A Dark Man Pt. 02

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.


Chapter 6 — Lynn

Lynn climbs into bed with me, Fey has gone to her room tonight. She wants to sleep.

Lynn is curious tonight, “Do you really think mom and dad set me up?”

I answer honestly, “Yes.”

She hesitates, “Did they intend for me to die?”

I again answer honestly, “No, I think they really did want me to save you. Our parents needed you to connect with me, then they knew I’d have you order clothes online. Then they’d find me.”

Lynn comments, “That is some real planning and effort, just to get you.”

I smile, “That means they are running short of money. It takes a lot of money to keep the right people happy, or they double cross you. Mind you, they aren’t desperate. They see a trend and hatched a plan. That’s why the delay, so they can fix their books. They have to be really careful; they have to remember what they used me for, and it was probably under several aliases.”

Lynn looks confident, “I bet you know how to find out exactly what happened and who put me at risk, right?” I nod my head, yes. “I thought so. I don’t want to be asked. If you need to do something, just do it. I find it funny though, you love me more than our own parents. That really hurt hearing that today.”

Lynn leans over me in bed, kisses me, and then lays her head on my chest.

Lynn asks me, “When do I find out about me? Whether or not I get to live.”

I am honest, “Every moment that you breathe, I’m endangering my business and my life.”

I feel tears fall on my chest. Lynn is breathing rapidly, which means she is scared.

Lynn surprises me, “You know I can never be a cop again, right? My experience with them wasn’t so great. I was thinking more about personal security. I’m good with a gun, and my client can pass me off as a girlfriend when needed. I can also help you reduce stress. I was thinking of getting a boob job so I can be pretty like Fey. Then I can also be your sex toy.”

I roll her over, so I am on top, and with some anger, I tell her, “NO boob job!”

She is stunned and says, “But they aren’t nearly as big?”

I am exacerbated, “Fey has a bigger frame and can handle the extra weight. Your body is thin and athletic. Bigger boobs would ruin you. As long as you have nipples and orgasm when I play with your boobs, they are fine with me. I don’t need two Feys, I need a Fey and a healthy-looking sister. I also don’t want a dumb, bimbo sex toy. I want a lover, a partner, someone I can trust and who has a tactical mind.”

Lynn smiles at me, “Can I still be slutty? Especially when we go to Capone’s?”

I smile now as well, “Yes, you can still get your slut on. I didn’t know you had a slut side.”

Lynn is giggling, “I didn’t either. It was my evil brother. He corrupted me. Now shut up and fuck me.”

I get up out of bed, and I order Lynn, “Strip.”

I go into my closet and come out holding some nylon ropes with padding around strategic places. There are knots and a steel chain. I use a small pole to push the chain up to the ceiling and over the hook, so it is secure. I hand the two handles to Lynn. She looks at me like I am crazy. I open one of the holes in the rope and instructs Lynn to push her leg up and through the hole. She has a smile on her face now.

Once in and the plastic cushion is under her thigh, I help push her body, so the rope and cushion go behind her back. She leans back on that rope and cushion. On her own, she threads the loop for her second leg. She is now suspended in the sex swing. Her legs are naturally pulled apart by the ropes. I check, and it looks like everything is in place and safe. I need to verify that no rope is cutting into her smooth skin.

Typically, where the body weight rests are wide straps rather than rope to help distribute the weight. I found that by adding the cushions, it is more comfortable. The look on Lynn’s face confirms that she is in no pain. Quite the opposite, really. She uses her hands to spin herself around. I have the swing anchored into a steel beam in the ceiling. It and the chain can easily hold our combined weight plus about ten other couples.

I get down on my hands and knees. I place a big kiss on Lynn’s pussy lips. Her legs are naturally spread wide while in the swing. She is horny and waiting to be fucked. However, she is not one to pass up a good pussy licking.

I am slow and delicate as I trace her pussy lips going from clit to her brown star and then back up to her clit on the opposite side. My tongue goes back and forth, so the inner and outer lips both get a lashing. My tongue runs over her clit, causing an orgasm. The swing holds her legs in place as I continue my mission. I miss just above her clit for several minutes, making sure I use lots of tongue to arouse her more. I want her exploding several times before bahis firmaları I enter her.

