A Cousin Fantasy Come True Ch. 02

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Sleep was eluding me that night. The events earlier that day played through my head over and over. On one hand I was elated with the events, being naked in front of my cousin Veronica, seeing her naked, tasting her juices, and having one of the best orgasms of my life. But on the other had I worried that I could have tarnished my relationship with her, worried that I would become obsessed over her, worried that it might never happen again. What am I saying? Of course I’m obsessed over her already, that happened from the moment I saw her masturbation video, or maybe even before that. In my ramblings here, you get just a taste of what was going on in my mind. When I closed my eyes, it was like a strobe light was going off, only with pictures of her instead of a bright white flash.

Things had been well that evening, cooking dinner, cleaning up, reading stories to the kids. Veronica and I sat and watched a documentary and around 10 we both made our way to our rooms for the night. It’s now 2 am and I’m laying in the bed that everything happened next to. I had the lights off and had closed down my laptop to try to clear my mind. I fantasized about her coming up and sleeping with me, but surely this was just me thinking way more about it and how she would never do such a thing. I had finally settled myself that it all meant more to me than it did to her and she’d likely forgotten about it already.

Finally somewhere around 3 I must have nodded off, only to wake at 6 with a raging erection. I’m pretty sure it had been that way for most of the night. I rolled over and opened up my laptop to check email and the news. But my urges were still there and instead I browsed the folder where I store pictures and videos of Veronica. I laid there stroking myself while staring at her perfect 36C breasts.

One of my favorite videos is of her getting ready one day and she was just in a bra and panties, staring into the mirror and talking to me through what was a live video. She had finished her shower, dried off and dressed to this point. That’s quite a normal thing to see her getting ready either in a towel, robe, her current attire, or completely nude. She had become comfortable with that and while she often plays that sex doesn’t interest her much, I think there’s a small part of her that likes showing herself off to me.

In this video she is applying makeup and has a brush with powder on it, swiping across her cheeks, neck, and cleavage. I stop the video at one point because she is leaning forward, her breasts flowing out of their bondage, and she’s gently tracing the applicator between her boobs, slowly, and something I notice now that I hadn’t seen before is that she was making direct eye contact with the camera and there was a slight smirky smile on her face. It was almost like she’s staring me down and saying here’s a shot for you cuz, are you enjoying the view? No, no, that can’t be the case. I let the video play as I continue to stroke myself.

She finished with her makeup and hair routine, putting everything down on the countertop. I noticed that she had been fiddling with her underwear every now and again on one of the sides of the waistband. All of a sudden she steps back from the vanity, giving me a better view of the lower half of her body, and she strips off her panties. There’s nothing exceptional about them, a narrow, black, semi-transparent fabric that when she was facing away from the camber I could see a full outline of her butt and the crevice between her cheeks. But now they are off and she holds them up to the camera describing how the tag is itching her on that side and she retrieves some scissors to remove it.

I only know that part from memory from watching this video so many times. Right now I’m more focussed on what the removal of this garment has put on display. Her mound is completely smooth. I can see the prominence of her labia and as she shifts her weight around her lips slightly part and close. I put a short loop on that part of the video, it’s my favorite for a reason! My mind thinks of the previous days events and the focus on her pussy. I select an area of the screen to enlarge so that I get the best view. Within a couple repeats of that scene I finally bring myself to satisfaction. Less than 24 hours has gone by and I’ve now cum twice in this room. Both times while viewing my favorite subject.

I look at the clock again and it’s already 8. Really, I was consumed with my fantasy for two hours? I could hear people moving around downstairs now, though I hadn’t heard a noise that entire time. I clean up my mess, take a quick shower, and slip on some shorts and a tank to go downstairs and see what the days plan might be. I know we had chatted about taking the kids to a roadside attraction just outside of town and then that the neighbors would be coming by for dinner later that afternoon.

