A Day At The Beach

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We had carefully walked down the very narrow path from the high bluff to the beach below. The waves were crashing in and the winds were high as they always are on this stretch of the PCH. She made me promise to take her to a nude beach and after many conversations and searching we finally agreed to go today. The sun was bright and very warm and the beach was empty except for some really big boulders and what appeared to be mini-forts out of white washed wood propped up by some rocks. We found a spot next to this very large boulder, spread the blanket, and Beth stripped off her top, and shimmied out of her cutoff jeans shorts, standing there totally naked with her hands on her hips waiting for me to shed my clothes as well. I lifted off my T shirt and slipped my shorts down to my ankles. She looked at me approvingly, and laid face down on the blanket. I lay down next to her, face up. The wind was howling over the rocks and it was difficult to hear any speech, but it had a cooling effect from the warmth of the sun.

Beth reached up and began stroking my limp cock. It didn’t take much to get it up. As she did this I snuck my hand under her belly and fingered her lightly hairy pussy. I heard her moans quite clear. She began stroking my now hard cock with earnest. I stuck my index finger between her pussy lips and felt her wetness and inserted it into her pussy. She began squirming and rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide for me. I rolled over on top of her, kissed her passionately, sucked her tongue into my mouth and knew she was ready for me to fuck her. I slid down the length of her body, got on my knees, and with both hands kneaded her pert little tits, tweaked her distended nipples, and lowered my head to her pussy. I kissed her tuft of light blondish hair, stuck my nose between her pussy lips and then sucked her lips up into my mouth. She had raised her ass to meet my face, holding my head to her pussy. I could barely hear her words, ” yes …eat…it…suck..” from the noise of the wind.

I let go of her tits, grabbed her hips with both hands and buried my face in her pussy. Her knees were bent with her feet on the sand, giving me total access to her now dripping pussy. As I shoved my face into her pussy, she lifted her pelvis to meet my face. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole and tasted the juices flowing from her and savored the taste, feel, and heard more words being whipped away by the wind, “now…yes it …oh my…suck…”

As I devoured her succulent pussy, I knew my cock was hard as a rock. With my head buried between her legs I couldn’t figure out how she was stroking my cock. I lifted my head to see this beautiful tan back with jet black long hair, dangling large tits, stroking my cock as I was eating Beth’s pussy. Beth had no idea someone else was stroking my cock and just kept holding my head to her pussy. I came up for air, took a deep breath and this unknown head popped up licking her lips, straightened up and with one hand tweaked Beth’s nipple.

I was stunned to say the least. I had no idea where this woman had come from. Beth realized that someone was tweaking her nipple and it couldn’t have been me from the position I was in. She turned her head, opened her eyes and said loudly, “What the fuck?”

Here was this completely naked, big luscious tits, huge nipples and areolas, totally tanned, long black haired, black hairy pussy, woman stroking my cock and tweaking Beth’s nipples and said, “It’s OK, I heard the sounds and peeked around the big rock and saw you two and got so horny, I came twice and just have to have some cock. OK?”

I stopped eating Beth’s pussy, illegal bahis tried to hold onto her hips, but she sank down to the blanket and said, “Sure, he can fuck you.”

So there I was, on my knees, with my cock hard as a rock and this un-named woman lays down next to Beth, and said,” Please eat my cunt like you ate hers.”

I looked down and saw this beauty with this deep tan, spread out, legs parted wide, with great suckable tits, and a large hairy pussy to dive into next to Beth’s almost white, small framed, small tits, slightly hairy pussy and thought, ‘Go for it’.

I repositioned myself between this new woman’s legs, lifted her legs over my shoulders as she raised her ass to help me, and buried my face in her sopping wet pussy. I moved my entire face all around her hairy bush, sucked her pussy lips, licked up and down her slit, tickled her clit with my tongue and tasted the most delicious pussy nectar I have ever had. While I’m eating this pussy, she and Beth are playing with each others tits, kissing, and making sounds that I can barely hear in the wind.

As I’m sucking on this great pussy, I feel the warmth of a mouth on my hard cock. Beth has squirmed under this woman’s ass, and began to suck my cock and play with my balls. She lets up, gets out from under, and tosses her legs over this woman’s mid section so her pussy is over her face. I hear Beth say, “C’mon, eat my pussy, suck it.”