Even with the same technique for several minutes, she orgasms. Typically, I must use more variety. Now that I have given her several minutes of vanilla, it’s time for some fireworks. My bottom lip runs across her clit as I apply suction to get as much contact with skin as possible. I then reverse the suction by humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as I force my lips forward to try and hold that skin to skin contact.

Generally, I only hum a few bars, but today, I am inspired, and she gets the whole song. I mean, it’s not like it’s Don McLean’s “American Pie,” but still, she got the entire song, and she loved it. Lynn couldn’t sit still in the swing. Her breathing is deep, and her legs jerk from time to time. She made it very hard to eat pussy at a high level.

I understand why. Fey described my techniques as a rollercoaster that lasts for thirty minutes. The ride is fast, takes away your breath, and then rises and falls in intensity. Most roller coasters are around a minute in length. Thirty minutes is more fun but at the risk of being dangerous because it’s too much fun.

As Lynn recovers from her orgasm, I gave her a few moments to compose herself and catch her breath. This is something that I do with Fey, I never want to hurt her. I start with light kisses that evolve into harder kisses, then a quick tiny touching of my tongue which graduates to full wide lapping of my tongue like a lollypop, only to finish with a paintbrush style where I lick going up and down on the backstroke.

Lynn can’t take it anymore. She explodes in a hard orgasm. She hangs limp in the swing, her body swaying slowly due to her scream and flexing of each body part as the orgasm hits. Now, I can see the aftermath is like the aftershock of an earthquake. She slowly swings back and forth with my fingers to help swing her into further relaxation.

As Lynn wakes up, she has tears in her eyes. Not at all what I expected, and she can see the confusion in my eyes.

Lynn sniffles as she softly speaks, “There isn’t anything that I can do for you that will ever come close to what you just did for me. Even willingly being your sex slave would not give you the same satisfaction.”

I laugh at her, “No, but then I like smart women. I don’t want a dumb bimbo; I want someone with free will that willingly pleases me. I love your desire.”

I stand up to spin her, I move so I am behind her. My hands cup her breasts, a full handful, but not overflowing like Fey. On the positive side, Lynn’s nipples stand high and proud. Not much gravity pulling them down. Her nipples are fascinating, easily twice the typical length of a pencil eraser. When aroused, they’re hard and look out of place on her chest. I love them.

Right now, the nipples are hard and begging to be played with. I answer their call. I draw my long pudgy fingers along the sides of the nipples. I can’t do that with many people.

I lovingly say, “Your breasts are perfect. If you had nothing, I could understand you wanting something but adding to your perfect breasts would ruin the look. These are natural and alluring. Anything more prominent with an unnatural look would ruin them. Believe me, these are fine with me and let’s face it, whose opinion matters more right now? Nobody’s.”

I massage the breasts for a few minutes. We both enjoy the feeling. I stop and pull the nipples, earning me a scream of pain, yet knowing that I also sent a bolt of lightning straight to her pussy, which is partially what caused her to scream.

I pull away, stand up and spin Lynn twice. I then push her back, and as she comes forward; I slow her down as she aligns with my cock.

Lynn looks at me in surprise, “I don’t think Fey would be happy with you. There are still weeks of healing that needs to happen. I don’t want to hurt you, I can wait.”

I look at Lynn with a smirk on my face, “Just because you can hold out, doesn’t mean that I can. However, because of Fey, I’m using the swing. There will be no weight on my shoulder, no need to bend or strain. I will be rolling my hips, but that should not affect my shoulder … much.”

I know I will feel this, but I really NEED a fucking, and Lynn is ready, willing, and able. I won’t make this a marathon session. She gets fast, I won’t even be rough, that would cause me to use my muscles. When I check Lynn, she is horny, leaking, and in bad need of a fucking. I can see the need in her face. Her pussy has bloomed, she is wide open for me. I don’t disappoint her.

My cock goes straight into her body. I love the swing. The angles are different, and a floating body is a much different fuck than doggie. They are similar, but my access is much better like this. There is no bed in the way I have access and can see everything. There are infinite positions, I used the last one Fey used. Lynn seems to like it as well.