It was around 3 pm and we were just getting home from our little side trip. It ended up being fun, though it had started pouring while we were out. The stop we had made canlı bahis şirketleri was at one of those Mystery Spots. You know, the one were you hike through a wooded area and then go inside an old house where the floor is completely uneven and your mind is tricked into thinking it’s level, but all the time you have trouble just standing straight up. Once we were out of the shack we hiked further in the woods and it got quite cold and while we had dressed with some anticipation of rain, I wasn’t traveling with a coat so I ended up soaked.

The neighbors had seen us pull up and made their way over right away, odd for me because at home I usually don’t have folks over and when I do I would never expect them to show up so quickly. We bantered for a bit in the kitchen when Veronica noticed me still shivering a bit, not to mention dripping on her floor. She told me I had plenty of time to catch a warm shower and change into some dry clothes before dinner would be ready. I wasn’t going to argue with that at all and headed up to my room, swinging the door closed as I went in, quickly undressing and laying my wet clothes on the edge of the tub to dry a bit.

The warm water felt so good. I could have stayed in there forever, but knew I needed to finish up and go help out. It was at the moment I realized I had forgotten my clean towel on the bed that I also heard some rummaging around in the bedroom. Perfect timing I thought, it must have been Veronica getting some dry clothes for herself. I called out to her, asking if she could hear me. But the return voice wasn’t hers, rather it was Sally, the neighbor. From the outside of the bathroom she told me that she had come up to grab some kitchen towels out of the clean clothes and asked if I needed her to get my cuz.

I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to do about my situation. Sure, I could wait for her to leave the room and track my wet footprints all over the tile and onto the carpeting in the bedroom. But instead I asked if she would mind grabbing my towel from the bed and bring it in and set it on the counter. I figured there was enough steam in the room that the glass doors of the shower would hide my body enough. She had said sure and walked in the bathroom, over to the shower and stood outside the door, with the towel in hand, waiting to hand it to me.

Not being too shy about my body, not that I’m winning any awards for physique, I opened up the door and thanked her for it. I had met Sally and her husband on a prior trip. At that time I was a bit overweight and she had noticed how much I slimmed down when they first popped in. I shared my eating plan and abstinence from alcohol with them both. She was inspired to try something new since she had a new baby not long ago. Her husband gruffed at the thought of eating the foods I had been eating and was quite negative on the topic. He was obese and had difficulty walking and I guess mentally he just couldn’t picture eating differently than he did. I remembered one line she casually said in response to him that was something along the lines of “well if you ate healthier, maybe you’d have more libido”. That had shut him down pretty quickly.

Instead of turning and retreating back down to the kitchen, Sally stood there watching me dry myself off and offering admiration for how “in shape” I was. She mentioned wanting to learn more about my eating and exercising plan. I talked a bit about it and said I’d be happy to forward her the info and chat about it more. I stepped out of the shower, with most of the dripping water off of me and hung up my towel. I could see that she wasn’t leaving any time soon.

She said “wow, you look so good. And it doesn’t even seem like you’re nervous being nude in front of me.” I told her about how I had long ago come to accept my body, no matter what shape I was in. I started pointing out the flaws that still haunt me from all my past habits. “I’ll never lose the love handles, or at least it seems that I won’t. And then there is the excess skin around my waist,” as I grabbed a bit of sagging skin to highlight it. “I think one of the worst parts is the excess skin and fat here on my inner thighs.” I was getting turned on while sharing this with her. My loins had begun to stir, so to say. At that point I had opened up my legs and grabbed onto to the excess skin on my left leg and then drifted my hand across my growing member to my right leg, showing the same.

It was in that motion, standing in front of this woman I didn’t know too well, my penis went from growing to being semi-hard, not pointing out yet, but visibly different than when I had stepped out of the shower. Sally mentioned that she didn’t think there was much fat on my thighs or stomach and that it must all just be some skin. She reached out her hand towards me to feel my stomach. I was a bit shocked at first, but my other brain had already taken over so I was going to go with it. I had moved my hand up where her was and I gave the first pinch to my belly and patted it a bit showing canlı kaçak iddaa the muscle tone I had gained from exercising. She followed suit and then her had drifted down to my thigh.