I am feasting on this magnificent pussy. The aroma of her sex fills my nostrils, the taste is like sweet and pungent sauce. Her hairy bush is all over my face as I lick, suck, twirl my tongue all around and suck hard on her very erect clit. I can see Beth’s back arch and her ass being hugged by this woman and hear the moans and sounds of Beth loving every moment. I have both hands under this woman’s ass burying my face into this wonderful pussy, while she’s driving her pelvis up to my face and keeping her legs spread as far apart as she can to allow me unrestricted access to this fabulous pussy. As I drive my tongue, which is getting a little tired into her hole, a fountain erupts on to my face and I drink up all that I can, and her legs are shaking. Beth is yelling above my head, “Yes, eat my cunt, suck that clit, here I cum, yes, yes, oh my God, it’s so good.”

Beth collapses on to this woman’s body and I have to let her legs down for a breather for myself. Still on my knees, with my cock so hard I thought it would burst, I leaned back with my arms supporting me backwards on the blanket. In minutes, Beth, slips off of this woman and curls up next to her and said, “Honey, fuck her wet hairy cunt now. Give it to her. Ram your cock into her hairy cunt, I know how you love a hairy cunt.”

I lean forward, scooch up between her outspread legs position myself and with one hand, bend my hard cock down and tease her hairy pussy with the tip. This woman reaches down, spreads open her hairy pussy lips and says, “Yes, oh yeah, fuck the shit out of this hairy cunt. Ram that fucker in.”

I slip just the head in to her waiting hole, and make my first thrust and I slip in to her hot pussy easily. She has wrapped her legs around my mid section with her heels digging into my back. She is so wet I can feel the heat inside her. Beth is intently watching, and said, “Oh yeah baby, fuck this bitch. Shove that cock of yours into her hot cunt, Yeah, fuck her hard. Cum in her babe, shoot your load in her. She loves it.”

I was in no position to argue, and I was ramming my cock in and out like a piston. This woman is screaming, “Oh God, yes, fuck, oh God, fuck…fuck…feels so fucking good, oh…oh.. don’t stop….shoot illegal bahis siteleri in me.”

The sweat is pouring off of me. My face, my chest, arms, all drenched as I give one more huge shove, burying my cock as deep in her as I can, our pubic hair meshing together as I explode two big spurts and a third smaller one. I am shaking from the intensity. All the while Beth has been alternately sucking a nipple and kissing her mouth. I have to rest. I lean back, breaking the hold she has on my mid section, and sink back on my arms that can no longer hold me up, and try to catch my breath with huge gulping intakes of air.

Beth is commenting to the wind, “Oh boy, that was a great fuck. You both came. What a great scene, so hot. She loves your cock just like I do. C’mere honey let me suck your cock clean so I can taste the cum from both of you.”

I can’t move. Beth on her knees, comes over and buries her face in my crotch, sopping wet and glistening from our juices. She takes my limp cock in her mouth and licks, sucks, and tongues every inch of it, until she’s satisfied that she has sucked it up thoroughly. Beth sits back with her knees tucked under her in an upright position. The woman has just laid there spread eagled to regain her composure. Now, she also sits up with her knees under her in the upright position facing Beth and said “Oh God, I can’t thank you enough. I really needed to get fucked, and he has a fantastic cock.”

She leans forward and gives Beth a passionate kiss which Beth returns with equal passion.

They break the kiss, and I’m just watching, catching my breath. Beth said, “I’m so glad we could help.”

“Help?”, the woman said, “I was so turned on just watching him eat you that I must have cum twice. I wasn’t sure I could get up the nerve, but I said to myself ‘fuck it, why not?”

Beth was fondling her solid firm tits and said, “I didn’t know where you came from, but I know that my honey loves a hairy pussy, and fucks like no man I’ve ever had before. And when you started to suck my nipples, I just lost it. I’ve never eaten another woman’s pussy, and I must say, you taste great and I love your hairy pussy too.”

The woman looked into Beth’s eyes and said, “You love my big tits too don’t you?”

Beth, hesitatingly said, “Yes, I do, and I love sucking your nipples. They get so much bigger than mine. I can’t tell you the feeling I had with my honey eating my pussy and you sucking my nipples. It was just incredible. I’ve never cum so hard.”

