would work, huh?” Becky shouted to me, as we made it back to my house.

“Never said it wouldn’t, Beck. I damn sure got horny, I know that! Hey, lets make a copy and send it to your mom, I know how much you like to shock her!” I replied back.

“Shit ya! Great idea, we’ll send it anonymously and when she gets to the end she’ll flip out!”

We ended our evening by making a copy and getting it ready to mail.

Rebecca headed for the bedroom, as I finished things up, and that’s when the idea hit me. I slid into bed and felt Rebecca wrap her body around mine.

Feeling Becky’s breasts moving easily against me put me out like a light and my dreams, that night, were outrageous and erotic.


I awoke to the phone ringing, far too early and in a manner I felt quite rude! Grabbing the phone, I shouted,

“Ya, who the hell is this? Do you know what time it is?”

“Sorry – Michael, didn’t mean to wake you! Is that slut daughter of mine up yet?” And I immediately recognized Renee’s purring little voice.

“Oh, hi Renee, sorry didn’t mean to sound so pissed off. It was a late night, you know?” I answered back.

“Ya, me too.” And a giggle came across the line, before Renee composed herself.

“Hey, what happened to you two? Didn’t you get my message?”

“Ya, Beck got it, but we worked on the photo shoot pictures and it was a full day, so we crashed.”

“You missed out sweet-cakes, let me tell you!” Renee came back and laughed heartily.

“I can only imagine Renee. Is the boy still intact or did you fuck him to death?” I said, grinning to my self and feeling Becky waking from her nights slumber.

I listened to Renee recount her evening as Becky stretched and moved to kiss my cheek.

“Morning.” She said softly, as she rolled to lay her head on my belly.

“No shit! He did that? First time ever huh? Wow!” I kept Renee going, as Becky moved to slurp in my cock head.

With no sex wanted, Becky played with me, gently sucking and licking me, as she roamed my cock and balls with her fingers.

“Mom huh?” Becky asked, taking a moment to look up at me, before continuing her little pleasure trip with my cock.

I nodded my head and tried to figure a way out of the conversation, when Renee handed it to me.

“Let’s do lunch Hun! Wake that little shit of mine and get her going. I’ll meet you guys at “Charlies”, in Paia…OK? Say noon-ish?”

God I hated that fucking “ish” word! It’s as if the speaker couldn’t be on time if his or her life depended on it and the “ish” was just an excuse to be late and fuck you very much for thinking I would be on time, sort of gesture!

“OK, sure – it’s a date Babe. We’ll be there, “ishsish time” I replied back, in my best snidely tone and hung up.

Becky cracked up and slapped my leg.

“Don’t be so mean… she means well and damn I didn’t realize you hated that word so much!” She said laughing and finally turning to face me.

“Good morning to you too.” I replied with a grin.

“Well we’re awake – breakfast?” Becky asked.

“Small kine, you know? Coffee, toast – maybe some orange juice. How’s that sound?” I came back.

“Peeerfect.” Becky said, sliding away from me and getting out of bed. “I’ll make it”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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