“This is all skin,” she said, “and not much of it really.” As her hand shifted from one thigh to the other, purposefully bumping into my dick as she grabbed the other inner thigh. As she did I shifted my weight just enough that she had better access and her hand moved up higher and now was wedged between my balls and leg. The sensation was intoxicating. As I had mentioned it had been well over a year since my last relationship ended and as I’m not one for casual sex, this was the first time someone had touched me down there. My dick popped up into full erection mode as her eyes stayed focussed on it and her hand.

She pulled her hand back, looked up at me and said “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m doing. I was going to just hand you the towel and walk away, but at the same time I wanted to see more.” She went on to tell me quickly about how her relationship had been so horrible and not having sex and how she just got too entranced by the sight of a naked man. I told her I understood and wasn’t bothered one bit. She reached her hand out once again, this time sliding her fingers around my shaft. My eyes started rolling back in my head as having a hand on my cock that wasn’t my own felt so good.

Then I saw a look on her face that was more one of terror. A “what have I done” look. He husband was only a couple rooms and a floor away and here she was stroking her friend’s cousin off. She gave a couple more tugs and twists and then started to profusely apologize that she had to stop. She turned and rushed out of the room. Ouch. I completely understood and hadn’t asked for anything, but at the same time I was so swollen from the excitement that it hurt knowing that I was so close. In many ways it was just as well seeing I wasn’t attracted to her and had only one person on my mind.

Within a moment of hearing the bedroom door close, I heard it open again. Only this time it was Veronica coming in. She asked me if I was decent and of course I thought to myself, umm, no, I have a raging hard on and need some help with it. I let her know that I had just stepped out of the shower but that she could come in. She let me know she just needed to know where I had put the clean kitchen towels because Sally couldn’t find them. I couldn’t tell her, well, they’re right here on the vanity. There’d be no explanation that wouldn’t give away the exchange I just had with her friend. I told her I’d look as soon as I was done and that it would only be a minute or two and I’d be down.

Now, what to do about my situation? I really couldn’t do anything. I wanted to, but the timing was just not right and I had been through a bit of a roller coaster in the last few minutes. More than anything all I could think about was how much I wish it had been my cousin fondling me. I quickly dried my hair, got dressed, and brought down the kitchen towels that I said I found on the bottom of one of the clean clothes baskets.

Sally was extra quiet for the rest of the afternoon and through dinner. She sat close to her husband, holding on to his arm. Honestly, that was probably the best possible outcome. After dinner and some chit chat the neighbors went home and our evening routine was back in full swing.

After everyone was down for the night, Veronica and I had made our way up to my bedroom to watch some TV where the noise wouldn’t keep anyone else awake. We had gotten into the habit of watching this series on one of the popular streaming services and had made it through all but the last 6 episodes of the final season and were bent on getting through it that night. I was due to fly out the next afternoon so we would be up for hours.

I don’t recall exactly what it was that she had asked me to look up online, but as we sat there on the bed I opened up my laptop, tapped in my password, her looking over waiting for the answer, and there on my screen was the closeup of her pussy from the video that I was watching that morning. Oh, f*** I thought as I turned beet red. She gasped as the video started playing and she could hear her own voice coming from my speakers. I quickly closed out the window and knew I’d have some explaining to do.

“Were you pleasuring yourself to my body with that?” She asked. As if she needed to ask.

“Umm…” was about all I could get out as she hit pause on our tv program and we sat in silence.

More silence. But she wasn’t stomping out of the room either, so that was good.

“Well, you know I do sometimes” I admitted. “And yes, when I woke up this morning I was extra excited and remembering yesterday and, well, you know.”

“Hmm,” now it was her turn to think for a bit. “I guess I do know that you do, I’m just a bit shocked seeing it myself. Ok then, let’s start the video up again” she said.

I asked her if she meant the tv show or the video of her. She hit me square in the canlı kaçak bahis arm and told me I knew better. We both laughed at it and she unpaused the video while I searched for the answer to the original request. We continued watching a couple more episodes of the show with general chit chat. Before long we were both yawning quite a bit and she said she might be falling asleep soon and though she should probably head off to her own bed she wanted to stay for a bit longer.