I won’t change the positions like I do with Fey, that would require using my strength to manipulate kaçak iddaa her body. I want to heal. I allow my cock to enter Lynn and for her to hold me for a bit. She has a look of pure bliss on her face. I push her away a few inches and swing her to the right, and I pull her back to me. As she slams into me, I drive her off to the left and turn her to the left some. I then pull her back into me.

We get into a pattern of pull into me, push and rotate to the right and then pull in. Repeat into the left side. Lynn is blown away by the sensation. Everyone likes being in a swing, we start as children. Now add a great fucking to that, and it’s the perfect playground equipment. I am going as quick as I can. This certainly is not a quick fuck, but I can’t go any faster with the antics I am pulling.

I do it for Lynn’s benefit, she loves the feeling. As I get closer, I stop the motion and move to straight fucking. I can go much faster in this mode. I am a piston standing up and rolling my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of my sister. The expressions on her face are magnificent. She wants to speak but can’t. She wants to sit up, but she can’t. All she can do is lay there and accept the pleasure that is rolling through her mind and body.

Her head hangs back, allowing for better airflow. She doesn’t have the energy or thought to hold it up. Every brain cell is going towards feeling pleasure. The smile of satisfaction on her face is priceless. Not even Fey shows appreciation that well. I know she feels it; she just can’t express her feelings like Lynn can on her face.

I don’t do anything to prolong this encounter. As soon as my need is there, I don’t hold back. I let my orgasm take over my body and scream a deep guttural shout of satisfaction as I pump five good hard thrusts down into my sister.

Almost simultaneously, she too screams out her orgasm. No doubt it was an instant reaction to me. Her body comes alive and is tense as I shoot my load into her. She has a look of complete happiness on her face. Awake, alert, and a look of compassion on her face for allowing her to receive my spunk.

As I finish, I am wiped out. I did use my muscles too much, and I am in real pain now. I release the straps holding Lynn in, and I collapse in the bed.

My one instruction to Lynn is, “Fey … pain.”

I know that isn’t even a sentence. Just two random words. However, the anguish on my face and the name of Fey is enough to make Lynn sprint to Fey’s room and wake her up. That’s something I really didn’t want to do. I will be mad at myself later. Right now, I sit down on the bed. I don’t dare lean back or lay down, Fey will want to check me out.

Sure enough, as Fey comes into the room, she is mad as hell at me. With the swing hanging on the chain still, it’s obvious what we did. She pulls off the dressing and slaps my face.

Fey screams at me, “God damn it! That’s never going to heal if you keep doing stupid shit like the swing. You thought it would be easier yet here I am, and you’re begging for a pain killer. I should give you the whole fucking bottle and let you kill yourself. I can only do so much.”

Now she is aimed at Lynn, “YOU! NO SEX for three weeks!” Fey breaks down in tears. “You are going to kill him. He needs to rest. He can’t do anything strenuous. If that breaks open, we WILL go to the hospital. Gary and I will be in jail, and I will never do surgery again. Worst case, we don’t see anything, but there is internal bleeding. He dies!”

Now Lynn is near tears. Fey gives me two pills from a bottle she brought with her. She goes for more bandages while Lynn runs for a glass of water. They both come back. I take the pills, and Fey bandages me up. Fey is still mad but not screaming anymore.

Fey addresses Lynn, “If you need a good fucking, I have a dildo you can use, or I’ll eat you to orgasm. Don’t touch Gary. I’ll do anything your heart desires to satisfy your needs, he needs rest. You’re coming back to bed with me, and Gary is going to sleep. No alarm, sleep in. Tomorrow, Lynn is your slave. You don’t lift a muscle; she will get you anything you need.

“You may work on your computer and make headset phone calls. I don’t want you lifting anything heavier than a fork, or I will castrate you. Do you understand me?”

Both Lynn and I am shocked at her graphic threats, we both nod our heads yet. Fey helps me lean back in the bed, kisses me on the cheek, and then drags Lynn out of the room. At the door, they turn off the lights. I can hear Lynn softly crying until they close the door.

Yup, Fey still loves me.

Chapter 7 — The Investigation

The next week is hell. They don’t let me do anything. We don’t leave the house. I don’t lift anything heavier than a fork. Worse, they are both dressed in long skirts and dresses that show nothing. They are doing everything possible to not turn me on. Lynn treats me to a blowjob at night, and Fey gives me one when she comes home, early in the morning.