The woman offered up her tits in both hands to Beth who leaned over immediately to sucking those nipples, one then the other. I had recovered enough to get back on my knees and as Beth was sucking the woman’s tits, I got behind Beth spread her legs apart a little, and with my now semi-hard cock, began to tease her pussy with the tip running it between her pussy and her pink little sphincter. The woman watching, said, “Oh yeah, fuck her while she sucks my tits. Shove that cock right up her cunt, make her cum all over your cock.”

As I started to get some rhythm and substance to my hardening cock, shoving my cock in slowly, savoring every inch in and out of her wet pussy until I was driving all the way in to my pubic hair. The woman is swaying her tits to and fro on Beth’s mouth and Beth is moaning and shoving her ass at me with every deep thrust in her. After just a few more strokes, I ram it in deep and shoot some cum into Beth’s pussy. Beth raises her head from the woman’s tits and said, “Oh God baby, I love when you fuck me so hard.”

I slowly pulled my semi-hard cock out of her pussy and it makes canlı bahis siteleri a ‘plopping’ sound and the woman says, “You have a great cock, and I want you to fuck me again, will you?”

I reply, “Sure, as soon as I can get it up again, you girls have fucked me out.”

The woman says, “OK, you don’t have to have a stiff cock, just shove your hand up my cunt as far as you can.” She lays back, spreads her tan legs again as wide as she can, and holds open her pink pussy lips inviting me to enter her. Beth is watching with an astonished look on her face. I’ve heard of this before but never done it, so I’m a little hesitant. I put two fingers in her cunt hole and she says, “Yeah, move’em around, and put more in.”

I put two more fingers in her, and Beth leans over to get a closer look. “Oh my God, look how big her hole is” Beth exclaims.

The woman really peels her pussy lips wide apart and I can only see pink, surrounded by her gorgeous pussy hair, and every finger on my hand except my thumb are in her pussy.

“C’mon, put your whole hand in up to your wrist, c’mon, shove it in.” she yells.

I look over at Beth and I can catch a glimpse of my cum dribbling out of her pussy, and with one hand, she’s reaching down to her pussy, scooping the mixed juices on her fingers, and brings them up to her mouth and sucks her fingers. Then she reaches over to the womans hairy pussy, spread open, and runs her fingers over her pink wetness and puts those in her mouth. Shit, my cock is starting to rise again at this scene. I squirm my thumb into her gaping pussy and inch deeper into her cunt.

“Yes, yes, fuck, shove your hand in and out, make me cum, oh shit, I love it!” she yells.

I start to move my hand in slow movements and she yells, “No, No, faster, faster.”

I gain some momentum and start a rhythm and she’s panting, squirming, and thrusting up to meet my thrust in her and then yells, “Oh my fucking God, I’m cumming, and cumming, Oh my fucking God, don’t stop.”

After 3-4 minutes, I pull my hand out, and she gushes her cum juice. My hand is dripping with her juices and it’s running down between her legs. Beth is in absolute shock. I bend over and suck up as much of her cum juices as I can, and then Beth shoves my head out of the way and bends her head down and begins to drink up the juices, making slurping noises. I lean forward and watch Beth’s little tits dangling down and move over to suck on the woman’s huge nipple. I grab her big tit and form a mound of tit flesh, making the nipple even more pronounced. I suck it in my mouth, run my tongue around it and let up enough to suck it in again. The nipple is as hard as my finger. The woman grabs my head and keeps me on her nipple and is yelling, “Yeah, suck up my cunt juice, oh yeah, what a fuckin

turn on, suck it up.”

Beth lets up, leans back, wipes her mouth with the palm of her hand and spreads the wetness all over her face and tits. I’ve let the womans tit go, and am sitting upright.

The woman looks up at me, and then to Beth and said, “That’s the greatest sex I’ve ever had.”

I look at her, devouring all of her features again, then to Beth, who has a smile on her face like the cat who swallowed the canary, and I said, “Wow, thank you. Can we do this again, sometime?”

“Sorry” she says,” I’m only here for the day, and you’ve both made my day for me. Hope you two enjoyed it as much as I did. By the way, I’m Sherry.” With that she gets up, plants a kiss on me, kisses Beth, and turns to leave and begins to walk up to the path to the top of the cliffs.

Beth and I are speechless. She looks at me, smiles, and says, “You didn’t know I could be that wild did you?”

“I don’t know what to say Sweetie, but I know our sex will never be the same.”

We both laid down, felt the warm sun on our spent bodies, and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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