No more than five minutes later I glanced over and Veronica had rolled onto her side, facing me, and drifted off to sleep. I paused the show so as not to lose our place and laid there for a moment admiring my cousin’s beauty. How her long hair was still tucked behind her ear, the smooth skin of her neck exposed, a slight pout on her lips, and her very relaxed breathing pattern.

We had been laying on top of the covers and it was due to be a chilly night, so I got up and retrieved a blanket and covered her with it. I faced a bit of a dilemma as normally I don’t wear clothes to bed. I figured if I’d be getting all the way under the covers it wouldn’t be any more weird than sleeping in the same bed so I slipped off my shorts and shirt and crawled in between the sheets. Yeah, there was a bit of a thrill once again as I stood there naked in the room and then laying on the same bed. But I was quite tired and felt strangely relaxed and ready to drift off.

My dreams were filled with images and flashes of Veronica. Stories of all kinds filled my head, but most of all I recalled that there was a certain aura of comfort as I slept. A few hours into my sleep I groggily woke to movement in the bed and the sense of warmth against me. At some point she had worked her way under the sheets and I must have moved more towards the center of the bed while laying on my side facing her and Veronica’s back was now pressed up against my chest, my face planted in her hair.

Mmmm, I thought. I loved the smell of her shampoo and conditioner, though I had never been this close to her except during the occasional hug. But this was much different as I was laying there, naked, with her, and she wasn’t going to be breaking away from an embrace. The grogginess wore off quickly while I felt a stirring in my groin. I wrapped my free arm over her to get more comfortable and her body wriggled a bit, somewhat nestling deeper into a spoon.

All of my senses were heightened as I took a mental inventory of those feelings. Veronica had kicked off her socks and I could feel her bare feet touching my shins and she was wearing a thin pair of leggings that hugged her hips very closely, allowing my growing erection to nestle in between her cheeks.

Her arm shifted from below mine to wrapping around it, pulling my hand to her chest. My palm now resting against her breast, reminding me that she had already removed her bra earlier while we watched TV. I took a chance to give a gentle squeeze, being careful not to make too much motion that would awaken her. Her nipple responded as I continued to slightly move my hand to feel its form.

I wanted to thrust my hips so badly. All my fantasies of seeing her naked and the things I would like to share with her were driving me crazy. There was no way I could at the time, not without disturbing her and possibly losing this closeness I had found. Instead I gently adjusted myself and savored the moment. I was aching for her and gently kissed the back of her head, giving a delicate hug and working to calm myself. This moment may have been better than the best sexual encounter ever. Eventually the feeling of calm and relax returned and I started to drift off to sleep again, though my hand continued to alternate pressure against her breast.

The next thing I knew was that the room was growing light as the sun began to rise. We were still in the same position as we were before I had fallen back to sleep with the exception that somewhere in the night my hand had worked its way inside of her shirt and was directly on her skin between her stomach and just enter her breasts with them pressing down on the back of my hand.

After such a wonderful sleep I was feeling a bit more daring. Keeping my breathing slow and deep, as if I were still asleep, I moved my hand further up underneath Veronica’s shirt so that it was cupping her bare breast. My dick grew back into its former position, nestled into her butt. My fingers lightly fondling her nipple as her arm and hand returned on top of mine, pressing me more firmly into her.

I froze for a moment, trying to tell if I had woken her or if her body was just on auto pilot, her ass backed into my swollen member with a bit of an exploratory grind. Without any ability to stop if my penis twitched several times to her motion and with little control my hips pressed forward and back with the motion.

Veronica let out a bit of a gasp as she seemed to be coming to from her sleep, gaining her senses to where she was and that she was pressed up against another body. “Oh shit!” She exclaimed, somewhat awake and somewhat not. I laid still just holding her, playing the sleep card well. She had moved her hand off of mine but made no attempt to change my position, rubbing her eyes and turning her head back to look at me.

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