Since I am not allowed to do anything, I spend most of kaçak bahis my time in my office working. My parents no longer disguise requests, they send them directly to me. I research like the police do. I follow every lead and look at everyone involved to the best of my abilities. In some cases, I need to hire hackers to get data I need.

Typically, I use local people like my parents do. For my parent’s investigation, I use experts from other cities. I don’t want anything getting back to them. In most cases, I am not accessing their own computers, I am looking at long term trends and the trail of money. Email and text messages are very telling though. Not so much the messages, because like me, I talk in code. However, the destination is what interests me. Who do they deal with and for how long? How much money do they pay out?

I have enough email and text messages that their code seems obvious to me. That also tells me I need to change my code words more often. It takes me six weeks to gather all the information I need. Now it’s time to process the information and start to make conclusions.

I have several large whiteboards in my room. I use sticky notes, so they act like Kanban boards, a Japanese system developed for tracking manufacturing. I like it because I can group things and run string (actually, it’s colored yarn and playdough) between related items. It’s un-hackable. This gives me the big picture, and I can group related items and more importantly, links to other groups of similar items.

High on the board represents old ties or relationships where towards the bottom is new or recent ones. I finish the project even though halfway through, I know my answers. As I add more and more data, it completes the picture, and my hunches and guesses are now proven in facts. Dinner tonight is going to be fascinating.


Lynn made an excellent spaghetti with meatballs tonight. No jar sauce for her, all from scratch. She even made the pasta, quite impressive. I no longer need pain killers, so I am allowed a glass of wine with dinner tonight. I still am not allowed to pick up the bottle and pour it. Nor can I pass a plate of sauce or noodles. Even the cheese is off limits, they grate it for me.

My patience is running out with these two, I feel fine now.

After the plates are cleared and Lynn returns with the cannoli, I ask an ominous question, “Lynn, you obviously know our parents much better than I did. Can you answer a question for me to help in my investigation?”

Lynn looks nervous now, dare I say she has a bit of fear in her eyes?

I continue now that I have her full attention, “If you could only save one parent from a burning fire, which would it be?”

Without any hesitation, Lynn blurts out, “Mom.”

That was precisely the answer I expected.

I prompt her, “Why?”

This time, Lynn is more thoughtful in her answer. She pauses first, then she says in a calculated response, “I got hugs from mom and dad over the years. When mom hugged me, I could feel the love. Dad was always cold. His face and actions said he loved me, but he never held me like mom did. After I turned eighteen, he started looking at me like a weird pervert uncle.

“After our dinner with mom and dad, it started making sense, dad never loved me. He admires you, but there’s no love. I don’t think he’s capable. I still hold mom just as responsible, I never saw a gun to her head, and she had access to all the money.”

I am calm and un-showing of any emotion as I say, “My investigation is complete. Tonight, I am going to gather a small group of people and explain my findings. That’s all you need to know at this time.”

Lynn starts crying, “You’re going to kill dad!”

Still in my calm voice, “I never said that. To be honest, I don’t know the fate of either parent yet. I can’t see into their minds. I need some information from them. Heads are going to roll; I have no idea how far I will have to go. My friends are taking me out later tonight. Watch the 11:00 news, I think there will be a lot of “Breaking News” reports and it will tickle you.” I smile at Lynn.


I am sitting in a comfortable recliner, my weapon of choice, a WW II Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol is in my lap. I pick it up as I hear the garage door open. I then hear the familiar sound of the garage door closing. As expected, the first man through the door is their head of security, Larry. By now, Bobby, a senior member of mom and dad’s organization has been relieved of his weapon, along with Larry. My friends are pushing the group into the living room as the lights are turned on.

In the corner is the maid (Terri) and the cook (Stacy). Both women are naked and tied up. Gagged and completely submissive. My guys had fun with those two while we waited for mom and dad to show up. There are six chairs set up in front of me. Larry and Bobby sit in the first two. Mom and dad arrive, along with Terri and Stacy. Each one sits in a chair, so I can speak to them.

There is one other distinctive addition to this room. It is floor to ceiling enclosed in plastic. All six have tears in their eyes, they know the implications of the plastic, easy clean-up of dead bodies. Behind each person is an associate of mine.

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