A Curious Revelation

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I decided to finally confront my wife about her adultery more than a month after I’d found out. It had taken a while for me to get my head around the fact that she was fucking another man, and seemingly had been for some time.

I had a slight suspicion that Donna had been cheating for several months. She became less interested in sex with me, after previously having quite a high sex drive. But she started making more effort in other areas, mainly with her appearance, and she always seemed to be working late.

Even though I had a suspicion in the back of my mind for a while, what with work and busy lives, I never really got around to doing any digging.

Then I was in on my own one Saturday night, when the doorbell rang. Donna was supposedly out with her best friend Claire, yet when I answered the door, I who should be standing before me, but Claire.

“Hi, I’m just dropping these round for Donna.” she said handing me a shoe box. “She let me borrow them!” Claire said, obviously noticing the confused look on my face. “Tell her I’ll call her tomorrow.”

“Aren’t you…” I paused, deciding against telling Claire that my wife had told me she was out with her. “Doesn’t matter.” I said, thanking Claire and closing the door.

I sat down for a second, my heart was beating fast. I began to wonder why my wife would have lied to me, if there was a reasonable explanation.

I began to think back to the reasons that made me suspicious in the first place. She always finished work at five-o-clock, however recently she’d been coming home later and later, saying she had piles of paperwork to catch konak escort bayan up on.

She always looked hot going to work, but her outfits had become more revealing and she started showing more of her legs off, with shorter skirts.

Donna is a gorgeous forty year old brunette with a lovely figure, beautiful long legs and nice pert d cup tits.

She has always been flirtatious, much more of a people person than me and she always attracted the attention of other blokes.

This didn’t bother me as I’m not really the jealous type. In fact I get quite aroused by the fact that other guys want to fuck my wife.

I texted Donna, asking her how her night was going. It took a while for her reply, but eventually she told me she was having a good time.

I asked her what time she would be home and she told be it would be late and not to wait up.

I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about Donna with another man. Could my wife of twelve years really cheating on me? I mused.

Then I found that I began to get turned in at the thought of my wife with another man. I even started stroking my cock and imagining her getting fucked by some well hung guy.

I jerked off and made myself cum to the thought of Donna’s neatly trimmed pussy with another mans jizz dripping out of it.

I’d always indulged privately in the cuckold fantasy, although I’d never admitted it to my wife. Now I felt almost as if I could potentially be about to live out my fantasy. But I wasn’t sure how to play it.

I decided I wanted to be as sure as I could, before konak escort confronting Donna, so I left the shoe box by the front door so she would spot it when she came in.

That would give her time to realise that I knew she wasn’t with Claire, so she could make up an excuse. Which worked perfectly.

I woke up as she came in, as she lent in to kiss me I smelt alcohol on her breath. I wondered if I was kissing the lips that had recently had another mans cock between them.

“How was your night?” I asked, and predictably she immediately addressed the Claire situation.

“Yeah it was good, Claire let us down of course, but I guess you know that, because she brought my shoes round.”

“Oh of course.” I played along “I forgot you were. supposed to be going out with Claire. So who was out then?”

“Just me and Emma in the end.” She replied. Emma was another of her friends.

I knew I could have probably caught her out that night, by asking her how Claire was or something, before she knew Claire had been round, but I decided I wanted to do do some private investigation work and see what I could find out.

Also the idea of seeing her with my own eyes, even just walking down the street with another guy, kind of turned me on.

The following morning I rummaged through Donna’s dirty washing, keeping aside the pair of black frilly knickers she’d been wearing the previous night.

I’m sure they had dried cum on the gusset. I didn’t have much time so I took a deep sniff and hid them in my bedside drawer for later.

I finished work early one day escort konak the following week, Donna had already told me to fix my own dinner because she would be late, so I suspected the worst.

I borrowed a van from work so Donna wouldn’t recognise my car, and I sat outside her office at five-o -clock.

I waited ten minutes or so before I noticed Donna walking down the steps from her office and onto the street, she was alone.

I watched her walk up the street adjacent to her work and turn the corner, I followed slowly in my van, staying well back so she didn’t spot me.

I followed her all the way up the street, until she stopped and began to walk up the steps to a house.

She rang the bell and waited, I noticed her fixing her hair as she stood on the doorstep.

The door opened and a man in his mid thirties appeared. Donna and the man kissed each other on the lips before she disappeared inside. “Fuck!” I thought to myself.

I drove round the corner and stopped to text my wife, asking her what time she thought she’d be home.”

“I’ve still got stacks of paperwork to do so I’ll be a couple of hours.” was her reply. It was then I had the confirmation I needed that my wife was indeed cheating on me.

I drove home in a daze, my mind racing but my cock fully erect at the thought of my dirty slut of a wife bouncing up and down on some other guys cock.

When I got in I went straight upstairs to my drawer and took a long hard look at Donna’s knickers from the other night.

The smell had faded slightly, but I held them over my face as I frantically masturbated.

Then I rubbed them on my cock as I laid back and thought of Donna getting her tight little cunt filled up by this other guy.

I shot my hot white cum all over my wifes dirty knickers as I imagined what a slut she was no doubt being for her new lover.

To be continued…

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